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The long dimly lit hallway was filled with rows and rows of glass cells. Inside of them were the most dangerous criminals ever imaginable. Cackling and banging could be heard from some of the cells while someone yelling they'll kill the next guard who would come into their cell.

Walking down the hall were two scientists, blank looks on their faces as they looked at the clipboards they were holding-writing something on it's surface. Four armed guards with fully loaded guns made a square around the scientists and in the front of the group was you. You're a mafia boss, one of the more dangerous ones that ruled the city that rested above this underground facility. A place for testing purposes. Human weapons.

"What's Subject Zero's age?" You asked, hands folded behind your back.

"27" One of the scientists said as he flipped a page.

"Is he stable?"

"Barely. He hasn't had any slip ups today, but he has killed a few of the guards for touching him."

"Will he be good on the battlefield?"

"He is a killer on the battlefield. He doesn't hold back. So, yes, he will be."

The group stopped at the end of the hall, a large armored door stood in the way of the group. One of the guards stepped forward and put in a long pass code and another guard swiped a card. Finally the locks in the doors began to click open, low thuds could be heard as the bars pulled back and soon the large titanium door slowly opened to reveal a massive room.

And in the middle of the room sat a medium glass box. The box had four layers of bullet proof glass, no holes in them whatsoever besides the door. The glass had alarms on each layer so if the prisoner somehow broke through the glass, they would know which layer the male was on.

The guards walked in first then you followed by the rest of the group. Inside the cell, sitting on the floor was subject Zero. He looked like he had gotten in a fight, his face was bloody and he had bloodstains on his shirt. His hands were sealed in metal cuffs that covered his whole hands. They were in front of him and chained to the floor. It was a pretty long chain that could be pulled tight if need be.

Zero's eyes watched you, eyes shining lightly from the shadow his hair casted over his face. His long blonde hair was messy and some parts looked to be covered in blood. Zero's skin was pale from the lack of sun and he did look skinny, but looks could be deceiving. Zero held no emotion on his face.

You stopped in front of the glass box watching the male sitting there. You narrowed your eyes as you saw what looked like...black smoke swirling off of Zero's shoulders. In fact, the shadow that his leg cast, seemed to be moving as well.

Finally, Zero spoke. "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another mafia boss here to take me away?" He leaned his head back, the shadows over his face didn't move.

You didn't say anything but watched as Zero rolled his silver eyes, running his tongue over his sharp teeth.

"The last boss that tried to make me fight for them failed. I killed the asshole. Slit his throat. Ah, no, I didn't do that. I beat him to an inch of his life then I slit his throat." You watched as a shadow made a cutting motion over Zero's throat.

"What is your name? What do they call you?" You asked and watched as Zero sighed softly and leaned his head back, looking up at the ceiling before tilting his head to look at you.

"They call me Ambrose Karishma. The Shadow Killer."


So, this rp will be something new to me since I haven't played a character like this before. Ambrose is one of many human weapons and they're used for war. Although Ambrose is more well known and is popular among the underworld and people bid great amounts of money to buy these weapons.

You are playing a mafia boss or you can have another roll. You just have to be a leader of some kind. It could be good or it could be bad. You will start from this starter by taking Ambrose back to your place or you could just thrust him straight into the battlefield. If he acts up, just shock him and he'll be fine.

This world is more dark and it's on the more heavy sci-fi. So different alien races, planets of all kinds, flying cars, ships that transport people to other planets. As well as ships that go to other universes in seconds. Right now, there is a war going on between a few worlds for resources as well as trying to claim a planet. Ambrose will be fighting on the battlefield but your character will also try to slowly earn Ambrose's trust since he's been through a lot.

Genre/Theme preferences:  -  sci-fi, horror.

Pairings:  -  M/M or F/M. Although, I would like a stronger female character since my guy is a bottom!

Roleplay style:   -   Third person only.

Roleplay length:   -   Multi-Paragraph. I would like about 3 paragraphs. I have no idea how many lines that is, I don't really understand that but yeah.

Availability:  -  I have my phone on me 24/7 so I can reply pretty fast. Although, I can be lazy and can get busy since I'm in college. So I'll reply when I can!

Character Info: I will need a picture of your character, some information like name, age, gender, likes and dislikes also the personality. I'm looking for a dominant character since my guy is more of a sub.

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