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[center Raven found herself rolling her eyes. She knew her words couldn't have hurt him, and if they did, she found that she didn't care. She was going to do whatever she could to guarantee their survival, and if that hurt someone's feelings, so be it. [b "Flattery will get you nowhere,"] she mumbled.]

[center As they followed him, she immediately began to regret her decision. Not only was he going to draw attention to them, but the idea of fighting a stranger was not a situation she wanted to be in, especially when they had no idea what the girl was capable of.]

[center [i A gun and shield? Is he really that afraid of one person?] It didn't sound right to her. Perhaps she was paranoid, but she felt like there was more going on there than he was letting on.]

[center She raised a brow as he addressed her. [i Do I have to do everything?] she thought to herself. Her frustration wasn't necessarily towards anyone in particular, but that didn't matter at the moment. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. [b "How did you survive this long?"] she mumbled before looking at him. [b "Hunker down for the night, and come tomorrow, we'll wait for this girl and I'll approach her while you two stay behind. Clyde, while you seem to have a way with words, you obviously have a reason not to approach her."] She glanced at Rex and smile. [b "I trust you to have my back if things go awry."] She placed a hand on his shoulder and glanced at Clyde.

[center She [i really] didn't like this.]
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[center [h3 Compromise]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_a7nuEDm5kg]]

[center [b Clyde had chuckled he had admired Raven's strong resolve.]]

[center [+teal Okay I suppose that compromise will have to suffice won't it? Hmm? Terrifying?]]

[center [b Clyde had placed a hand over his chest as he playfully wince her way.]]

[center [+teal Such hurtful words from such a pretty face you truly wound me dearest Raven. Well thank you for welcoming me to the team and I do intend on sharing a few things with you two as well!]]

[center [b Clyde laughed playfully as he skipped ahead of the two with a playful smile.]]

[center [+teal This way! Let's try to avoid as much fighting as possible okay? Maybe we should find some shelter? Wait out the night yes? I've a safe house around here. Some great medication and food as well as some decent weapons and armor even. There's just one catch... Someone made there home in it while I was out. They seem to stay on there toes well and ignored all of the signs I left. I'd talk to her myself but I'd feel better having some back up before doing so. I mean of course if you'd guys rather bunker down some where else that is in option but this place is pretty well fortified against the undead.]]

[center [b Her? Rex wasn't sure what to think on that. Was Clyde really afraid of just one person? Or was he just being cautious? If he was brave enough to confront them two why not ask this girl for a conversation? Or find a weapon and fight her himself? Maybe that was a lot to ask not everyone was willing to fight on a whim. Rex had looked to Raven unsure what to do. He wasn't sure what to do. He gripped his blade he really didn't want to kill the living. Maybe if they could just reason with her instead? A safe house did sound good but still.]]

[center [+orange H-How many...?]]

[center [+teal Just the girl though she is has a small firearm and a large riot shield. As for her ability to fight? I'm not really sure honestly... I haven't really seen her in action but I'd figure taking her alone would be to risky. So... Since it seems Rex is unable to make his own choices I should be asking you instead huh Raven? What will it be?]]

[center [b Rex had gulped his heart flaring up. Clyde had just... Called him out like that. It wasn't like Rex didn't have opinions... Or an idea of his own. He had plenty of ideas honestly it was just that.... He didn't want to make any choices for the both of them. He was too... Shy to speak up.]]
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[center Raven kept her eyes trained on Clyde, her gaze cold. His smile made her uneasy, which she hated with a passion. She didn't trust strangers and for good reason. Nothing the man had done so far had given her any reason to believe he wasn't a threat. Hell, his unstableness was enough to get them into trouble if they found themselves in the wrong situation.]

[center As he spoke, she raised a brow, slowly lowering the gun. Despite her clipped words and cold attitude, the girl understood where he was coming from. The undead were predictable but difficult to handle on one's own. As for people... She shuddered and sighed softly. People fucking sucked, especially in times like these, when they should be willing to help those around them survive. Not gun them down or throw them to a horde.]

[center She returned Rex's smile, but she was hardly impressed with the way he was handling the situation. When they were safe she would have to sit and talk to with him. If he wasn't careful, he'd get himself killed. She was worried that someone would think he was weak and hurt him. She hardly knew him and yet she felt protective over him. It was something she didn't understand about herself.]

