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[center [h3 Lore Notes]]

12 major kingdoms

Powerful relic known as the "Gigas"

Gracia is the kingdom Casia is from

Nuxia is a bordering kingdom at verge of civil war.

Magic works by taking it from a source.


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Roleplay Responses

[center [h3 Lucky Stroke In Hell]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKjk9SJgFR4]]

[center [b Ryou had stood there alongside Casia planning his next move. "They were planning to kill you next" Ryou wondered if Maximum was tricking him or not. Either way? It didn't matter Ryou wouldn't betray the Royal family. He wouldn't betray Casia no matter the cost. He had taken amount to gather wind from the air to his blade. Wind was the quickest element and the easiest to gather for obvious reasons. Though it had certain requirements.]]

[center [b Ryou had gathered energy for a larger spell if need be. Holding that energy when he'd next need it. Before he moved certain words finally crossed his mind. "I hate you." Ryou looked to Casia. He didn't have time for a long speech but he could at least say something.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry, for scaring you back there.]]

[center [+purple I'll admit he had me going for a second! Well not really anyway. It's clear his affection for you is at least 100!]]

[center [b There was that voice but it was clear Ryou couldn't hear it. Not one bit he went down into forest. There it was an entrance to the sewers. As he headed down the hallway out of the kingdom he could see there was a unit of guards placed there.]]

[center [+brown Of course Maximum would have put men here.]]

[center [b Not a single word was uttered as they charged. 8 Swordsman a caster and 4 archers. It seemed they couldn't place more here huh? Ryou had slashed his blade sending air blades. The caster countered with a firestream sending the air back infused with fire at him and Casia.]]

[center [b Ryou had stood in front of her taking a few burns as he tried to protect her and himself with his wind barrier. "Fire trumps Wind" Ryou was a fool course Maximum planned it out. As they charged him Ryou had used his blade to charge mana into his hands backing up he threw his sword through the caster in an instant killing him. He was unarmed but he charged in blocking the blades and arrows with the wind on his hands. As he flipped over to his sword with great speed and agility cutting down the archers one by one.]]

[center [b Ryou had charged to finish the job at the frontline fighters but a magic circle had glew alight under him and Casia. The light shone and vanished.]]

[center [b A teleportation trap! It prevented invaders from getting in from the sewers. Ryou was an idiot course the way in and out the kingdom underground would have traps. They had appeared falling next to a cliffside. Ryou grabbed Casia blowing the air in his lungs to push them back ontop of the cliffside. He had breathed heavily it appeared it was still late out. The cliffside shown the castle and kingdom? Was far aways still in sight but just barely. Also they were close to a tavern not too far from here.]]

[center [+brown Least luck went our way.. For once.]]
  Ryou / ShieldHero- / 305d 9h 58m 23s
[center Of course she had been seen. She wasn’t surprised by that. It wasn’t like stealth was her strong suit. Fighting wasn’t really either, but she didn’t plan on going easily. Though kicking and screaming would get her no where and she knew that. She looked around scared and unsure of what to do. She couldn’t run. The man in white armor had approached her scaring her at first, but he turned to help her. She was thankful for that, but also deeply saddened by it. She knew the danger he faced against these people that were fighting against him.]

[center She tried to run as he told her to, but she was blocked. She backed up a step and looked back towards the white armored knight. He was going to get himself killed protecting her and she didn’t want that. She watched in horror as these men relentlessly tried to attack her. She couldn’t make herself react or use anything she had learned. Clearly she wasn’t prepared for anything like this. As the two men charged her she had the urge to just give up. She stumbled back almost falling as the man in white armor shoved her out of the way.]

[center [+pink “No!”]]

[center What she thought would be a scream turned out to barely be a whisper. She stood there silently. All this needless killing. She watched as the two crossbow men went flying. She watched as Ryou came dashing in to help. It was too late to help the man in the white armor though. She knew that. Had she been more prepared would she have been able to protect him? The sound of more guards caused panic to rise in her, but she didn’t react much. It was like she had already resigned to whatever her fate might be. There was no way they could handle this was there? She glanced towards Maximum as he spoke.]

[center Looking at him gave so many emotions. Yet she felt despair the worst of all of them. She stood silently listening as Ryou and Maximum spoke. It appeared the conversation wasn’t going in her favor. She slowly narrowed her eyes as Ryou grabbed her wrist. The sense of needing to fight for her life finally came back and she tried to pull back away from him.]

[center [+pink “No! Are you stupid!? He was sending people to kill you too. Let me go. I demand that you let me go!”]]

[center Anger and sadness filled her voice. Betrayed by both of them? Hell. She was in hell? She clenched her free hand into a fist. She wouldn’t have any strength behind it if she tried to fight. Yet she was preparing herself anyway. She wasn’t going to let them just kill her.]

[center [+pink “I hate you both.”]]

