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They were angels and it was their duty to help those who needed it the most. And from what she had been seeing, that was not at all being done. It left her feeling empty and false. But more than that, it broke her heart to see so many in need. [b "I cannot go back as it is. I have already helped some escape the flames. And with this, I will again. A innocent child who who has yet to live her life. We have lived centuries and for what? To see it all come to this?"] Her words were soft as she spoke them.

She could hear the priest as he fussed somewhere nearby and she did wonder what it may be like to have a family..Not the family in heaven, but one like those she had seen in the town. But she did not speak her words and slowly she moved to the woman who had her child with her and was praying. [b "May I see her, miss?"] Margarete whispered and when a nod was given, her hand gently rested on the child's head and when she pulled back, the little girl opened her eyes and Maggie gave a simple bow of her head.

After, she went back to Tristian's side. [b "Then we shall both die helping and doing something we believe in. You were right.."] Her words were soft as she spoke them. She couldn't believe she had agreed with him. Couldn't believe that she had turned her back on their father and their brothers and sisters. But she had and she would have to "live with" whatever came of it.

[b "So...what do we do now.?"] She asked quietly.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 8d 3h 56m 45s
"You won't be able to go back once you do. You're giving a little of your life force with each person and will die once it's gone," Tristan warned but smiled regardless. She wanted to help not a light decision. He happened to come on the worst time periods. He tilted his head looking down at her curiously to see what she'd say.

Tristan listened as the priest still fussed with the family. What would it be like to have a family?
  Julian Atherton / Turadh / 15d 11h 3m 43s
Plain and very quaint the church was. It was not elaborate or adorned as she knew most to be. A simple wooden cross and a podium.. But then what could the angel say? This poor town was suffering and dying. They needed the time and energy to take care of themselves. Of course..those were thoughts Maggie never would have had before. But seeing all that she had and feeling all she did was like something within her had snapped.. Something was not the same.

Father Mason as the man had been called seemed nice enough. A man who had a light all his own. And when she had been introduced, Margaret had given a bow of her head. There had been no time for her to speak as she had been ushered into the church, Tristian's warm breath on her ear as he leaned in to speak quickly and quietly.

[b "No... I do not wish to see that. These people suffer day and night and need help. I do not understand why that help is not to be given..."] She whispered softly as they came across a woman who seemed to be praying first to the Saints and then to their father. Both she and Tristian would be able to hear her prayer as well.

[b "Sick baby girl...can we?"] She muttered to the man at her side.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 17d 14h 1m 59s
Tristan smiled simply to her before starting down the narrow dirt lane. Sorry buildings stood awkwardly on each side before reaching a wooden church with a single cross. Instead of the usual ornaments with gold and stained glass windows were wood and a simple podium.

A balding man handed some bread over to a family with a baby, before preparing more food for the next.

"Father Mason, this is a new friend, Margaret." Tristan smiled to him ushering for her to enter.

"Ah, Tristan, still a vision to see. We missed you Sunday," he said with a beam.

Tristan leaned into her speaking quietly. "He was the first one I saved, so close to death he was, and then...he flourised. Rejected the richness of the chruch and scours for food to fed his people and for health. Would you rather he died and with him taking others with him?"
  Julian Atherton / Turadh / 18d 5h 30m 40s
[b "You are not the only one who has broken our father's laws, G--Tristian. Those children you saw me reading to...all of them were meant for the flames. I could not stand by and do nothing... And so I will give you the satisfaction of this kingdom.. It is quite a living hell."] She muttered as they were within the usually empty town square.

Her eyes gave him a side glance and she nodded. [b "Do show me the church?"] She asked. It seemed there had been more to all of this than she had bargained for. And she felt so much more than she could have ever imagined.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 18d 23h 9m 21s
"I was simply wondering if you were enjoying his kingdom. I saw they started burning the bodies twice a day now," Tristan said in the town square that virtually stood empty. One tireless doctor sat by an child. "Want to see the church?"

He would at least prove to her what he was doing with his first saved soul. The man may not age until hw would die. He'd go in peace and land in hell. Whatever happened to angels.
  Julian Atherton / Turadh / 19d 10h 43m 23s
An interesting choice of words indeed. But she did not have time to make yet anotjer comment as the man had slipped into the crowds. She decided it would be best suited to take the warning given to heart..Especially the more she watched the men and women. Twas nothing like heaven and it left her feeling...well she did not know as all was a jumble.

Two weeks happened to pass and Margaret was sat with some children, reading. Even she had broken some of their laws for those she was reading to. It was only that soft voice, the one she recognized that called her from the book. [b "Run along now, children. I am sure your mothers and farhers must be worried."] She said, standing and moving to the man's side, giving a faint nod.