[center Raven scoffed at Clyde's words, rolling her eyes. She put the gun back in its' holster and crossed her arms over her chest. Her? Charming? Yep, the man had completely lost his mind. [b "Clyde, was it? Look, I'm not interested in having someone at my back that I don't trust. You may have useful skills, but you're actions are honestly terrifying."] She looked at Rex and raised a brow. [b "The best I can offer to help you get to your stash, but after that, you're on your own until I decide otherwise. Sound like a deal?"] She turned her attention back to the stranger. If he didn't agree, she'd walk away. They only had so much sunlight left and she didn't intend to waste the rest of the day standing around. The last thing she wanted was to be stuck outside at night.]
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[center [h3 A Gentleman's Proposal]]

[center [b Clyde had placed his hands on his hips with a soft grin looking toward the young woman as she began to pressure the man. "Why the smile? Was he insane? Was he not afraid of death? In that one way him and Rex weren't too different... And yet Rex felt Clyde's reasons were most likely wholly different."]]

[center [+teal Yeah you've a point... Plus fighting really isn't my thing anyway. I'd rather not go toe to toe with either of you honestly. However I really do grow tired of traveling on my own. Many groups are starting to band together and attack lone stragglers like myself. I can't even get out of this town to reach my stash. Gathering supplies was always easy... Misdirection and sneaking around these... Things has never been too difficult. Still they are slowly evolving and humans are starting to become a real pain honestly.]]

[center [b Clyde had seemed to drop his formal approach at least slightly. Dropping his voice into a slightly more casual tone as he rubbed the back of his neck.]]

[center [+teal I feel I won't survive on my own much longer so I was wondering if I could tag along with you two. Albeit I'm not a great fighter but I've a few other skills I can offer here. The way I see it is simple really. Either you disagree and shoot me here and I die here or I risk a fate much worse than death by heading out on my own.]]

[center [+orange H-Huh...?]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head confused, was he serious? The way he did dodge through those things was impressive. No wait his usefulness isn't the problem! Dude is asking to join someone who threatened to shoot him! Was he really that fascinated with Raven? He could tell that Clyde had shaken her up. Rex took her side and gave her a shy smile. It was Rex's awkward attempt to reassure her that he'd support her choice. He didn't wanna kill an unarmed man but he didn't trust this guy either. Rex found himself gathering the courage in his small body to talk.]]

[center [+orange ..I-I...]]

[center [b "Ask him Rex! Ask him why... Why he even wants to join? It can't be cause he's afraid Rex just... Didn't buy it. No way not with that attitude Rex could see in his eyes... Fear of death wasn't something he was worried of."]]

[center [+orange What does... C-Clyde m-mean t-t-t-then...?]]

[center [b Rex groaned softly it wasn't what he meant to ask at all. It just... Kinda slipped? "Slipped? How do I... Am I retarded? I must be special needs. Yup short bus come wee woo up in here because you're biggest idiot Rex can't even human! Thank you universe! God damn it... I'm so stupid." Clyde had finally dropped his guard slightly his face reaching a neutral expression before he held his stomach as laughter began to abrupt across his gentle features. Wiping a tear under his eye he let out a long happy sigh.]]

[center [+teal Haven't heard that response before normally I'd be robbed or beaten to an inch of my life for that sorta arrogance. It'd take everything I have to escape and yet... You want me to explain my name? Clyde has Scottish origin a river specifally and with no real meaning beyond just that. However.. in Greek it means the keeper of keys.]]

[center [b And with that statement he had offered Rex and Raven a playful wink before placing his hands again on his sides.]]

[center [+teal I suppose I owe you for that laugh it's been too long. I should admit... I lied about the reason I wanted to join. I mean... I meant the stash and the fact my life probably won't last much longer alone. Though the real reason I wanted to join was because you two looked far too interesting to leave be. At first I was really own curious about you're charming companion Raven but now you too have me a bit curious Rex.]]

