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Zhen sat on her twin's lap and swished her monkey like tail around. She smiled and listened to Alice and her introduction happily. It was true none of them asked to have special parents.

Feng wrapped his arms around his sister and listened to Alice. She seemed very kind and thoughtful. He smiled softly and nodded in agreement to the whole being semi gods part.

Zhen perked up hearing a feminine voice and looked for the source confused and curious. She looked at the talking jackal in awe and grinned fascinated. Feng on the other hand wasn't completely surprised and nodded to the jackal politely. He had read about Anubis in one of the many books he read.

The twins' attention was soon caught by the sharply dressed female's introduction and Zhen flicked her tail slightly as she tilted her head slightly. She was actually kinda glad she hadn't worn that dress her brother had picked out.

Zhen smiled and stood. [+Orange "My name is Zhen and this is my party pooper twin brother, Feng."]

The older twin rolled his eyes at his sister and stood as well. [+Red "Our father is Sun Wukong, The Monkey King."]

[+Orange "You said it wrong, big brother!"] Zhen said trying to fuss at him and huffed.

[+Red "I am merely stating the truth, Zenny."] He said and pinched her cheeks a little bit. [+Red "anyway, our father has many nicknames which are too many to list at this time...."]
  monkey twins / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 30d 10h 55m 50s
There were only a few people that arrived after Molly, and so it was easy for her to get a good look at everyone. The two that had walked in before her looked nice enough, and as she had said she loved the fiery hair. While the one who followed her in seemed meek; that was not necessarily a negative trait in a young man. He was followed by a sibling pair that looked like they would be out of place if not for the subject of the meeting. Still the sister of the pair caught her attention enough to get a friendly wave as her brother hoped aloud that they were not late

The caretaker of the cafe was quick to wave off the concerns about lateness before she addressed the small crowd that had gathered. It was a quick and to the point explanation of what the group would entail. Although the part about none of them having asked to be born as demigods made Molly squirm a bit. She made sure to keep a friendly face on throughout the announcement as she searched her periphery for the comfiest chair.

Molly's search was interrupted though by the follow up to the announcement about everyone introducing themselves. The caretaker was at least kind enough to take the lead on the subject matter though and introduced herself as Alice Gniewek; manager of the cafe, and daughter of Apollo. Apollo was a much more famous figure than her own godly parent. Given her father's relationship with his pantheon she honestly hoped none of the others had heard of him before.

Alice then motioned for anyone to go next to a crowd without any volunteers. It did not take too long for the next voice to speak up, but it did not come from any of the people Molly had witnessed walk in. Instead the source was what she had previously thought was a nice dog statue in the window. Despite Molly's experience with magic her jaw hung open a little at the sight of a talking dog. She snapped it shut quickly though at the explanation that they were the child of Anubis. Since they were a fellow child of an underworld deity she made sure to flash them a friendly smile and a half wave.

Molly stepped up next without any hesitation. [b “It is nice to meet you all. I'm Molly Winters, and my divine parent is Veles. He's the Slavic God of too many things to list. Um, just in case any of you are related to Perun I would like it to be known that I don't share my father's adversarial views.”] She finished up with a partial bow before she waited for the next person to present.

Being a CEO she was used to giving speeches so her introduction was easy enough. The lack of anonymity was a bit of a surprise for the group, but Molly was comfortable in the belief that none of them knew her from her occupation. Her name only really came up in boring business journals, and the group looked exciting enough that she doubted any of them kept up on the stock market. Whether her assumption was right or not it made it easy for her to maintain a soft smile.
  Molly / Tesla / 1y 30d 21h 57m 5s
Quite the turnout for this support group it had turned out to be. After the [i girl with the flaming hair], along with her partner, walked in, another female stroller in. Unlike the rest of their clothes, this female’s clothing had an extreme formality and sharpness to it. The black and white colors though contrasting were helping give that edge for a showing performance. Nim could understand why someone would wear such clothes, for it did help boost confidence levels along with the important first impression.

But here’s some big brain thinking, if you don’t need to wear clothes then why bother with a sense of fashion. Easy for Nim to joke around this, no one questioned a naked dog or whatever other naked creature for their lack of fashion.

Nim continued her stony, unmoving stance as yet another individual walked in. He was also the first male to walk in as well, one shouldn’t have only females in a support group. Female only groups were a pain in the ass to deal with, both for the group members and anyone outside of the group who interacted with the group. For some unknown reason, one guy was minimal enough guys to stop the bitchiness. Even if the guy was towards the shy side like the guy who just entered, it didn’t matter.

