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Aster shakes his hand. “Nice to meet your Kurushi.” He said softly and looks at the make. This would be hard to while living apart. The more Kurushi got to see how a vampire acts the better. “We can start tomorrow. I don’t know where you live but the more we’re around each other the better. Come to my place this evening. I can get your schedule and you can line. Then we can start coming up with a proper plan. The more I can show you the better. This way you can practice.” Aster said and yawns softly.

“Also I need to show you around the vampire world. I’m going to need your help gathering information on how to reverse the curse of a vampire bite.” Aster looks up at the sky. “Give me your phone.” When he got the blonde’s cell phone he entered his number and address. “Here. My name is Aster by the way.” The dark haired vampire pulls out his car keys.

“I don’t really care much for the sun so I will be heading home. Don’t get any ideas about leaving f stranded in the sun. I can survive in the sun. I just don’t like the feeling it gives me.” He added before taking a few steps back. “See you later Kuri.” In an instant Aster was gone and back by his car. “Today was very weird.” He mutters before heading home to get some rest. Aster knee he needed to be on his toes when around the blonde just in case he tried to kill him.
  Aster / Kita-san / 127d 1h 56m 33s
Kuri sighed softly as he listen to the male speak to him. He then smiled faintly. [#ff0a1f "Deal..."] he said he shook the man hand. It was hard to even be near this monster but if it meant he could see his mother again and his dog. The rest of his family he could care less.

[#ff0a1f "I'm Kurushi but people call me Kuri for short"] he said with a small smile. He was happy to hopefully get rid of this curse. Hopefully see his family again. [#ff0a1f "Thanks..."] he said as he looked at Aster.

He was happy that the vampire was going to help him but at the same time he was nervous. This all could just be a trap. Or something worse. He tried his hardest to push those thoughts of doubt into the back of his mind. He really need to stay positive if he wanted this to work.

[#ff0a1f "Where and when do we start?"] he said he watched Aster. It was already getting late. The sun would be rising soon. It would be difficult to be out. Kuri could still be in sunlight but it made him feel sick. He never really cared for the sunshine, he prefer it when it was raining or a cloudy day.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 132d 12h 22m 58s
Aster listened to the request of the young blonde boy. He rolled his eyes a bit wondering why he would even want to turn back to a human. [i Life as a human is terrible. It’s not that great.] He thought but then realized that maybe for the blonde life as a human was great.

“I can’t do that. I’m sorry I don’t know how to...well actually I have an idea on how to but I don’t know how to do it. I’m not one of the elders that can probably change you back. What I can do is help you adjust to being a vampire so that you can be around humans. You miss your family right?” Aster asked. “Well I can help you adjust and while I do that you can work with me to find a way to change you back. We will have to do a lot of research and I can show you the world of a vampire.”

Of course Aster has no idea why he felt like he should help the kid. He felt a bit bad but he never went this far to try to help someone that wanted him dead. “But you can’t try to kill me. If you do I swear I will end your life and drink your blood. Yo will never see your family again.” Aster said sternly and glared at the boy. Bravely he approached the male and stood right in front of him. “Do we have a deal?” He asked and offered his hand for the blonde to shake. “If so what is your name?” Aster stared into the male’s beautiful green eyes.
  Aster / Kita-san / 134d 8h 44m 14s
Kuri hissed as he watched the vampire act as if he kick didn't hurt. This bastard was right he wasn't strong enough to kill him. No yet anyway. He listen to the vampire cruel remarks as he walked way. He was going to invite him over? As if they were friend? Lies. Kuri couldn't believe a word the man said. Anything that came out of that bastards mouth had to be lies right?

Kuri stood there in silently. Watching as he man walked away. He sighed softly as he looked towards the ground. What was he going to do now. If he could kill the man then how was he going to get back to normally now? All his research was pointless. He then heard footsteps. He looked up to see the male returning to the scene. What did he want? To mock him?

He listen to the male speak. He gritted his teeth. [#ff0a1f "I want to be a human again? Can you change me back?"] he said as crimson eyes started to change back to a pale green. All he wanted was to be normal. It was hard to be near his family. He couldn't help it, it urged an unspeakable hunger in him. It scared him, he couldn't allow himself to be near them. He didn't want to hurt them.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 143d 12h 36m 20s
Aster took the kick like a pro. He stepped back a bit and watched the blonde before him. “Listen kid, I don’t have time for this shit! You can’t kill me. You’re not strong enough. Besides I’m not such a bad guy. If you were nice j would of invited you back to my house for some bonding time.” He shrugs. “But no. You want to make things difficult.” Aster runs a hand through his dark hair. “Goodbye kid.”

Aster adjusts his shirt before turning his back to the young vampire. As he walks away began to think about the blonde. He really couldn’t understand why he was so angry. Yeah he took away his normal human life but now he was able to live life in a whole new way. It was more exciting this way. “His family should still love him. It’s stupid if they don’t.” He mutters and then stops by this car. He sighs softly feeling a bit guilty since he knew the blonde vampire was really upset about being changed. After groans and then walks all the way back over to the male trying to kill him.