[center Those cold words meant nothing she knew that, but it made her feel better to say them. She looked surprised as Ryou attacked Maximum instead of giving her over. She didn’t know what was going on, but she had a sense that she had read everything wrong in this situation. She stopped fighting against him now allowing him to handle things. He had got them out of the castle. She was thankful for the moment, but she was emotionally exhausted. He was telling her they had to go though. Needed to run. She followed after him casting only a glance behind. She would try to keep up with him the best that she could. She couldn’t fall apart just yet even though she was ready to.]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 307d 5h 13m 41s
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFi4FTOuqKk]]

[center [b The princess ran looking for Ryou however it appeared two guards away from the scene had spotted her. Drawing their spears they decided to charge her on the spot without question! A third guard had entered the scene.]]

[center [b The third in white armor pulled out his sword and shield and with swiftest action charged at the princess! However he stopped standing in front of her.]]

[center [+grey Go! Your highness! I'll handle these traitors! What the hell's going on?!]]

[center [b The man blocked both of the spears cutting down one of the guards quickly. However he was shot from the side by two crossbowmen. Another guard wielding a spear cutting off the princess's escape.]]

[center [b The white knight had finished had saw the men reloading. Standing in front of the princess he took a second volley. Blocking with his shield as both spearman attacked from both sides at her. He pushed her out of the way only to be ran through. At that moment however? A gust of wind came through sending the crossbowmen flying. Ryou had jumped in dashing through and stabbing one Spearman from behind. While the man in white armor cried out cutting down the other.]]

[center [+brown What the hell is going on?! Man are you okay? Is this a coup? Or Nuxian spies?]]

[center [+grey Agh!]]

[center [b The man spewed blood falling over, Ryou shook the man checking his pulse. "Tsk" he was dead. Ryou had sighed muttering under his breath.]]

[center [size10 [+brown Thank you.. For protecting her.]]

[center [b Standing up he saw several more guards surround them. Maximum at even made an appearance behind all the guards with his Grimoire drawn and his Fairy ready to go.]]

[center [+darkblue Hello dear friend.]]

[center [+brown What the hell.. What the hell is going on Maximum?!]]

[center [+darkblue Ryou, nevermind that just hand over the princess. I've a special plan for you and it's not to die like a dog. No.. You'll be the one to use the Gigas once I learn it's secrets. Become my blade and cut down Nuxia.]]

[center [+brown ... So his majesty?]]

[center [+darkblue That soft headed man? He may have been a good father but he was a terrible king. The people suffered under his guidance. They need someone who can ensure a greater future.]]

[center [+brown So.. You did this for power? Is that it?]]

[center [+darkblue I did this for our future. Power is just a means to an end to something much greater come with me and you'll see.]]

[center [+brown All I gotta do is backstab our childhood friend and you've got me covered huh?]]

[center [+darkblue Ryou, it's not like that. She can't be left to live she could ruin everything. The time for monarchy and royalty ends today. Bloodline does not make for a great leader.]]

[center [b Ryou sat in silence as he let out a weakened smile to Maximum. Trembling slightly as he took a breath.]]

[center [+brown Your right, Simon spent his life fixing the mistakes of his foolish father in such a slow pace. Always making sure everyones feelings were okay before moving forward. Bloodline gave him a life of debts and maybe it would have to Casia as well.]]

[center [+darkblue Yes, free her of that pain and free the chains that bind this kingdom Ryou.]]

[center [+brown I hate admitting when your right you know that Maximum? I'll probably be mad for awhile.. But we can move past it right? Always have.]]

[center [b Ryou grabbed Casia's wrist as the guards lowered their weapons. He was taking her straight to Maximum. As Maximum had a soft smile on his face.]]

[center [+darkblue I know this hurts now Ryou but you always make the sound choi-]]

[center [b Before Maximum could finish Ryou had slashed at him. Stabbing him in the stomach as the Maximum grunted in pain. Ryou had tears streaming down his eyes and anger on his face. He through Casia in front of him as he took in a deep breath. He was gather wind energy around his body. Blowing a massive gust forward he pushed her ahead before kicking himself forward as well. Grabbing her he took off. Crashing through the front gate of the castle he was covered in cuts and wood from the impact. He hurled them straight down the staircase into the massive forest in front of the kingdom.]]

[center [+brown Casia! Can you run? I know where a sewer is that leads out of the city! Come on we have to move!]]

[center [b Ryou didn't have time to check if she was holding up all right. She must have been shaken knowing her father was dead. That her former friend Maximum was ran through. Or that even for a moment convincing her maybe Ryou would betray her too. He'd confront that later with her but now? He had to move.]]
  Ryou / ShieldHero- / 307d 10h 20m 28s
[center At the urge of her father she had went to bed knowing early in the morning she would have to be ready for the ceremony. As she had laid down to sleep though a bad feeling had came over her. She pushed it aside though and let herself fall into a troubled sleep.]

[center A voice woke her and she looked around the room quickly. No one was there. It was silent now. Her heart raced in her chest. That bad feeling from earlier now came over her again. It was a lot worse this time. It was still night time. She could see the dark sky outside her window. Frowning she slowly got out of bed. The floor was cold on her bare feet. What had the voice said? Check on Maximum? Why? Should she? Her heart thudded hard in her chest as she left her room.]

