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alright so i decided to post a story i've been working on for a very long time for a few different reasons; one to show off what i have so far, which isn't much but it's something at least. two to have people read it. and three to see if i can get some CONSTRUCTIVE opinions and criticism.

i do have character skelly things for each character. book one however mostly focuses on jason and a bit on serenity. so if it switches POV that's why. i'll also be throwing in a little bit of the other two characters but it'll only be mini cameos.

so if you read this and want to give me your opinion, just pm me. if you use the whole join the thread button, i will ignore you so please just pm me with an actual message.

anyway, thanks everyone for your time.


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[b Prologue]
The sound of metal grinding and crunching wakes a small boy of age five, his confused gaze flicking across the two seats in front of him, hearing screaming that sounds vaguely like his mother and father seeming to die off. Looking around, the boy sees another mangled car in front of them and then looks at his parents to ask them what was going on. He tries to talk to them and doesn’t understand why they won’t answer him. He unbuckles himself and crawls closer to them shaking their shoulders. Something red catches his eye and he looks closer. Scarlett blood drips from somewhere on his father’s head and the boy jerks back in fear. He turns to his mother’s limp form and gulps seeing her neck had a sharp bone protruding from the skin as panic soon begins to invade his small frame, making his limbs feel heavy. His parents were both dead and the boy starts to hyperventilate as that realization sinks in. He gasps wincing slightly as a burning sensation begins to rush through his blood and looks down at his hands to see that there were orange red flames surrounding his hands and slowly beginning to lick up his arms. He screams scared and unsure of what was happening to him. He squeezes his eyes shut and curls in a ball still panicking. A bright ball of orange and red bursts and destroys everything within a mile radius…. Suddenly everything goes white….

[b Chapter One: The Girl]
I gasped waking up from yet another nightmare and sighed sitting up. Sometimes it seriously sucks to have PTSD. I stretched and rubbed my face before checking the time. Groaning, I laid back down and stared at the ceiling.

[+red “Yay for it being three in the morning…..”] I muttered sarcastically to myself and uttered yet another sigh. I got up with a grunt and walked to the kitchen to make myself some coffee and breakfast. I turned the TV on and fixed myself a bowl of fruity pebbles and cap’n crunch. I turned away for a moment to get a mug for the coffee pausing for a moment to think about what I should try to have for lunch later. I shrugged figuring that I’d probably burn it and poured the coffee in the mug. I blinked smelling smoke and turned to see my cereal had spontaneously caught fire. I grumbled and put out the fire before carrying my breakfast to the living room to watch TV. I ate the cereal quickly and sighed. I’m so used to most of my food being burned and so I barely tasted it anymore. I flipped through the channels trying to find something good to watch and paused when I heard my phone ringing. I went to grab it and answered.

[+red “hello?”] I sighed and yawned checking the time. Blinking I honestly had to admit that I was surprised that it was already five in the morning.

[+orange “hey, Jason, I got you another gig, man.”] a deep voice said on the other side.

[+red “oh, cool. But why call me so early, Mike?”] I asked and leaned against the counter listening. Mike was a fairly good friend of mine from high school and had been there for me after the accident that killed my parents. All because of some drunk asshole who thought he was sober enough to drive. Just thinking about it made me ill. I jerked myself out my thoughts and scratched my stubble a bit. I needed a shave after we were done talking.

[+orange “sorry, jay. I didn’t realize the time. I just got home from work.”] he said and chuckled sheepishly. I rolled my eyes and smirked slightly.

[+red “meet you at the club tonight?”] I asked and sighed.

[+orange “Yeah, man. See you tonight.”] he said and then added. [+orange “I’m going to catch some Z’s now, later.”]

I nodded and hung up sighing. I went to finish my breakfast and sighed settling on the animal channel. As soon as I was done with breakfast, I got up and went to check on my bearded dragon, Larry and chuckled when the lizard scrambled towards me. I reached into the glass tank and pet him slightly.

[+red “good morning to you too, Lar-Lar.”] I said and checked on his water before feeding him some mealworms. I shaved and then sat back on the couch going back to watching TV. I yawned and sighed. I needed to do the dishes but at the same time I couldn’t find the motivation to get up. I rubbed my face and sighed. I stood to get more coffee and drained the last of the hot liquid into my mug. I tried to think of what all I needed to do for the day before I had work that night and sipped the glorious caffeinated drink sighing slightly. I looked at my bookshelf and thought for a moment. As much as I loved the books that were already in the bookshelf, I had read all of them and honestly felt like I needed some new reading material. I sighed yawning again and finished my coffee. I looked at the dishes wishing they’d wash themselves and laughed slightly at myself for having that thought. I washed them quickly and then grabbed my wallet and keys. I smirked seeing my lovely baby just waiting to be driven and paused.

