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Kane smiled, "That works out for me sweetheart." He listened to her, "Mexican huh... spicy?" He asked looking to her trying to make her laugh, "Your gorgeous either way, my momma is white and I'm told my dad was black and cherokee." He muttered sighing. "I never met him..." He listened to her talk about drawing everything up and flying back to Jersey. "Take it as far as you want to and you can stay I do have 6 extra rooms... I mean I won't be there for 3 of the 4 weeks that you could be..." He muttered and shook his head laughing, "No... Nashville girls... they're tricky, half of them want to use you to be a country singer and the other half want to use you for what little money they think you have... better to stay out of that dating pool." He said taking a drink of his root beer... "I do have a dog though, English Bulldog, Rambo... he rules the house so if there could be something designed with him in mind, that would be awesome... hes like my kid."
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Nicole smiled as she looked at Kane. [b “I’ll fly down in August sometime and just get a feel of the place and the vibes, if that’s ok with you. Then I’ll go back to Jersey and draw up everything. How far am I aloud to go with it?”] she asked as she leaned down and plopped a fry in her mouth. [b “I can have it finished by September. Just in time for it to be ready to go for your next album..]

She froze when he said southern girls had a problem with him being mixed. [b “I’m mixed.”] she said [b “Well... Not really. My dad is Italian and my Momma is Mexican.”] she explained. Knowing both languages, she hoped would help get some clients. She was going to redo some of her Fathers offices as well.

[b “I love walking on the beach... Late, it’s just so peaceful and I love the sound of the waves smacking the sand...”] she explained. [b “You don’t have a little girl waiting on you back in Nashville though?”] she questioned.
  Nicole / BooBear96 / 6d 12h 11m 23s
Kane smiles, “To tel you the truth darlin I’ve never really designed a studio either so that would work for both of us, I’m down here writing and then we have to pitch the new album so I wouldn’t be in Nashville until September for an extended period of time, so if your up for the challenge your hired.” He muttered.

He nodded, “we can go and walk on the beach if that’s what you want to do sweetheart.”

Taylor smiles to Carlie, “Do you like me as much as I like you? I know Kane was nervous because he really likes your friend, Nicole, thinks she’s the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, I beg to differ because I think that’s you.” Taylor said obviously flirting with her.

Kane looked to Nicole, “And to answe your question, southern girls tend to have a problem with me being mixed.” He was surprised she hadn’t said anything about it so he had to answer the question. The waitress brought them chips and salsa as an appetizer to eat.
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Nicole just grinned and nodded. [b “You remember how I told you I was a steak girl? Well. Pizza is right up my alley too.”] she said. She took a sip and nodded when he questioned Interior Design. [b “I love Organizing l, Shopping and Redecorating, so I just kind of decided to mash that all into one great career.. My dad is a business man, and my moms a chef, so I kind of have a good idea about how running your own business goes... I’m going to work on building my portfolio before I decide whether I want to work under someone, or myself.”]

[b “Well. I haven’t exactly designed a studio before, and I’ve never been to Nashville before... But I think I’m up for the challenge.”] she said. [b “But it would be probably August before I’m able to start... I’m not working this summer yet.”] she explained [b “Would you maybe want to go walk on br beach later?”]

Carlie couldn’t help but blush as she listened to Taylor. [b “I definitely think it was fate somehow or another... So. Tell me about yourself?”]
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“I’m 22...and if you don’t like bbq sweetheart it looks like I’ll have two burgers and we will order you something else.” He muttered with a smile. He was careful not to scare her, he wasn’t great at this dating things. He took another drink of his root beer nervously. “So interior design? I have a studio in my
House in Nashville and my house that needs some help...I mean it’s a nice house but it’s not me.” He muttered looking to her. “I mean I could use your I’d get to spend more time with the prettiest girl in the world.” Kane was really turning on the charm with her. He hasn’t tried to get a girl to like him this much in a very long time.

Carlie was laughing in the booth next to them so Kane knew that she and Taylor had hit it off. “Down here to write and somehow we ended up next to each other...some kind of fate involved in that.” He muttered with a smile. He would do anything for this girl and he knew that already.
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Nicole couldn’t help but blush. Normally things like that didn’t bother her, because Cory was always messing up, and giving her compliments and things like that to make up for it. But Kane made her feel some type of way.

