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A quiet yawn escaped through the slowly widening mouth as Anara awakened from her deep slumber. The shoulders and back convulsed as she stretched, the muscles relaxing after forming stiff bonds with Anara’s skeletal structure. A shorter secondary yawn followed the initial lengthy one as Anara swung her legs over to settle on the oaken floor, testing the floor before rising on the slowly awakening feet. The knees creakingly complained, adjusting to the weight of Anara’s body as more and more of it transferred from the bed and to the feet.

First things first, a shower. Yes the sound of going to bed still having spots of blood, dirt, and whatever else had managed to collect on the skin indeed sounded dirty and disgusting, but everyone had those days, or nights, where the only thought was some comfortable sleep time. And besides, there was a reason for why washers and dryers were invented.

The shower felt refreshing, cleansing the body of all stains and replacing the smelly stains with a slight hint of lavenders and cucumbers. The long hazel hair which darkened while soaking water like a sponge quickly lightened back upon the application of a hair dryer. Fresh clothes, grey cargo pants and a plain charcoal T-shirt, gently lain over the bare skin to cover it up before walking out the damp, steamed bathroom.

After tearing of the bed covers and dunking them into the washer, Anara padded barefoot to her mailbox. With a business like hers, enough mail came in physically to warrant checking the mailbox everyday. There were days like yesterday, working the entire day and hunting criminals right after, which prevented checking the mailbox either in the morning or the evening.

The lid quietly opened outwards, her two drudgery brown eyes spotting an envelope. Upon pulling it from the darkness of the mailbox Anara’s eyebrows raised in curiosity, the fanciness of the envelope intriguing her. Such ‘custom’ envelopes came through rarely, either someone wanted to be all formal or it was another one of those ‘super-rich’ customers.

Sheathing it between her inner arm and armpit, Anara trudged back inside and dumped herself onto a small, crimson couch. Unsheathing the letter, Anara tore the envelope caring naught for the fancy cover; she wanted to get straight to business.

[+purple [i Do-dhèanta]], this couldn’t be. Anara blinked hard and then picked herself hard, confirming that she was in fact still existing in reality. Not everyday did you get an invitation from the Fae king himself, an invitation to a ball. Not to mention that it would take place this very day, indicating a failure in the delivery department.

The fae, they were an interesting race. A folk who kept to themselves not wanting to deal with the other races, Anara could understand the reasoning for that. But this invitation suggested otherwise, this invitation had to be sent to others for Anara did not believe only a few others would be invited. This had to be a show of wealth to everyone.

But from a business perspective, she could use this to find a few extra customers. The simple formula of [i weapons + armor + a question + answer -> a conversation -> suggestion to make armor or a weapon] had to work on at least on one person. And even if no successful conversations happened, at least she’d be visible to many folks who perchance would discuss it after the ball.

Instead of dressing all fancy and ladylike, Anara dressed instead as if for combat. The first later consisted of darkly browned short-sleeved shirt and pants. Over the first plain clothed layer cane the metallic second layer, darkened metal protecting from toe to feet excepting the arms from the shoulders down. Now a sword fighter was nothing with their weapons, these weapons made up the third layer; Anara opted for a single claymore in a sheath and strapped to her back also taking a combat knife.

That is how Anara arrived at the ball. She didn’t give a fuck that only she was attired like that, at least no one would dare take her lightly.
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[Varela+Round [size13 Jairus glanced at the time again. The documents he had to look over took at least five hours at most. He gently rubbed his eyes and let out a small sigh. Maybe he should go home early today. A second assistant came to take the files. It became a lot of back and forth for his assistants, bringing him endless documents and folders to look over.

An assistant named Julia stepped into his office with a wine glass and placed it on his desk. Usually, he did his feedings at home in his study or his bedroom. Something about today though; he needed to drink. His headache still remained. How can a vampire get headaches anyway. Grey hues stared at the glass filled with a red liquid. The female had a somber expression on her face. [#ff8a86 "You should take a break, sir. You seem unwell today."] Jairus made no attempt to reply and grabbed the glass, taking a sip from it. Blood was mixed into the red wine, giving it a more thicker texture. It tasted good though. He enjoyed a normal glass of wine as well.