After the final people entered, some male-female pair with foreign and somewhat matching clothing. Nothing bad in foreign stuff, more diversity always ended helping a support group much more than with less diversity.

With everyone apparently hear, Alice officially began the first meeting of the Demigod Support Group. Nim couldn’t help but quietly chuckle about the “asked to be one part”, she hadn’t been asked to be the offspring of Anubis but being such a demigod Nim found her life much more interesting. It all mattered through which lens you viewed this forced demi-existence.

After Alice finished with her introduction, a pause occurred. Nim decided to stay in jackal form for her introduction, but that meant she’d have to speak precisely and with excellent articulation in case some of them were thrown off by a talking jackal. [#003366 “Greettings everyone one, my name is [b Nim Airedalle]. My father is [b Anubis], god of embalming and the dead. Unless you’re dying and believe in Egyptian mythology, you shouldn’t really be seeing him.]
  Nim Airedalle / NorthernWolves / 1y 31d 6h 46m 30s
Alice blinked as several things happened all at once. A girl's hair was on fire. On fire. On her head. Hopefully, that was a normal occurrence for her and not something new. After that, her cat, Purrcy, launched himself into her arms. She soothed the poor kitty and looked around to see what had disturbed him. Ah.
A large jackal. She would not have noticed the dog if she had not witnessed it walk in herself. It sat very still, like a statue. A fancy lady, a gentleman, and definitely twins joined the group. The male twin spoke up, about hopefully not being late.
Alice shook her head, [#FFD700 "You're not late."]
Then she turned to address the crowd, putting her cat down, [#FFD700 "Welcome to the Demi-god support group! Please feel free to sit and have some tea or a snack. We do have coffee as well. The purpose of this group, as you may have surmised, is to help each other out. We are all Demi-gods and none of us asked to be one. We all have different stories that can connect us in I hope a kinship. If at any time you have trouble, I want us to be there for each other."]
Alice spread out her arms in a gesture of welcome, [#FFD700 "Now, please introduce yourself and tell us who your godly parent is! I will start."]

[#FFD700 "My name is Alice Gniewek, I am the manager of this store that my Mother owns. My father is Apollo, the Greek god of music, poetry, healing, archery, and the sun. Don't be alarmed if he comes around. He really likes showing off for mortals..."]

Alice motioned for anyone to go next. In the back, Alice could have sworn she saw her mother talking rapidly with her father...She hoped everything was okay. She quickly plastered on a smile and waited to listen to what everyone else had to say.
  Alice / prophetessofdelphi / 1y 17d 22h 25m 37s
Feng sighed slightly and walked with his sister who was looking around curiously. He had heard of a demi-god support group meeting that was supposed to be going on from the monks and was advised that he and his sister go. Looking to his twin, he watched as she happily skipped ahead of his a little bit and smiled slightly.

[+orange "do you think we'll be able to make friends?"] Zhen asked and looked back at him. her reddish orange hair was wild and wind blown as it always was. she wore her usual outfit of a fur trimmed mini crop top and blue bra, a thigh length skirt with leopard print and fur trimmed boots.

[+red "i am positive we will... by the way, why did you refuse to wear that pretty dress i had gotten for you?"] he asked and looked at his sister curiously putting his hands in his billowing sleeves. he touched a small box he had been holding onto and chewed the inside of his cheek.

Zhen turned to him and ruffled his already hard to manage brown hair smiling. [+orange "because it was too stuffy and uppity. i don't want them to think we're a pair of arrogant rich kids."] she said and hugged him slightly.

he laughed slightly and shook his head. [+red "let's hurry or we'll be late."] he said and hugged her back before taking her hand. the twins kept walking and soon arrived at the cafe. feng watched as zhen looked around curiously and smiled slightly. he looked at the others that had apparently arrived before they had and politely bowed to them all. [+red "hello, i hope we are not too late."]
  wingedwolfy120 / 1y 48d 11h 16m 48s
[h3 [center Argeos]]
The male sat quietly in the library which he called his own. His eyes were currently focused on the pages of the book he held in his hands. He would pause now and then as either a student or another individual would approach the desk, book in hand. The male would proceed to do the whole business of checking the book out, then handing it to the person, speaking softly that they return it on time and in proper condition.
His eyes lifted upwards towards the clock. Taking note of the time, he released a soft sigh. Right, that 'Demi-God' Support Group. He was honestly unsure of it. It said 'Demi-God', would he be considered such a thing? No, his parent wasn't some run-of-the-mill god or goddess, his was the great Guardian Dragon of the Babylon Gate of so long ago; Mushussu. Well, it couldn't hurt to try and enter...
He moved to the side, being extremely careful as he did so. Seemed one of the major abilities he gained from his forgotten father, was an incredible strength. He had broken plenty of things without meaning to before...he was hoping it wouldn't happen while at this 'meeting'.

