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Two Boys both pregnant sharing a space till they have their respective children... What could go wrong?


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Kyou worked out for about a half hour before getting off and walking to the locker room to shower, and while in there he was surprisingly approached by several boys who wanted to know if he sold himself and this left the boy a bit flabbergasted but he nodded and stated his rate at 30 per man hour and then he spent the next several hours hopping from room to room making bank. Kyou finally headed back to his room around 2am now with a little black book of clients and 200 dollars in his pocket. As he went to open the door he was suddenly run into by his roommate and he growled softly, but quickly passed by the boy and headed into the bathroom to take another shower before laying down for the 4 hours until he had to get up and ready for class, still not tired even from everything he had just done, but hey now he had 200 dollars and could probably find someone in the school who would get him sleeping pills.
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Ken slide on a pair of boxers and sat down on his bed. He noticed a tv and xbox had been added to his side. Smiling he hooked up the xbox and began playing the game gun. After a bit he pulled out the phone Jesse had giviiiiin him and noticed a text asking how he liked the xbox and tv. Grumbling he deleted the message returning to playing his game until three hours later when there was a knock at the door. With a small growl he got up and opened the door noticing a boy that was smaller in build then him. He ignored the boy and went back to his game leaving the door open. [+green "Are you Ken?? I've been hired by Alpha Jesse to be your servant until your 17th birthday."] The boy started and ken growled at the boy. [+red "go away I dont need a servant."] He growled storming out the room nearly running over his roommate. He sighed going back in the room as he realized he was still in his boxers only.
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Kyou slept for only about 30 minutes and upon waking he turned over looking around a bit groggy, but then he remembered where he was and grabbed his pillow and stuffed it over his face before glancing over at the school provided alarm clock, it was just after 8pm. Kyou sighed at this and got up before dressing in sweats and heading down to the dorm's recreation area wondering if there was something he could do to tire himself out since he hadn't managed to grab his sleeping pills, and obviously his earlier 'stress relieving' activities hadn't helped much either. [i [#0b103b 'Stupid Insomnia.']] he thought as he looked around the rec room at all the other pregnant males and the things they were doing. Kyou noticed a few free treadmills and sighed walking over to them and hopping on wondering if he could find other males like the ones earlier that would pay for sex because he was probably going to need an MP3 player if he was going to be spending his nights in the rec room, though part of him wondered if he couldn't transfer his classes to night ones since, though the allergy to sun was a lie made up by humans, he didn't mind being up at night and he found it easier to sleep during the day.
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Ken growled dropping the last of kyous attackers before walking back to his room. He. Wasn't worried about security or anyone else his pack and mate were to well known for destroying anyone who stood in there way. One phone call to Jesse and this school would burn to the ground. He wasn't surprised to see. His roommate passed out again as he entered the room. Without a word he walked into the bathroom turning on the shower. He smiled as he stepped into the shower dropping his tough guy act and let his cannies grow. He smiled again as pain rushed through his body as he bit into his soft flesh. He yawned watching the bite slowly began to heal. He washed and got out of the shower wrapping a towel around his waist. He exited the bathroom and pulled his bag out from under the bed searching for something to wear.
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Kyou was surprised to see his roommate and he watched the boy's actions and frowned this was fairly unexpected, but as usual he didn't care to much except for the fact that the boy had taken his money he was going to use that to buy clothing and a phone. Kyou pushed himself to his feet after the boy left and pulled on the pants before going over to the unconscious librarian and taking what money hadn't been completely damaged and pick-pocketed the portion the man hadn't given him as he hadn't gotten hurt so leaving the torn money was more than fair.
Heading out of the room Kyou saw Ken and his abusers fighting and quickly made his way out the side door not wanting to be seen as the reason they were fighting once the guards came. Kyou headed over to the student center and used the money to buy out their stock of black clothes plus a minute based flip phone that he could charge to his brother's credit card that his brother hadn't known he had memorized. Kyou came from a rich family but, ever since his mom died and his father 'rescued' his elder brother Kyou was nothing better than a servant of the house someone to be sold off once the time came, and if he managed to survive the pregnancy that's just what was going to happen.
After purchasing everything Kyou headed back to his dorm room and hopped in the shower leaning against the wall as the hot water fell over his frozen skin, his wounds from the boys already healed since he had eaten just before, after a few minutes Kyou grabbed his pocket knife from where he had put it on the soap holder and pressed it to his skin moaning in pleasure as the sharp blade sliced through his skin and he cut several lines on both wrists before cleaning off the blade and placing it back then he sat down in the tub which he had switched to bath mode and drowned his wrists in the water watching the water turn the purple of his Pure Vamp blood a smile on his face and in that pain he soon began to master bate imagining his brother and the way the man had succumb to the breeder's heat.