Jairus raised an eyebrow, glancing at Julia. [#780303 "Is there something else you need, Julia?"] he asked. The woman handed a nicely sealed letter to him. Wow, the last time he was given one of these were years ago. He used his pinky to rip open the letter with his nail, reading it quickly. A ball? Hmm. These were a norm to his kind, gatherings and such. [i The fae...?] He believes he hasn't really made any contact with their kind. Maybe his parents did once before. He did not consider them an enemy or anything, to be honest. He assumed this could be an opportunity for him. He did try to make nice with everyone. He can't speak for all the vampires though, only those who follow his family.

He handed the letter back to her. [#780303 "Contact home, tell them to prepare a suit for me. The ones I keep separate for such occasions."] Julia nodded and stepped out the door. He still had plenty time to take his said break. Hopefully, he'll feel somewhat better before he has to go.

[h2 ]

Jairus could've opted for a driver, yet he's become used to driving himself to places, to home from work, ect. He had a luxurious car he did not want to go to waste. A pretty nice mansion. Something he's used to seeing on a daily basis. There was an offer to park his car; he declined. He stepped out and shut the door, adjusting his tie one last time. He slicked his hair back a moment.

He made his way towards the entrance, one hand in his pocket as he wore a passive expression. He greeted some familiar faces of those who also attended. Jairus took a glass of wine offered to him. Eyes examined those who were already chatting amongst themselves. He rubbed his throat a bit. He should've drank more before coming here. Seems he caught a few eyes already, being approached almost instantly. He didn't mind company as long as no one showed hostility. He had his own guards on standby just in case... someone acted stupid or wanted to cause trouble. They kept themselves well-hidden in the surrounding area.
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After completing his mission to obtain food, Leonides went home where he found an envelope. A very nice envelope, mind you. But, he was not expecting to receive mail from anyone. He carefully unsealed the letter, absentmindedly hovering slightly off the ground, wind seemly from nowhere pulling at his hair.
Leonides dropped the invitation as if it were made of fire. He paled finger shook as he tried to compose himself. It was a letter from one of the royal family. The FAE royal family to be exact. You know....the people that would hate it if they found out that Leon was half-fae? That royal family.
Leon started to pace around the apartment. Should he even go? Would it even be safe for him to go? But could he even refuse such an invitation? AND WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD HE WEAR?
He could hear his father's voice warning him not to go. But...if he went. If he went...maybe he could learn more about his mother.
Leonides took a deep breath. He would go.
The night went on as he prepared himself dinner and unpacked boxes. The simple monotony of unpacking and organizing calmed his nerves. He pulled out his nicest set of dress robes. It was the one he wore to his father's council promotion. Hopefully, they would work when meeting some very important people.
He just hoped that no one else too important would be there...and that no one would find out he was Half-fae and half-witch.


The next night Leonides attended the ball. He had managed to tuck his wings under his dress robes, navy blue with silver accents. It was the nicest thing he owned at the moment. The goal was simple. Pretend to be only related to the witches. He could play a good wizard...as long as no one asked for magic that was too complex. He was very good with wind spells and fairly good at a few healing spells, but other than that...Well, let's just say his magic was not up to snuff.

