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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/72vWQgE.jpg]]

The year is 2455. The governments of the world have collapsed all at the same time. No one knows who caused the collapse or how they even managed it. The only thing that everyone knows is that the world is about to fall to pieces without anyone to govern over the people.

2460. Total collapse of society. In just 5 short years, the world has become wrapped in insanity. People are free to do whatever they want. Factions and gangs have formed. Without laws to govern the people, there is no one to stop them from committing crimes. Murder, theft, rape, drugs. Everything that was once illegal in the eyes of the law is free game to the world. Though there are still plenty of people out there that believe there is still law. These people are the innocents. But everyone has one thing on their minds.


What used to be a detective agency, known as Spector Investigations Bureau, has sent out their finest agents to gather teams to help create a survival squad. This squad will then set out to help innocent people caught in the crossfire of what the agency is now calling The RIOT and getting them to safety. The agency is the only protection the innocents have from the RIOT. This story follows the lives of one of the teams.

[center Only the best are accepted because only the best can survive the madness.]

[b Thread Rules]
* There are no monsters/inhumans. This is for normal humans only. Any attempt to bring in non-humans/abnormal humans other than allowed machines will be denied.

* Romance is allowed. However, it will not be instant or prefabricated. It will also not be allowed to take over the thread.

* Cursing is fine. However, it must be kept reasonable.

* There WILL be mature themes. If things like drugs, alcohol, death, gore, blood, violence, ETC. is upsetting to you, then take this as your only warning and leave out the door that says EXIT in bright red letters.

* All forms of reasonable weapons are accepted. No nukes or over the top weapons. Player created weapons are accepted so long that they are within reason. I will be checking and will ask to make changes as needed.

* Cybernetic augmentations with hidden weapons are allowed. However, full androids are not. This ties in with the only humans rule. Robotic pets and armors are allowed.However, their features should be reasonable. Anything over the top or OP will be denied. I will be checking and will ask to make changes as needed. Robotics and cybernetics can be upgraded from their initial start point. Any upgrades made will be added as an additional line to the skeleton.

* Characters must be unique. No one is perfect. Characters must be at least 18 years of age. Each character should have at least one skill that’s beneficial for the group. Specialized skills should be kept to no more than 2 characters per skill. There is only one leader and second in command. A specialized skill is a skill that requires high end training. A list of specialized skills will be provided.

* I may allow multiple characters if the number of players is low, let’s say 4-5. If more than that join then it will stay at one character per person to keep overcrowding down. I may ask if anyone wants to add in a second character. I will allow character switch-outs if doubling up is not a current option/not offered. If you have other characters you want to use but don’t want to just kill off your character, you can order a switch out. Make your current character disappear in some way and the skeleton for that character will be saved for later for when you decide you want to bring them back. You can also kill off the character if you no longer wish to use them. Once done, introduce your new character.

* Do not god-mod. No killing other characters. They are your teammates, not the enemy. Do not manipulate other people's characters. We’re playing with humans. Wounds don’t heal overnight. Wounds leave scars. People are slow, imperfect beings that bleed when cut or shot. Not everything will be available at any one time. Things will have to be found, bought, harvested, traded, stolen, hunted, ETC. Ammo is not infinite though stocks can be high. Food can’t be stored forever. Things have to be made or fabricated. Not everything goes according to plan.

* Images will be anime/digital art. Images should be unique. I may ask for an image to be changed if I feel it doesn’t fit.

* As far as posting goes, post when you want. However you must wait for at least 2 others before posting again. There will be a small post limit of 500. One-liners are not welcome here. Proper grammar is required.

* Follow all ES rules.

* Have fun.

[+red If there’s any questions about anything, please PM me.]

[b Specialized Skills -] More will be added as needed.
Sniper, Medic, Cybernetic Augmentation Mechanic, Robotics Mechanic, Weapons Specialist and Repair, Metalsmith, Computer Technology specialist

[b Skeleton - PM this to me with the title ‘RIOT’ so I know you’re officially wanting to join.]

[b Puppeteer -]
[b Character Link -] Don’t fully link. That will be done when
[b Name -]
[b Age -]
[b Gender -]
[b Orientation -]
[b Skill(s) -]
[b Cybernetic Augmentations -]
[b Weapon(s) -]
[b Robotics -]
[b Personality Traits -] If none are on corater profile, list some of their traits. Otherwise state that the info is on the characters profile.

