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[center [b [u [size25 Hello!]]]]

[center I've been roleplaying for years. If I may say so myself, I have improved a lot since I started out roleplaying, and I would consider myself a semi-literate to literate writer.

Some of my likes in no particular order,
[b ]
Historical Fiction [i ]
Fantasy Adventure [i ]
Animals [i ]
[i [u Just ask. I won't be rude unless you give me a reason.]]

Things I'm not into,
Homosexual Pairings
Large Groups
Canon Characters [i ]

Straight [i ]
No Insta Fall in Love
No Romance is fine too

Lots of them - Movies, Books, Anime, Cartoons and TV Series [i ]

I work full time, but I'll try to reply once or twice a day. I can post more on my days off. I prefer not to go over the top for each reply, where for the sake of maintaining post length, things are dragged on, with nothing happening. If your bad grammar or spelling makes it hard for me to understand your post, I will quit.

Currently, I do not have a plot idea, and I'm always open to brainstorm.]

[b [i ]]

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