He looked around and noticed two things. One, a very well dressed couple that looked powerful...People Leon did not want to mess with. And what Leon could only describe as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, wearing a crown. He could feel his cheeks redden a little. Now if a really attractive guy walked in now...he may just pass out.
Leonides was not having a very good night...
  Leonides Potenza / prophetessofdelphi / 289d 21h 9m 22s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Kes6daj.jpg]
[h3 [center Marcellus & Insidia]]
The woman remained in place for most of the day, before finally forcing herself to stand. She moved her arm, tapping the pipe over a detailed ashtray. The female moved with slow, deliberate steps towards a door that led to the balcony. Thankfully, evening was already upon them, that blasted sun finally disappearing.
Glowing red eyes moved, gazing over the buildings which were located outside of their estate. One arm moved, crossing underneath her breasts, the other holding the pipe close to her mouth. A forked tongue slowly slid past the woman's lips, testing the air. Her tail lashed one way, then the other, the spines seemingly lowered, if only slightly, showing her relaxed state. Upon her back, a pair of black, tattered wings suddenly flared outwards. The female gave a few flaps, as if stretching a bit, then neatly returned her wings back to their folded positions.
The soft sound of footsteps suddenly drew her attention. Then as if to answer, a voice sounded, [i "Lady Insidia, you and the Lord have received a letter from the fae."]
A sudden growl sounded from the woman. Her red eyes narrowed, pupils becoming thin slits. She took a moment to take a huff from her pipe. Of all the wretched creatures, why did it have to be the insects? It was true, Lady Insidia absolutely despised fae, probably more so than her mate. However, she also found them to be, well, the most delicious of all the creatures that lived in Red Hallow. Sure, the demonic dragon would catch the occasional stray werewolf, nosey witch, bumbling merfolk, foolish human, or even another fellow demon, but none compared to the taste of fae. They were such delicate things once caught...delicate and sweet...but absolutely annoying. The fae could be the biggest pains, but there was no reward sweeter than a finally defeated fae.
[#191970 [i "Tsk, how annoying. Well, what does it say Ryan? Hurry up, my patience is suddenly very thin,"]] her voice clearly told of her annoyance.
The servant bowed his head slightly to the Lady, then using one of his own claws, slit the top of the envelope open. The male then pulled out a delicate paper, starting to read the letter. As he read, Lady Insidia continued to growl softly under her breath.
When he came to a finish, the woman took another puff from her pipe. She allowed the words to sink in, remaining in a rather stiffened stance. Another, heavier sound of footsteps brought her back to the world. She turned her head, seeing her mate.
Lord Marcellus, Lord of the Rohn Clan, slid the business jacket from his shoulders, handing it off to another servant. His yellow eyes came to land upon the Lady, taking note of her agitated stance.
The male raised an eyebrow, [b "Something wrong love?"]
Insidia turned fully around. Her head shifted towards the servant, Ryan, beside her, then seemingly ushered him over to Marcellus. The male scurried over to the master, handing him the letter, to which he quickly read over the invitation.
[b "Ah, that's why you are suddenly agitated..."]
The Lord folded the paper back, putting it back into the envelope. His yellow eyes flashed to bright red for a moment, then returned back to their yellow. A low hiss emitted from his mouth, which made all the servants instantly scurry off, leaving him, and his mate.
Once they were gone, Marcellus moved closer to Insidia, wrapping his arms around the woman, holding her. He lightly rested his head on her shoulder. The male moved further, letting his lips run across her neck, then finally straightening again.
[b "Seems the fae are expanding their 'business venture'. Hmph, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to...visit their 'grand' estate."]
The woman gave a low snarl, suddenly moving away from him. She moved closer to the banister. The woman's red eyes glared towards the opposite side of Red Hallow, landing upon the Fae's own Mansion. Her tail continued to lash back and forth in agitation.
[#191970 [i "I absolutely [b refuse] to attend. I will not be seen with such annoying insects!"]]
Marcellus seemingly sighed, moving a hand, rubbing at his temples...he knew this was going to come from her...