Kyou relaxed for an hour before he got out and dressed into the new long sleeved black nightshirt he had bought and crawled back into his bed and passed out wondering why his roommate had suddenly become super protective of him though the boy wasn't his problem.
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Ken growled as he smelled what had happened but he was lost in the book he had been reading so long that the deed was done by the time he smelled it. He made his way to the front of the library growling seeing the state of his roommate. He grabbed the wad of cash and the librarian out from behind his desk shoving the money into the males throat. [+red "I will not allow the person i must share territory with be abused."] He snarled throwing. the boy across the library. He had enough pent up rage at Jesse that he would take any excuse to fight. He nodded to kyou before taking off following his nose. He soon caught up to the other boys. [+red "I dont appreciate you harming my roommate."] He growled grabbing the groups leader. [+purple "So what wolf who do you think you are?"] The Male snarled pulling away from Ken. [+red "My name is Ken Light mate of Alpha Jesse Blackstorm from the raging blood pack."] He stated enjoying the oh shit looks on the others face as he racked his claws across the males face.
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Kyou had managed to choke down the steak and got up to toss out his stuff when he was suddenly surrounded by a group of boys. [#63b300 "You're coming with us."] the leader growled as they hooked arms with the boy and began dragging him away until they hit the library and the leader motioned to the kid on duty and the boy shivered and nodded before heading to the door and putting a 'Reserved Privet Club' sign up on the door and locking it, not knowing Ken was still in the library. Once the door was locked the two boy's holding Kyou pushed him up against a wall and began tearing his clothes until there was nothing left, but Kyou's hoodie, then the boys backed away so the leader could approach. [#63b300 "Pathetic, just pathetic you didn't even try to fight us why on earth would Michael Lane want to marry you!"] the leader hissed as he looked Kyou up and down then smacked him hard across the jaw, all-the-while Kyou just stood there a tired and board expression on his face. When he got no answer the leader hissed and kicked Kyou's legs so he was on the ground then grabbed his hair forcing the boy to look up at him. [#63b300 "What a loser I have half a mind to force you to miscarry right now something like you doesn't deserve to have Michael's baby."] the boy hissed but again Kyou said nothing, not really caring what these people wanted or what they did to him, he just wanted them to finish so he could go back to his room to shower and cut.
Once again Kyou's silence wasn't taken lightly and the man threw him to the ground and began undoing his pants. [#63b300 "Fine wanna play mute we'll show you what it means to take Michael away from us. Boys let's have some fun!"] he ordered and for the next half an hour the boys each took turns raping and abusing Kyou until Kyou lay bruised on the ground his face still stoic. The boys then left and the librarian boy stood over him and threw a small wad of cash and a pair of school sweat pants onto Kyou. [#3c9c7c "This is your share I'll give you more if you take my place they meet here once a week to 'take their anger out' on whoever is here, they pay well but I'm almost to term and I can't take it anymore, besides if what they said is true about you I really don't think you can escape them so I'll give you what they pay me to keep quiet... sorry."] the boy said then went back to his desk and paperwork. Kyou pushed himself up into a sitting position grunting ever so slightly as he looked at the money and sighed resting a hand on his stomach before leaning back and closing his eyes wondering how much longer he could stay before the librarian had to reopen again.
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Ken ignored the others growl and quickly ate the pieces of chicken then went to dump his tray in the trash noticing the lunch ladies eyes on him. After dumping the tray he yawned and began wondering the halls not sure what he was looking for yet. He wanted to learn the school halls and such before classes began. After wandering for a while he finally found his way into the library. Smiling he pulled a book off the shelf and sat in floor beginning to read contentedly. He looked up from the book shortly after he began reading as he smelled someone else enter the library.
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Kyou picked at the steak while he drank the O+ blood not even knowing if his teeth would be strong enough to tear through the cow meat as he very rarely fed off the living, actually he very rarely fed at all if he could help it and on top of the cutting well the child inside him would be lucky if they saw it to term. Kyou glanced up from his steak and jumped slightly at the sight of another at his table and he growled softly, but otherwise didn't do much to avoid making a scene as he started attempting to cut the steak with the plastic POS they provided.
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Ken eventually gave up on the map and followed his nose to the cafeteria. He smiled approaching the lunch lady when it was his turn. [+blue "Name?"] The women asked and he smiled again before responding. [+red "Ken Light."] He responded and watched as the women found his name and handed him a tray with a couple pieces of chicken and some fruit and vegetables. [+red "Um miss I only eat meat and cheese and sometimes potatoes."] He said and the women just smiled mentioning for him to move on. Grumbling he sat at a random table near the back not noticing his roommate at it.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 7d 16h 30m 21s
Kyou ignored the boy and just let himself fall back asleep, unfortunately though his stomach decided to veto that idea and growled long, hard, and loud. Kyou hissed and sat up glaring down at his stomach before getting up and storming out the door, but as soon as he left he froze his face going even paler than usual, what exactly was he supposed to eat? He was pure vamp but his brother or rather half-brother was not and had actually quite the appetite when he wanted to. Kyou bit his lip and started heading down the hall using his nose to find the cafeteria and got in line pulling his hood over his head and wrapping his arms around himself in a straight-jacket hold until he got to the lunch lady who asked his name. [#0b103b "K-K-Kyou Tomago."] he mumbled and the lady smiled before going down her list finding his name then she handed him a tray with a rare steak and a blood pack and Kyou flinched, but took it thanking her as he paid and headed to a table that sat in shadow at the back of the lunch room away from anyone.
