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placing his bow upon his back the young elfling had drawn out his knife and cut off the binding of the human. [b "While the Lady of the Golden woods will pass judgment it is my Grandfather that will ultimately decide your fate. Lord Finwe has returned from across the seas in hopes of having his people protected. We have seen this through sense the fall of Mordor and would keep it so. Lothlorien and the hidden halls work together in keeping the balance of the woods. We have an agreement with the humans that have settled the lands within a month's travel of here that they would seek permission from the court before cutting wood, Which court would depend on what area they are wishing to cut from."]

Returning the blade to its sheath he walked towards the woods and nodded with his head. [b "While Lady Galadriel is the Ruler of the woods both Greenleaf and golden leaf She is my mother, and Lord Thranduil is my father and would see my as ruthless and cold as him. He has lost his only love, his child, and now looses power with each passing day as I grow older and older so I am able to claim his throne and land eventually having both the hidden halls and lothlorien under a single crown."]

Pushing his way into the treeline the elf prince took a pause and drew in a deep breath. The fresh scent of pine needles and dirt hit hard for him and was a very welcoming thing. [b "Your mother is well known to us, and so is your father. I am sure the Lady will break words with him before anything as Conflict is brewing, as I am sure everyone knows. The Great beasts are coming down from the north, and activity seems to be coming from the east that hasn't been for almost an age. We elves are preparing for war and for Sauron to once again walk this land."]
  Elfling / Colorful_insanity / 222d 3h 15m 19s
[h3 ]

Whatever Arid had placed in front of him, he eyed it for a second before the Elf motioned for him to eat it. With a small nod of thanks, he takes it and consumes it while listening to the Elven Prince speak about Lothlorien. He had already known that the Elves were a clandestine peoples, but he had not expected this much, especially considering the history some hundred years ago. Nevertheless, it appeared Arid was confident in his people's abilities to defend themselves, and after being ambushed by them, he could attest to how formidable the Elves of the Woods are.

Suddenly, there was a tension between the two, and it almost stirred the deep woods themselves as the Elven Prince paced around Uhtred, making very pointed observations. He didn't turn to follow the man's pacing, but met his eyes with intent when he stopped in front of him. It would appear there was more to the story here than he might have initially realized, and Arid was extremely perceptive in picking up on his Elven descent.

For all intents and purposes, Uhtred would be considered royalty. His father, Calder, was the King of the Aesir, having united the clans and becoming their elected leader. This made Uhtred an Aesir Prince, but that wasn't where his royal lineage stopped either. His mother, Langwen or 'Lady Gwen' as many of the Aesir referred to her as, is the daughter of Nowë or better known as 'Círdan' one of the wisest and most noble Elves in history. It was unfortunate that he had taken the Long Road before Uhtred was born; he would have been overjoyed to have learned about Middle-earth's unadulterated history from the old Elven Shipwright.

[+blue “My mother is Lady Langwen of Grey Havens, so you are correct about my Elven heritage and the assumption that I might be more than just Aesir royalty.”] He admits to the other Prince, although he wasn't sure if this would work in his favour any. Still, he keeps eye contact with Arid, holding it like a patient wolf much like the Elf was. [+blue “I will face your people's and the Lady of the Wood's judgment, but I am sure we can come to an arrangement. I am a reasonable man, and so is my father.”] Mostly. [+blue “The tension in the land has not escaped our notice, and we are preparing for the worst as well, which is why I am here.”]
  Calder / Renegade / 225d 14h 16m 44s
Arid had kept at least knife upon him just incase something like what had happened earlier was to occur again. Arid was considered a cautious one even among his own kind who were already wary of others. Even more so could be said of the young elf prince who had seen hatred from his father upon the deathbed of his mother. Anger from his brother as he banished himself for the sake of love that would never be returned to him accept by a simple human king. While Lord Elrond had returned to the undying lands with Gandolf and Lady Galadriel.

Arid had looked to the human as he spoke in a bit of slopy elvish. Holding his hand he spoke a few words in elvish under his breath and held out a single plant and motioned for him to eat it. [b "The difference between The elves of the Great woods and those of the Kingdom you call.. Lindon are that my people would have not been so docile and retreat to the forest of the lands. You would be entering the woods of the great people. The hidden halls would have no intruders. It is but the will of the Lady of the Golden woods that stays my hands."]

