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Hailey is just an average young 17 year old girl, who goes to highschool. She is one of the most popular girls in the school, but she doesnt have a boyfriend. All of her friends keep on asking her to go out with a guy, but she isnt ready to date since her last break-up. But when she meets Kyle, a handsome Vampire boy that moved to this small town to start his life all over. Kyle looks 17 years old, but he is about 99 years old. Once Hailey saw Kyle, she suddenly fell in love. What will happen if Kyle and Hailey start to talk? What will happen if they fall in love? And what would Hailey say if she figured out that Kyle is a Vampire? Find out and join! ^^

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Kyle looked around and then sighed and then he walked towards towards his window. He dived into the forest as if he was gonna swim and then he went into a roll and then stood up.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 90d 5h 20m 45s
Hailey thought about him being a Vampire, but she knew that it couldn't be true. She turned off the laptop and hopped into bed. She was really tired so she leaned back into her comphy pillow and fell into a deep long sleep. She was now dreaming about Kyle and what he would be like if he was a Vampire.
  ::Hailey / sportsloverr1214 / 9y 90d 22h 11m 55s
Kyle sighed softly. He wished he could fall asleep. He wanted to be able to dream. Dream of Hailey. But the closest thing he had to dreaming was day dreaming.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 91d 44m 20s
Hailey laughed at herself as she spoke the word again. "He couldnt be a Vampire. What the hell are you thinking Hailey? Vampire's arent real... Are they?" She questioned herself as she stared at the computer. She sighed and shook her head. "He cant be." She said to herself as she thought about Kyle.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 91d 4h 1m 15s
Kyle sat on his small couch in his room. He bit his lower lip. He wondered what she would do if she figured everything out. He just hoped she wouldn't be like everyone else.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 91d 4h 29m 7s
Hailey smiled as she sat there looking up at the stars in the cold night sky. She blushed just thinking about Kyle. She bit her lip lightly and stood up on the roof and headed into her room hearing her parents just getting home. She smiled and closed her door. She walked over to her lap top and opened it up. She went on Google and searched Ice cold pale skin, and super strong and her eyes scanned the page. She read words like superman, ice cold water, blah, blah, blah... Then her eyes fixed on a very odd word, Vampire. "Vampire?" She asked herself as she clicked onto the site. It searched everything she has searched for. Her eyebrows furrowed as she looked at the odd word on the computer screen.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 91d 4h 30m 38s
"Bye..."He said softly. He smiled at her before he made his way down the roof. He jumped off and landed as if it was nothing. He cleared his throat and turned to make sure she wasn't looking before he began to run.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 91d 4h 55m 13s
Hailey blushed and nodded. Once she heard him tell her took look something up, she nodded with a smile. "Good night Kyle." She said as she looked into his amazing eyes. She bit her lip nervously and sort of confused why he wanted her to look up pale, cold skin, and very strong. it might of been a thing to scare her, but she wanted to do it.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 91d 4h 57m 56s
"I'll have a great night. Since I spent some of it with you."He said and grinned at her. He then looked at her. HE couldn't tell her directly that he was a vampire."I want you to Google something tonight. Okay...Well think about how I climbed up her. Think about my deathly cold skin and howpale it is."He told her."Okay"
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 91d 5h 2m 43s
Hailey nodded and sat up also. She looked at him and as she brushed a piece of her brown hair out of her brown eyes and face with a smile. "Okay, well it was great talking to you today Kyle." She said as she looked at him and smiled. She leaned in and lightly kissed him on the cheek. "Have a great night." She said with a smile.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 92d 6h 20m 43s
Kyle cleared his throat and sat up. He started to feel really thirsty and here he had a vulnerable human next to him."I should probably get going now."He said softly. He smiled to her.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 92d 9h 59m 24s
Hailey smiled and blushed slightly. "And I'm glad your here with me to share this nice moment." She said with a smile. She turned her head back towards the stars and let out a sigh. She wondered why his skin was so pale, why his skin was so cold, but she didn't want to ruin the wonderful moment.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 92d 22h 24m 12s
"Yeah it is nice."He said as he turned and stared into her eyes also. He wondered if she ever thought of why is skin was so pale, why his skin was so cold. But he was glad she wasn't asking questions.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 92d 23h 24m 33s
Hailey let out a little laugh from her lips. She held her thumb up, she closed one eye and smiled. "Your right, the moon is no bigger than your thumb." She said then laughed. She smiled as she let her hand fall back to her side. She turned her head to look at Kyle and smiled. "This is nice." She said as she looked into his eyes.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 93d 25m 22s
"Look at the moon."he said as he put his thumb up."Doesn't matter where you are in the world. It's no bigger than your thumb."He said squinting his eyes and then he put his hand down. smiling.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 9y 93d 1h 47m 24s

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