[center [b He casually admitted that it was.. Just a lie? Least Rex didn't have to attempt asking the real reason again. Rex looked over to Raven as he gulped lightly. What do they do? Rex felt a little better now Clyde was being more open. That being said... Rex knew it was still risky to take him in. He wanted to ask... "Raven? What's the plan?" But instead he found himself silent. Here Clyde was complimenting Raven's appearance as a complete stranger and Rex couldn't even talk to her about a game plan. "God I'm such a hermit I swear.... Just... Talk to her Rex... Come on.. It's not that hard... Right?"]]
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[center Raven kept an eye on their new "friend," unsure how she should feel. She definitely didn't trust him. Especially with the way he was acting around Rex. If he'd lost his mind, it didn't surprise her. The end of the world tended to do that to people. She'd had her fair share of run-ins with wackjobs and she wasn't going to let this situation out of hand. Not like last time. Her heart hurt just at the memories.]

[center A bad situation turned worse all because of one person.]

[center No, she couldn't let that happen again. Especially because she was actually growing kind of fond of Rex. It was nice having someone around who wasn't bitter or holding onto their last marble. At least from what she could tell.]

[center Raven rolled her eyes at his comment about their names. While she wasn't sure about her companion, she could say without a doubt that her parents just had a strange sense of humor. Raven was her real name and she actually liked it.]

[center When he approached her, she instinctively took a step back, her grip tightening on her gun. And as he pressed it against his side, she felt her stomach drop. She didn't know what his problem was, nor did she want to pull the trigger. But God knows she was willing to if needed. She had not been hesitant in the past and she wouldn't be now if push came to shove.]

[center It took all the strength Raven had to keep her breathing even and to keep her gaze level with his. She refused to show how shaken up he'd made her, though her heart was pounding so hard against her chest that she would be surprised if he couldn't hear it, considering how close he was. Hell, any closer and they'd have to cover children's' eyes. It was all too intimate for her liking, and she had to remind herself not to shove him away, though the idea was tempting.]

[center She was even more unsettled when he laughed. Taking a step back towards Rex, she glanced at him, keeping the gun aimed at Clyde. [b "Look,"] she finally said after a moment. [b "I don't know what you're deal is, but I'd just like you know that I [i will] put a bullet between your eyes if I have to."] She took a step back towards him, tilting her head and meeting his gaze. [b "Tell me, do you think I possess that insight? Because we could see right here, right now, if I do."]]

[center She shrugged before smirking at him, her composure slowly coming back. [b "I don't [i want] to live up to my namesake, don't get me wrong, but I also don't have the patience to see what you're going to do next. Now, if you'll gladly let us leave, I won't be forced to put you down like a dog. However, if you don't..."] She let out a short laugh. [b "It's two on one, and unless you're really good at hiding it, you seem unarmed. You're outmatched, no matter what."] She aimed the gun at his head. [b "So, what will it be, stranger?"] She leveled her eyes with his, her words dripping with ice.]
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[center [h3 A Direct Approach]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL4lf9iQHMI]]

[center [b Rex had looked over to Raven it seemed it was clear they should approach this man. Rex had nodded toward Raven taking the front against Clyde. He didn't seem like a capable fighter but he didn't want to take any risk. A pleasant face didn't mean he wasn't dangerous.]]

[center [b Rex had his sword drawn as he approached Clyde carefully.]]

[center [+teal My, a sword is it? European long sword a gentlemans weapon. Albeit.. A bit dated it seems you're comrade in arms has gone for a modern approach. Ashen hair and jet black... Quite complementary colors.]]

[center [+orange W-What...?]]

[center [b Clyde had folded his hands almost like he was making a camera gesture. Closing one eye to view Rex and Raven a bit better.]]

[center [+teal What may I call you two?]]

[center [b Clyde raised his hands in a mock gesture sign of surrendering. Before extending a hand to Rex with a gentle smile. Rex had cautiously reached his right hand to shake Clyde's hand. It was then Clyde gave a wry grin. A hue of playful intent behind his large eyes. Grabbing Rex's wrist as he went for a quick jab. Rex had ducked kicking Clyde clear in the stomach drawing his blade to his face.]]

[center [+teal Oof! Hehehe... Excuse me I was simply curious. Such strange attire and weaponry I wondered if it were merely for show. I meant no ill will. By the by.... I still wish to know both of you're names.]]

[center [b Rex had still a meek look on his face despite the struggle the two just had. He had... Kept talking like nothing happened? The way he talked was oddly old fashioned and eccentric to say the very least.]]