She looked up when the waitress walked out with their drinks. [b “Thank you.”] she said before she took a sip of her drink. Daiquiris and Margaritas were her go to drink. [b “Well. I went to New York School Of Interior Design, and I just graduated. So as a graduation present, my Dad rented Carlie and I the beach house for one month. I think he knew that I was having a hard time readjusting to life in Jersey... I don’t know. He knows how hard I worked, so.”]

She ordered the same burger as Kane, but with shoestring fries. [b “So what are we gonna do if it turns out that I don’t like Barbecue?”] she asked. [b “I’m twenty one. I’ve lived in Jersey my entire life, except school.. Carlie is my best friend in the entire world.”{
  Nicole / BooBear96 / 6d 16h 34m 4s
“Prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.” He admitted looking to her. “And to be honest my career doesn’t let me date a lot but I saw you and I knew I had to try.” He muttered with a smile. The waitress brought their drinks and Kane took a swig of the alcoholic root beer. “I could ask y’all the same question, what are you doing down here? I mean it’s a whole different world than Nashville, that’s for sure.”

Kane looked at the menu, he ended up ordering a rodeo bbq burger with steak fries. He would have ordered onion rings because they were his favorite but at the moment he was too worried about his breath stinking. He hadn’t been this way about a girl since high school and that was saying something, even Taylor noticed that he was nervous being on a date with Nicole. He didn’t want to mess up, that was obvious.

After they ordered he smiled, “Tell me more about you, you already know what I do but feel free to throw some questions at me.”
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Nicole couldn’t help but giggle when Taylor pointed out that she and Kane were indeed matching. [b “I swear, I didn’t plan this. I didn’t even know what you were wearing... So honestly how could I.”] she explained [v “Though if I’m being completely honest, I fully expected you to show up in cowboy boots or something...”]

Carlie couldn’t help but smile when she seen Taylor looking over at her. [b “Whatcha think about pushing me around a dance floor, cowboy?”] she asked. [b “I need a few drinks first, but...”] Her eyes were thinking.

They ended up getting separate booths, that were right behind each other. Carlie wanted to get Taylor out of his shell, and Nicole knew that, so she pulled Kane over one more. [b “Uhhh. Strawberry Daiquiri please.”] she said. [b “So what’s Kane Brown doing asking a Jersey girl out for the night?”] she asked [b “I’m sure you can have got pick of alll the southern girls... Why go for the Northerner?”]
  BooBear96 / 7d 3h 23m 44s
Kane looked at her, "Wow..." He muttered and Taylor looked at the two of them, "Y'all match without even trying." Kane looked between them, he was wearing black and white and she was wearing black and white. Taylor was right, they did match. He chuckled, 'I guess we do."

It was obvious that Kane was nervous and already had feelings for this girl. He wasn't that great at flirting or hiding how he was feeling and his emotions. His mother used to tell him that he wore his heart on his sleeve but in reality, he wore his emotions on his face. If he was upset, you knew it. If he was happy or concerned, you knew it. Never failed.

Once they were at the bar and restaurant, a waitress led them to a table and Kane ordered an alcoholic root beer and looked to Nicole, "What do you want sweetheart?" He was completely nice to her and wasn't pushing her into anything.... hell he was lucky to even be out with her because she was so gorgeous.
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Nicole couldn’t help but laugh when he said barbecue. [b “I have never ever had barbecue in my entire life.”] she said [b “I’m all for trying it... But if I’m being completely honest with you, Carlie and I are more of steak girls... We grew up in Jersey, but I went to school in New York.”] she explained. [b “But I’ll try anything once.”]

She and Carlie hung out with Kane and Taylor until about three. She knew it would take them awhile to get ready, plus she herself wanted a nap to nurse her hangover that was still there.

True to their word, Kane and Taylor rang their door bell at eight thirty sharp. She had curled her hair, and applied a Smokey makeup look with her red lipstick. [b “Hey!”] she said when she opened the front door. She couldn’t help but blush when Kane said they both looked beautiful, but he was looking st her. [b “You clean up nice.”] she stepped out on the porch, her phone had been right. It was chillier tonight than it had been.

