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"I can't wait to have you back with me, I'm going to tell them when you get here to we can all stay together... I miss you." he said and sighed when he finally did have to hang up the phone. The three days in Florida without her were the longest three days of his life.... he wanted to call her every ten minutes but he knew she was busy and he couldn't do that so he waited on her to call him every night.

"When you get here.... maybe we can have a do over date of our alone time? Just you and me... and Rambo of course because hes going to butt in any thing we do." He said chuckling as he laid in bed and pet Rambo's head as he chewed on a snack.

"What did your parents think? Do they know that I exist?" He was worried that her parents wouldn't approve of him being mixed as he was but there was nothing he could do to change that about himself. He sighed, "Nicole... Nikki... I miss you." He had started calling her Nikki before she left.
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Nicole smiled softly. Kane was already wanting to take care of her. She just shook her head. [b “You don’t need to worry about my ticket. I have the miles from flying back and fourth from school to home..”] she said.

Her Father was shocked when she told him about the vents that had taken place over the last few days, though he was joyous when she told him that she and Cory were through, but not so much when she said she had met someone else. He wanted her to focus on career and getting that started. And she understood where he was coming from. And she only hoped that Kane would as well.

[b “I can’t wait to be back on the beach... with you.”] she told him when Kane called her during his drive. [b “I miss you.”] she said. [b “I’ll be back down there in three days. I think you can survive that long.”] She grinned when Kane said he had extended his own beach house rental. [b “Oh I know Carly and Taylor would love it if we stayed with you two.”]
  BooBear96 / 79d 10h 50m 2s
He sighed, "Promise me you'll come back? I'll have a ticket at the airport waiting for you... I'll drive back to Nashville and get Rambo and go back but... promise me you'll call me on that long drive and make it seem not so long...?" He loved this girl already and he had never done something like this for anyone else but she was it for him and he knew it.

Soon he was on the road again to to back to Florida, he hated making the drive back without her but called her when he was about two hours in, "Hey darlin', just wanted to check in and see how you are, just stopped adn got some sweet tea and a cheeseburger so yes I'm eating again but I miss you.. I extended the stay for the beach house an extra two weeks so if ya'll want to come and stay with us, you can, no worries." He was excited to see her again... be with her... without whats his face getting i nthe way.

In Florida, Taylor waited to see what Kane had to say and when Kane said shes coming back Taylor smiled.
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Nicole just looked at Kane. Did this man have a death wish? [b “Kane. Cory’s dad is in the Mafia. You getting shot would not have benefited me at all! It would’ve killed me too.”] she explained. She shivered when she felt him reach up and wipe her tears away. [b “You came to New Jersey for me?”] she questioned. [b “I’m nothing... Why me?”]

Kane was writing songs again? His block was over? That was great! [b “You’re writing again because of me?”] she asked. She felt like her body was on complete fire when he leaned down and pressed his lips to her own. [b “Kane...”] she mumbled.

She pulled away a few moments later when she remembered they were in her Fathers house. [b “We can’t have this talk here... I... I’ll come back to Florida.”] she mumbled. [b “I need a few days to explain everything to my father, but then I can come back if you want me to.”] she explained. [b “You can’t stay in Jersey. Cory knows who you are.”]
  BooBear96 / 79d 12h 21m 8s
He looked to her and wiped her tears away with his thumb. “It would have been worth it for you.” Following her inside he looked to her, “I came here for you, I know you told me you weren’t interested but I came here to jersey to get my girl.” He said as her hand was in his. “Four days can change an awful lot and it did...I didn’t want to stay anywhere without you...hell ask Taylor, I tried to write and I just couldn’t. With you it just flowed out...everything is better with you in it.” He said kissing her lips gently, not caring if anyone was in the house watching.

Kane was sure some of her neighbors had seen him but he was hoping that jersey people were a little more accepting than southern people. A mixed man with a white girl was not something that some likes to see. To Kane it didn’t matter what they said as he had grown up with that stereotype everyday of his life, even got picked on in school because of it, he hoped she would understand.
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Kane was in New Jersey. The state that she lived in. The state that her entire family lived in. [b “Oh my gosh.”] she mumbled. [b “What the fuck.”]