Arid looked to the human and looked him over with a more inspective eyes. His ears were round like humans, but his face had structure like that of an elf, and the thing most called facial hair did not seem to grow more then a little fuz upon his chin and upper lip. [b "Who is the elfling that would call your child of her breast?"] Returning to the slow thrum of his feet hitting the ground as the prince paced around the human to continue his inspection. [b "There is only two reasons the Lady of the Woods would stay hands of soldiers. The first is you are of important value, Royalty perhaps beyond the little kingdom you claim as home. Someone in your line of great importance to middle earth such as Aaragon, Farmir, or perhaps Aowen."]

Stopping once again face to face the elf had a slight gleam to his eyes. [b "That or you are of elvish decent, which holds true to your features, and would explain the lack of elven travels between Lindon and Rivendell or Lothlorien."]
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[h3 ]

In the end, Uhtred and what remained of his men didn't have much choice in listening to what this Elf, Arid, had demanded. Tor and the remaining Aesir left to head back to Lindon without the trees, bodies of their men, or Calder's son. They grumbled about it, but knew that at this point they would only foolishly lose their lives if they tried to argue or fight. The Elf Prince had them in quite a bind and Uhtred was intent on the least amount of bloodshed as possible.

As his men left, Uhtred's hands were bound and he was stripped of his weapons just as instructed before. It would be expected of him to put up a fight, it was very traditional of the Aesir to prefer to die in combat than to be executed or taken as slaves, but despite Uhtred's more rugged and scarred appearance, he was softer than most Aesir. This Arid on the other hand would have made a great Aesir warrior with how cold, calculated, and merciless he appeared to be. It was almost like looking at the son Calder had always wanted.

[+blue “As promised,”] Uhtred holds up his bound hands. [+blue “I will return to Lothlorien with you voluntarily.”] Althoug, he didn't know how Calder would react to this. Uhtred was his son after all, and despite his calm and rational nature, he could be as cold and cruel as anyone if needed to or had the inclination. There could very well be negotiations or some kind of agreement could be met, or he might be more so inclined to burn the whole forest to the ground... Although the armistice with the Arnor King and Uhtred's mother would surely curb that response, he was still sure it would cross the older man's mind.

That aside, death by Elf execution, the terrors of the woods, or Calder himself, Uhtred didn't find himself feeling remarkably worried. If anything, he felt more curious about this entire thing. Being Half-Elf himself and living among them in Lindon, Uhtred still felt he knew very little of them, and other than Grey Haven he has never been to any of the Elven domains. So as they entered the woods, he keeps his head on a swivel.

[+blue “You had mentioned that I would be judged by the Lady of the Woods. How is justice imparted in Lothlorien?”] Lindon might have had many Elves, but once conquered, the Aesir's ways became dominant immediately. So how Lothlorien and Lindon operated must be quite different, and at the very least, Uhtred wanted to know what he would be up against.
  Calder / Renegade / 262d 14h 40m 34s
Arid had not taken his eyes off the youngest of the group of humans. Of course the elves had heard of the men that had recently landed in middle earth and taken elvish lands. Mithlond, This city of the Grey Havens was the first city they had taken and occupied quickly in their taking of Lindon. Of course the elves were not expecting the invasion and so were forced out of their homes and into the woods where they had put up a very strong fight against the humans.

It wasn't until after the peace was signed and the king had his child with the elf lady that peace was truly seen in Lindon, but Lindon was not apart of the Green woods and was subject to different rules. Of course even so all men were warned or at least cautioned against cutting trees from the forest the elves patrolled liked hawks and killed without mercy and without second thought. Arid was of course no acceptation to the matter. He had killed many men who dared enter or damage the forest without the elves knowledge, and even more so hunted creatures far beyond a normal elf's handling. Even chasing off the Wizard Radagast the brown, or to the elves he went by the name of Aiwendil. Of course being chased out of the Green woods he found home within Rivindell and the elves there.

Watching out the corner of his eye as his hunting party had become slight hostages he shot arrows in quick succession killing elf and men alike with their aim. He would not be a hostage in a situation so his eyes never truly left the man in front of him until he stood between the raiders and the remainder of the hunting party, which seemed to be the prince and two guards who had drawn their swords out ready to swing at anyone who came for the prince.