[b "You are the one who asked for the walk.. Clearly you've something you wish to say?"] She asked, words soft as she found herself giving a bow of her head to a merchant that they passed.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 19d 20h 59s
"Then you will need to learn to fight some off. Good day," he waved his hand disappearing into a crowd of mourners. Sad people who barely even cried. He found himself at the tavern, he did not partake of the flesh but he did drink. He relied on the strangers kindness to survive.

On his next rounds of healing two weeks after meeting her. He spotted her and causally walked over. "Enjoying yourself? Perhaps you'd like to take a walk with me."
  Turadh / 21d 9h 38m 30s
His words struck her as almost comical in one of the worst possible ways. She did not understand why the man could not just explain it to her. Why he had to toy with her and to play his games. But then she understood. Gabriel...Tristian rather was trying to run her off just as he had all the rest.

[b "I told you, I shall not scare as easily. And are the men truly as bad as you say?"] Came her soft voice as her eyes were still upon the man. truly did seem as hell.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 22d 2h 8m 24s
"I could tell you- or you could see for yourself. There's room for you to stay. Pick any empty house don't mind the stench of God's plan. Now I have some business to attend to in the next few houses." Tristan clicked his tongue walking past a cart. His healing would come later.

A fallen angel ought to do devil's work not what should have been done. He flashed a small smile to her. "Welcome to the true hell, sister. Don't let the men get a hold of you."
  Julian Atherton / Turadh / 22d 2h 43m 52s
[b "No you are an angel who turned his back on who he is. Now to walk among the people and to perform miracles and healing as you have said. Tell me between is it that this became you? What would have made you turn your back on our father?"] She asked softly as her eyes were locked upon the old and rundown home that he had led them to and spoke of.

She was going to try and get through to him. But she also wished to understand him more. A silly thing..but she could not help it. It was this body and form she had taken on. It made everything different.. She felt things she had never felt before. Thought things she once never would have
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 22d 59m 32s
"It is Tristan now." He said simply and turned to one of the leaning houses that stood empty now. "This house is empty now. A family of eight lived there. They watched their six month old die first, every child died after that and then the parents. That is not a plan. This is the fault of men in the name of religion."

He fixed his shirt and glanced to her. "I am not your brother, i am not an angel nor demon. I am Tristan the healer."
  Julian Atherton / Turadh / 22d 6h 10m 23s
[b "All the rest have returned to our father emptyhanded as you have said, Gabriel. I am not as easy as they when it comes to being run off. Though I will say this, we all miss you in heaven."] Margaret said quietly, as she continued to walk at the man's side.

[b "There is a plan, but these mortals call it fate and destiny. Slowly are they pulling away from the way of old and our father. But I do understand the want to help...just we are not to interviene.. As you have said..they are to die and all do by one means or another."]

It did sound heartless and shs knew so. But the angel woman was repeating as they had been taught and trained since the beginning. Though before she had taken on a form of the flesh, Maggie had an easier time believing it all.. seeing it up close as she was, the angel struggled but had to fight it. She did have a job to do.

Slowly, blue eyes took a side glance at the man, Tristian as her once fellow angel had become. [b "Am I not getting through to you at all, brother?"]
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 22d 6h 6m 11s
"You're the third one they have sent and the third that will hear this- there is not a plan. Just ignorant men and upper beings. They will all die of something as simple as not cleaning because their clergy calls it a sin to clean."

He only glanced at thr ethereal face; the man didn't dabble in the flesh. He only saved those who needed saving. Gabriel left and Tristan became his name. A savior who believed mankind suffered more than needed
  Julian Atherton / Turadh / 23d 5m 34s
She had been tracking him and she had been watching him. He had a soft spot for the people, the young children mostly. Not that she could blame him. Each death weighed heavier and heavier upon her heart. But even in that, Margaret could not do a thing in the way of help. She had been given her orders to help and to be a guide..a guardian of sorts. But the moment they had forsaken God or were close to death she was to back away and she was to watch.

It was when the man came out of the small house did she slowly approach. The two of them would know who and what the other were. A form of light would illuminate around them, but it would be something the mortal men and women could not see. And by one look she knew this man to be the one she sought.

[b "As well as I, you know the orders by which we were to abide. You cannot keep bringing them back and saving them. These people are to live the lives written."] Her voice along with words were soft, but their was an underlying pain. One that proved she did indeed struggle.
  Willow Jane Stockwell / SheDevil / 23d 8h 7m 19s

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