[center [+pink “What’s going on?”]]

[center Though she whispered to herself it sounded loud to her. She froze hearing a scream from somewhere and her heart stopped. What was that? She quickly made her way down the hall. Even though she moved quickly she felt that she needed to also keep quiet. She had a feeling that she shouldn’t get caught. The closer she got the more dread she felt slowly clenching her heart. As she came to the room she carefully looked inside. The view in the room was terrifying. Her heart fell. Those blue eyes widened and tears fell from them.]

[center She didn’t know what to do. She was frozen there trying to comprehend what exactly she was seeing and hearing. Then she snapped back to reality. No! He was looking for her. She slowly backed away from the door. She had to get out of here. Now. She quickly fled down the hall. She was panicking and she had to calm down. Yet everything she had seen. The horror of it all. It only made her more frantic. It was someone she had grown up with, had been close to, and was suppose to marry. She hadn’t seen this coming. For a moment her frantic mind thought to the moment in the garden and the walk to the throne room. That whole time... Had he been lying? Was it that easy to just lie to her?]

[center She needed to find Ryou. Apparently they hadn’t found him yet. She had to hope that was the right thing to do. If he wanted Ryou dead then she could still trust him right? She wasn’t sure where she would find him though. Had he even realized there was danger. Surely he had realized much quicker than her? She wasn’t sure where she should look and she knew she couldn’t be in this place for long. They were looking for her too. She didn’t want to know what would happen if she was found.]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 311d 17h 27m 17s
[center [h3 A Swift Choice]]

[center [b It seemed royalty had decided. Both Simon and Casia were set on this choice. Ryou had agreed preparing the guards he was the captain of the Knights after all. Maximum had many doctors take the body to the morgue to be studied by mages and doctors alike. Maximum had offered Casia a slight wave before heading off. Simon had looked to Casia to offer his own advice.]]

[center [+gold I urge you to rest and to prepare for tomorrow. It will be a big day after all.]]

[center [b Simon offered the gentlest smile he could ruffling her hair before going off himself.]]

[center [h3 Night Arises]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eduwBgDcMwY]]

[center [b The sun had fallen and the moon had been raised in the nightsky. The city was afire with city lights and large airships. A busy night with it being the eve of the big ceremony.]]

[center [b A voice could be heard in Casia's room. Or at least it appeared to be? Though the voice had come from closer. From within, a spell perhaps? Could the voice be coming from her head?]]

[center [+purple Go, check on Maximum! I wanna see the next scene! I'm getting bored! Come on! Go! Go!]]

[center [b The voice was that of eager young boy possibly around the age of twelve. However despite his immature encouragements? Something felt ominous about the whole thing. A streak of arrows had appeared on the floor. Followed by a scream in the distance. What was that yell? Had the arrows ended at Maximum?]]

[center [h3 End of The Path]]

[center [b ]]

[center [b Here a horror had been unfolding. An unnerving scene unraveling in a dimly lit room.]]

[center [b This room was filled with many corpses and those left standing? A few mages and Maximum himself. Maximum was missing an eye and the king had even been there himself.]]

[center [+gold Why? Damn it! Why? Did Nuxia make you an offer?!]]

[center [+blue No, they did not. They made us a threat one we must return. One you cannot return. Though I loved- love you like a father. I cannot let you bring this country to ruin.]]

[center [b Maximum had stood there blade through Simon's chest as he twisted and struggled. Despite Simon's words? He had only shown a soft face of disappointment as he stopped fighting Maximum.]]

[center [+gold I love you, son.]]

[center [b Maximum felt his face twist in pain as he pulled the sword away from Simon's chest striking his neck. As a sickening roll hit the ground. Maximum had panted taking a deep breath.]]

[center [+blue Love cannot defend a kingdom. Men secure the relic and bring me the heir.]]

[center We can use the Gigas soon right? Against Nuxia?]

[center [+blue Patience, in due time we will. We must be careful in our next move. There is a difference between a foolish move and a strong one. Simon was no fool, only to soft hearted. To much faith in those Nuxian dogs.]]

[center He'd have had us all die in some future war with Nuxia's own Gigas! Rather than make one small sacrifice-]

[center [+blue Enough, I'll catch up leave me be and find her. Also.. And this is imperative. If you locate Ryou? Eliminate him at any cost.]]

[center Wow, that's cold Maxy first your father and now your best friend?]

[center [+blue Just do it and be quick.]]

[center [b The men gave a bow before heading out as Maximum took a seat. Visibly shaken to be sure but he had.. This deep burning resolve in his eyes.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry if the pacing is a little fast here. I've just an idea for the opening and I'll slow down the pacing once that happens. If you don't like it I'm sorry we can start a new RP and go slower pacing or something >.<]]
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[center She stood along side him and let her eyes move to focus on him. Yes she would manage. Though most probably thought she was delicate... There was some strength to her. She walked along with him towards the throne room clearing her mind. It turned out clearing her mind wouldn’t be hard to do. What he spoke about next took her by surprised and changed her line of thinking. He was worried. Scared about this arranged marriage? Here she thought she had been the only one internally freaking out about it. Yet it appears that even though he appeared calm he had been worried and scared as well.]