She didn’t know what to say right now. Two days ago, Kane had been in Florida, and now he was in her front yard... In New Jersey. She eventually shook out of her thoughts and she turned to look at Cory. [b “Were finished... I’ll come get my stuff in a few days.”] she muttered as she turned to look at Kane again. Out do the corner of her eye, she watched Cory walked over to his car and speed off.

[b “What the hell was that?”] she screamed. [b “Cory would’ve shot you in cold fucking blood, Kane! He doesn’t care who he hurts. He would’ve shot you in my front yard. In front of me.”] she said as hot tears flowed down her face. [b “What are you doing here?”]

She stood there staring at him. She knew her nosey neighbors were probably staring at them from their windows. [b “Come inside.”] she mumbled as she took his hand and pulled him inside.
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"Yeah darlin', I'm here." he muttered and looked to Cory, "Touch her again and I am not afraid to go to jail because your abusing her." He stood in front of her. "She breaks up with you and you turn to violence." Kane shook his head, "Shes better off without you." Kane was mixed which he knew didn't go over well in some families and he hoped it wouldn't bother hers.... he was defending her in her front yard.

Cory was pissed but Kane stood his ground and didn't back down, "I know you from somewhere?" Kane shook his head, "You don't know me, your not lucky enough to know me." His hand found Calli's effortlessly... it was just like breathing with her.

Her now ex seemed pissed but got into his car slamming the door, "Don't listen to anything he said, hes nothing to you... anyone that can treat you like that, they don't deserve you.... hell here I am in New Jersey, trying to surprise you and convince you to come home with me and you broke up with your boyfriend in front of me. "
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Nicole cried the entire way home. Her Father couldn’t understand why she had come back so early, and she honestly didn’t know herself. She missed Kane something terrible. But she had to figure out what she was going to do about Cory.

Cory himself was so excited when she had called him the day after she got home. He wanted to come over immediately, and she didn’t stop him. They ended up arguing before she even let him inside. Her siblings where home, so they would now talk outside.

[b “I had to come back early because I realized what I needed to do. Cory. We’re hanging on by a damn thread. We haven’t been ok since high school. I think we’re trying to fix something that just isn’t fixable. We’re never going to make it, Cory. We’ve been barley holding on, and I can’t be the glue anymore. I cannot do this anymore. I don’t think I want to stay in New Jersey.. This is the end of us...”] she muttered.

She flinched when she heard Cory start calling her every name in the book. She expected that.. What she hadn’t expected was to see someone running up from their truck. [b “Kane?”]
  Nicole / BooBear96 / 80d 4h 42m 38s
Kane nodded, "Do what you've got to do darlin'... don't worry about me but if you want to see me... you have my number." He muttered and hugged her tightly before he watched her leave... slowly he cursed himself for even letting her leave... he needed her... he loved her.... Damn... Kane Brown was in love... after four damn days. he had it bad.

Kane found out from her friend who was dating Taylor, where in Jersey that she was going back to and he gave her a day to herself... hoping that she had changed her mind and would come back to him. It took him 16 hours but he drove to Nashville and dropped Rambo off before driving to New Jersey.

Pulling up to the address in his phone he saw Nicole arguing with a guy in the yard, he assumed this was Cory as he looked to be around the same age as they were. He wasn't going to intervene but then the guy pushed her and Kane hopped out of his truck, "Don't you dare lay a hand on her."
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Nicole looked at Kane and her heart broke. [b “I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t know that this would happen. I thought that I would have the summer to figure out what the hell I was doing. Cory wants me to stay in New Jersey, but I don’t know! I don’t know where I want to work at.”] she said [b “Kane. I like you. I do. I just... I wanted to make it known that Cory was in the picture... This hasn’t been fair to you. I’m sorry.”]

She watched him pull the chair out for her, and she looked up and Kane and slightly shook her head. [b “I don’t want to get your hopes up anymore.. I’m sorry. I just need to think.”] she whispered before she turned around and walked out.