[b Accepted Characters]

[b Puppeteer -] [size12 -Mirror-]
[b Character Link -] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=404889 Noah]
[b Name -] [size12 Noah Bryce]
[b Age -] [size12 25]
[b Gender -] [size12 Male]
[b Orientation -] [size12 Bisexual]
[b Skill(s) -] [size12 Leader, Tactical Combat, Various]
[b Cybernetic Augmentations -] [size12 Right arm up to the shoulder including shoulder blade and part of his chest.]
[b Weapon(s) -] [size12 Custom pistol. Hidden weapons in his right arm, hand to hand combat.]
[b Robotics -] [size12 A robotic hound named ZERO. ZERO is an AI controlled robotic hound programmed to obey the commands of a single person, in this case Noah, unless commanded otherwise. Armed with a multi-function gun and flamethrower in its mouth. Also has a grabbing extension in its tail with high pressure grip claw and a hollow belly compartment that allows it to pick up and store items. Stands about 5 feet tall at the shoulder, large enough to ride. Has a communication link to Noah’s micro-computer and can be programmed to connect to any other communication link. Can also be controlled remotely via micro-computer to act as a spy camera or attack drone for specific targeting. ZERO has computer access capabilities similar to Noah's micro-computer.]
[https://i.imgur.com/u7stvPF.jpg ZERO]
[b Personality Traits -] [size12 Personality details on character profile.]


[b Puppeteer -] [size12 NorthernWolves]
[b Character Link -] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405874 Cadence]
[b Name -] [size12 Cadence Octavia]
[b Age -] [size12 25]
[b Gender -] [size12 Female]
[b Orientation -] [size12 Lesbian]
[b Skill(s) -] [size12 Sniper, hunting, camouflage]
[b Cybernetic Augmentations -] [size12 None]
[b Weapon(s) -]
* [size12 Accuracy International AW50 chambered in 12.7x99mm NATO, 5 round box magazine, semi automatic action, and Mk.II x10 scope.]
* [size12 Glock 17 Gen4 chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, semiautomatic and automatic action, 17 round magazine, iron sights.]
[b Robotics -] [size12 An old robotic wolf named Coda who has infrared and night vision.]
[http://i65.tinypic.com/2ii9zwh.png Coda]
[b Personality Traits -]
* [+red Humourless] - The inability to find humour in things, and most certainly in themselves.]
* [+red Stubborn] – [size12 Unreasonably, often unyielding; bull-headed: Determined; resolute.]
* [+red Apologetic] - [size12 Apologizes all the time, even when not at fault.]
* [+red Blunt] – [size12 Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion.]
* [+red Fortitudinous] - [size12 The courage to stand up for what is right, even in the face of pressure.]
* [+red Patient] - [size12 remaining calm and not becoming annoyed when dealing with problems or difficult people.]
* [+red Philosophical] - [size12 showing a calm attitude toward disappointments or difficulties.]


[b Puppeteer -] [size12 muta]
[b Character Link -] http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405889 Sylus]
[b Name -] [size12 Sylus Whitehall]
[b Age -] [size12 24]
[b Gender -] [size12 Male]
[b Orientation -] [size12 Pansexual]
[b Skill(s) -] [size12 Hand-to-hand combat, agility and gymnastics, hacking
[b Cybernetic Augmentations -] [size12 A robotic right eye - hardwired to his brain, Cylus is a cyborg enabling him to determine a person's mass, identify people and their physical weaknesses, perceive electromagnetic energy, and most prominently, laser vision.]
[b Weapon(s) -]
* [size12 Hiro and Kuro - twin Katanas.]
* [size12 Reviled Gauntlets - two leather gloves with spikes on the knuckles for hand to hand combat.]
[b Robotics -] [size12 Challa - a robotic panther that is connected to his eye enhancement. He can see through his eyes. Challa has night vision, can leap and bound 200 ft if not more, has a super sonic roar, and laser vision like Cylus.]
[https://i.imgur.com/hfr5XEK.png Challa]
[b Personality Traits -] [size12 Cylus is a bit of a monster. Although he can be playful and sweet to his friends and companions, Cylus is a merciless in combat. It's like a switch flips when he see blood. He is tactical and precise. Cylus is ridiculously smart and has an eidetic memory. He can hack into almost any computer in under fifteen seconds.]
Scanner Vision Electronic Eyes


