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[center Kuri wasn't exactly sure where to find the vampire he was sure the scent of blood would get his attention and hopefully lure him out. Kuri wonder down dark streets he found a rather dark looking alleyway. He bit his bottom lip as he pulled out his picker knife. He groaned a little as he slid the blade a cross the side of his neck.

Blood seeped out of the fresh wound. It didn't take long for it to start running down his neck. Of course it was starting to stain his shirt and hoodie. At the moment, it didn't matter. Kuri could only hope that the vampire was hungry. It was quiet frustrating trying to find that bastard.

Kuri lean against the brick building waiting. He kept his head down and hide his knife in his sleeve. Surely a vampire couldn't resist the scent of blood, and a seemly easy target. Kuri bit his bottom lip hard to make blood run down his chin. He was hoping that he looked as if he had gotten into a fight.

Hopefully it was convincing enough, to fool that bat. Sure his blood had to be at least a little alluring smell. He drank a lot of blood in the last few days. [#ff0a1f "Come on..."] he mumble under his breath.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 1d 11h 16m 17s
Aster has just finished feeding from a good friend of his. She was human knew exactly what he was. For as long as Aster could remember he was a vampire. He had no memory of ever not being one. He didn’t grow up like most people did. He didn’t have a mother or father. He grew up with a group of vampires in a city far from where he currently lived. This was many years ago of course. Things have changed. He didn’t even know if anyone of his so called family was still alive. It didn’t matter to him anyway. He had made a life for himself. One that he truly enjoyed.

Once he finished feeding he thanked his good friend Risa. She was afraid of him at all. She actually wanted to be a vampire herself but Aster refused to change her. He didn’t think she would be able to handle it. “I will see you again by the end of the week? I’ll treat you to sushi or something.” Aster told Risa as he puts on his coat before leaving her apartment.

Aster has changed quite a bit of people into vampires during his life. Some he did just for fun, out of spite or because they wanted to become one. Lately he hasn’t been changing people. He didn’t care to do it so much. He was just trying his best to enjoy his life. Little did he know the last human he had changed has it out for him. Aster began his walk home, he enjoyed the night air and was glad he didn’t drive. As he made his way through a dark street he felt as if the atmosphere had changed a bit. It didn’t alarm him enough to stop walking though.
  Aster / Kita-san / 5d 5h 57m 24s
[center Kurushi never view himself as beautiful, but something else did. Kuri didn't believe in such things as vampire. Until it happen. Kuri was bitten badly, surely he thought he was going to die. No something else happen that night, vampire didn't kill him, it changed him.

Changed him into a blood sucking monster. He hates it, he never wanted to be a blood sucking monster. He just wanted to live a normal life. Sadly his hunger makes that impossible. It was difficult to not bite anyone or anything that crossed his path.

Kuri has completely cut himself off from his family and friends. He knew it was going to hurt his mother, who calls him almost everyday. He really was starting to miss human life. As time passes Kuri looked into trying to find a cure to this infection.

Kuri has done a bit of research. Searching for away to get rid of this curse. He learned from many books that killing the monster who done this to him might work. It was a slim chance but it was all that Kuri could think of. Kuri really hadn't seen any other vampire around, nor did he look for them until tonight.

Tonight was the night he hunt down that monster that did this to him. He was going to make that man suffer, and cry. It brought a grin to Kuri face. His sharp teeth were exposed, when he parted his lips. Hunger and anger fuel his desire. But Kuri had to figure out where too even look for this man. Knowing nothing about him was going to make it difficult. Kuri of course couldn't remember anything of great detail about the vampire.

The best way to lure a vampire was to make them want to feed. Kuri had an idea just how to do that. The blonde showered, and then dressed for the night. He wore his favorite jean and black t-shirt. He grabbed his hoodie before heading out the door. He smiled softly as his green eyes danced around the dark streets. It was time to put his plan into action.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 9d 5h 42m 30s

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