[center [+pink “And here I thought you were always calm and composed. I worried and was scared but... I know you so it doesn’t bother me as much as it did before. I’m sure everything will be fine.”]]

[center She had to admit that would have to be the first time she had been calm about it since she had been told it would be happening. She had been terrified when she first heard. Angry even. Yet here she was walking along side him not feeling as worried as before. She looked up at him was he blushing a little? How adorable. She looked away smiling to herself as they walked into the throne room. She looked up hearing her fathers voice. Late? She hadn’t been paying any mind to the time.]

[center [+pink “Oh! I got distracted in the gardens.”]]

[center It didn’t seem like an excuse was in order though because he father smiled at her the way he always did. He hugged her and she smiled brightly hugging him back. She didn’t seem to mind that he ruffled her hair. She found that to be comforting. It always was. She smiled at what he said next. Looked like they weren’t that late. Good. Though next time they would have to pay more attention.]

[center [+pink “Yes.”]]

[center She knew very well when the ceremony was because she had been worrying about it this whole time. She listened as they spoke and tilted her head slightly curious of what was going to be said. She wondered why her father wasn’t interested in hearing what Maximum had to say. If it was a report wouldn’t be important? Then again maybe this was the very thing her father normally didn’t like her to know. She didn’t have much time to ponder over such thoughts though. She stood in shock at how quickly Maximum moved. How did he notice so quickly? She hadn’t even noticed. Hadn’t been paying attention. She stood still trying to comprehend how and why this happened. The attack on the guard drew her back to reality and she watched as he was pinned to the wall.]

[center [+pink “How...”]]

[center She was speechless. What was she suppose to say here? Her father seemed fine he was already getting more guards. Some how this didn’t surprise her. She looked to Maximum and seen blood. Her eyes widened at the sight of the fairy. Well looks like there wasn’t anything to worry about here, but... She looked off to the side. Any of them could have been killed. This could have went a lot worse than it did. She found herself falling into her own thoughts not really paying attention to anything at first. She looked to the man pinned to the wall. Dead. How? She didn’t quite get it. What was going on? She heard her name and looked up. What? Oh that’s right. They were talking about the cause of the mans death.]

[center [+pink “Yes that does sound about right.”]]

[center However the next part he was cut off on. Looks like her father had no plans for canceling the ceremony and part of her understood why. It was important and needed. She knew that as much as anyone. She listened as they spoke and thought deeply on it all. Yes she would be afraid, but she also knew this was something that needed to be done. She heard her name yet again as she was asked about what she wanted to do. It was up to her to decide. She closed her eyes for a moment. It had to be a quick decision and one that would be right. Was there a right answer here though? She didn’t know. Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes and looked at them.]

[center [+pink “It is important that we still hold the wedding. Moving it up to the morning is the best option. Canceling it could bring more problems. It is probably best we move forward with the wedding tomorrow morning as you said father.”]]

[center She gave the best answer that she could think of and hoped that she hadn’t made a mistake in doing this.]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 316d 3h 55m 0s
[center [h3 Royal Meeting]]

[center [b Maximum chuckled and nodded as she told him that was one of the best ways to spend time. Before frowning softly as she began to ponder on everything he said.]]

[center [+blue Yeah it's a lot to take in I know. Though we'll find a way to manage right?]]

[center [b Maximum and her had stood and started making their way to the royal throne room.]]

[center [+blue True if we fell asleep here? That could be a problem indeed. You know I was worried about this arranged marriage. Since it wasn't of my own design.. I was worried. Believe it or not scared even and I've known you for awhile. Though if I may be so forward? It doesn't seem so bad now.]]

[center [b Maximum smiled with a light blush as he rubbed the back of his neck before adjusting his glasses. The two made it into the courtroom and Ryou had grinned waving at the two.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AiBQzca.jpg]]

[center [+gold How kind of you two to finally join us.]]

[center [b Simon sighed as he turned to his daughter. He could only manage to keep a stern face so long before smiling. The smile went with his frown lines strange. He was a just but firm king and he rarely smiled. However around Casia? He smiled rather easily. He had hugged his daughter tightly ruffling her hair. Sometimes he still treated her like a child. Though he had big things planned for her.]]

[center [+gold Though you two weren't too late. I was talking to Ryou here while waiting for you two. You know tomorrow is the ceremony yes?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/NjurmId.png]]

[center [+brown So they gotta practice wedding vows and stuff?]]

[center [+gold Really clever of you Ryou. No we do not have the luxury we must plan for the future and I wish to involve Casia in these plans. I won't be around forever after all and it's best she learns the role of a ruler.]]

[center [+blue Agreed your highness. I have something I need to report-]]

[center [+gold Your highness? My boy no need for that. You too Ryou I've watched you two grow up alongside my daughter. Please that isn't required.]]