Hearing the words in elvish only seemed to draw the prince's bow even taunter ready to fire an arrow at the prince's eye. The two other elves looked to each other and the prince who nodded. He lowered his bow and spoke in common human. [#b6520c "I am Arid Kaelaes, Second child to Lord Thranduil of the Hidden halls and Crowned prince to the forest you are so casual cutting into, and without permission. It is these follies that you will be taken prisoner for."]

Hearing the words that came out about the prince being taken instead of the whole group drew an interest to the prince but he agreed. Of course his conditions were that the men left right now without the wagon of wood already cut down and the bodies and the elves and men both would stay behind.
  Elfling / Colorful_insanity / 275d 3h 59m 46s
[h3 ]

It all happened very quickly, but many things seemed to when you weren't expecting it. A volley of arrows seemingly from the trees themselves descended upon them, releasing their horses, pummelling the cart full of trees, and killing one of their men. An effective ambush, because when everyone seemed process the events and get ready, Elves came from the woods, aiming their bows at the Aesir. They all looked between each other and then back at the Elves, and did so again when what appeared to be the leader of the group spoke to them.

[+blue “Been 'warned' before?”] Uhtred says, looking to Tor, who again shrugs at the question. It seemed like none of them knew about this prior 'warning' until now.

“I believe they think we are someone else.” Was his response, and the group stiffens upon the approach of five Elves coming to search and bind them. Few Aesir, such as Uhtred, knew how to understand Elvish. This was a bad move on their part, and despite them having the group pinned down, they weren't out of the fight just yet. They killed one of their men, and that wouldn't go unheeded, Uhtred could see it. The Aesir were a people's whose very tradition was to fight, kill, and die. But there didn't have to be anymore bloodshed, and Uhtred opens his mouth to say it, but it was too late.

The Elves set upon the seemingly complacent and confused Aesir, but the second they were in arms reach, fast hands grabbed hold of the Elves. Arrows were released in quick response, but four of the six Elves were used as human shields, struck down by their own comrades. One reacted quick enough and began to scuffle with the Aesir, the arrow narrowly avoiding both, and Uhtred himself did nothing in response to his own Elf. He didn't see it necessary for this needless bloodshed born of a misunderstanding, but if he didn't do something, they all would kill each other.

[+blue “Stop!”] Uhtred shouts, hands up in front of him and waving for them to cease. [+blue “Everyone, enough!”] Uhtred's voice cuts through the chaos. [+blue “We will not fight you!”] He shouts in Elvish.

“What are you doing, Uhtred? They killed Skyr, there will be no 'enough'!” And Uhtred steps between the two groups, hands out towards both of them in a pacifying manner, although his head was currently looking to the Aesir.

[+blue “This is [i enough], Tor. I command it.”] He spits and then looks to the Elves. [+blue “I am Uhtred Calderson, son of Calder Calderson the ruler of Lindon.”] It was his hope that getting them talking could potentially deescalate the situation. The Aesir way was to fight to the very last breath, but that was only half of Uhtred. The other half wanted to be diplomatic and believed that problems could be solved with words before fists, which was something he and his father frequently disagreed on. [+blue “We are the Aesir, and if you agree to let my men go, I will be compliant in going to Lothlorien with you. There is no more blood that needs to be shed.”] He knew his men didn't like that, but they would follow his orders and cease the fighting. Most of them had they were eager family to return to, and they knew they would need to survive to carry the message home to Calder.
  Calder / Renegade / 279d 15h 17m 4s
The group of elves had kept traveling south, Past Lothlorien, past the Deep dark of the Fangforn forest and they made quick time. Three days it took to go from the Halls of the Green leaves, and the place they called Home within the hidden halls where Thranduil ruled and Legolas had been born. Not may knew however that Thranduil had a second child not intentionally of course, but out of accident when the Lady of the woods Galadriel had given him one. Arid, the name whispered across most of the elven lands was one filled with delight, fear, and sadness.

Upon reaching the edge of the forest the young prince looked around to see several trees had been removed from the edge. Looking to his right he saw the same, but just at the edge, almost like whomever had done this had intentionally not gone any farther in then one or two trees especially with rumor of the woods anyways. Fangorn still had its floating rumors that the trees talked to one another and those who went in never came out the same.