[hr ]

She was despising every moment of this. Why she had let her mate get her into this, he promised her some shiny valuables if she came with...and her draconic nature just couldn't refuse.
Lady Insidia had chosen to wear a long, black dress. Beside her, Marcellus wore one of several of his business suits, once again also black. The jacket was once again draped across his shoulders, yellow eyes glowing slightly. His pupils were round, calm.
The Lord and Lady of the demon clan, Clan Rohn, had made their presence to the public ball which the fae had so graciously invited them to attend.
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[center [pic https://fontmeme.com/permalink/190612/a2ae673b8cc7ce4f1fd397f1a2809ee0.png]]

[left [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/dyvlnp.jpg]]

[i Her legs hurt, so damned badly. The muscles felt like they were bathing in lava. She could swear her quads were about to peel off from fatigue. But she didn't stop running. Even as her lungs burned and screamed for oxygen from overexertion, she didn't [b dare]] [i stop running.

Not if she wanted to live.

Her heart continued to pound, each time she heard the gunshot she expected to feel burning pain, she expected to feel something more than just fear and anxiety.

The young teen expected to see her life flash before her eyes before it slipped away from her. The ground was dry and sturdy beneath her feet, she was running for her life, doing her best to prolong it even if just for a few minutes. However, her body was weak from the past few days, she was exhausted and simply running on adrenaline. Despite that she did not stop, she kept running further into an abandoned warehouse.

The gunshots stopped, it was eerily quiet in the dark, not even the sound of the insects reached her ears. Foolishly, she stopped. She couldn't run anymore, her heart was pounding in her chest as she tried to catch her breath. Everything felt weak and about ready to give up, using the support of a building. What chance was there that a handful of men would find her this far out, would dare to follow in the dark. She figured she was safe. At least that what she thought.

That was when a shadowy figure darted in front of her, she pressed her body into the wall hoping it would protect her from what was to come.
Once again the shadow figure darted across her line of sight and again and again as if toying with the young teen. She didn't dare to call out or whisper a word. If she did those hunting her would hear her. Biting her lips, she refused to risk even to breathe.

Her turquoise eyes began to search the dark, trying to spot the shadow figure.

Then it pounced, this creature came running out of the darkness to her...]

[center [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/2hqe3ol.jpg]]

Valasca’a eyes shot open, twisting herself off the flat smooth rock. Her chest heaved as both panic and fear run through her. Her hands cup around her throat as her fingers trace along the faint scar.

The memory of her first flight here was unforgettable or unwelcoming. It will forever haunt her soul and mind. She glanced up at the distorted figure above the waters. Valasca pushed through the surface of the waters, to come face to face an elegant envelope in her underwater cave. She gasps taking the warm air of dawn, her iridescent and vibrant of gold and teal scales tail lazily moves back and forward under the waters.

“[#2ac4cf What is this, Oceane?]” Valasca questioned the fellow warrior in their tongue.

“ [#2ac4cf An invitation from the Fae King. It has arrived a few moments ago. It is for you, Val.] ” Oceane addressed and hand over the envelope to her.

Vaslasca broke open the seal with her nail, pulling the letter open and read. “[#2ac4cf It appears to be an invitation, for me to make an appearance.] ”

“[#2ac4cf Are we are to attend?]”

“[#2ac4cf It is strange, Oceane. It a request still I am not accustomed to. Tell the others and prepare for tomorrow night. We shall be at a ball.]”

Oceane nodded, leaving the queen in her moon pool.

[center [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/nxnu37.jpg]]

[center [pic https://fontmeme.com/permalink/190617/7a08c9e8978e594521311eb068fb25c1.png]]

Queen Valasca was the embodiment of a pure merwoman. Her white-golden hair was pin to her head in tiny braids and down her hips, and her skin was pale it appeared translucent, though it was blemished of old and new scars and glowed with health. She wore a beautiful white lace, embroidered with beads and tiny pearls line the fabric of the dress, off the shoulder sleeves and front accents, hung off her slender frame, enhancing her femininity and power. Golden cuffs circled her wrists, biceps, and throat, and upon her head rest true accessory that helps set a queen apart from her subjects by virtue of beauty, elegance, and style: her crown.

