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Izzy nodded and slowly moved forward. It was so new to her but she wanted to learn like Gracie was.

[b "M-mom...it...oh no.."] She whispered, her hands tightening on the counter as sharp pains were going through her. They had been but she had thought it would stop.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 38s
Jackson nodded, 'Scoot forward princess." Gail gave Ally a mug of hot tea adn smiled, "Let me go look for that heated blanket. "
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 14h 3m 31s

Ally nodded to the woman, biting on her lip as she bent over the counter more.

Isabella looked to Jackson. "Center of saddle, daddy?" She asked.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 4m 42s

Gail nodded, 'I won't if you take it easy." Jackson helped steady Isabella on the new pony as Bobby had lifted her up.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 14h 10m 28s
Ally nodded to the woman, giving a weak smile. [b "I won't argue this...at least not this time. It's too close to play with and push my luck... Just...like I said don't tell him.."] She said softly
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 11m 36s
Gail nodded, 'Shes going to be okay and so are you, you just relax today, no lifting or walking, let me help... don't want you pushing out a baby suddenly because you did something you weren't supposed to."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 14h 15m 57s
[b "The doctor said if I don't relax and rest they'll put me on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy... You know she measures two almost three weeks ahead of what she is...and I'm almost seven months..."] Ally whispered. Scarlett was being active today. [b "In a couple weeks...if lucky... if she has Jack's stubborness and impatience...she'll choose and I won't have a choice.."] And she meant could be earlier.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 17m 31s
"How early?" Gail asked putting her hand on Ally's on the counter.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 14h 23m 49s
[b "That's what scares me with Scarlett.. I think she's wanting to come early.."] Her words were soft as she spoke them. But she was immediately quiet and smiled to Jack and the girls when they looked over.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 25m 17s
Gail nodded, "You will be too if we can get you relaxed. That baby girl is stubborn like Jackson."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 14h 28m 35s
[b "Don't tell Jack...he's in such a good mood today.."] She whispered to the woman.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 29m 10s
Gail took one look at her, "Sit and I'll make you some tea and the heated blanket will help with pain."
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 14h 36m 10s
They squeled and hugged him. The girls had missed this daddy and it was nice to have him wanting to laugh and play.

Ally leaned on the counter and was watching Jack and the girls. Her hand was on her side but she wasn't saying anything. Couldn't ruin the day for them.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 41m 33s
He nodded, “Daddy just can’t lift y’all.” He said smiling to them.
  Jack & Ally / polkadotrocker / 14h 44m 39s
"But daddy still walks with us?" The girls asked as they looked up at Jackson.
Ally kissed his cheek and the girls' heads before she got up to take their dishes so she could wash them.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 14h 47m 35s

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