[center [+orange R-Rex... T-That's... Raven.]]

[center [+teal Rex? Raven? Is this some highschool manga? Why was I not informed I'd have chosen a sufficient code name myself. I suppose the foresight to conceal's one name may seem beneficial. Although... Names don't carry much weight these days. Although if I'm to gain any insight from these names... Oh and do forgive my incessant rambling in advance.]]

[center [b Clyde had adjusted the cuffs of his shirt before straightening his collar. Flashing a warm smile before clearing his throat and speaking.]]

[center [+teal Rex, the Latin word for King yes? Am I to gauge that is what you view yourself? Or perhaps a prehistoric predator? Given the dated weaponry that to can be seen as some form of king yes. As for you're captivating companion she goes by the alias of Raven yes? A bit more complex. Sure it could be simply to match an aesthetic of the raven hair. Though they say it could be associated with loss and omen. Tell me lady Raven have you lost a lot in the ire of the world we live in?]]

[center [b It was clear Clyde didn't believe these names to be real but now it seemed like he was full on investigating these two. Despite being outnumbered and unarmed he had the gall to question them? Yet Rex found himself shaking. The meaning behind his name? Rex... Hadn't thought of any. He's sure he only chose it to hide his real name. That he found it... Well "Cool." The otaku he was that was really all he wanted from the name nothing less and nothing more. A king? Him? Had his ego seemed that inflated from his appearance? If anything he was more like a follower not a king. Clyde had waltzed over to Raven calmly as Rex found himself gripping his blade he already tried attacking Rex he couldn't just let him... And yet he had. Watching him carefully. Clyde had pressed himself against the barrel of her gun prodding into his side it hadn't bothered him much. He had winced lightly but he was more intent into staring intensely into her eyes.]]

[center [+teal Though the symbolism behind the ebony bird isn't always straightforward. In many folklore and legends it's seen to have prophecy and insight. Tell me Raven... Do you possess that insight? Do you see my future? Right here and now?]]

[center [b He had softened his smile his nose almost touching her own grabbing her barrel to place it over his heart. It was almost as if he was saying.]]

[center [+teal However... As a carrion bird the meaning is much more direct. It represents death and lost wayward souls. Perhaps fate has lead my lost soul towards you a harbinger of death. Death... I can see in those eyes you've seen more the most haven't you? Raven... A fitting calling card indeed. So tell me with those alluring insightful eyes, what do you see? What will it be? Where does this go?]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head confused... Was he cracked? Had he lost his marbles? Not that Rex was... Stable by any means but what the hell? Does he have a death wish? How could he just... Walk to her and look at her like that? Rex can barely make eye contact with her. Well... He can't with most humans but doubly true of beautiful women. Clyde's face had fallen to a stern expression as he gazed into her eyes. A long silence was held before he let out a stifled laughter backing up.]]

[center [+teal I apologize I simply couldn't resist! By you're reactions I see you two aren't as unstable as you're odd titles would suggest. That being said I still am under gunpoint aren't I? Oh and... Sword point to I guess?]]

[center [b Clyde had raised his arms in the air before letting out a rather relaxed stretch and an easy going yawn. Rex had walked over to Raven's side. He wanted to whisper to her "What do we do with him?" he looked over at her. Rex was unsure how to say anything after that odd spectacle. Something about this man seemed... Off or maybe it was simply Rex just didn't understand him. It was clear he took a stronger interest to Raven rather than Rex. Perhaps there really was something in her eyes? Not that Rex would know because he couldn't even make eye contact to save his life. "Wait.. Rex this isn't about eye contact! Focus! My lack of social skills aside... What do I do with this looney toon?]]
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[center Raven watched as Rex made his way in, pulling out her gun. She wasn't sure what to expect, but she wanted to be prepared for anything. Expect the unexpected, as she would tell herself. Not that it actually did any good. No one could've expected the world to end and for the dead to walk the Earth, but there they were, fighting to stay alive among the dead.]

[center She sighed softly, wondering how things were going when she heard a sound coming from inside. Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes widened. Was it a can? What had happened? Whatever it was, it had caught attention from the undead, something she definitely didn't like.]