A small group of merwomen stood outside the gates, gathered around the small frame of a powerful woman. Those who did not know well would have been confused by them as the Greek lore of the Amazons. Each one stood tall and proud, weapons visible to the eye and dress in thin leather of armor. Valasca walked up to the stairs, the slits of her dress revealing a gold dagger strapped to the side of her thighs.
  Queen Valasca the Valiant / Bunnii / 292d 23h 18m 31s
the silences of the streets at night from the occasional car, or person on their way home. The sky, dark full of stars and the moon bright and full almost glowing like a silver plate. Everyone could see the stars in the small city, most came here to get away from big city life, or to visit family, maybe back in the older days. However with the newest establishment put into the city many people come to see what its all about. Its bright Sign reading Fairy Dust. The Bar had more recently been built up in what was known as the "Fae quarter" of the city.

The race of Fae tended to stick to their own when it came to city activates other then perhaps council meetings and making sure humans were protected from the supernatural of the city of Red Hallow. With each death however it caused tension among the races as the fingers would get pointed at some other race, even after the culprit had been captured and proven without a doubt they had done so. Even so many of the races tended to keep to themselves or a tedious pact of peace within the city limits. The moment one reached the outside of the city however it was all free game and blood would cover the grass just as much as snow or rain.

The grounds of the Crimson Sun's vineyard was no different of course. It was a giant expansion of land just to the North east of the city with grapes of all varieties found on the grounds. Along with homes for the workers and a home for the owners and their families to share. While not as dark as the Demon mansion set on the hill the Fae had a very mysteriousness about itself. Set off just inside the treeline with cast iron fencing around the entire estate the gate a complex thing, but inside was the giant building that the public would see one night every six months as the family within held a massive ball open to the public.

This year the youngest member of the Royal family to the Fae was to host the ball. A small framed child like creature standing no taller then four and a half feet tall with his Dark brown hair and his golden toned eyes and skin stepped into a room scrambling around looking in every nook and cranny possible. [#67320f "God damnit Jessica where did you put those things? They need to go to the post office when I go into town today. The invitations need to be delivered for the ball tomorrow how are we going to get them out if we can't find them?"]

a sweet melody voice of a little girl came across the room with a hint of cheer in it. [b "Found them Master Anjui. I knew I had set them here in the kitchen."] Stepping into view another fae about the same size as the young male named Anjui a smile on her face and black envelopes in her hands. [#67320f "Be sure those are delivered, we cant wait any longer. The postage will take to long as this point, so you will have to hand deliver the letters to the people they are addressed to."] a pout face seemed to appear on the girl only for a second only to be replaced with a painful one as her eyes had caught Anjui's. [#67320f "This party will go off smoothly Jessica. Everything must go according to plan if we are to expand this year."]

The girl nodded and ran off. Anjui was now left standing alone in the kitchen dressed in nothing more then his bare skin. The breeze kissing his skin and caused goose bumps. Looking over the city from the window of the back door of the kitchen a devils smile came to the fae. [#67320f "Arnold. How is our project coming along? Do we know if we have the funds to pay the blacksmith yet or not?"] An older man came into the room this time a black book in his hands. [b "Almost sir. I am sure our profit this evening will be more then enough. to make the estate more protected."]

Nodding Anjui looked to the counter top as the elder man handed him some white linen clothing which he threw on quickly. [#67320f "Arnold please help Jessica deliver the invitations. I will not delay the festivities because of one mistake."]
  Anjui Shori / Colorful_insanity / 293d 5h 5m 3s
The modern day in a modern age, many a thing disintegrated as the times has flown from past to present. One such thing that for some reason managed to still thrive was a smithy, more specifically a weapons and armor smithy. Some were ignorant of such a trade while others were surprised when told of the existence of such people. This did beg a fair question of such smithies managed to keep a business going and stay alive.

And the answer is simple. The last group of people knew about the existence of these smithies and sought them out. Whether it be for something minuscule as a small dent or scratch to something expensive as a decent quality armor set and/or a weapon, these people would willingly travel far and wide and pay the costs just to observe these artists practicing a unique art craftsmanship.

