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The War of the rings had ended. Sauron had been defeated with the destruction of the one ring. What no one knew however was that upon the fall of the black tower, and the fall of Mordor peace would not last. celebrimbor the Ring maker would see to it. He wished to have containment within the orc tribes that travelled within the mountains that bound Mordor from the rest of the world. What the world outside of the mountains did not know however was that while the tower fell the Orcs fell into infighting tribes that would keep them in check while the world went into peace.

Celebrimbor had taken however one of the rangers from the DĂșnedain and with his new body forged another Master ring. The elves could feel the shift of power when the last hammer strike fell, They felt it in the change of the land itself, especially within the Forest of the Newly forged Green Woods which covered the original forest lands of Mirkwood, all the way to the dwarven holds of Moria, and down to the eves of Fangorn. to border that of the Human kingdom of Rohan. Now with Dul Gudor purged the elves had come together like in the undying lands before the death of their king.

One such elf ranger had been on a hunting party recently dispatched to deal with intruders at the border. Men and elves had an agreement that elves would stay within the forest and humans would stay out. Dwarves however were bustling around constantly making problems for the elves of the forest as their recent actives in Moria have drawn the eyes of more then just goblins, but Great Fire Wyrms of the north as well.

[b "Sir, the dragon has been spotted flying just over the peaks of the Misty Mountains. Its headed for Moria."] The Bright white haired elf only nodded and drew up the hood upon his head completely hidden now within the trees of the forest. [#b6520c "We go after it until we know for certain it will not bother our lands. That has been and will be our duty."] [b "What of the dwarves should they not be warned?"] [#b6520c "The Dwarves should have learned from their first mistake with Erabor that dragons are drawn to hordes of coin and gems. My father knew this and warned their king of it yet he did nothing to stop it. Smaug happened because of Dwarvish stubbornness. This will be no different."]

All nine of the elves that had made up the hunting party looked to their leader that made their tenth member. [b "But my Lord Arid Your father has commanded..."] holding up his hand the elf looked to the party. [#b6520c "My father's orders were simple Keep our lands safe, and that is what we are doing. Now move out."] the party didn't argue with the young elf as he was after all now the second most powerful person within the Forest that only to lady Galadriel who had returned from the undying lands to Rule the elven forest from Lothlorien. He was her successor in name and youngest child to Thranduil besides Legolas who over shadowed him for ages.

[#b6520c "Once we are sure the dragon is clear of the forest we will go south and deal with the humans that are chopping down our forest."] Nodding the group moved with quick speed behind the Giant black dragon as it flew just to the west of the forest. Watching as the dragon turned ever more westward the elves took in deep breaths as it was gone. Now turning their eyes to the south they had set off to their great fortress of Isengard which stood guard over their southern border. Given to them by the Rohan king as the Treants of Fangorn Forest had long sense disappeared into legend.
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