[b Puppeteer -] [size12 Cognizance]
[b Character Link -] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405913 Klaes]
[b Name -] [size12 Klaes Kurck ]
[b Age -] [size12 20]
[b Gender -] [size12 Male]
[b Orientation -] [size12 Pansexual]
[b Skill(s) -] [size12 Medic, Biomechanic, Communications/Infiltration
[b Cybernetic Augmentations -] [size12 Spine/Spinal Chord - Both hands - Neural Implant/Transmitter to Optic Nerves]
[b Weapon(s) -] [size12 Chemical warfare, dart guns.]
[b Robotics -] [size12 2 small weasel-drones , both are AI and RC compatible. TIP, medical drone and TODD, infiltration drone .]
[b Personality Traits -] [size12 Specified on character profile.]


[b Puppeteer -] [size12 nomey1]
[b Character Link -] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=355557 Liz]
[b Name -] [size12 Elizabeth "Liz" Carter]
[b Age -] [size12 24]
[b Gender -] [size12 Female]
[b Orientation -] [size12 Bisexual]
[b Skill(s) -] [size12 Second in Command, Weapons Specialist and Repair, fighting with knives and guns.]
[b Cybernetic Augmentations -] [size12 None]
[b Weapon(s) -] [size12 Hunting knife , a handful of throwing daggers, a laser gun named "Steve" strapped at the thigh, some grenades, and "Betty", her favorite hand-held machine gun.]
[b Robotics - ] [size12 None]
[b Personality Traits -] [size12 On the Character's Bio.]


[b Puppeteer -] [size12 Quest]
[b Character Link -] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=405956 Levi]
[b Name -] [size12 Levi Clark]
[b Age -] [size12 26]
[b Gender -] [size12 Male]
[b Orientation -] [size12 Straight]
[b Skill(s) -] [size12 Climber, Hunter, Weapons Specialist.]
[b Cybernetic Augmentations -] [size12 Cybernetic eyes. Vincent was born blind therefore had a transplant. Heat sensitive when activated, looks as if they are normal eyes besides the abnormal color being red. Can also detect gas leaks or contaminated air.]
[b Weapon(s) -] [size12 1911 Pistol, Rifle, Knife.]
[b Robotics -] [size12 Robotic Parrot named Juke.]
[b Personality Traits -] [size12 Arrogant, lazy yet intuitive, loner, impulsive, anger issues, but surprisingly empathetic when chosen to be.]


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Roleplay Responses

Levi smirked and shrugged to Liz's reply about the 'youngins. "You're right, seems like you're one of the only hardasses in this bunker." He winked with a chuckle. His Cybernetic eyes glowed as he watched her movements in response to him. "I mean, you're not wrong. I personally don't think it's a good idea for anyone to go out alone. Always got to have some kind of buddy with you. Can't trust anything or anyone out there anymore."

Levi grinned wide when he was given the sharpener. "Yes, I'm gonna go let some thugs take it from me" He chuckled while letting a half smile form as he inspected it. That was when he heard chirping in the distance. "Ooh, Juke found what I was asking for. I'll bring this back." And with two fingers to salute out, he left the room. Walking down the hallway he watched his bird companion flying towards him with a baggie, that had another baggie on the inside. They had the remains of paper wraps, and you know it- Mary Jane.

"Aha! Thank you my friend. Let us go to our room and relax a little today." Levi spoke, grabbing the item from Jukes beak and stuffed it in his pocket. [b "As you wish"]. The bird replied, landing on his masters shoulder as he walked through the hallways, passing the room where everyone was watching Noah get his arm fixed. He grunted and chuckled to himself as he walked away from there listening to the conversations fade away. Soon making it to his room that was a distance away from everyone else. Levi was a private person, more kept to himself besides a select few. He liked it that way more so than being buddies with everyone and their brother. Saved the grievance when someone dies on the field.