[center [+blue Yes sir I've-]]

[center [b Before Maximum could give his grave report? There was a movement in the side of the room. A guard had loaded his crossbow. Maximum pulled out his book looking around and so did Ryou but the guard? Had fired at Simon the king suddenly! Maximum had jumped in the way the arrow hitting his shoulder as began to cast. The book had an enchantment casting a boon of cold around him to suck in and alter the cold air around him. Waving his hands he began to weave together a magical sign.]]

[center [+blue Frigid lance!]]

[center [b Maximum had stabbed the guards arms to the wall with frozen lances. The guard had tried to evade but there were too many lances and Maximum was pin point in his accuracy.]]

[center [+brown How did you cast ice magic so quickly Maximum? Better yet.. How did this traitor get in?!]]

[center [+blue The magic lesson can wait, as for the traitor? Guards that have only worked longer than ten years can be in here. I know him he's been here awhile. Ugh-]]

[center [b Maximum grabbed his shoulder as he was beginning to bleed the blood was turning color. Poison? Maximum had ripped the arrow out as he put his hand over the wound. A fairy had come from his tome and laid on his hand. The wound began to heal quickly as he channeled the fairy's natural magic into his body the blood restoring it's color. As he used slight fire magic taking the small fire he seared the wound shut gasping before he stood on his feet.]]

[center [+blue That was a rare and expensive poison made to counter magic.]]

[center [+brown Than how did you? Was that.. Spirit magic?]]

[center [+blue Close but a little different. The matter on hand is to take this man for questioning.]]

[center [b They had turned to see the man was dead. Ryou was shocked and Simon? He was already calling in more guards. Leaving the room he began to plan and search the entire castle for more clues.]]

[center [+blue I didn't.. Strike a vital point how is he dead?]]

[center [+brown I bet someone sent him and they had a fail safe in case he was caught.]]

[center [+blue Perceptive Ryou, yes that seems about right doesn't it Casia? We should cancel the ceremony-]]

[center [b Simon had busted back into the room as he bellowed.]]

[center [+gold You will do no such thing! It will be moved up first thing in the morning tomorrow. I have my best working on this throughout the night. Sorry we can't have our lazy afternoon wedding after all. If we move up the time it can confuse them.]]

[center [+brown I understand this ceremony is important to Nuxia. So why not do it today? I know it's rushed and not exactly romantic but if we have to do it? It's safer that way.]]

[center [+gold We can't it'll have those in Nuxia wondering what is the rush. You are wise boy but you don't understand much about politics. This marriage can help Nuxia be on better terms with us. However Casia if you are afraid or object I'll cancel it all together. However I will be there with many Runes prepared and placed on the ground. So my Royal magic will be able to protect you without a doubt.]]

[center [+blue True the king is the most powerful man in the kingdom and for Runes for him to connect to with his magic? The royal bloodline has powerful magic.]]

[center [+brown Plus me and the Royal Knights will be there so there is no problem. However Casia the final call is up to you. What do you say?]]
  Maximum / ShieldHero- / 326d 28m 39s
[center Casia looked up at him as he spoke. She tilted her head slightly.]

[center [+pink “That would be one of the best ways to spend time.”]]

[center She followed along side him. She sat down along side him as well and looked around the garden. The flowers always seemed brighter when someone was along side her. Sometimes she did sometimes find herself out here alone more often than she wanted. She soon looked over at him and watched as his smile changed. It appeared that whatever he had to tell her was more serious than she liked. She listened closely as he began speaking. Nothing at all was what she had expected. She found herself frowning and thinking over everything he said. So it was pretty serious.]

[center [+pink “So that’s what’s going on...”]]

[center She watched as he smiled slightly at her but there was no way she could manage to smile back. She was processing everything as much as she could. Well it made sense why no one was telling her anything.]

[center [+pink “Yes my father was always that way.”]]

[center She loved her father but she often wondered if some of the choices he made were really for the best. Yet she always watched from afar. Never had she been harmed or anything. Everything always seemed fine, but that was because of everything was hidden from her. She narrowed her eyes slightly and one of the people that hid things from her was one of her friends. She looked up as he spoke again. Slowly she stood up with him. She would have to be quiet. Keep this all a secret. Which meant she would have to pretend she didn’t hear anything. Difficult she was sure, but she would try to put it out of her mind.]

[center [+pink “Yes we should go. It wouldn’t be good if you fell asleep out here.”]]

[center For now she would have to pretend she didn’t hear anything. She was sure she could do that.]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 326d 21h 23m 28s
[center [h3 The Mage Maximum]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TqfBEX6QtE]]

[center [b Maximum chuckled at her comment on appearing lazy. He rubbed the back of his neck with a smile.]]

[center [+blue I wish I could be if were being honest lady Casia. Sometimes I catch myself laying in the garden back home.. Cloud gazing.]]

[center [b He smiled back at her as the two made their way to garden. Maximum had sat beside her on a bench as he looked up at the sky. His smile slowly fading almost as if his mind was on something. "If you want to tell me you can" Maximum looked back at the grass as he clasped his hands together. His voice shifted to a slightly more serious tone.]]