“Ok kid. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I changed you. I feel a bit bad since you make it seem like it was such a horrible thing. Is there anything I can do to help besides dying?”
  Aster / Kita-san / 157d 7h 20m 24s
[center Kuri should of figured as much. He didn't stand a chance again this man. He snarl as the male took his knife way with ease. He was then grabbed by his neck. His pale green eyes shimmer with flecks of red. He as pissed. He grabbed a hold of the man's wrist. Squeezing it tightly, hoping that he would loosen his grip around his neck.

[#ff0a1f "You ruin my life you fucker!"] he said cold. What the male had done to him was terrible. He felt as he lost everything. He couldn't go home to see his family. Even school had become tiresome. Mostly because everyone looked like a delicious snack. [#ff0a1f "I never asked for this gift...Take it back!"] He said he kicked the male hard in the knee.

After kicking the male he free himself from the man grip. He jumped back and rub his neck. Perhaps he should of done more research. Maybe there was someone else out there that could help kill this blood bastard. Kuri sighed as he stood thinking. Trying to figure out what to do. It wasn't like he could just rip the man beating heart out. Then it dawned on him. What if he stabbed him through the heart. That might kill him right? How? How was going to do that now. Kuri eyes danced around the dark streets searching and hoping to find an answer.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 167d 22h 5m 25s
Aster couldn’t help but smirk. “You’re really stupid if you think you can kill me. I’ve been a vampire all my life. My blood, my body is pure. Yours is still weak since you were human before. Understand this kid, you will forever crave this vampire right here.” He teased and fought with the blonde.

Yeah he took a few scratches to the face but that didn’t bother him. They were already starting to heal. Aster had his fun with the kid, pushing him around here and there. He finally got serious and used his speed. He quickly took the knife from the blonde and breaks the blade in half. “Are you sure you want to keep this up?” Aster showed off his own dangerous fangs. “I bet you remember the night I bit you. Was it really that bad?” He asked and grabs the blonde by the throat easily.

“I don’t want to kill you but if you’re really trying to kill me then I have no choice right?”
  Aster / Kita-san / 172d 7h 24m 49s
[center Kuri quickly got to his feet. He licked his blood coated teeth and lip. Aster was right he wasn't used to being a monster like him. He didn't know how to control himself. He as going to find out, if it meant he could be normal again he would do anything.

[#ff0a1f "Your right... I don't know what I am doing... but if it is a chance to be normal again I will risk anything!"] He said as he clutches his knife tightly. He watched Aster closely waiting for him to make the next move. He didn't plan on striking again until Aster moved.

Kuri sighed softly as he tried to think. Thinking of what he could do next. His pale green eyes dance around as he watched the male. It was almost hard to hold back. He wanted to punch the male face in badly. His growled slightly under his breath. He could wait any longer. He lashed lunging at the male with his knife. He made a few more scratches on the male face which heal quickly. Killing this bastard was going to be harder than he thought.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 179d 16h 44m 33s
Aster couldn’t help but feel a bit confused. He didn’t remember the male but at the same time he didn’t deny the fact that he wa s probably the vampire that bit him. He was attractive after all and Aster could t help but crave to taste his blood just by how sweet it smelt to him. When he was bit by the blonde male on the neck he teased up and groaned. Aster couldn’t remember the last time he was bit. He did all the nite for his own pleasure and to feed. It was definitely a sexy act to him but this was not a nice moment.

Hot blood coated the blonde’s lips. Aster’s blood was something he male before him with crave if Aster had changed him. Aster instantly pushes the other vampire off of him. Using his speed he gets up pressing a palm to his neck to stop the bleeding. “Don’t play with me boy.” He said sternly. Aster could tell the male wasn’t use to being a vampire. He was weak to Aster. “I should kill you right here and now.” He snarled and started to approach the boy. The knife didn’t scare him at all.
  Aster / Kita-san / 185d 11h 52m 25s
[center Kuri cough a little trying to sell up his act of being wounded. [#ff0a1f "I got into a bar fight..."] he said with a raspy breath. Kuri watched the male closely. He was so close, it was almost too hard for him to control his urge to pounce. It was clear the vampire had no idea who he was.

Kuri listen to the vampire speak. It almost sounded as if the vampire cared. Kuri should of known that he vampire was going to be cautious. Kuri looked down. His pale blonde hair covered his face. Hidden behind his hair was his burning ruby colored eyes.

He moved quickly, slamming Aster to the cold hard ground. In the shuffle he mange to pull out his knife. He placed it against he vampire's throat. [#ff0a1f "You don't remember do you?"] he said dryly. [#ff0a1f "Well I remember you..."] he said with a hiss. He snarled as he moved his knife away from the vampire's throat. Then leaned down, roughly bit the male throat.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 200d 15h 36m 27s
Aster blinks a few times she. The male began to spoke. He didn’t understand how this even happened. [i What is going on here?] He thought as he examined the male. Two cute he noticed and the one on his neck was bleeding the most. He didn’t want the human to die but then again why wasn’t the ale calling for help like most humans would. Something just wasn’t sitting right with Aster. He didn’t remember that this was the male he had bitten awhile go.