"Juke my friend, Care to play some tunes for me?" He asked as he dropped himself onto his bed while pulling his baggie, knife, and sharpener out. The bird then opened its beak and started playing music from before things went to hell. Rolling up a joint, he searched his room for a match with it resting on his lips on the side of his mouth. "Aha~". Proceeding his relaxation whilst sharpening his favorite knife and vibing to his companions choice of music. He would pester everyone else after he cleared his head. "Man I still don't get why he would go out alone." he muttered to himself, taking a drag and looking at his knifes edge. "beautiful."
  Levi Clark / Quest / 106d 5h 4m 40s
[size12 Noah let out a sigh of relief hearing no calls would have to be made.] [b "Thank the lord above. I'd rather take another battering ram than have to deal with headquarters. Though my bosses are great and all but man, they sure can eat a man alive."]

[size12 When Klaes asked Cylus to help finish up the repairs, there was a pressure on his back that made Noah hiss as the pain shot through his shoulder. Noah tried not to stiffen up and flinch away. Then gradually it cooled till it was almost numb.] [b "I didn't realize it was that bad. I am so not going to be sleeping well for a while."]

[size12 It was about then when Cadence appeared with the same question the others asked.] [b “Ambush. Battering ram to the shoulder. Knocked my arm loose and ended up with a bruise that’s going to give me hell and a half. Managed to do what I needed to though. Just need to send an order to ZERO to take the cargo to the innocents quarters and they’ll take care of the rest.”] [size12 Noah winced as a muscle spasmed somewhere in his back and pulled everything in his right shoulder, er, what was left of it anyway. Since much of his shoulder had been replaced with metal, there wasn’t too much of actual shoulder left but there was still enough.]

[size12 Once his back settled down, Noah opened the hologram screen from his arm and tapped away till he got to ZERO’s control interface. He typed in a command and send it. ZERO perked up upon getting the order and moved off to complete it.] [b “It was supposed to be a simple mission. Pick up the special medical supplies the innocents were running low on and get back to base. But nope. Had to pull off a me and fall ass first into a pot of bad luck. I swear. Almost every solo mission I do ends up with me in some sort of trouble. But then again, that’s what it was like when I was just a detective before the world went to shit.”]

[size12 His shoulder was starting to feel better though he knew it wouldn’t last for too long. Painkillers were definitely going to be needed. Noah could feel that functionality was starting to come back into his arm as he was able to move his hand. It wouldn’t be too much longer till everything was back online.]
  Noah Bryce / -Mirror- / 106d 12h 23m 37s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gloria+Hallelujah]
[font "Gloria Hallelujah" Elizabeth stopped in her tracks when she heard Levi’s voice. She looked over at him and smiled. [b [#F53340 “If I’m not hard on them, no one else will. Then the armory, as well as this whole base, will get too chaotic even for me to handle.”]]

Her eyes widened when he explained what happened to Noah. This was a mission he had left for on his own, despite her displeasing the idea, and he went ahead and faced a whole gang?! She laughed in disbelief and shook her head.

[b [#F53340 “That’s it, I need to find a babysitter for him. This is getting ridiculous.”]] She said this in a half-joking, half-serious matter. She doubt it was something Noah would willing go for. However, if she could somehow trick him into it…

She almost got lost in her thoughts when she noticed Levi leaning on the table, chin on hands to make himself look as innocent as possible. She had to hold in the urge to laugh, knowing exactly why he was doing it, but would let him have his moment. In response to the request, she reached into the pouch attached to her hip and pulled out the sharpener.

[b [#F53340 “Your cuteness is hard to fight,”]] she said, rolling her eyes. [b [#F53340 “Just don’t lose it.”]]]
  Elizabeth / nomey1 / 106d 13h 2m 0s
Well, this was a pain in the ass. Coda's old voice modulator had stopped working mid-mission on a solo a solo assassination mission. In the end it wasn't as bad as if some other part randomly stopped working, like a leg for instance, but any inconveniences popping up on a mission always led to annoyances.

[#9900ff "Well well well, how many original parts you have left?"] Coda's angled face silently swung, his blank white eyes staring into her dark amber eye pair and his mouth moving. Cadence quietly chuckled and facepalmed her forehead, [#9900ff "Stupid me, forgot I removed your voice modulator"] Having a talking robot had its uses, but being used to the fact of it being able to talk came with downsides such as this one. Although this downside ended up more comedic than bad. Whether the comedy be good or bad though, that was up to the audience.

Cadence let out a soft, lengthy sigh as she began connecting a spanking brand new and shiny voice modulator. Coda had originally not been hers, originally her father built it. Her father had used Coda for many a hunting trip before gifting it to her. Coda had been built with ruggedness and survival in mind, but even parts eventually came to the end of their lifetime. All of this meant that after every part breakdown an old part would be replaced with a new part, leading to a robot with technology old and new.