Looking to his right Arid spotted the humans as a tree had fallen. Hearing the words of one speak only seemed to spark irritation in the elf prince. Without a word he waved his fingers in the direction of the party. Moving back into the woods the group of elven guards advanced towards the intruders. Quickly releasing several arrows in quick succession the group shot at the trees that were on the cart. Arid however aimed for a more deadly target. At first he hit the man that drew his weapon out of its sheath before his hand could come away from his waist more then an inch. The next was the ties around the three animals that were tied up close by.

His last arrow he aimed at the axe that was swinging still at the tree. After hearing the ping of the axe's tip bit into the wood and stop the group of elves stepped out bow's at the ready to release another volley of arrows at the group of four or five people around. [#b6520c "You are intruding in lands that are not yours. You have been warned before not to come here..Human."] Looking up and down the group with stern and cruelty in his eyes the elf prince nodded. In elvish he spoke. [#b6520c "Search them, and be quick. Make sure they don't have any weapons. Bind them also."]

Keeping his eyes on the group and arrow drawn ready to fire the white haired elf removed his cowl to show his face. [#b6520c "You will now be taken to Lothlorien to be placed for judgment by the Lady of the woods."]
  Elfling / Colorful_insanity / 285d 7h 14m 22s
[h3 ]

Death and glory; that was what motivated the Aesir, and that is why they left the land of their birth to Middle-earth. Midgard as the Aesir referred to it, was a fertile and bountiful land ripe unlike their own lands. The Aesir's own lands were damp and muggy, and barely fertile as a result. Despite it being the birth place of the Aesir, their living there stripped the land of its wealth, and as the population grew it threatened to wipe them out with famine and disease. Resources were become scarce, and lands on which to grow and cultivate them grew even scarcer. Because of this, the clans of the Aesir constantly waged war with each other, fighting over what scraps they had left.

However, this was until one of the Aesir rose above. Calder, Son of Calder. He was a man of immense military might and an unmatched warrior throughout all of the clans, and with the help of his sister Mabella, he conquered the clans, uniting them, and promised them a brighter future for their people. Scouring the texts of the Aesir, he learned of the large lands South-East, and sailed a single ship to the West coast of Middle-earth. Once they landed, Calder and those aboard his ship did what they do best; they conquered, easily besting the inferior warriors of these lands, and once they sent word back to the rest, more followed, and in a short period of time they claimed the lands of Lindon all the way to Tower Hills before an armistice was concluded with the King of Arnor.

Decades later, Calder continues his rule of Harlindon while his sister ruled Forlindon in relative peace with the rest of the inhabitants of Middle-earth. As such, throughout the years he has stayed in Middle-earth, he married an Elven woman, Langwen, and fathered three children, and has grown to admire the lands and its people. Despite this, the tension that has been increasing throughout the lands recently has not gone unnoticed by Calder's cold watchful eyes, and even though the armistice the Aesir and Arnor remained in place, he would still prepare for war. Calder had a family to keep safe, and his eldest son, Uhtred, still had much to learn in the Aesir ways of war. This time of tension has eroded Calder's patience with his son, as the Aesir ruler needed his son to be ready in case something were to happen to himself, because then it would be up to Uhtred to rule Harlindon and protect his mother and two younger siblings... But the boy seemed more interested in learning about the history of the lands and travelling far away from Harlindon. He was unfocused and ignorant to Calder's more traditional views of how the Aesir were, and so devised something for Uhtred so he would learn. If the boy liked travelling, then fine, but Calder was sure he wouldn't like this trip he was devising.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/9rxKMoS.jpg]

This was a little ridiculous. From Harlindon to Isengard? To chop down trees? They had plenty of trees in all of Lindon, but saying that, Uhtred wasn't sure about chopping down trees in Farlindon. Apparently when his father married his Elven mother, it put a strain on his relationship with Uhtred's Aunt Mab. Either or though, his father didn't have to send him all the way to Isengard with a handful of men to cut a few trees down simply 'just in case'.