Although for Anara, humans were not the only customers who came a seeking a smithy. Being a part of the supernatural part of the world, ever since being bitten by a werewolf, meant that supernatural creatures walked into her smithy for all the same reasons as the humans did. Anara held no biases, no matter the species of the supernatural she’d be happy to craft armor or weapons or both for the right price. Even though that indeed was an excellent way to retain customers, playing the game of speciest politics would result in huge business loss.

The morning, those were the times of awakening for most, but this type of morning did not apply to everyone. One of those was Anara, for only now did she enter her little, unlit house a few moments after sunrise. She was tired, hungry, and completely naked, stumbling to her made bed and collapsing on top of it. The first two were attributed to staying out the whole night while the third to werewolf transformation. Anara did not spend her night outs partying, she spent them tracking, hunting, and killing criminals. Last night’s lucky winner had been a healthy and alive specimen of a blackmailing vampire, who’s life had ended in a dark alleyway after having the chest ripped open and all the organs stored within the chest mauled to a fine mince.

Even though tearing anything to shreds as a werewolf had its advantages, Anara preferred performing this public vigilante service in human form as it allowed her to use her swords in carving the wolf face flanked by two swords logo into the recently deceased victim’s forehead. This logo had been a whim after killing her fifth or sixth criminal, and the headlines in the newspapers were always a joy to read. And no one ever accused the Twin Bladed Wolf, the nickname the media had come up for the unknown vigilante, of speciesm for Anara imposed her judgement on criminals of all races. And yes, even though supernaturals were supposed to coexist with humans, if the criminal was a human she’d still hunt them down and kill them.

Anara groaned, dragging the covers down before sandwiching her body in between the the bed and covers, dragging the covers back up and over her head. All she wanted was some sleep. She hoped that no early-bird customer would appear and have to deal with them in a sleepy and nearly dead state.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Varela+Round]
[Varela+Round [size13 A small sigh escaped the male's lips. Grey hues scanned over the mountain of paperwork set to the side of the well-organized desk.

Fingers gently massaged the temples of his head. An assistant who he hired three days ago offered to calm his nerves. He should have no need for one, trusting such important tasks to only himself. Seiji seemed to have been a homeless man living on the streets. Homeless people were easy victims to who knows what lurked within the town. He became such a victim to a rouge vampire that was killed within seconds it fled. Jairus had no sympathy to those who kill for pleasure. They will be met with a swift, gruesome death. Their bodies fed to the ferals who roam the forest.

He looked down at the stack of papers moved in front of him, mostly loan applications from other businesses. Cryptic Co. is a well-known empire that supports many of the smaller businesses within the town, most requests loans and support to get their business up and running. It does sponsor a lot of them as well. Some he had to shut down, since those who don't survive end up bringing a bad name to the company.

[#780303 "Nngh.. too hard, Ian."] He sighed again and swatted the male's hands away. [#780303 "Go take care of the shopping for me, you have the key to the house."] Jairus opened the side drawer to his desk and handed him a piece of paper with a long list of things that needed to be bought.

[#e1c38b "Y-Yes, sir.. um.."] Ian leaned down and whispered something into the male's ear.

Jairus gave a cold chuckle. [#780303 "Depends how well you do with the task."]

His eyes never left the documents on his desk. The door to his office open and closed. He pushed himself away from the desk, turning his chair around to look out the window. He scanned over the town, looking down at the civilians below. It may have been his gut feeling; he sensed trouble arising somewhere. The last thing he needed was more stress. A knock came to his door. He gave a curt 'come in'. A classified folder was handed to him. These were never good. As part a huge support of the town, Jairus made sure to keep everything peaceful and that the humans were safe. Free to walk through the town as they pleased. He only had to shed blood a few times, nothing too serious. The increase in humans inhabiting the town made him worry. More humans means more victims.