[ outfit]
  BooBear96 / 7d 3h 48m 15s
Kane looked over to Taylor and nodded, "We're free tomorrow... looks like we just made plans... Taylor and I will pick ya'll up tonight, I hope you like bbq and drinks." He muttered with a smile. The bar they liked served everything and anything BBQ and some killer drinks. "I wouldn't say the girls flock... or that they even notice but I can say you got my attention." He muttered to Nicole. "See you tonight sweetheart." He was careful that he didn't over step any boundries. When he got up he kissed the back of her hand, "Big black truck, can't miss it... but if you do we're right next door."

That night Kane was wearing black shorts and a white t shirt and his white hat. Taylor was wearing red shorts and a black t shirt when they knocked on the girls' door. "Ya'll look beautiful." Kane said smiling and Taylor nodded to Carlie, he was shy but he did think that Carlie was gorgeous.... he didn't know how he had gotten so lucky.
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Nicole just grinned and nodded. [b “Is it hard for y’all? Coming down here? I bet all the girls are flocking all over you two.”] she said. She looked over at Carlie and screamed out on the inside. [b “We don’t hear many of those accents back home, so we C?”] She couldn’t believe that Kane Brown wanted to take her out... But she had Cory back home. She signed softly when she remembered him.

Was it bad that she forgot him for a little while? Cory was pissed when he found out that she was leaving town for a month, and he wasn’t invited. She needed to clear her own head and figure out where she was going to take her life now.

[b “I’m Nicole Morelli and this is Carlie Quinn.”] she said, watching as he sat down beside her. [b “Like is said, we don’t have any plans for tonight at all. Dinner and drinks sound really nice... Maybe tomorrow Carlie and I can take you two out.”]
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Kane chuckled, 'Yeah I am darlin'... down here for some time to clear our heads and write some new songs, we're right next door to ya'll... 8;30 sounds fine sweetheart, we will be there to pick ya'll up." he muttered smiling, his southern drawl stuck out like a sore thumb here in Florida.
Kane couldn't take his eyes off of the gorgeous girl who knew who he was. "Like I said I'm Kane and thats Taylor but.. what are your names?" He asked sitting down in the sand beside Nicole. She was beautiful... the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

When she said her name he smiled, "Well we will be by to pick ya'll up and take you girls out for drinks... dinner too if your up to it." He muttered knowing the bar that he and Taylor liked, served some very good food. He was never one to do something like this but there was something about this girl that he had to talk to her.
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Nicole looked up when the sun seemed to have disappeared. A man was standing in front of her now, blocking the sun. [b “Uh. Hi.”] she said soflty. She looked over at Carlie and smirked slightly when she heard Kane invite them out to drinks with him and his friend Taylor. [b “Wait... I know who you are..”] she muttered. She took her sunglasses off and just looked at the man. [b “You’re Kane Brown.... and thats Taylor... The guy who helps writes all your songs.”] she said. [b “What on earth are you doing in Destin-Panama?”] she asked.

[b “Where are y’all going?”] There was no way on earth that Kane Brown had just asked her and Carlie to go out with them tonight for drinks. [b “Umm. Well. We were just talking about what we were going to do tonight... But that sounds like a lot of fun actually. Our beach house is right there.”] she said, pointing to the blue house. [b “Does around eight thirty work for you two?”]
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Kane sat on the beach on s new red white and blue beach towel that he had bought earlier in the day, his best friend Taylor sat on one that was similar, holding a guitar. “Nah that doesn’t sound right.” Kane muttered hearing a few bars of a new song that they were attempting to play and write. Kane has been in country music for three years now and his first song Used To Love You Sober had went platinum and now he had to follow it up and he had nothing to follow it up with. It was driving him crazy.

They were on this trip as a songwriting retreat and all they had gotten done was getting drunk and playing volleyball on the beach, not one useable song and they had been here five days already and they were staying for another three weeks.

Kane sighed and ran A hand through his hair, “I don’t know Taylor, do you have any other ideas? Inspiration?”

Kane looked up to see a beautiful girl laughing with what seemed like her friend, "Speaking of inspiration, I just found mine." He muttered. Kane got up walking to the girls, "Hey girls.." He muttered smiling, "My friend, Taylor and I were going to go out for drinks later, ya'll want to come?"
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