[#9900ff "Would you mind saying something?"] Even though the modulator was connected, Cadence didn't want to shove it back inside Coda's throat without knowing whether it worked or not. [#990033 "Anything you say?"] [#9900ff "And that completes the test"]

Now that it worked, Cadence gently pushed the modulator back inside the throat and attaching it back into its original place. A screwdriver with some small screws allowed the modulator to be screwed into place. The sound of footsteps, more metallic than human, entered and stopped suddenly. Still in the process of reattaching the modulator, Cadence couldn't quite turn her head to get a visual of the robot. But Coda filled her in since he could still talk during this reattachment process, [#990033 "ZERO is here"]. [#9900ff "Oi ZERO, something you need to say?"], closing Coda's throat and managing to get a bead on ZERO. [+red "Master has returned and in the repair chamber, has asked for everyone."] [#9900ff "Message received and understood. I'll be down in a few minutes."]

With ZERO clanking off, Cadence cleared up the shop table before someone yelled at the mess she'd made. Tools spread throughout the table and the floor quickly put in their respective tool boxes while everything needing to be trashed was slammed into the disposal bin. And the final cleanup consisted of reattaching her pistol and rifle back to her body.

The pistol lay in a holster attached to a belt, an easy system of taking it on and off the body. The rifle, well the rifle was a completely different story. This rifle required a strap to carry due to its size and weight, which didn't include the size and weight of the accompanying ammunition.

Dressed in full battle gear minus the custom camouflage Cadence had a knack for making, she walked side-by-side with Coda down the halls to the repair chamber where Noah was.

Noah was a curiosity as it concerned people in leadership roles. It wasn't that Noah possessed incompetency, he did have a competent record. The touchy point were Noah's methods, they occasionally bordered on near or total recklessness. It did seem funny for usually the subordinates had this stereotype that needed to be restrained by the leader, not the other way around.

It seemed she was the last of the gang to show up, everyone else already surrounding Noah who's arm was being worked on by Klaus. [#9900ff "Ya probably tired of bein' asked this, but whot in ta bloody 'ell happened?"]
  Cadence Octavia / NorthernWolves / 106d 14h 12m 50s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[center [abel [size15 Cylus stood behind the white haired mechanic and watched in awe as Klaes worked on Noah. Although Cylus was also a mechanic, he was not [i nearly] as skilled as his teammate and loved to watch him work. He was always wanting to learn more.

Grinning at Noah, he couldn't help but laugh at his leader as he went on and on. He had gotten so used to the personalities of the people he had been working with. But it was still so interesting how he fit into the dynamic.
[b [#666699 "Well I am glad this was all you got in the scuffle. I wouldn't want to be the one contacting the Bureau that's for sure."]] He threw up his hands in defense. Cylus talked a big game but even there were things [i he] was scared of.

Perking up at Klaes's beckon, he nodded and placed a hand gently on his companion's head and patted him softly before attending to Noah.
[b [#666699 "Sure thing."]] He said with a smile. Pulling out some tools from his work belt, he began to tighten a few places on the enhancement. [b [#666699 "Noah, you're lucky everyone on your team including you is competent or else we would all be in trouble."]]

Cylus used his eye to x-ray the machinery in Noah's arm. It had been one of his newest updates to his own cybernetic enhancements and he was excited to try it out. The feature was supposed to be helpful in fixes like this where he could pick out the problem without having to take the whole thing apart. It took him just moments to tighten the parts Klaes had pointed out. Smug with himself, he crossed his arms and smirked

[p It doesn't say anywhere in the role play, but I assume Noah is their leader? Or even an unspoken agreement among the rest that he is their boss? Correct me if I am wrong.]
  |riot| / muta / 107d 8h 38m 13s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/hCoBlpj.jpg]]Cylus was a welcomed sight. He'd come to appreciate Cylus's growing comprehension of sign language, as he had always spoken faster with his hands and knew that sign language was most certainly not for everyone. Klaes signed a greeting to him. [i "It's probably nothing."]

