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Boston, 1900

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The man offered her a faint smile and a nod. The jacket would help her seem less of someone who did not belong. And he had just figured it would better suit her than him.

Soon she was moving to a man she clearly knew. One he himself did not. When the man had spoken his name, Charles nodded. [b "Charles Newton..pleasure."] And silence befell him once more as he listened to the exchange.

He was there only for her. Nothing more so he did not see a need to speak. Or did not until she was told where she may find her brother. [b "Do you still wish me to come? Or am I to wait here?"] If it was to wait, he would take in the town...maybe try and remember what he could and paint it later.

What he did depended on her answer. And green eyed remained locked on the young woman. He couldn't be bothered to think of Richard.
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 8d 3h 24m 0s
She did not mind the smell of his jacket or the fact that jt was large on her small shoulders. She accepted it with a smile looking up to him.

"Dick?" She asked seeing a familiar face out back before hugging the male tightly. The lanky male moved with grace. "You're with my brother?"

"Who else do you think would deal with a Stewart. I heard about your late husbands death, congrats. Did you do it?" Dick grinned before looking at Charles. "Richard Evans."

"No, the syphilis from his whores did. I got lucky," she shrugged.

Dick grinned. "He's upstairs."
  Scarlet Sinclair / Turadh / 15d 10h 7m 15s
They were "far from home" and in a rather rundown part of the city too. It smelled horrid and the brown buildongs were leaning upon one another. There was music and so many dancing. Ragtime was what it appeared to be called and it almost made Charles want to dance. Rundown as the area was, it had an almosty homey feel.. Or at least something that could inspire one who loved the arts. So he was taking it all in.

[b "Yes, love. This is where your brother's letter had come from. And it does appear that it is a little much.."] The man found himself saying. He more easily fit into their surroundings as he was merely in a long cout, white shirt and tanned breeched and boots. As she was closer to him, Charles did slip the coat off and smile to her. [b "Perhaps it may help."] And then his arm was back in her grip.

It wouldn't be too long before they came to her brother's "home". Just still had to try and stay away from all the drunkards.
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 16d 7h 30m 0s
"I'm only here for my brother right now and then I can move on from here. Maybe live a life I'm truly proud of," She nodded and looked to her horse. "There's a carriage house at the edge of the property. I know my father uses it sometimes for his...escapades."

She smiled to him placing her hand on his. "Thank you so much for your help."


Far from the gilded Downtown Boston, the brownstone buildings leaned in on each other and smelt horrible. The address came from a business where loud, fast music played on the piano called ragtime. People of all colors danced, and strong smelling drinks served everywhere.

"This is really where Emery lives?" She asked gripping his arm tighter. "Even my simple dress is too much."
  Turadh / 17d 21h 30m 47s
Beth did not realise it, but the man had meant his words. Every last that he had spoken. He did find her quite the beauty and quite the "breath of fresh air" as one may call it. She was smart, funny, and had a charm all her own. Probably why in the last few weeks since he met her that he could tolerate her and actually had come to have an affection for. Not at all something the man would say to her. Couldn't as it would quite possibly be the end to his working at the estate.

And when she came to him again after her dinner, the man was waiting for her. Charles had two of the horses out and saddled when she came in. From the looks of things she was nervous.

[b "If we are careful then none will notice, love. Remember we do have the night and fact that most are about their usual work or just retiring to our advantage. Are you thinking to not do this? If so, I can return William and Knight to their stalls."] The man said, petting the horses, green gaze locked upon the young woman. The final say was hers.
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 18d 5h 16m 52s
Beth laughed before shaking her head. Her mother would fire him in an instant for such words but she felt wonderful at that. She did not know if it was genuine or not.

After dinner she met him excited to be leaving the house. She didn't want to move on until she knew her brother was okay and had some idea of how to make money.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked nervously.
  Turadh / 19d 3h 11m 1s
The man had known and it had been by word of the other servants round the estate. But he had not paid it much mind. It was not his place to be judging one for their tastes and who they loved. Life was life and one should live it. Or as ridiculous as that sounded to most, it was what Charles believed. [b "You are welcome."] He said as he watched the young woman scan the letter he had given her.

Faintest of smirks crossed his lips when she said she knew how to sneak out. [b "Somehow, love..that does not shock me. But I did believe the reminder would be appreciated."] It was a gebtle tease as he did become comfortable around her and had even come to think of her as a friend.. Probably the stupidest thing, but he had.