[center [+blue If you wish, so you are aware that Nuxia wishes to for our wedding? Due to my position there they have a horse in the race. Although.. They are at risk of civil war. We of the 12 kingdoms have managed peace even with differing races in rule. Nuxia has found a powerful weapon that comes at a powerful cost. We too have found one such relic. Nuxia has been wronged in generations past and those who found the relic? Believe the gods are telling them this is that chance to take back what is rightfully their own. They are the smallest of the 12 kingdoms so Ryou is being put on the border soon in case the rebellion of Nuxia strikes at us with said relic. This is classified information but this relic is known as the "Gigas."]]

[center [b Maximum had sighed before looking back at her with a slight smile.]]

[center [+blue Course we could fight back with our own relic. However you know your father. He'd rather die than sacrifice anyone or anything from this kingdom. He loves it's people greatly and despite his stern face? His heart is rather soft.]]

[center [b Maximum had laughed a bit standing up with a long stretch. Before yawning.]]

[center [+blue Maybe we should go meet up with that father of yours as well as Ryou. I might fall asleep here after all. Remember though.. That was our little secret~]]
  Maximum / ShieldHero- / 336d 5h 38m 56s
[center Casia narrowed her eyes as she watched him run off. If he didn’t tell her she knew that she would worry but other times she wished that she didn’t know. It made her very curious. Curiosity was a very hard thing to burn off. It was something very hard to satisfy. Yet for now she would let it burn and eat away at her. She looked up at Maximum as he spoke to her. They hadn’t changed any had they? Still the same. She let out a soft sigh. That probably meant they would be like this the rest of their lives. Lovely.]

[center [+pink “Well I certainly hope we have changed a little. It’s hard to believe that I may live the rest of my life this way.”]]

[center She giggled lightly clearly joking. She tilted his head slightly as he asked about her studying and held back a sigh that wanted to escape passed her lips. Of course she studied. It was the thing she worked on the most when she wasn’t doing anything else. She listened as he continued on. Why did this seem like a lecture? Her future husband was lecturing her. She looked off to the side and giggled lightly when he trailed off. It seems he remembered he shouldn’t be lecturing her.]

[center [+pink “I have been studying. I remember what I am suppose to be doing. You know I enjoy studying sometimes. Even if I appear lazy at times.”]]

[center She walked along side him and listened again as he spoke. Oh the garden. She did enjoy going out there. The trees and the flowers. She smiled lightly.]

[center [+pink “The gardens sound lovely.”]]

[center The other things he said caused her to fall quiet. She looked towards him those blue eyes showing that she was thinking on this very deeply. She wanted to know and here he was offering her the very thing she was always kept in the dark about. She wanted to know badly. What were they hiding from her? And why?]

[center [+pink “Yes I want to know. If you’ll tell me.”]]

[center She hoped she was making the right choice here. She could trust her friends she knew that. Yet she wondered if she was able to handle what she would be told. She was strong at least she thought she was anyway.]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 336d 21h 57m 8s
[center [h3 PreCelebration.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv1npdFgpcY]]

[center [b Before Ryou had left he pondered on her question before.]]

[center [+brown I told you so you'd know I was out on an outpost if I go missing! Hehe hey I was teasing! Your the best lazy mess I know!]]

[center [b Ryou waved bye at her as he took off to go prepare things with the king. Maximum couldn't help but chuckle.]]

[center [+blue You two haven't changed a bit have you? It's.. Rather endearing.]]

[center [b He smiled as she explained why she wasn't overly dressed for the occasion.]]

[center [+blue I like you more like this. By the way.. Have you been practicing your magic? I hope you haven't been slacking cause I've been gone.]]

[center [b Maximum was her friend but he was also a mentor to her and Ryou when it came to magic anyway. He was a sick and frail boy growing up so he spent most of his time researching and trying new Runes and Incantations.]]

[center [+blue You've read the book I left behind yes? Remember casting magic from nothing is very taxing on the body. One must cast a small "boon" around the body before preparing a spell. Or using an enchanted item if they wish to avoid that taxing--]]

[center [b He cut himself off with sudden laughter as he pushed his glasses up chuckling.]]

[center [+blue Sorry I shouldn't lecture you like this should I? It's Ryou who's always reckless with his spell casting isn't he? Least he used to be I wonder if that's changed or not. He was always a talented swordsman though..]]

[center [b Maximum started taking a stroll with his dear friend Casia.]]

[center [+blue We could go to the garden like before if you want? Also.. I know I shouldn't say but.. Ryou mentioned something before he left. Let me guess.. He told you he was going to an Outpost but not why? Hmm.. That's not fair they don't share that with you huh? I could.. Tell you if you want? It'd be our little secret Casia~]]

[center [b Maximum had offered a subtle smile to his friend looking her way.]]
  Maximum / ShieldHero- / 345d 17h 21m 31s
[center She hated how much everyone fussed over her. It was irritating. The maids always complimented her and lectured her on how she should act. She could be a role model princess when she wanted to be... Well more like when she had to be. She hated doing anything she didn’t want to. She could be very stubborn over most things, but most of the time she had to just let them do as they wanted or else... She sighed softly. She watched him bow his head and for a moment thought about laying her hands on him and shoving him down to the floor, but she didn’t move to do that. Instead she listened as he spoke.]