Klaes nodded, amused but sympathetic to Noah's story. It was unpredictable work, the work they all did. There was no real promise that any given mission or task was going to go smoothly or end successfully and without casualties. Noah seemed to have a habit of getting into some pretty close calls, which seemed both exciting and exasperating, if left to Klaes's opinions. He didn't mind treating his teammates, though, and enjoyed being of help.
[i "Some things seem a bit loose but I'm sure it's nothing extensive. I'll have a closer look but I really don't think you'll need any new parts."] he signed and said aloud. He glanced at the bruise at the base of Noah's shoulder, frowning to himself. Klaes didn't like the look of it, but if Noah wasn't complaining about it, he would continue to prioritize the cybernetics instead... for now.

He signed quickly to TIP with his free hand, prompting a flashlight of sorts to beam down at Noah's arm from the weasel's eyes. Luckily, it would be an easy fix and Noah would not be needing spare parts. Connectors and some of the adjoining pivots for his cybernetic joints had come loose, yes, but they were relatively unscathed otherwise. Klaes again addressed Cylus. [i "It looks like it's just a simple tightening procedure after all. I want to look at this bruise, would you finish this part up, please?"]

[i "How does this bruise feel?"]
Klaes pressed his left palm against the dark discoloration, the cooling system in his hand chilling the blood vessels below the surface quickly enough. If he'd only just gotten back and it was already swelling to this extent, Klaes wanted to be sure that they at least took it down a bit before he got up and did the same thing [b again].
  Cognizance / 109d 18h 39m 33s
“Hey Juke”. [b “You called?] “I need you to do me a great favor for me. Any chance you can get my secret stash?” Asked Levi, who was lounging very lazily nearby the armory, waiting for the notorious Liz to come by and lend him her knife sharpener. [b Of course, I’ll be back shortly.] squawked his parrot robotic familiar, dismissing itself from the hallway he had himself laying back in rather comfortably.

Levi himself wasn’t always this way, but if he were a part of the 7 deadly sins- he would be labeled as sloth. His 6’ body was stretched out while his carry on pack was pressed against the wall for extra back support while slouching there. He was tossing, and fiddling with the dulling blade while listening to what sounded to be crashing sounds of neglected weapons. He grinned a little while shaking his head “tsk tsk. Someone’s going to be angry” he stretched out with a small laugh. Soon enough Liz had shown up and caught the ones that was making a ruckus.

Popping up off of the ground seeing the members rush out red faced he grinned while entering the room Liz was currently in. “You don’t gotta be so hard on them you know.” Levi chimed in, looking at the very strong willed woman teasingly. He had always gave anyone and everyone the run around out of pure fun. It came with his personality as a child, as well as grew more into his adulthood.

“You haven’t heard what happened yet?” He asked raising a brow, while walking into the room with a bit of a sway. “Some gang nearly took his arm off from word of mouth.” Levi said with a shrug and sigh. He then made his way to the table Liz was by and put both elbows on it, resting his chin in the palms of his hand and smiled innocently. “Can I pleeeease borrow your sharpener?” He asked now pushing a more fake smile to her.
  Levi Clark / Quest / 109d 6h 18m 57s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gloria+Hallelujah]
[font "Gloria Hallelujah" Elizabeth was walking quickly down the hallway, several different things running through her head, when she heard some crashing noises coming from the armory. She back peddled and stuck her head in to see a couple members throwing their equipment on the ground. She kicked the door open and everyone jumped. When they made eye contact with her, their own eyes widened at their own fuck up.

While she had a smile on her face, her reddish-brown eyes glinted dangerously. [b [#F53340 “I spent hours organizing this room yesterday and you are gonna go ahead and mess it up already?”]]

[b “S-Sorry, ma’am!”] one of the men exclaimed. He and two others immediately started picking up their stuff.

Only one of them, a woman, looked at her in annoyance. [b “Come on, what’s the big deal? We just came back from a mission and we’re tired.”]

Elizabeth’s eyebrow twitched. The ones who were cleaning up looked at the one that spoke up in horror. She had just signed her own death warrant. [b [#F53340 “Oh, I see,”]] the black-haired woman said slowly. [b [#F53340 “You’re too tired to clean up after yourself.”]] She walked towards the woman. [b [#F53340 “Well, next time your laser pistol needs repairs, I might be “too tired” to fix it properly.”]] She stopped right in front her, face only inches away. [b [#F53340 “Then you know what will happen when you next try to use it? BAM!”]] The woman jumped in surprise. [b [#F53340 “Bye bye, hand.”]]