[+red “Oh god, I’m turning into Dean Winchester….”] I muttered jokingly to myself and shrugged. Supernatural had always been one of my favorite shows anyway and it always made me laugh that I had the same car as the main character. I got into my 1967 chevy impala and relaxed into the soft leather seat for a moment. I smirked and started the ignition revving the engine a little bit. I loved the sound of my car’s thunderous roar and drove to the bookstore. After parking, I got out and locked my car. I stretched and started to walk to the entrance whistling slightly. I soon stopped in my tracks seeing a girl with short blue hair was being bothered by a guy. She looked around for help and locked eyes with me pleadingly.

I sighed and raked a hand through my red hair. I walked over and said kindly. [+red “there you are, sweetheart. I was looking everywhere for you, I’m sorry I’m late.”] I pulled her close to my body and kissed her softly. I was surprised at how soft her lips were and also the fact that she was kissing me back.

[+brown “hey, buzz off, man. She and I were having a conversation.”] the guy said and folded his arms irritated.

[+red “funny… because it looked like you were just leaving.”] I said and caught a glimpse of a blue blob in the corner of my eye.

[+brown “Oh is that so?”] the man asked reaching for the back pocket of his jeans.

[+red “yes it is.”] I said as a security guard tackled him to the ground cuffing the guy and taking away his gun and smirked. I gave a nod to the security guard and sighed a little relieved that I didn’t have to fight. I paused feeling small hands pushing on my chest a little bit and realized that I was still holding the girl close.

[+blue “can’t breathe….”] the girl said and I couldn’t help but notice the scottish accent she had lilting off her tongue.

[+red “sorry.”] I said and let her go. [+red “you alright though?”]

[+blue “yeah, thanks for your help.”] she said and stepped back slightly looking up at me.

[+red “no problem.”] I said and put my hands behind my head watching her. She was actually really cute up close and I could tell that she was different than most girls.

[+blue “you’re staring...”] she said and fidgeted with the buttons on her denim vest shyly. I blinked and looked away.

[+red “sorry.”] I said and peeked at her. [+red “um… so...”]

[+blue “yes?”] she asked and looked at me curiously adjusting her white dress slightly. I sighed and raked a hand through my hair again. Why was I being so awkward?

[+red “were you heading inside the mall or going home?”] I asked and looked at her. She smiled a little and bit her lip a little bit. God, that was so hot….

[+blue “I was actually going to go inside when I was being pestered.”] she said and smiled at me. I nodded and looked towards the bookstore.

[+red “want me to walk with you in case someone tries messing with you again?”] I asked and rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly. I blinked feeling her take my hand in hers and looked at her.

[+blue “sure… maybe we could get to know each other a little bit?”] she said and smiled tugging me along lightly. I walked with her and peeked at her curiously. She was smiling happily but something was different as well.

[+red “you never told me your name, by the way.”] I said and watched her.

[+blue “neither did you.”] she said and smiled up at me. I blinked and blushed slightly.

[+red “Jason.”] I said simply and watched her.

[+blue “I’m Serenity.”] she said and smiled up at me warmly. [+blue “you’re a really good kisser by the way.”]

I felt my face heat up and tried to say something but was completely and utterly speechless. She giggled and stood on her tiptoes kissing my lips in a soft peck.

[+red “uh, thanks...”] I said awkwardly and rubbed the back of my neck a bit more. I looked away from her towards the store and sighed quietly.

[+blue “um… do you want to go inside with me?”] she asked and looked up at me.

I thought for a moment and sighed figuring there probably wasn’t any harm in it. She was actually pretty damn cute.

[+red “sure, why not? It’ll help repel any other dip shits...”] I said and shrugged. She smiled and grabbed my hand leading me to the door. Watching her, I noticed that she was actually pretty perky and energetic. It was actually a little annoying but at the same time it was a bit refreshing compared to most girls I’ve met. She was also pretty hot and kinda fuckable. Goddammit brain…. Get out of the gutter. I thought and shook my head slightly.

[+blue “what’s wrong?”] she asked and looked up at me curiously with a cute tilt of her head.

[+red “uh… nothing, don’t worry about it.”] I said nonchalantly and rubbed the back of my neck a bit.

