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It's been a long time since I've been on for life reasons and I want to get back into role playing. : Currently I am brainstorming some role plays but I am looking for a few more. I have a sample post as a character if anyone wants to take a look.)

Here are a few things that I like

Historical Fiction
Slice of Life

Things I am not into

Incest (I'll do a step siblings setting
Group role plays with more than a few people

Absolutely no one liners. I am looking for at least a well developed paragraph. I prefer quality over quantity and I do understand a lull may happen so posts get shorter but I want decent grammar that is readable and helps move the story along some. I'll do the same but feel free to reach out to me if I am not. About 1500 characters is an average for me but I can do a bit less or more as needed.

I'll pretty much do any pairing. I prefer hetero, mxm and fxf in that order. If we decide to do fxf, I'd like to see a plot or fleshed out idea. I do play both males and females but I prefer playing my own gender (female). We can decide between the two of what we'll play. I also will play up to two characters if needed.

Currently I do not have much of an idea for a plot but I'd love to brainstorm. I can say that I have been reading a lot of paranormal romance lately, especially involving shifts. I've been wanting to something along those lines. I'd like the role play to have more of mature/adult feel without getting explicit of course. Or we could bring that offsite if wanted. Up to the feel of the role play.

Please feel free to post here or pm :D


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