Uhtred knew of the growing tensions in the lands which his father and spies have been watching, but he also knew that Calder was sending him here as a sort of punishment. Uhtred has learned of the Aesir and of some of the lore of Middle-earth. As a result has made a fascinating discovery about his people's origins and how they came to be. Because of this, he's felt more connected to Middle-earth and its people, while his father might in some degree, hasn't grown any less cold over his years in these foreign lands. Perhaps it was because Uhtred was born here or because his mother was Elven, but he felt a certain magic about the place that he didn't think his father shared. Or perhaps he was simply indifferent to it. The Aesir were considered Barbarians, after all.

A few more swings of his axe, and another tree fell, and quickly some of the men around him set upon it to strip it of its limbs and leaves. Uhtred lets out a small breath and then looks over his shoulder at another man, Tor. He was tall, blonde, and much older than Uhtred, but still younger than Calder. He had the sneaking suspicion that his father sent Tor along with the others to babysit them. [+blue “How many more trees must be felled?”] He asks, almost impatiently. The older man shrugs and then motions for Uhtred to move on to another tree. He grunts in response and then continues as instructed.

This seemed like a momentous waste of his time, but it would at least keep him out of trouble for a time, and it would no doubt make Calder happy when he returned. They'd been out here for a couple of days now, and they've sent back many trees and men by wagon. There were only a few left at this point, so he was sure once they filled the last wagon, he'd get to hop on it and head home.
  Calder / Renegade / 285d 12h 41m 24s
The War of the rings had ended. Sauron had been defeated with the destruction of the one ring. What no one knew however was that upon the fall of the black tower, and the fall of Mordor peace would not last. celebrimbor the Ring maker would see to it. He wished to have containment within the orc tribes that travelled within the mountains that bound Mordor from the rest of the world. What the world outside of the mountains did not know however was that while the tower fell the Orcs fell into infighting tribes that would keep them in check while the world went into peace.

Celebrimbor had taken however one of the rangers from the Dúnedain and with his new body forged another Master ring. The elves could feel the shift of power when the last hammer strike fell, They felt it in the change of the land itself, especially within the Forest of the Newly forged Green Woods which covered the original forest lands of Mirkwood, all the way to the dwarven holds of Moria, and down to the eves of Fangorn. to border that of the Human kingdom of Rohan. Now with Dul Gudor purged the elves had come together like in the undying lands before the death of their king.

One such elf ranger had been on a hunting party recently dispatched to deal with intruders at the border. Men and elves had an agreement that elves would stay within the forest and humans would stay out. Dwarves however were bustling around constantly making problems for the elves of the forest as their recent actives in Moria have drawn the eyes of more then just goblins, but Great Fire Wyrms of the north as well.

[b "Sir, the dragon has been spotted flying just over the peaks of the Misty Mountains. Its headed for Moria."] The Bright white haired elf only nodded and drew up the hood upon his head completely hidden now within the trees of the forest. [#b6520c "We go after it until we know for certain it will not bother our lands. That has been and will be our duty."] [b "What of the dwarves should they not be warned?"] [#b6520c "The Dwarves should have learned from their first mistake with Erabor that dragons are drawn to hordes of coin and gems. My father knew this and warned their king of it yet he did nothing to stop it. Smaug happened because of Dwarvish stubbornness. This will be no different."]

All nine of the elves that had made up the hunting party looked to their leader that made their tenth member. [b "But my Lord Arid Your father has commanded..."] holding up his hand the elf looked to the party. [#b6520c "My father's orders were simple Keep our lands safe, and that is what we are doing. Now move out."] the party didn't argue with the young elf as he was after all now the second most powerful person within the Forest that only to lady Galadriel who had returned from the undying lands to Rule the elven forest from Lothlorien. He was her successor in name and youngest child to Thranduil besides Legolas who over shadowed him for ages.

[#b6520c "Once we are sure the dragon is clear of the forest we will go south and deal with the humans that are chopping down our forest."] Nodding the group moved with quick speed behind the Giant black dragon as it flew just to the west of the forest. Watching as the dragon turned ever more westward the elves took in deep breaths as it was gone. Now turning their eyes to the south they had set off to their great fortress of Isengard which stood guard over their southern border. Given to them by the Rohan king as the Treants of Fangorn Forest had long sense disappeared into legend.
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