[center She cursed under her breath as she realized she couldn't use her gun. Not here. If she did that, she would attract more and they would on top of her in a heartbeat. She put the gun away and quickly drew one of her knives, knowing it was her best chance of helping Rex. She didn't know how much trouble he was in, but she was going to have his back, just as he had promised he would have hers.]

[center And so, as quietly as she could, she did her best to take down what undead she could, doing her best to stay hidden. She didn't want to give away her position to the stranger they had seen.]

[center Which is why it sucked, when the situation was over, she heard the stranger ask about her. Clyde, she had thought she heard him say. She stayed hidden for another moment or so, debating if she should show herself or let Rex handle it. However, she didn't know this man or what he was capable of, and that last thing she wanted to do was leave Rex in another situation. So, against her better judgment, she came out from her hiding spot, slowly approaching Rex.]
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[center [h3 Recon]]

[center [b Was this guy one of the bandits? No.. But he seemed too fishy to just let go too. Rex had went in following the guys path as this man snuck in the store. The man was packing up but he let out a sly smirk. Rex was watching the man sneaking through the store and heading to behind the counter. However the man seemed to have noticed throwing a can at the counter causing some noise and some attention. Rex jumped up as the walking dead approached. He cut through two of them with quick initiative.]]

[center [+blue Uh oh.]]

[center [b The man said rather calmly with a smile as he decided to take off with a few bags of food on his side. Even with that he was dodging and weaving through the creatures. As Rex cut his way through them chasing the man.]]

[center [+orange Wait!]]

[center [b The man looked around and saw that they were surrounded. Luckily there was only a hand full of these things left. Rex charged through using Clyde as a distraction as he cleaved a path through. With Raven as backup? Rex was able to fight without worrying about his back. Despite hardly knowing her? He oddly trusted her? Was it cause she had a pretty face? No it was more likely Rex was just naive. He knew better and yet? Well..]]

[center [+teal I see I see, so you weren't there to maim me after all. Going around with a sword and a stern look like that? What else could I expect? Though I must say your approach was a little.. tumultuous. The names Clyde~ Who's your little friend back there?]]

[center [b Soft smooth and silky Clyde was rather direct and well spoken. How'd did he notice Rex? Or better yet Raven? Who was much more well hidden? This.. Clyde was rather worthless in a fight but he seemed to have excellent spacial awareness. Also unlike Rex? He was rather well spoken and confident speaking to others.]]

[center [b What should Rex do? Introduce himself? The man didn't seem like a threat right? Well perhaps it was best if Raven and him checked if he was armed? Right?]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry if the post was a little dry Dx]]
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[center Raven raised a brow at his reaction, but didn't say anything. There wasn't much to say. Out of all the people she had met since the world had gone to shit, he was definitely the strangest. However...if he was really any good with that sword, she might not have a problem keeping him around. Despite his awkwardness, skill was something you needed to survive in this world. Even if something happened and they were split in the future, it was useful now.]

[center Looking back to the store, she frowned as she watched the figure. Now [i this] was something she hadn't been expecting. She was almost regretting not heading down sooner. At the same time...if they had gone sooner, they'd have probably run right into him. At least in this case, he had no idea they were there.]

[center She glanced back at Rex. [b "If you go first, I'll follow behind and cover you. I have the range in case something happens."] She hoped he didn't think she was asking him to go first so that something happened to him. Quite the opposite. He could get close and distract the person. If that person decided to use a weapon, if he had one at all, she could put a bullet between his eyes without even letting him know she was there. [b "Unless you want to do this a different way?"]]
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[center [h3 Follow The Leader]]

[center [b Rex was following Raven closely behind. He was looking left and right. He had... Meant many people who... Died by his side. He didn't want anything to happen to her. Despite her being a stranger? If he saw another innocent person die? What was the point of this sword? If not to protect others? As cheesy a thought it was he wanted to look after this person. Would him being this close be seen as a threat? Would she think he was trying to attack her? Or what if she thought... He was actually a creep trying to get close to-]]

[center [b No! "Rex this is the end of the world her mind isn't on that... So why is mine? Oh damn it! I don't know.. Cause I'm a weirdo? Than again who thinks to themselves like this serious? Yup.. Only me" even growing up Rex had inner dialogue's like this.]]