[b "A pleasure to help such a beautiful young woman. And as such, you owe me nothing. Just the outing and a simple tour."]
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 20d 18h 16m 30s
"Of course you knew, people talk...thank you, Charles." Beth tried not to smile dryly. She knew the power of servants all too well. It had been her downfall. She opened the letter scanning it before looking to the address.

"I know how to sneak out. We used to all the time to smoke or just read what wasn't allowed. I'll see you after dinner." She stood up walking over to him and kissed his cheek. "I'll owe you."
  Scarlet Sinclair / Turadh / 22d 21m 0s
Her words of working in the stables and working for her parents and her ex-mother-in-law had him give way to a chuckle. The man could not help that they asmused him.

[b "Ah, that was why you said hell would freeze over between your father and brother. And it is a lot to ask, but I will help you. This came for you a couple days ago. I got it before your father or mother could."] He said as he gave her a letter from her brother.

[b "If we leave in a couple of hours...we should be able to see him and get back here unmissed."]
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 22d 19m 23s
"Stables don't seem to be that...exciting...working for my parents does. Working for my former mother-in-law is a course in hell." Beth grinned to him. Hearing his rich voice and that smile became the best part of her days. She thought of him more than she should.

"My brother is homosexual, that's why he's not here. I want to go see him and they can't know...it's a lot to ask, and I'm sorry." She said folding her hands together. "You're the only friend I have here."
  Scarlet Sinclair / Turadh / 22d 3h 58m 46s
It did appear every day that the young lady of the house came out to the stables. At first he only made a comment here or there, watching her. The man could see that the stable was a home to her. A safe place where she did not have to hide.

When he began to see that she felt safe and let sown her guard, Charles did as well. A highly unlikely pair but they got on well. Spoke of almost anything aside from those few things neither of them wished to.

[b "Just a poor man who wished to help his family, love. And an adventure and new land seemed the way to do so."] He said this very night when asked. [b "Or if you meant the stables this night..something told me you would be here. So now..it is my turn.. What is this favour?"]
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 22d 6h 16m 36s
Beth always had loved the stables, her brother and her always stayed there, here she had her first kiss and cigarette. Her brother lived in the city now she just didn't know where.

Slipping away from the party three weeks after meeting William. She liked him a lot. They talked a lot about anything, she stayed away from her former marriage though.

"Why did you come here, William?" She asked placing the blanket down on a bale of hay before sitting down. "And...i have a favor to ask...but it may be costly."
  Scarlet Sinclair / Turadh / 22d 23h 50m 9s
The man who came all but rushing in had caught Blake's attention. Especially when he had come up to Scarlet and kissed her cheek. Just the antics had annoyed him and "rubbed his fur the wrong way." But the man had to remind himself that she was not his, no matter how he fancied her and even wanted for her to be.

So he kept his silence and wstched the young couple. A passive green gaze was cast upon the man and he took the outreached hand, being civil. [b "Ah, the pleasure is mine, Toby."]

And then he withdrew his hand as the young woman had cast her gaze to her phone. The man understood she would be setting out soon and he didn't much care to be in the company of her fiancé. [b "This little chat of ours had been nice. And a pleasure to meet you, Toby. But I had forgotten of prior arrangements. So do forgive me."] The vampire muttered as he stood with his book that he had and went to lay and leave.

Though he said his words, Mister Emerson would still be keeping a watch on the young woman.
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 25d 14h 47m 7s
"You got started without me, Scar." Toby said walking up kissing her cheek softly.

"You're late, which means I pick the show tonight," she smirked to him grasping his hand. "Toby, this is Blake, he was at the charity that my mom hosted."

Toby cast him a small look before extending a hand. "It's nice to meet you."

Scarlet glanced to her phone, sighing, she couldn't miss today, not with the next campaign so close.
  Scarlet Sinclair / Turadh / 25d 21h 37m 15s
It did surpeise him that one such as she would not hear the compliments often. But even so, the man had meant ever word. She was so very different than others. Bright and had a spunky side to her. Truly remarkable.

[b "I was merely stating a truth that I see, love. But you are very welcome. And thriller? Interesting genre to be sure. My own tastes are in midieval and gothic for the moment."]
  Blake Emerson / SheDevil / 26d 2h 24m 35s

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