[b “I-I... I’ll clean up...”]

Elizabeth grinned. [b [#F53340 “Good girl.”]] She patted her on the head.

Then, turning on her heal, she stepped out of the armory and proceeded down the hallway. She had just let out a long sigh when a familiar robot appeared in front of her. [b [#F53340 “Oh, ZERO. Noah finally back?”]]

[b “Yes. Master is getting his arm treated now.”]

She furrowed her brows. [b [#F53340 “He do something stupid again?”]] She waved her hand dismissively. [b [#F53340 “Never mind, I’ll ask him about it later.”]]

With a nod, ZERO proceeded to do whatever task he was assigned. She was starting to get a headache, but the day has barely begun. There was no time to relax or eat for her. Too many innocents to process and missions to organize. Taking a deep breath, she jogged towards her next task.]
  Elizabeth / nomey1 / 110d 14h 41m 55s
[size12 Noah had taken his top off so it was easier to access the panels on his shoulder. A bruise had formed around the edge where the ram had smacked into him. He was trying to get his arm to move but it just ground and squeaked with his attempt. A transmission came in from ZERO. He picked up his limp arm and set it in his lap so he could use the micro-computer.] [+red "Two have been contacted and should be on their way to you, master."]

[b "Great. I'd like to get this wet noodle fixed soon."]

[size12 The transmission ended and he waited. Thankfully Noah didn't have to wait long. The first to enter was Klaes. A soft rap on the wall told Noah he was there. It was a habit unique to the boy. When he spoke, Noah just held out his limp arm with his other and let Klaes take a look. The grinding and squeaking sounded as it was manipulated. Thankfully there was a special safety mode that his arm went into in case of any damage. It kept any sparks from accidentally triggering the many weapons that were loaded in the arm. Specially the gun.]

[size12 Noah saw what Klaes asked, about what beat him up. He heaved a sigh. Noah was known for being reckless but this was something else. He was about to say what happened when the other made his way into the room. Of course the bruise forming around the shoulder plate was going to raise the exact same question.] [b "I knew you were gonna ask that, Cylus. Ambush. I got hit with a battering ram from hell. Knocked something loose in my shoulder. I can feel the bruise but it's not as irritating as having a overcooked noodle for an arm. Cybernetics do have advantages but they sure can be a hindrance as well. Exhibit A is evidence enough."] [size12 Noah said the last part poking his arm.] [b "I hope it can be fixed without having to contact the Bureau for parts. They will bite my head off and serve it to me on a silver platter."]
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[center [abel [size15 Wiping the sweat from his brow, Cylus let out a sigh. He had been working in his lab all morning and by midday, the building was humid. Twisting the wrench, the mechanic was working on the suspension in his robotic panther. The metallic feline lay on it's side, the azure LEDs lit up in each joint. Clamping two wires together, the machine roared to life. Rising to his feet, the panther's glowing eyes stared up at his partner.

[b [#666699 "How does that feel Challa?"]] Asked Cylus as he surveyed his robot. Challa bowed and stretched his parts. Sheathing and unsheathing his razor sharp claws, the big cat nodded his massive head. Smiling, Cylus was always excited to add something to his robotics.

Just as Cylus was about to start a new project, the sound of his lab door grabbed his attention. The cyborg spotted the robotic hound known as ZERO standing in the entryway.
[b [#666699 "Yes ZERO?"]] Questioned the boy. He guessed Noah needed something important if he had sent ZERO.
[i [b "Master is in the repair chamber,"]] was all the canine said before disappearing through the door. It didn't seem too dire but Cylus was curious of course. Wiping the grease that caked his hands onto a shop towel, Cylus motioned to Challa and exited his lab.