[center [b "I'm Raven" Rex blinked looking at her. It matched her Raven black hair but... Was that really her name? Than again if it was an Alias? it wasn't anymore crazy than Rex Rider that is for sure. Could he expect a normal name? When he gave her that stupid answer? "God I hope I didn't offend her with that..."]]

[center [b He was following her and it seemed.. They found contact. She turned and asked him that fateful question. Despite her course language of way of asking. Rex blinked turning a slight hue of red. "Me? Would I.. Someone's.. Counting on me?" On impulse he reacted like an overeager puppy with a wild nod as he smiled a nerve wracking smile.]]

[center [+orange O-Of course! I've got your back. I'll protect you worse comes to worse! I-I'll even go first if that's better?]]

[center [b Rex gasped covering his mouth and turning his face around his face bright red. "What.. The hell was that? A simple "yes" would have worked! What the... Ugh god damn it Rex! Seriously? Can you scream overly eager any louder? You don't get social contact in forever and you... Scream out like that? I knew you were a loser before but you at least know to keep your mouth shut. How is she going to take that? Oh yeah only ONE way to take that. That he was a literal crazy person yup." he sighed his face cooling down as he drew his sword taking a step in front of her. It was a sign that he shield her with his body if need be. It was also a way to avoid eye contact because despite not being scared of dying? He was too much of a coward to make eye contact with her.]]

[center [b Rex's brain had fluttered to the possible battle ahead mainly as an escape from the social situation. Besides being the "cringiest white knight" who's ever white knighted. There was some tactical value to him starting a fight. He was a close range fighter and if he could keep the enemies at bay she could deal some serious damage from a range. Here he was comparing life to a game. Seeing himself as the tank and her as the DPS life isn't an MMO Rex! He sighed but at the same time.. Was it really a bad idea? He wasn't sure.. He was always sure of himself in a fight but coming up with a plan for a group? He lacked any confidence... He'd leave the choice up to her. Though before he could say anything else he saw a man trying to sneak into the corner store. He was completely unarmed. He was staying low, throwing rocks to distract a few and flipping over rather quietly. Despite the sly smirk on his face his body seemed to be trembling all over as if he was terrified. Who the hell was this guy?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XURWxNi.jpg]]
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[center Raven glanced at him, raising a brow. Had his parents really named him that? She wouldn't be surprised. People came up with some strange names for their children. She'd met someone named Darling one time, and it was a man. People were strange.]

[center She stopped for a moment, frowning as she saw a few of the undead down the street. Easily avoidable, but it would take longer to get to where she needed to go. She took a moment to debate if they'd go after them or not, but decided to take the scenic route. No point in getting them needlessly killed.]

[center [b "I'm Raven,"] she said once they were out of earshot. Short, sweet, simple. He didn't need to know her last name. They weren't useful, anyway. Hell, their first names weren't necessarily useful. But it was nice to have something to hold onto. Otherwise you really would go mad.]

[center Finally finding the street she'd been looking for, she quickened her pace, eyeing the corner store ahead. She had found out about it a while back, but hadn't had the chance to get to it since there had been more undead in the area. However, it seemed only a handful remained, which meant they could get lucky with whatever was inside.]

[center She stopped and turned to him. [b "Can I trust you to have my back if shit goes south?"] She knew it was dumb to ask. He could turn and run off to leave her for dead. But deep down, she hoping he wouldn't.]
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[center [h3 Small Talk In The Apocalypse]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At20FsThT8Y]]

[center [b Rex had followed the women and the gunshots seized. There was.. No screaming or shouting? Maybe it was survivors coming across the undead? It didn't sound like a firefight. With the lack of screaming? Maybe they won? Rex hoped it was that, a case of the "good guys" winning. Hopeful wasn't it? He knew it was.. Part of him wanted to go and see...]]

[center [b Before he could ponder the thought this woman had asked his name. His name? What was his name again? He didn't forget did he? He knew right? It's...]]

[center [+orange R-Rex..]]

[center [b That wasn't his name it was very obviously an alias he didn't even try acting like it wasn't. What was his name than? How could he forget that? Something so important? This was the name he chose for himself now. That.. That was all that mattered. Right? Or not... He wasn't so sure anymore.]]

[center [+orange W-Whats your.. Um..]]