[center [+pink “Then why bring it up on the first place if you can’t tell me anything!?”]]

[center Anger again. Why did it seem like they always liked hiding things from her? For now though she would deal with it. Someday though... She would be sure to get him back for not telling her anything. The next thing he said only proceeded to anger her more. He was really pressing her buttons today. Messy!? She wasn’t messy! She was going to kill him. Strangle him. Joking or not. Those blue eyes burned with irritation for a moment before they suddenly seem to lighten up.]

[center [+pink “Oh really now... Lazy mess... I know where you sleep. Remember that.”]]

[center Her voice was sweet and friendly, but there was a sinister note in it. She rubbed her forehead where he had flicked it and looked up as the maids came in. Great... Just what she wanted to avoid. She allowed them to do as they wanted though she did request that they not go all out today. To her surprise they listened. She was thankful to get away from them though. She looked up hearing the voice of the very person they were about to go looking for.]

[center [+pink “I suppose we didn’t have far to look.”]]

[center She watched the two quietly her head tilted off to the side. When her hair was ruffled she crossed her arms and looked up at him. She would deal with such treatment for now, but she didn’t really like how it made her feel like a child. It was something she could easily put off for now though. She listened as he spoke and looked off to the side at being called beautiful. She heard it all the time. The maids. Her father. At times it got very frustrating. She looked back towards the two. Just talking about the arranged marriage made her stomach turn. There was nothing to be done about it though. At least she knew who she was marrying though. It could have been a complete stranger. Best to look at the bright side of things. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Who knew. Soon she was standing alone with him and she felt a little nervous.]

[center [+pink “They force me to dress up everyday. They just decided not to over do it. I don’t think I would have been out here right away if they had decided to go all out this morning.”]

[center She frowned lightly. Was it really worth all that time just to get someone ready for the day? Wouldn’t everything end up a mess later... Or at least disheveled from all the stuff one did throughout the day? She was sure that most of the time they forced her to dress up was just to annoy her. So what if she didn’t want to run around looking like what they considered a normal princess? It shouldn’t matter. At least it didn’t to her. She felt nervous standing here alone with the man she was suppose to be marrying. They had been friends for so long... Why be nervous now? Was there really a point in it? She gave a slight shake of her head dismissing all such thoughts for the moment.]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 346d 6h 53m 41s
[center [h3 Peaceful Morning]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzidRwXjtb8]]

[center [b Ryou had smiled bowing his head offering a small apology but he couldn't help but still offer her a playful smirk.]]

[center [+brown Life wouldn't be dull you say? That is good news to hear. With everything going on though.. I might be called to an outpost for.. Work. I'm afraid I shouldn't say more.]]

[center [b Her father had doted on her a lot. Not wanting her to worry about matters of politics and such. Ryou wished to share these things but as a loyal knight to her father? He could not, best friends or not. Though he felt she was ready for such things.]]

[center [+brown I do know you don't enjoy the constant fussing. You look better this way.. All messy. Even if it's not very "princessy" of you. I wonder why Maximum wants to marry a lazy mess like you?]]

[center [b He flicks her forehead as he was obviously joking and offered a grin before leaving the room to let her get dressed. The maids had found her after all but the damage wasn't great. They didn't go.. Overboard this time.]]

[center [+brown We should find Maximu-]]

[center [+darkblue Find me you say?]]

[center [b Here he was down the corridor in the hall with a pleasant smile across his face. He adjusted his glasses as he offered them both a gentle wave.]]

[center [+darkblue Hello Ryou and hello Casia.]]

[center [b Ryou had waved at Maximum the two were like brothers as they shook hands before giving the other a hug. Maximum had ruffled Casia's hair smiling.]]

[center [+darkblue It's been two years hasn't it? My you've grown into a beautiful woman haven't you? Though I must say... This arranged marriage thing is silly isn't it? Though if it makes the people happy. I do hope we can take it slow and get to know each other even better.]]

[center [+brown We've known each other most our lives how much slower can you take it?]]

[center [+darkblue As slow as Casia wishes to take it. Heh heh.. I see they forced you to dress up today didn't they Casia? I'm afraid my hair alone was "Styled" for hours this morning. It was hard to get any studying done at all.]]

[center [+brown Haha I see, well I'll go inform the king were all ready to speak of tomorrow's ceremony. You two catch up whenever there's no rush.]]

