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MC has been a Pokemon trainer for a few years and has traveled across a few regions. He has yet to accomplish anything that makes him stand out from his peers, but he isn't the type to rush, and enjoys moving at a relaxed pace in life. Still young, he has plenty of time to achieve his dreams, so he takes the time to enjoy his journey towards his goal of becoming Champion of Kanto, separate from Johto with whom they had always shared a Champion.

He has arrived at the Unova Region to challenge the league and, gain strength and experience. There's also the new pokemon to be seen and plenty of adventures to be had.

For the people/person joining, you can be a new trainer starting out or a veteran, which is your choice. State all that under extras in your character sheet. And don't forget to mention your goals, pokemon you own and any important details there. Take a look at my character sheet for reference below.

[center [b Character Sheets]

[h3 [size25 [b Name:] Terry Kreese/SolemnDucky]]
[b Age:] 13

[b Starter:] Charmander (Charmeleon)

[b Team:] Main (Main/Pending/Enemy)

[b Extra:]
An experienced trainer from Kanto who has participated in two Pokemon Leagues, and also the Orange League Challenge. He has yet to win any major tournaments, but doesn't sweat about it, as he is still in his early years of starting out.
[i [u Goal:]] To become Champion of Kanto
[i [u Indigo League:]] Top 32 - Lost to his rival.
[i [u Silver Conference:]] Top 32 - Lost to the person who went on to win the entire tournament.
[i [u Orange League:]] Lost to Drake - Defeated three of his pokemon, including his Dragonite.
[i [u Owned Pokemon:]]
Caught in Kanto - Charmeleon, Haunter, Umbreon (Shiny), Growlithe, Ivysaur, Dragonair
Caught in Johto - Onix, Totodile, Hoothoot, Poochyena (Traded)
Orange Islands - Meowth, Squirtle, Lapras

[h3 [size25 Name: Anya Hanson/_BlueXephos]]
[b Age:] 14

[b Starter:] Ralts (Gardevoir)

[b Team:] Pending

[b Extra:]
Though born in Saffron City in the Kanto reigon, Anya has lived her entire life in the Hoenn region with her grandparents, who run the day care by Mauville City. She is a descendant of Gym Leader Sabrina; she has psychic abilities, but has never tapped into them.

She is a Pokemon Breeder that often travels outside Hoenn for work. She doesn't dislike battling, but prefers to avoid it despite being decent at it.
[i [u Owned Pokemon:]]
Caught in Kanto - Pidgeot
Caught in Johto - Houndour
Caught in Hoenn - Gardevoir, Mightyena
Caught in Sinnoh - Gastrodon
Caught in Kalos - Sylveon

[h3 [size25 Name: Raven Bellsweete/Ryuten]]
[b Age:] 14

[b Starter:] Eevee (Umbreon)

[b Team:] Pending

[b Extra:]
Raven is a prodigious Pokemon Coordinator, model, and idol whose life and career both began in Hearthome City, Sinnoh. As Wallace's only niece and protégé, Raven's contest career thrived as she competed with her uncle from an early age. She traveled at a constant, though, always busy and always competing. Deciding to give her team a much needed break, Raven is, for the time being, traveling for leisure while collecting badges instead. No strict schedules, no hurry; She's too easygoing to keep rushing around. That, and if challenging gyms will strengthen her team for future contests, it's still great training!
[i [u Goal:]] To someday gain the title of Contest Master.
[i [u Sinnoh Grand Festival:]] Top 4, lost due to a battle combination technicality.
[i [u Hoenn Grand Festival:]] Lost the final match to her seasoned Uncle Wallace.
[i [u Kanto Grand Festival:]] Top 4, one of her pokemon fainted and it cost her too many points.
[i [u Owned Pokemon:]]
Caught in Sinnoh - Umbreon, Shinx
Caught in Heonn - Seviper, Delcatty, Electrike
Caught in Kanto - Dewgong, Blissey
Caught in Kalos - Gothorita, Tyrunt (Shiny)

[h3 [size25 Name: Ace Dalahoya/Kyoto]]
[b Age:] 14

[b Starter:] Froakie

[b Team:] Main

[b Extra:]
An experienced trainer from Kalos who has won in the Kalos League, and also the Hoenn League.
[i [u Goal:]] To beat all the Leagues
[i [u Kalos League:]] Winner
[i [u Hoenn League:]] Winner
[i [u Owned Pokemon:]]
Caught in Kalos - Greninja, Leafeon, Fletchinder, Grovyle, Braixen, Persian (Shiny), Furret
Caught in Hoenn - Flareon, Rotom, Magmar, Electabuzz, Aegislash , Gallade ]

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