Once Cylus got to the chamber, the male let himself in. Inside, he spotted Klaes's snow white hair as he was deeply involved on Noah's repairs. Checking Noah up and down, he noticed a few scrapes and bruises nothing too serious. But the way Klaes was working, Cylus assumed the problem was more mechanical. Grinning, Cylus let out a laugh.
[b [#666699 "Damn Noah, who beat you up?"]] He joked. Taking a seat, he placed a hand on Challa's head. Although the beast was in fact a robot, Cylus added a feature that made his robotics respond to physical touch and affirmation. Cylus would never admit it but he was a bit of a softy. Waving at Klaes, he lifted his hands and attempted sign as he greeted the boy. [b [#666699 "How does it look Klaes?"]] Even though Klaes could hear just fine, Cylus had been putting in the work to learn sign language in hopes to comfort his friend. He understood it much better than he could actually do it but he was getting there.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/hCoBlpj.jpg]] Another failed attempt.
Klaes had been in front of a wall mirror for about twenty minutes, trying to speak without the use of his hands. Unfortunately, all he'd managed to accomplish was making TIP very, [i very] worried about his mental health. He could hardly blame her for the head tilting and nervous pacing today, he'd been in the bathroom talking to himself regularly when he had a few free minutes, trying to kill off an unnecessary habit.
Alas, it was not meant to be. TIP had most definitely had enough, and interrupted his one man party. [b "Doctor Kurck. With all due respect, sir, I must ask that you please stop talking to your reflection."]

He sighed, but nodded. Klaes wasn't getting anywhere and there were far more important things to do today. He'd only just gotten back from a surveillance run and he had visual and audio content to go through. May as well get to work?

Medic and weasel left the lavoratory and were on their way to the communications room when TODD shot them a heads up through their shared transmitter. Klaes would guess that TODD was finding and making his own fun in the ventilation overhead. TIP had voiced her displeasure with this but Klaes was quite fond of both their AI personalities, and would not scold TODD for trying to have a good time.
[b "Hey, Doc, pretty sure that's ZERO headed your way."] TODD said casually, sounding quite curious himself.
Klaes waited. Sure enough, Noah's canine companion turned the corner. Noah was not with him. [i "Is Noah alright?"] Klaes inquired, pairing it with fluent English Sign Language out of habit.

ZERO did not answer the question directly but did not seem urgent either, as he said simply, "Master's arm needs fixing. He's in the repair chamber."

Klaes would take that as a yes. Noah was significantly more sturdy than most folks Klaes knew, which was great, because Klaes liked to avoid bloody procedures if possible. A busted cybernetic limb was nothing when compared so some manner of gory open wounds. He thanked ZERO for letting him know and was given a nod in return before he and ZERO both made their way to the repair chamber.

Once inside, Klaes tapped the wall to let anyone inside know that he was coming in, yet another habit produced by his newness to hearing sounds. He set his sights on the limb in question, and raised a brow. It looked... limp? Klaes was good with body language but it wasnt hard to tell that it wasn't entirely functional, either.
[i "You can't move or lift it, then? May I?"] he asked first, always sure to ask people before touching them.

When the arm was shifted even slightly, a slight rattling sound was heard. Something had either come free, or was at least loose.Two of the fingers on his right hand separated into parts and reassembled into something not unlike a screwdriver as he focused his attention on the shoulder plating. Klaes's free hand signed with him, and he grinned, of course not looking up from the repairs. [i "So, bad run? What beat you up?"]

Friendly and calming he may be, but Klaes rather enjoyed giving people a little hell every now and again. It was hardly a serious repair or operation and 'beat up' was a pretty vague statement for this particular crew.
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[+red "You didn't think that one through, master."]

[b "No shit. How was I supposed to know that gang had a damn battering ram? Nearly took off my arm. I can feel a crack in one of the shoulder plates. Or maybe it just got knocked loose. Either way, just keep hauling ass!"]

[+red "Yes, sir."]

[size12 Noah had gone on a quick mission to gather up some supplies and ended up ambushed by a gang. He was now hauling ass back to base on the back of his trusty robotic hound, ZERO. It didn't take the pair long to get back to base. ZERO ground to a halt which caught Noah off guard, making him flip forward off the mechanized beast to land with a whump on the ground. Thankfully he can take falls quite well.] [b "You seriously need to work on the brakes."] [size12 Noah grumbled as he got back up, realizing his right arm wasn't moving like it should.]

[+red "Sorry, master."]

[b "Go alert the others that I'm back if they don't already know after that grand entrance. And find whoever can work on my arm. I need to have the shoulder panel popped off to fix whatever came loose. I can't seem to move my arm all that well. Hell of a battering ram those bastards used. I'll be in the cybernetics repair chamber."] [size12 With a nod, ZERO trotted off to complete his orders and Noah wandered towards the repair chamber with a wet noodle for an arm.]
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