[hr ]

Argeos walked slowly down the sidewalk. He had a light jacket over his body, hands deep in his pockets. He allowed his mind to wander as he made his way forward. A slight frown crossed his features.
Once again, he went to thinking of the 'worst case scenario'. Argeos really didn't want to hurt anyone, or break anything. He was beginning to have second thoughts of going...maybe it would be for the best. Just keep to his 'hoard' in the library and only have to interact with people that way. Safer, or least that was what the male thought.
His head lifted, the café suddenly coming into view. A sign stood clearly outside in front of the place, stating the meeting of the 'Demi-Gods'. The small frown remained on his features, coming to pause several feet away from the door. Very swiftly, only the sharpest of eyes would've caught sight, a forked tongue flicked past his lips, testing the air. There were so many scents wafting out of the café, some were completely new, other scents he knew.
Argeos shifted a bit where he stood. His yellow eyes glanced towards the door. After more debating in his mind, he finally took a breath, then slowly approached.
With a delicate touch, he opened the door. Inside, certain scents were even stronger, to nearly overwhelming for him. Argeos, however, managed to keep the scents from completely washing over him. The male stepped to the side, letting his eyes wander around the inside of the café.
Hearing voices, his eyes shifted to the side, taking note of a few females, must've come here before him. Argeos kept to his place on the side, simply remaining silent and waiting for whatever was to happen.
  -:Demi:- / Dragoncita / 1y 52d 20h 18m 4s
Parked just across the street from the Sunspot cafe was a fancy car that drew more than a few glances. The all black Audi A8 was a bit more luxurious than the average car in the area and in immaculate condition. What made this one stand out so much though was the heavily tinted windows that kept anyone from getting even the tiniest glance of what was inside.

Sitting inside the private vehicle was a young woman who seemed to be enjoying her momentary relaxation having gone so far as to sink into her seat. She sat with the last remnants of an ice cream cone in one hand and a divinity themed fantasy game on her phone in the other. All while a diverse soundtrack played from her car speakers. Despite all the goings on inside the car she continued to glance out the window at the Sunspot every couple of minutes.

Once she noticed two women go inside after the hostess put out a sign announcing the meeting she sat upright and popped the last of her dessert into her mouth. While her dessert hand was digging in the door for a napkin to wipe off the sugary remnants; her other hand shut down her phone. A quick check of her pockets and a glance in the mirror later she exited the vehicle to a couple of turned heads. After making sure that it chirped that the alarm was active she walked away happy.

Her athletic 5'7” frame was dressed in a nice fitted black pantsuit that still allowed her full mobility. It was paired with a pristine white dress shirt underneath. She was fully prepared to make the best first impression that she could as this was her first time getting together with so many other divine children. Since her father was not exactly Mr. Popularity she wanted to be sure to get off on the right foot with a smile on her face.

While she walked in she held the door open behind her for another guest. When she spotted the two who came in just before her the one with the noticeably fiery hair caught her attention in an instant. A whiff of the sweet air though distracted her from the comment she had planned to make. Just long enough to make her regret that she had gone out to eat before coming to this gathering of demigods. She was quick to get herself back on track though.

[b “Pardon me, but I just have to say I love your hair.”]
  Molly / Tesla / 1y 52d 21h 48m 29s
Last night, oh boy had last night been a doozy. A rave concert always included difficult lighting made even more difficult having to coordinate with the pyrotechnics department. Yes practicing made sure that the chances of a screwup were lessened, but between all the radio-chatter through the earpieces and the hypnotizing beat of the music one misheard word and the performance would’ve come to an awkward halt.

The concert ended at 11pm, but the job was not done. Just as time had been taken set everything up, time was also needed to take down everything. Luckily for her the people she had been hired by did have an experienced crew who faltered naught and trusted all her orders, the feeling of mutual trust be a high in the air.

And then the hour long drive back home. Nim’s body had long ago accustomed to these late night out while doing mentally draining work. But no one else drove in the middle of the night, empty and well-lot streets made for a laughably easy ride home compared to some other late night rides she had done.

Nim woke up yawning nonchalantly, swinging her two legs to the side and standing up after resting them for a few seconds against the floor. Despite yesterday’s night of fun, Nim forgot not what today entailed for her. The meeting up a group called The Demi-god Support Group.