[+blue “okay.”] she said and smiled. [+blue “tell me a bit about you?”]

[+red “um….”] I said and tried to think of where to start.

[+blue “how about we start with some of your favorite things?”] she suggested and squeezed my hand. I laughed slightly and smirked a little bit. I told her a few things that were less embarrassing. She was actually fun to talk to and was very intellectual despite how she was dressed. It made me want to ask her on a date but I don’t really like to go on dates. Dates were always kind of stupid and mind numbing to me. I liked just talking or watching others.

[+blue “hey Jason?”] Serenity asked and looked up at me pulling me out of my thoughts slightly. I looked at her and waited to hear her question. That scottish accent of hers was so fucking sexy and I liked how she said my name with it.

[+blue “are you going to be busy tonight?”] she asked and smiled up at me.

[+red “yeah, I have to work tonight...”] I said and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

[+blue “oh… um… what about tomorrow night?”] she asked and looked up at me with hope in her eyes.

[+red “off. Why? You asking me out?”] I teased and smirked a little bit. She blushed and smiled sheepishly up at me nodding.

[+blue “I was wondering if you’d want to do something with me?”] she asked and there was that sexy lip bite again. I swallowed a bit and thought for a moment.

[+red “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt… what would you like to do?”] I asked and watched her.

[+blue “I was thinking of us maybe going to the green belt and walking? Maybe feed the ducks and geese?”] she suggested and looked up at me curiously. I thought about it and put my hands in my pockets.

[+red “sure… maybe we can talk and get to know each other more?”] I suggested and looked down at her curiously. She smiled happily and nodded.

[+blue “it’s a date then.”] she said and smiled up at me with her arms behind her. I smirked slightly and nudged her shoulder gently. We spent the majority of the day talking, reading or looking around for books. I watched her read her book and smiled softly. I got up carefully and got us both some coffee. I came back and set the caramel frappe in front of her. She blinked and looked up at me. I sipped my coffee as I sat down and looked at her.

[+blue “you didn’t have to….”] she said quietly and looked up at me. I shrugged and watched her as she took a sip.

[+blue “I wanted to...”] I said quietly. She watched me sip at my coffee and bit her lip slightly. I watched her staring at her lips yet again and bit the inside of my cheek slightly. She jumped slightly when her phone rang and she answered it.

[+blue “Hello? Oh, hi nana.”] she said and smiled. [+blue “I’m okay, I’ll be home in a bit.”]
She paused and listened again. [+blue “Alright, I’ll pick some juice up on the way home. Love you too, bye.”]

[+red “Your grandmother called?”] I inquired after she hung up and put her phone in her purse.

[+blue “Yes, I live with her.”] she said and smiled up at me. [+blue “You’d love her, i bet. She’s such a sweet woman.”]

I smiled slightly and said. [+red “I never knew my grandparents, they all died before I was born.”]

[+blue “Oh, I'm so sorry, jason. I didn’t realize…”] she said and looked down slightly. I waved dismissively and shook my head.

[+red “It’s fine.”] I said and smiled at her gently. [+red “Your grandmother might just adopt me so it’s all good.”]

She looked up at me and giggled slightly. [+blue “Yeah, she definitely would.”]

I smiled seeing that cute smile i was starting to like and asked. [+red “How’s your coffee and book?”]

[+blue “The coffee is amazing and the book is really interesting.”] she said and smiled widely.

[+red “Tell me about it then.”] I said and smiled at her. As much as the perkiness annoyed me, I really liked listening to her excited explanations of her book. Soon she stopped to catch her breath and smiled at me.

[+red “Mind if I borrow it really quick then?”] I asked and held my hand out to her. She blinked slightly and hesitated.

[+blue “Are you planning to pay for it as a surprise?”] she asked and I flinched. Damn, she was so much smarter than she looked.

[+red “You got me all figured out, huh?”] I teased and smirked at her watching her bite that full bottom lip again.

[+blue “Maybe a little bit….”] she admitted and smiled at me. [+blue “There’s still more layers i would have to… peel off.”]

I raised an eyebrow and smirked slightly leaning forward. [+red “Good luck, I’m a tough nut to crack.”]

She blushed brightly making me smirk more and said. [+blue “I’ll try my hardest…”]

I nodded and gently rubbed my foot against her calf slightly watching as she squirmed in her seat a little bit. I couldn’t help but imagine taking her home with me and doing some not so nice things with her in bed.

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