While he tried to ally with other specie in the area, the decade-old conflict seemed to have remained for quite some time. He personally had no one he considered an enemy. His parents were a different story. He's not his parents though. The only enemy were those causing trouble to his town. He looked at the time. He'll most likely be going home super late again. He made a quick call to home, to make sure his precious cats were taken care of. He may look like someone who wouldn't own a cat, but he has developed a weakness for them. He thought the little furry creatures would be scared of him.
  נαιяυѕ✧ / Seki / 295d 26m 49s
Keys. Keys...keys...Where in the world had Leon put his keys? One of the newest residents to Fall Hallow was trying to juggle his last box of belongings and get his keys out at the same time. Which, of course in retrospect, he [i should] have gotten out the keys out first and [i then] picked up the box. But no. Leon just had to complicate things more so than a normal, more logical being would do.
"[+blue Ah ha!] he cried out, successfully pulling out the keys to his new apartment.
With quick work, Leon entered his home and set down the box. He looked around the few boxes he had brought from home. It was not much, but it was home. He would fully unpack later, but one box called out for his attention. It was a small box labeled as "photos". With careful fingers , Leon opened the box and started to pull out old memories.
The first was a picture of himself and his father. It was outside of his childhood home before he had found out that he was half-fae. It would be later on that very day that Leon would accidentally use his wings for the first time. Which made his father have to tell him about the forbidden love shared between Leon's father and mother.
Leon sighed and put the picture on the desk he had built early from a certain evil furniture store. So. Many. PARTS.
The next picture was of Leon and his student. As part of his witch training, he had taken on a student. This student was a young witch named Chero, who was half-human and half-witch. In hindsight, it was probably why he was assigned to work with her. But he loved that girl like a little sister and was sad to be apart from her. She had gone on some grand adventure without him.
Leonides shook his head and held it up proudly. No! He was going to make it here too! Then he would write her letters about all the friends he was going to make. Because he was going to make friends.

A grumble pulled Leon from his thoughts. He was starving and of course had an empty fridge. Well, guess it was time to go shopping. He set the picture down and picked up his reusable grocery bags. He could have sworn he saw a food market around here somewhere.

Making a show of it for his own benefit, he locked the door and practically skipped to the closest grocery store.
  Leonides Potenza / prophetessofdelphi / 295d 20h 37m 3s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Kes6daj.jpg]
[h3 [center Marcellus & Insidia]]
A tall, dark mansion stood upon a hill in the outskirts of the town. A part of the place that many demons claimed as their own, but even they were not welcomed in the tall, iron fence that surrounded the mansion's expansive property. To even be caught wandering too close often led to a not so pleasant meeting between occupants and strangers. The owner's were considered to be quite territorial...one more so than the other...

A dark room, it was what she always preferred. The woman was laid out on a sofa, tail curled neatly upon her side, tip twitching now and then. The only light in the darkness of the room, were a few candles along the walls, and the glow of her eyes. In the darkness, wisps of what seemed to be smoke wafted about.
The strange woman held a pipe in her hand. She raised it to her lips, inhaling, then exhaling, slowly releasing the smoke from her lips. She watched the smoke swirl about with a bored expression.
The sound of footsteps caught her attention. The female shifted a bit, but remained in her lounging position. Her yellow eyes landed upon the door, watching it open to reveal a tall, dark male.
A soft smile crossed her lips, [#191970 [i "Hello my love. Things going well for you at work?"]]
The man whom had entered shut the door behind, leaving only the darkness, the woman, and himself. He approached her, coming to pull up a chair next to her place.
[b "Eh, just the usual shit happening. Few new buildings being put in place. Damn mutts and the rest of the filth that live here aren't helping."]
The woman reached a hand over, delicate fingers caressing the man's cheek, [#191970 [i "Well, at least those buildings will bring more to the hoard."]]
She suddenly released an annoyed 'tck', [#191970 [i "As for the impure mutts, don't worry love, their time will come. Soon, I will head out to hunt again, and make sure there are a few less."]]
The male lifted his head as she touched him. Very lightly, he used his own hand to brush a few strands of her hair back. The man chuckled, hearing her statement.
[b "Be careful out there hun, I'd hate to see you hurt by such filth."]
A loud prrum came from the woman, [#191970 [i "You worry too much love. You know they could hardly put a dent in my scales."]]
He only gave a nod, once again standing. The male turned, heading towards the door. He paused, not glancing back as he spoke.
[b "I am unsure how work will go. So apologies if I am home late."]
The woman only gave a nod, using her other hand to seemingly waft the smoke into odd shapes. Once again she was left in the darkness of her lair.
  :-Red Moon-: / Dragoncita / 296d 16h 18m 57s
[center [pic https://fontmeme.com/permalink/190612/a2ae673b8cc7ce4f1fd397f1a2809ee0.png]]