The Sunspot Cafe was no ordinary cafe. It did indeed do what a cafe did, providing coffee based drinks, non-coffee based drinks, sweets, and entertainment in the form of a weekly Wednesday concert hosted by none other than the manager of the cafe itself. Nim had done lighting a few times for the pure fun of it. But anyways, the cafe also hosted a support group not known to mere mortals, only known to demi-gods. Hence the name of the support group.

It did not take long to be downstairs. Brushing teeth only took two minutes at most and Nim’s showers were never longer than seven to eight minutes. Nim’s physical presence in dark grey cargo pants, black t-shirt, white socks, and grey sneakers ready to step out the door after eating a light breakfast occurred precisely one hour after she had woken up.

Reaching for the truck keys, Nim paused her arm midair before lowering it to prevent exhaustion. Thinking about it, Nim really didn’t want to drive all the cafe. Finding an open spot to park in presented no issue, the issue occurred due to the size of the truck which made tight spaces 18-point turn nightmares. The other option open would be to walk. Nim didn’t mind a walk, but she didn’t feel like running.

Nim contemplated another choice, shapeshifting from human to an animal and go to the cafe like that. The though of moving around humans as an animal held no appeal, especially since since no emergency loomed over her. Which meant that she’d have to use a duat portal.

A duat portal allowed for one to transport into and out of the duat. A very efficient mode of transportation, having to only depend on oneself.

In less than a second, Nim, along with the clothes on her, transformed into a sleek black jackal. Anyone, if given the chance, noticing this transformation would’ve done a double take as their comprehension speed would not be fast enough to see a human transforming into a jackal and then vanishing in thin air. Nim knew she was an asshole occasionally, but not to the point of having someone lose faith in reality.

A few short seconds later after traveling through the dark duat, Nim, in the form of a black jackal, appeared in the back of the Sunspot Cafe. That sudden arrival stirred up the the manager’s, Alice Gweinek’s, black-and-white cat with extra toes on each paw. Nim enjoyed cats, but cats did not enjoy when a black dog materialized out of thin air in front of them.

Nim silently padded after the cat’s frantic click-clacks as it scrambled away. The trail led her out to the main dining area of the cafe, and the cat was attempting to tell Alice about the sudden appearance of a black, dog-like creature in the cafe, but would Alice be able to decipher the meows and mewls?

Nim unconcernedly walked to one of the windows and jumped to the windowsill, landing gracefully before sitting down on her hunches as still as an Egyptian statue. Not a moment later two females entered, with one who’s hair spontaneously blazed. Nim sat unfazed, she was used to spontaneously combusting things, including the hair on top of people’s heads. But compared to everyone else, this female’s hair burnt nothing.
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As soon as she heard her phone ringing, she knew what it meant. Time to get up and meet her social quota for the week. Not that she didn't love her friend Rogue. She'd been best friends with her since they were 12. What she didn't love was the general public.

She hesitantly grabbed her phone and answered. She wasn't listening to Rogue because she knew exactly what she was saying before she said it. Ten minutes. She never needed more than that to get ready. She always gave Rogue the same [#97040A "I don't want to go," "I don't have any clean clothes," "I'm too tired"] spiel, but it was only to postpone getting out of bed.

Ash mulled out of bed and looked through her clothes. She wasn't sure if she [i did] have any clean clothes. Shit. Her eyes finally fell on something that she'd just washed. Now, to slip on her Converse and go outside to wait on Rogue.

Ashlyn knew it wouldn't even take 10 minutes for Rogue to arrive with as erratic as she drove. She heard honking from outside but took her time walking out. Rogue probably would've actually left Ash, but Ash would have threatened to set her on fire too.

She caught the muffin she was tossed and ate it. She was starving, but she wasn't going to waste time eating at home. [#97040A "Heppy hasn't shown up since I was 19, and I don't think he'll be coming around any time soon,"] Ashlyn stated, chuckling at the nickname her best friend had deemed her father with.

When they arrived, the girls got out of the car and walked in together. Rogue whispered in her ear that this was a support group meeting for demigods, and the end's of Ash's hair lit up. [#97040A "Bitch,"] she muttered. This wasn't the first time Rogue had tricked her into something she didn't want to do, and it probably wouldn't be the last. [#97040A "Fine,"] she grumbled, [#97040A "but if there are any cute guys, I call first dibs."]
  Ashlyn Rue Taylor / nykolasandrews / 1y 53d 18h 33m 53s
Light burst through the windows of the small one bedroom apartment. A soft groan slipped through the woman's lips as she pushed herself up to where she was sitting. Her hair was a mess. Black locks fell all around her face and past her shoulders. [#9932CC “Too bright...far too bright...”] She whined out softly. Her phone was blaring on the bed beside her. Her alarm was ringing loudly. It had been for about thirty minutes now. [#9932CC “Shit! I'm late!”] She yelped and pushed herself out of the bed. She quickly went around picking up random clothes off of the floor. Nope, dirty. She went over to the corner of the room and picked up a pair of jeans and a black top. Good enough. She grabbed her under clothes, the only clothes that were actually in the drawers, and rushed to the bathroom to shower.