This wasn’t fair. She liked Kane, Kane was nice to her. He was a completely different person than Cory could ever be. She didn’t know how she could fix this. She felt like Kane hated her now, and she didn’t know how this was going to go down. [b “I have to go back to the Jersey...”]
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"I knew the moment I met you... four days doesn't mean anything darlin'." he said only stopping when she began to explain and nodded... she had a boyfriend back home and wasn't interested in him. "I get it... sorry I wasted your time." He muttered sighing. He should have known that a girl like her would have a boyfriend... why did he even try? She was perfect for him, they got along.... it was perfect for those... four days.

He pulled out the chair for her to sit down. "Even if its just as friends... I still want to spend time with you... if you want to stay... I'm sorry I assumed we could be more." It was obvious that Kane was disappointed and that he had spent all day making this for her and she just dropped that on him like it was nothing.

"I... I hope your happy with him." he said softly, he only wanted her to be happy but he had hoped she would be happy with him... now that dream seemed long gone. "I'm sorry again."
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Nicole froze when she heard Kane ask if she stayed in Nashville, if she would be his girlfriend. [b “Kane...I...”] she mumbled. She didn’t know what to say. She was just completely shocked. [b “We’ve only known known each other for like four days.”] she whispered. She just didn’t know what to say.

[b “I need to explain myself... My father paid for this trip as a graduation present, but he also wanted me to clear my head and figure out everything that I want... I have someone back home, back in New Jersey. My high school sweetheart if you will... Cory.”] she explained [b “Cory is the one I have waiting on me back home.... I don’t know if I’ll be there for him when I get back though. Kane I didn’t mean to act like I was leading you on. I do like you, I really do. And that scares me the shit out of me.”]

She backed away slightly, as she didn’t know how Kane would react to everything that she just told him. [b “I’m sorry, Kane..”]
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Kane laughed seeing her rubbing Rambo's belly and playing with him, "Hes my boy, goes everywhere with me but he will hold you to that best belly rub hes ever had, you won't get to leave until he gets it, hes too stubborn for his own good and your the first person hes acted like that around, most of the time hes too lazy to even get up when people are around but around you hes like a puppy."

He took her hand and led her out onto the patio and smiled, bringing her hand to his lips to kiss the back of it, "Do you like it darlin'? I wanted it to be special and with this being vacation I didn't have everything I needed so I improvised... I hope its alright." He was worried that this wasn't good enough for her and had no idea that she was happy about it.

"When I said I wanted us to have some alone time and make some memories... this is what I meant... and if you stay in Nashville... I wanted to know if you.. if you/d be my girlfriend?"
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Nicole looked at Kane when he said he had set up a dinner for the two of them. [b “Kane.”] she said softly. [b “You’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. Oh my gosh.”] She couldn’t believe that he had went to this length to set something up for her. No one had ever done anything like this for her before.

She grinned when she heard paws run through the house. Rambo was here! Kane had talked about him so much, she loved him already, she had never met him before. [b “Hi Rambo!”] she giggled as he rolled over, letting her know that he wanted his belly rubbed. [b “I roomies I’ll give you the best bully rub you’ve ever had, before I leave.”]

She squeezed Kane’s hand softly as he led her through his house. [b “You didn’t ha—.”] she stopped when she seen what the back porch looked like. He had candles, and the cutest little set up she had ever seen, they had a great view of the sun set. [b “Kane...”] she said soflty [b “No one has ever done anything like this for me before...”]
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Kane hadn't been nervous all damn day, he had been excited even when he was setting all of this up. He liked this girl... a lot... but in this moment, he was scared to death.... nervous even. "I... I set dinner up for us on the porch, I know it doesn't sound glamorous but this is for you and I.... our first real date alone."

He took her hand and led her to their rental house and through the house, his english bulldog, Rambo, meeting her for the first time. "Thats Rambo, hes lazy and slobbers a lot but I've had him for a year and a half now, hes my boy." Rambo rolled over so she could pet his stomach and wiggled his tail. Taking her hand he pulled her deeper into the house until they reached the back sliding door that lead to the porch.

"I hope you like this darlin'. I worked really hard on it." Kane had never felt this way about anyone else and he had never done something like this for anyone else. This was a whole new territory for him.
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