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[Center [B [size30 [+red Welcome All students this semester. Hopefully you all had a lovely Summer break and didn't misuse your gifts. If you have received this letter then your have been accepted The Milktia Academy of magic. Now then what you need to know before joining us at our fine school.]

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[Center [B [size25 [+blue There are three types of magical energy in this world tho there are many sub types the three main types of magical energy are Chaotic,earthbound, and Celestel. These types of magical energy each have many other sub types that fall under them. Upon arrival at the school you will be sorted into which type of magic you fall under with your gifts. Once sorted you will be given your wand for that type of magic to use through out your time at this academy. Once you come of age you may create your own wand but until then you must use the one provided by the school.]]]]

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[Center [B [size25 [h3 [+green Academy rules]]]]]
[Center [B [size25 [+purple 1. Each student must arrive at the academy by 2 PM on Friday June 22
2.each student may bring one bag and one pet with them if they wish
3. Students may not leave the academy without permission of the headmaster
4. Never reveal the schools location to humans.
Breaking any of these rules may result in being expelled]]]]

[Center [B [size25 [h3 [+yellow Roleplay rules]]]]]
[Center [B [size25 [+pink 1. All es rules apply godmodding drama outside the ro
4.cussing is allowed but don't over do it
5. You may have up to 4 subtypes of magic
6. Romance can happen but is not main focus time skip if things get hot and steamy
7.send me a skelly
8.title PM I'm late for class so I know you read all rules.]]]]

[Center [B [size25 [h3 [+orange Skelly]]]]]

[Center [B [size25 [+brown username-
Age- 13-17 for students 20+ for teachers
Class you teach-
Teacher or student-
Main magical type-
Pic url:]]]]

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[Center [B [size25 [+purple username-kenbloodmoon
Name-Alici night
Age- 25
Class you teach-magical combat
Teacher or student- teacher
Main magical type- Celestel
Subtype- light and air

[Center [B [size25 [h3 [+red Students]]]]

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[Center [B [size25 [+blue username-kenbloodmoon
Name- Sakit
Age- 15
Teacher or student-student
Main magical type- Chaotic
Subtype- Shadow and fire

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username- JustACasualWriter
Name- Alistair Parker
Age- 17
Gender- Male
Teacher or student- Student
Main magical type- Choatic
Subtype- Dark and summoning.

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Name- Kasumi
Age- 15
Gender- Female
student- Student
Main magical type-Chaotic
Subtype- Lightning -Wind- Water

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[Center [B [size25 [+red Headmaster Storm]]]]


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In a small bedroom in a rather genaric looking Orphanage sat a teenage girl. Kasumi sighed as she looked out her window at the slowly raising sun. She looked down at her bed at the letter she had received a while ago and smiled at the invitation to the school. She turned her head one more time to her room which was well cleaned. It was small but comfortable.

In the room there was a Bed placed by the window, a Dresser, and desk next to the bed. A bookshelf along the wall and a closet next to the bookself.

In the middle of the room was her footlocker with the nessesities for life as well as books and tools for school. She turned back to the window as the sun continued to riase and finally got off her bed. "I better get going ." she muttered as she walked over to her footlocker adn grabbed it and headed out of the door. She made her way down the hall of her room to the front of the orphanage. The Matron was waiting for her in the entry way next to the open door. The two of them just nodded at each other before Kasumi walked out. the Matron locking the door behind her.

Kasumi walked a bit to a nearby bus stop and road the bus to the station specificed in the letter. She got off the bus and made her way into the station and looked around for anyone indicating the location of the train. She moved to a nearby bench and sat down before pulling out her letter to confirm the informatiom. She glanced at the clock to see the time. "Hmm I guess I am a bit early, maybe I should wait and see if anyone shows up." she muttered.
  Kasumi / IKage / 88d 13h 1m 16s
Alistair looked at the setting sun from his front porch as he grasped the acceptance letter highly in his hands.
[i The time as finally come.] He thought
His small dragon familiar rested on his shoulder, purred lightly and nuzzled his neck. His family never liked the idea of having a 'magical'child, and hated the idea of him going to the academy even more, so while his parents were out Alistair ran inside and packed his bag while his parents were not home and while his parents are sleeping he will sneak out and go to the train station. Alistair had no idea what he needed to pack, so he packed all the belongings he thought were important to him, and placed the suitcase under the bed, before going into the kitchen and making something for dinner. As his parents worked all the time, he nearly always had the house to himself so he had no choice but to learn to cook for himself,otherwise he would go hungry. Once he had eaten dinner he looked the clock at hung on the wall just above the dinner table, two hours until his parents came home from work.

Alistair could pin point the exact moment when his parents went to bed, They would come home, each have a glass of wine, argue for an hour, and they would both go to bed angry with each other. Alistair sighed and placed his dirty dishes in the sink before walking to the couch and watched TV. Two hours had passed and Alistair knew it was time to hide, his parents didn't like it when he was not in his room when they got home, so he scurried into his room, and laid in his bed and waited.
  JustACasualWriter / 96d 1h 59m 26s
Sakit yawned looking out at the flowing river in front of his home. With a smile he looked to his brother Akto who was still sleeping. With a smirk he pulled his brothers tail waking him up. Yes that's right tail his brother was a wolf and Sakit had been raised by the pack. He had only recently learned that he himself was not a wolf but a human. A few months prior a strange man had entered the forest in search of Sakit to bring him to a Academy for magic. But upon finding Sakit knew nothing of being human. The man decided Sakit would have to wait till next Semester to start and began teaching him how to speak and walk like a human and a few other things. [+red "Come brother time go."] sakit said only to be greeted by a growl and his brother moving deeper into the den. Growling as well he pounced on his brother biting him. The two rolled from the den fighting fur hair and a little blood flying. The two stopped rolling on the edge of the river bank Sakit's jaws on his brothers throat. Sakit climbed off his brother and the two took of running threw the forest towards the human town. The Stranger had told Sakit to take something called a train to the school. Akto nudged his brothers leg as they entered the human town and received a lot of stares. Sakit placed on hand on his brothers back wrapping his fingers in Aktos soft fur as they walked looking around. Sakit didn't know what a train was and was becoming confused until he saw a big creature like none he had ever seen. He grabbed someone's collar pulling the to a stop. [+red " That Train??"] He asked the person he had grabbed.
  Sakit / kenbloodmoon / 100d 17h 5m 15s

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