[center [b And with that Ryou had left the two alone. It was hard to tell if he was being naive in the situation. Or mischievous in leaving the two lovebirds alone.]]
  Maximum / ShieldHero- / 352d 19h 32m 39s
[center She was normally never slept this deep. Usually the sound of her door opening always woke her. She was always use to being woken and then made ready for the day, but something was different today. She didn’t know if it was because of the dream she had fallen into or the stress that she was suppose to get married. Whatever it had been it caused her a deep sleep so she didn’t hear him enter her room. So it was safe to say she wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen next. His shout filled the room and cut through her dream. That deep sleep ended in such a horrid way. She had sat up quickly and had scrambled towards the edge of the bed. Her attempts to move quickly ended though when those blue eyes finally landed on him. The frantic look on her face quickly changed to irritation. Her eyes narrowed. If looks could kill. He would have been dead.]

[center [+pink “Are you crazy!?”]

[center Her voice normally sweet and light was suddenly sharp with anger. She glanced around the room. It appeared they were the only two in here. She was pretty sure he must have snuck in here somehow. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he had. He had done it before. She couldn’t blame him though. They had grown up together. Close friends. She continued to glare at him as he laughed. Of course he thought this was funny. It wasn’t funny. He nearly scared her to death. She was about to voice this when she heard what he had to say next. Married. For some reason even though she was close to the one she was suppose to marry... It made her feel sick. Why? She didn’t know but it didn’t feel right to her. It all felt wrong, but she voiced it to no one.]

[center [+pink “With you around everyday all the time... I doubt life anywhere would be dull...”]

[center Even though she worried over the feelings she had towards this marriage she looked at him and smiled any anger gone for the time being. It was hard to stay mad with him around. So he had came here for them to sneak out. She smiled lightly. He was always thinking of her in some way wasn’t he? Yes maybe that would give her the time she needed to get over this constant worry. Everything would be fine... Wouldn’t it?]

[center [+pink “I am ready and I wouldn’t be embarrassed. Both of you know how much I hate being fussed over.”]

[center She sighed softly and shook her head slightly. She was going to have to get dressed though. She wasn’t going anywhere in her night clothes. She preferred getting ready herself anyway. She didn’t have to worry about how they wanted her hair or make up.]

[center [+pink “Well I am not fully ready... I do have to get dressed before I go anywhere.”]]

[center She shooed him out of the room so that she could get dressed. It didn’t take her long. She wanted to make sure she was out of here before the maids came in to start their work on her. She shuddered to think of how they would handle her today. She stepped out to meet him wearing a simple dress. Her dark hair pulled back and out of her face.]

[center [+pink “Alright. Let’s go.”]]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 356d 7h 47m 8s
[center [h3 Kingdom of Gracia]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lIryOayBN4]]

[center [b In this world where science had excelled and the discovery of magic found long ago had both prospered and suffered for it. The world of "Fyruia" there were 12 major kingdoms. Lead by many different races.]]

[center [b However our story begins in the progressive kingdom known as Gracia. Led by a stern yet gentle king Simon. Gracia had towering buildings with airships and grounded vehicles alike. It however didn't turn away more traditional methods of travel such as horse drawn carriage. The guards and knight's wielding a combination of swords and firearms.]]

[center [b Security was being tightened because today was the day that the princess would meet her fiance. A man that was among her two childhood friends. Maximum Chevalier who had become a trusted court mage of the king. He had also gained favor and respect in his travels across the world. In fact it was the kingdom of Nuxia that wished him wed with the princess. That he would make a fine royal heir and Simon had felt the same way. Though behind closed doors? The king was unsure of this union despite loving the boy as if he were another son. No one knew why however.]]

[center [pic http://silviomessina.pw/images/44-best-anime-boy-images-on-pinterest-anime-guys-anime__aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnBpbmltZy5jb20vNzM2eC81Mi9mYi85Ni81MmZiOTY3ODEzYjg2ZWQ2ZjNhNzgyNTlkN2NhMDMwZS0tbW9kZXJuLWFuaW1lLWd1eXMuanBn.jpg]]

[center [b His poster was hung high over a one of the buildings. A few girls coming home from school had stopped to gossip over the fact. Maximum was a very wise man with a very "pretty" face of sorts. He had a few years over Ryou and the princess herself but he treasured them just as dearly.]]

[center [h3 Our Story Begins]]

[center [b The princess had laid sleeping in her room and though the maids would normally wake her up to "doll" her up for the day. Ryou had snuck in instead with a mischievous chuckle. He took a deep breath before shouting.]]

[center [+brown DUCK GET DOWN GO FOR COVER]]

[center [b Laughing softly his gentle breezy chuckles in stark contrast to the shouting he had just committed to. The two grew up rather close and he was glad to see a day his two closest friends could be happy. He offered her a soft smile.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry "milady" I read in a book they say one worries life will grow dull once married. So I wanted to prove that won't indeed be the case.]]

[center [b His voice was soft and airy like a gentle breeze against the ocean shore. Unlike Maximum he wasn't considered exactly "popular" but his voice and aura was.. Soft and demure.]]

[center [+brown So are you ready to get going? I know you don't like getting a "royal preparation" so we can sneak out per usual. I'm sure Maximum won't care much how you look or appear. I mean... If it doesn't embarrass you anyway~]]
  Ryou / ShieldHero- / 357d 3h 8m 40s

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