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Ken heard the others growl and returned a growl as well. [+red "calm yourself bloodsucker I dont like this anymore then you."] He said as he noticed Jesse had included his copy of Stephen kings rose red in the bag. [+red "that fucker even remembered to pack my favorite movie."] He muttered not caring if the other heard him as he threw the bag under the bed. He looked at the desk in the middle of the room noting a map of the school along with a class schedule. His stomach growled and he decided to see if the map had a cafeteria marked on it somewhere.
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Kyou noticed the scent of the boy when he entered and his eyes shot open and he glared at the other. [i [#0b103b 'Seriously they put me with a fucking wolf?']] he thought growling under his breath as he dragged the bed's sheets over his head to try and ignore the other who seemed to be unpacking. Kyou didn't have anything except the clothes on his back and his pocket knife so the fact that though the other was abandoned here like him he was still loved in some way. Kyou poked at his growing belly as he lay on the bed wondering how beautiful the child would be as his family's genes were some of the best in the vamp community, but then again the child was of incest so who knows what odd deformities they may end up getting.
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Ken whimpered as he was hit again by his elder brother standing over him angrily. [+blue "your a disgrace to the family name and this pack. Not only are you an Omega your also a breeder who seduced our future alpha into being your mate."] His brother snarled slapping him again just before Jesse walked in grabbing his brother growling loudly. [+green "Dont you ever touch my mate again."] Jeese snarled throwing Jacon to the ground and picked ken up. Ken had no love for the man whose arms he was in but he was carrying the males pops which ment he belonged to the other Male for life and had been marked as Jeese mate. [+green "Ken as you've yet to come of age you must go away to have our pups I'll fetch you after you 17 birthday."] Jeese said placing ken in a car that took off once the door was closed. Ken whimpered in fear of the unknown as he stared out the car window and placed a hand on his stomach. After a few hours the car stopped in front of Akuma's Boarding School for Breeders. As he stepped out of the car he was handed a cell phone and piece of paper from Jesse by the wolf who was driving. He stood there confused as his duffle bag was tossed to the ground beside him and the car sped away. He looked at the letter and seen it was instructions to contact Jesse weekly and after every doctor visit. Growling he picked up his bag and went inside to find his dorm. Once he found his room he walked in seeing his roommate on one of the beds so he sat his bag on the other wrinkling his nose at the scent of the vamp he was to bunk with.
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[#0b103b “YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME FATHER! IT'S NOT FAIR YOUR SUCH AN ASSHOLE!!!”] a boy yelled at his father who just stared at the boy with a bored expression. [b [#890046 “I can and I will Kyou and no matter how many names you call me the deal is already done you will be married off to the Lane family's son this weekend. No if's, and's or butts. You have been nothing but a disappointment to me and the fact that you are a breeder makes you not even worth half a girl you're lucky the Lane's have been so... Grateful with their money.”]] the boy's father said before snapping his fingers and the boy was seized and carried to 'The Room' and stripped of his clothing and beaten for disobeying his father once again. Once the beating was finished the guards left the boy in his chains to bleed and 'think' over his life, but suddenly within the hour the boy's body began to grow hot and suddenly the boy's older brother was in front of him panting like a dog and he could hear others beating on the steel door behind him, but his eyes never left his brother as he watched the man undo his pants and Kyou gasped as he felt the older boy grab his legs and lift him, but didn't notice anything else as the pain from his wounds and something going into him caused his mind to black out.
Kyou woke the next morning to his father standing over him glaring daggers and the man grabbed the boy's throat and shoved him into the wall and grew his claws planning on decapitating his son, but was quickly pulled off by Kyou's brother and the two men began fighting about how Kyou betrayed his family by going into heat before marriage and seducing his brother into impregnating him, but Kyou's brother argued it would be fine as he would pay for everything.
A few weeks passed and Kyou suddenly found himself on his way to Akuma's Boarding School for Breeders with specific instructions to tell anyone who asked that the father of his baby was Michael Lane his fiance and that he was only attending the school until the baby was born, then the child would be given to his brother to raise and he would immediately be married off never to see his child or family again.
Once he arrived Kyou was escorted to his room that he would be sharing with another pregnant male and finding he was alone when he entered he just choose a bed and curled up on it passing out from the stress of the past few weeks of hell.
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