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[center [h3 Peaceful Morning]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzidRwXjtb8]]

[center [b Ryou had smiled bowing his head offering a small apology but he couldn't help but still offer her a playful smirk.]]

[center [+brown Life wouldn't be dull you say? That is good news to hear. With everything going on though.. I might be called to an outpost for.. Work. I'm afraid I shouldn't say more.]]

[center [b Her father had doted on her a lot. Not wanting her to worry about matters of politics and such. Ryou wished to share these things but as a loyal knight to her father? He could not, best friends or not. Though he felt she was ready for such things.]]

[center [+brown I do know you don't enjoy the constant fussing. You look better this way.. All messy. Even if it's not very "princessy" of you. I wonder why Maximum wants to marry a lazy mess like you?]]

[center [b He flicks her forehead as he was obviously joking and offered a grin before leaving the room to let her get dressed. The maids had found her after all but the damage wasn't great. They didn't go.. Overboard this time.]]

[center [+brown We should find Maximu-]]

[center [+darkblue Find me you say?]]

[center [b Here he was down the corridor in the hall with a pleasant smile across his face. He adjusted his glasses as he offered them both a gentle wave.]]

[center [+darkblue Hello Ryou and hello Casia.]]

[center [b Ryou had waved at Maximum the two were like brothers as they shook hands before giving the other a hug. Maximum had ruffled Casia's hair smiling.]]

[center [+darkblue It's been two years hasn't it? My you've grown into a beautiful woman haven't you? Though I must say... This arranged marriage thing is silly isn't it? Though if it makes the people happy. I do hope we can take it slow and get to know each other even better.]]

[center [+brown We've known each other most our lives how much slower can you take it?]]

[center [+darkblue As slow as Casia wishes to take it. Heh heh.. I see they forced you to dress up today didn't they Casia? I'm afraid my hair alone was "Styled" for hours this morning. It was hard to get any studying done at all.]]

[center [+brown Haha I see, well I'll go inform the king were all ready to speak of tomorrow's ceremony. You two catch up whenever there's no rush.]]

[center [b And with that Ryou had left the two alone. It was hard to tell if he was being naive in the situation. Or mischievous in leaving the two lovebirds alone.]]
  Maximum / ShieldHero- / 14h 5m 50s
[center She was normally never slept this deep. Usually the sound of her door opening always woke her. She was always use to being woken and then made ready for the day, but something was different today. She didn’t know if it was because of the dream she had fallen into or the stress that she was suppose to get married. Whatever it had been it caused her a deep sleep so she didn’t hear him enter her room. So it was safe to say she wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen next. His shout filled the room and cut through her dream. That deep sleep ended in such a horrid way. She had sat up quickly and had scrambled towards the edge of the bed. Her attempts to move quickly ended though when those blue eyes finally landed on him. The frantic look on her face quickly changed to irritation. Her eyes narrowed. If looks could kill. He would have been dead.]

[center [+pink “Are you crazy!?”]

[center Her voice normally sweet and light was suddenly sharp with anger. She glanced around the room. It appeared they were the only two in here. She was pretty sure he must have snuck in here somehow. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he had. He had done it before. She couldn’t blame him though. They had grown up together. Close friends. She continued to glare at him as he laughed. Of course he thought this was funny. It wasn’t funny. He nearly scared her to death. She was about to voice this when she heard what he had to say next. Married. For some reason even though she was close to the one she was suppose to marry... It made her feel sick. Why? She didn’t know but it didn’t feel right to her. It all felt wrong, but she voiced it to no one.]

[center [+pink “With you around everyday all the time... I doubt life anywhere would be dull...”]

[center Even though she worried over the feelings she had towards this marriage she looked at him and smiled any anger gone for the time being. It was hard to stay mad with him around. So he had came here for them to sneak out. She smiled lightly. He was always thinking of her in some way wasn’t he? Yes maybe that would give her the time she needed to get over this constant worry. Everything would be fine... Wouldn’t it?]

[center [+pink “I am ready and I wouldn’t be embarrassed. Both of you know how much I hate being fussed over.”]

[center She sighed softly and shook her head slightly. She was going to have to get dressed though. She wasn’t going anywhere in her night clothes. She preferred getting ready herself anyway. She didn’t have to worry about how they wanted her hair or make up.]

[center [+pink “Well I am not fully ready... I do have to get dressed before I go anywhere.”]]

[center She shooed him out of the room so that she could get dressed. It didn’t take her long. She wanted to make sure she was out of here before the maids came in to start their work on her. She shuddered to think of how they would handle her today. She stepped out to meet him wearing a simple dress. Her dark hair pulled back and out of her face.]

[center [+pink “Alright. Let’s go.”]]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 4d 2h 20m 19s
[center [h3 Kingdom of Gracia]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lIryOayBN4]]

[center [b In this world where science had excelled and the discovery of magic found long ago had both prospered and suffered for it. The world of "Fyruia" there were 12 major kingdoms. Lead by many different races.]]

[center [b However our story begins in the progressive kingdom known as Gracia. Led by a stern yet gentle king Simon. Gracia had towering buildings with airships and grounded vehicles alike. It however didn't turn away more traditional methods of travel such as horse drawn carriage. The guards and knight's wielding a combination of swords and firearms.]]

[center [b Security was being tightened because today was the day that the princess would meet her fiance. A man that was among her two childhood friends. Maximum Chevalier who had become a trusted court mage of the king. He had also gained favor and respect in his travels across the world. In fact it was the kingdom of Nuxia that wished him wed with the princess. That he would make a fine royal heir and Simon had felt the same way. Though behind closed doors? The king was unsure of this union despite loving the boy as if he were another son. No one knew why however.]]

[center [pic http://silviomessina.pw/images/44-best-anime-boy-images-on-pinterest-anime-guys-anime__aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnBpbmltZy5jb20vNzM2eC81Mi9mYi85Ni81MmZiOTY3ODEzYjg2ZWQ2ZjNhNzgyNTlkN2NhMDMwZS0tbW9kZXJuLWFuaW1lLWd1eXMuanBn.jpg]]

[center [b His poster was hung high over a one of the buildings. A few girls coming home from school had stopped to gossip over the fact. Maximum was a very wise man with a very "pretty" face of sorts. He had a few years over Ryou and the princess herself but he treasured them just as dearly.]]

[center [h3 Our Story Begins]]

[center [b The princess had laid sleeping in her room and though the maids would normally wake her up to "doll" her up for the day. Ryou had snuck in instead with a mischievous chuckle. He took a deep breath before shouting.]]

[center [+brown DUCK GET DOWN GO FOR COVER]]

[center [b Laughing softly his gentle breezy chuckles in stark contrast to the shouting he had just committed to. The two grew up rather close and he was glad to see a day his two closest friends could be happy. He offered her a soft smile.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry "milady" I read in a book they say one worries life will grow dull once married. So I wanted to prove that won't indeed be the case.]]

[center [b His voice was soft and airy like a gentle breeze against the ocean shore. Unlike Maximum he wasn't considered exactly "popular" but his voice and aura was.. Soft and demure.]]

[center [+brown So are you ready to get going? I know you don't like getting a "royal preparation" so we can sneak out per usual. I'm sure Maximum won't care much how you look or appear. I mean... If it doesn't embarrass you anyway~]]
  Ryou / ShieldHero- / 4d 21h 41m 51s

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