[i Oh broken hearted one.]

[i Your soul has grown weary.]

A siren.

[i Have you turned to the rippling tides?]

[i To engulf your lonely tears?]

Sweet, luring but dangerously fatale.

[i May the waves embrace you.]

[i Lull you softly to sleep.]

All the creatures of the Luna and humans alike are drawn to her, consumed by pure beauty yet the taste of darkness and mystery lingers along her skin. She will capture your heart with her voice before you know it will be late, your last breath filled with the salt cold waters of the sea.

[i Ease away all the hurt and pain
That you carried through the years
But if given a chance
Would you forget the past?
You and I can start all over...
We can love again...

The waves crashed against the rocks as the clouds of thunder roam as it cast a dark grey shadow along with the buildings of the town. Val heard them before the sounds reach her army of elite soldiers. The dull sound mechanical propellers moving through the waters –

[b Bang. Bang. Bang.]

– demanding access.

The vibrations were thick and foreboding, out to do harm against the thick steel wall of the vessel, prohibiting the entrance to the seven-foot beauty warriors. The ship surrounded, nowhere to run or escape. Death is the only way to leave. With the supplication, the stalwart impediment would comply, the steel started to bend inwards, slowly giving way as drones of tails attack by their queen command. Makeshift weapons of steel and harden coal, the center of it; the moonstone. The stone that held the power of the moon’s light. It provided sounds of chaos to the human abode.

[b [#2ac4cf “Baovveche, heehii!“ ]] Val shouted, different sizes of gold seashells and white pearls cling to around her head, upon her forehead a beautiful fluorescence blue gemstone. Variations of blue and white hues of light brighten the ocean, as the stone shone blinding those look directing at its owner.

[b BOOM!]

[center [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/nxnu37.jpg]]

Months had gone by since she last saw the surface; memories of Land were almost forgotten. Only the memories of the fires and the blood haunted her day after day. Massive ships once cut the waves, nets dragged behind them as fire vessel swept her [i sisters] in numbers. They were caught in droves and murdered in higher numbers as the Great Wars raged in Sea and Land. She had freed many only to lose them once again from the humans.

Memories of their bodies, both Man and Mer floating in the choppy waters, stinking to the dark abyss.

[i Rage.]

Rage consumed her flesh, her heart, and soul. Cold ocean waters caressed her, her pale scared flesh callous against the temperature. With each meter closer to the surface she felt the warmth wrap itself around her. Though she saw no sun as Val moved closer to the world above, she could feel the drastic change of weather. Something white and crescent-shaped stared down at her and she knew she was near. Val reached her webbed fingers to her slits. The flaps sucked in the oxygen from the waters, the gills kept them alive. Val let out a sigh, bubbles billowing in front of her view, obscuring what little of the surface that she could see and pushed herself from the surface. Small strands of sun-bleached hair cling to her face, looking towards the north. Dozen of heads popped up like daisies from the waters behind her. Val’s turquoise eyes fell on the starry lights of the town, the place she had claim home since this journey has begun.

[i [b Fall Hallow]]

A chorus of lovely voices filled the night sky, welcoming the queen back home.

The queen has returned.

*Merfolk, go direct.
  Queen Valasca the Valiant / Bunnii / 297d 19h 10m 2s

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