Once out of the shower, Rogue brushed through her hair and threw her clothes on. She threw her hair up in a bun and slipped into her shoes. Toothbrush in her mouth, she picked up her phone and dialed Ash's number. [#9932CC “Good morning sunshine, this is your daily wake up call. Get your lazy ass out of bed and get dressed. If I have to, I will show up and pull you out by your toe!”] She listened to the grumbles of her best friend. But I don't want to get up! It's too early! I'll kill you for this! I don't have any clean clothes! I don't want to go. She had heard it all before. She was going to make her go with her to this damned meeting.

[#9932CC “You have ten minutes before I show up at your door. Get dressed!”] She ordered before ending the call. She quickly gripped two muffins out of the cabinet and headed to her car. [#9932CC “Shit! Keys!”] She said and ran back into the house to hunt for the keys. They were on the bathroom counter next to small half full plastic baggie. She picked up the keys and the baggie, shoving the baggie into her pocket, and headed out the door to the car.

Rogue drove, although far to fast, to Ashlyn's house. She honked the horn three times and waited. It didn't take long for her to come out of the house. [#9932CC “Get in loser, we're going to Sunspot!”] She said as she revved the engine. Once the girl was in the car, she threw her the extra muffin. Then she was off. [#9932CC “How's ol' Heppy doing? He visit you yet?”] Of course not; fucking jerk. She rolled her eyes and drove to Sunspot. She hadn't exactly told Ash what was going on there today. She had told her that they were going to lunch. Oh well, she wouldn't be able to run off if she had driven her there!

When they pulled up to the Sunspot and parked the car. She got out and locked the door, pushing her shades up to hold her hair back. She adjusted her gloves and headed inside with Ash. Once in the door, she leaned over and whispered to her best friend. [#9932CC “By the way, this is a Demi-god support group meeting and you can't escape now! Get inside.”] She knew that Ash would be highly angry with her, but they both needed this more than they wanted to admit.
  Lilith Rogue Zabinski / Kat_Attack / 1y 53d 19h 13m 29s
Alice set up a table in the Sunspot for just this occasion. She put down a bright and sunny table cloth to replace the white ones that were normally out. She and her mother had made sure to set up the bigger table, just in case. There were treats set up on a delicate tray; tarts, biscuits, scones, and macrons. The industrial sized coffee pot was set on the counter for people to fill up their china cups. A teapot sat on the table filled with a proper Earl Grey with delicate designs gracing the surface of the fine china.
Alice carefully made sure everyone had a neatly folded napkin in addition to their cup, saucer, and spoon set.
Casa Gniewek finished setting out the sign advertising the get-together outside of the shop. She turned to see her daughter fidgeting with the setup.
[b "Don't worry, love."] Casa gave Alice a smile, [b "Things will go well. People will come and not only will we help them, but I am sure you will make wonderful friends."]
Alice rolled her eyes, [#FFD700 "Mama, I am not worried about making friends!"]
Well...maybe she was a little bit, but for good reason! It was rare for so many adult demi-gods being in the same room together, let alone make friends. But what she was really worried about was,
[#FFD700 "...What if no one comes..."] she whispered.
Casa walked over and gave Alice a peck on top of the head, [b "They will. Those who need us will be guided here, the gods willing."]
[#FFD700 "Thank you, Mama..."]
Casa turned and headed toward the kitchen, [b "I will be in the back if you need me. Don't forget to leave your father a burnt offering!"]

Alice waved her mother off. Of course, she would make an offering. Alice picked up a lemon macaron she had set aside for her father and walked over to the small hearth set aside in the cafe for such offerings. She placed a small kiss on top of the treat and dropped it into the fire.
[#FFD700 "For Papa...Apollo."]
The shop quickly filled with the gentle smell of hyacinth flowers, which meant that her father had received the offering.
Alice turned to the front door, adjusting her black dress. She watched and waited with bated breath.
It was time for the Demi-god Support Group to meet!
  Alice / prophetessofdelphi / 1y 54d 7h 5m 21s

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