[center [b He wanted to ask her name but he couldn't manage to choke the words out. "Ugh why am I like this? I can't even talk at the end of the world! God I hate myself.. Why am I such a.. God damn it. Rex calm down just... Talk. Just talk.. Yeah real nice advice of a life time right there. Really? I'm holding a conversation with myself in my head just freaking fine! I'd blame it on the end of the world but I was always like this even in Highschool.. I remember that but not my own name? Really? Damn it I'm so bad at this..."]]

[center [b That aside... What was her plan? To lay low? To move ahead? Was she looking for other survivors? Or was she trying to find a place to bunker down? What was her end game? Or was she like him? Going with the flow? With no real plan at all?]]
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[center Raven glanced back at him as he spoke. She had to admit, she was a little surprised. She hadn't expected him to take her up on her offer. She was sure most people would've walked away, or worse, shot her in the back and left her for dead. That second option had almost happened a few times, so it was a relief that that wasn't the case this time.]

[center Deep down, though, she was also a little...excited. She wasn't sure how long their companionship would last. It was possible it would just be for the night, maybe even a week. Either way, she was kind of glad she wasn't going to be alone for some time.]

[center Unfortunately, as they walked, neither one of them had said much more, which was beginning to make her uncomfortable. Finally getting tired of only hearing their footsteps on the pavement, she broke the silence with a question. [b "What's your name?"] Together for a while or not, getting to know each other at least a little bit would be better than being completely strangers. Wasn't this how you made friends anyway? By talking? She sighed softly. It'd been too long since she'd had a friend.]
  Raven (Anime) / Burning_Heart / 1y 112d 16m 15s
[center [h3 Follow?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRftKDyDjLg]]

[center [b Rex had avoided eye contact with the raven haired woman as she spoke. She answered him rather honestly. He wondered if his reckless fighting was too blame for this? That it attracted attention? Wait... Had he really barked at her if she was followed? Where did that come from? His face became flushed as he gripped his fist tightly gulping. She had told him she was gonna lay low. A realistic approach and it made sense their number and weapons were unknown. If Rex was alone he'd simply check it out. It was a wonder he survived as long as he had. He walked past her toward the direction of the noise on that note. Until.. She offered he come with her. He turned around blinking looking at her.]]

[center [b She'd invite the man that.. Really? What would he do? She was so forward and so... Strong. He couldn't even make eye contact and talk to others and here she was offering a stranger.. Could he? Follow her? Did he have the heart? The bravery to take her up on that offer? Would he be following her for the wrong reasons? Cause she was cute? Or cause she had a pretty face? Partly.. He shook his head flustered red. "God I'm so stupid.. It's the end of the world and your still acting like it's highschool.. Seriously Rex? Get a grip.." His fist tightened he decided maybe it was best he not follow her. He was almost gonna walk off before a thought crossed his mind. This area was dangerous and here he held her up. What if something happened to her? It'd be his fault.. More than that she.. Despite her rough exterior but.. She was a good person. He couldn't not lend a hand.]]

[center [+orange S-Sure.. I-I'll help anyway y-you want..]]

[center [b Was that coming off too strong?! He was a follower by heart but... He took to her side looking at the ground still. "What was he? A knight pledging his loyalty? He could have said that in a more "Smooth" way couldn't he? Oh damn it... Why couldn't he do this right?]]
  RR / ShieldHero- / 1y 112d 11h 31m 55s
[center Raven bit the inside of her cheek. Now what? Should she just leave him there? Though it was cruel, and she missed the company of others, she didn't know him enough to trust him. As she was tossing her options around in her head, the sound of gunshots quickly pushed them away. Gripping her own, she looked up at him. Had she been followed? Not that she knew of. But you never knew in this world. [b "I won't lie; I can't say for sure. If I was, I didn't know about it."]]

[center She sighed and made her way past him. [b "Look, I'm not going to stand here and find out. If someone's coming, I'm finding a place to lay low."] She stopped and hesitated, thinking before she turned to him. [b "If you want to come with me, make up your mind now, because I won't wait for you."] And with that, she continued walking, not looking back at him. If he chose to follow, so be it. If not, then that was his choice. He certainly wouldn't be her problem.]
  Raven (Anime) / Burning_Heart / 1y 112d 19h 54m 40s

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