The closer he got to the male the more his body began to grow hot. For some reason he felt like he was being pulled to the blonde. The smell of his blood was smelling even more delicious. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt him. He was hurt enough as it is. “How did this happen?” asked. “What’s your story kid?” Aster was a bit further than arms length. He wasn’t going to get any closer until he felt like he believe the male. The last thing he wanted was to be tricked or hurt for some reason. [i What if he knows what I am? He could be trying to kill me.] So many thoughts ran through the vampire’s head.
  Aster / Kita-san / 207d 6h 46m 6s
[center Kuri smiled slightly when he heard foot steps. His expression soon changed. He looked at the male with wary eyes. [#ff0a1f "N-No"] he stutter. [#ff0a1f "I'm afraid if I move from this wall I might fall..."] he said softly.

[#ff0a1f "C-Can you help me?"] he said. As he watched the dark haired man. This was him, it just had to be. Kuri really couldn't remember much about the vampire but this just had to be him. He could feel his neck burning, it was an odd feeling. It was like his body was reacting to this man.

He bit the inside of his cheek, he couldn't himself get distracted. Kuri green colored eyes seemed hide his dark intensions well. He couldn't wait for the male to get closer. Just when the male thought he had a free snack he would strike, but he had to get the male to move close. Kuri moved his head to the side, exposing his neck a little more. Perhaps this would work. Surely the vampire wasn't dumb but who could resists a free meal right?

Sadly this would be that monster last meal. Kuri wasn't going to let this man get way with what he had done. Kuri was going to make him pay. He was so close he could almost heard that monster begging him for mercy.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 213d 11h 5m 49s
Aster could feel the air thicken as he walked. The vampire paused for a moment and then he felt a painful itch in his nose and a sudden dryness in his throat. [i That smell...there’s fresh blood nearby...I should head home. Mind your business Aster.] He thought as he closed his eyes tightly. He had to resist the urge of fresh blood. This wasn’t like him to struggle so much but the blood was so tempting to him.

After a few minutes Aster decided to go check out where the scent was coming from. He made his way quickly down the dark ally to another side of the street. The scent of blood wasn’t far. [i I’m getting close. It’s so close!] He thought. He was so curious to see who had such tempting blood. Once he rounded the corner he noticed a male with blonde hair. He was bleeding from his lip and his neck. The male seemed familiar but Aster couldn’t really remember who he was. “Suspicious.” He mutters as he stared at the male from a distance.

“Are you ok?” He called out. He looked human from what Aster could tell but he wasn’t exactly sure. He made sure to keep his distance.
  Aster / Kita-san / 215d 3h 12m 19s
[center Kuri wasn't exactly sure where to find the vampire he was sure the scent of blood would get his attention and hopefully lure him out. Kuri wonder down dark streets he found a rather dark looking alleyway. He bit his bottom lip as he pulled out his picker knife. He groaned a little as he slid the blade a cross the side of his neck.

Blood seeped out of the fresh wound. It didn't take long for it to start running down his neck. Of course it was starting to stain his shirt and hoodie. At the moment, it didn't matter. Kuri could only hope that the vampire was hungry. It was quiet frustrating trying to find that bastard.

Kuri lean against the brick building waiting. He kept his head down and hide his knife in his sleeve. Surely a vampire couldn't resist the scent of blood, and a seemly easy target. Kuri bit his bottom lip hard to make blood run down his chin. He was hoping that he looked as if he had gotten into a fight.

Hopefully it was convincing enough, to fool that bat. Sure his blood had to be at least a little alluring smell. He drank a lot of blood in the last few days. [#ff0a1f "Come on..."] he mumble under his breath.
  Kurushi / Tsurai / 221d 17h 14s
Aster has just finished feeding from a good friend of his. She was human knew exactly what he was. For as long as Aster could remember he was a vampire. He had no memory of ever not being one. He didn’t grow up like most people did. He didn’t have a mother or father. He grew up with a group of vampires in a city far from where he currently lived. This was many years ago of course. Things have changed. He didn’t even know if anyone of his so called family was still alive. It didn’t matter to him anyway. He had made a life for himself. One that he truly enjoyed.

Once he finished feeding he thanked his good friend Risa. She was afraid of him at all. She actually wanted to be a vampire herself but Aster refused to change her. He didn’t think she would be able to handle it. “I will see you again by the end of the week? I’ll treat you to sushi or something.” Aster told Risa as he puts on his coat before leaving her apartment.

Aster has changed quite a bit of people into vampires during his life. Some he did just for fun, out of spite or because they wanted to become one. Lately he hasn’t been changing people. He didn’t care to do it so much. He was just trying his best to enjoy his life. Little did he know the last human he had changed has it out for him. Aster began his walk home, he enjoyed the night air and was glad he didn’t drive. As he made his way through a dark street he felt as if the atmosphere had changed a bit. It didn’t alarm him enough to stop walking though.
  Aster / Kita-san / 225d 11h 41m 21s

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