Under the Red Moon

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[b [center [#FF0000 So the world]]]
[b [center[#696969 is yours for the taking]]]

[b [center [#FF0000 Too bad]]]
[b [#696969 [center the world fears]]]

[b [center [#FF0000 everything that]]]
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[#FF0000 [b [center are]]]

[left [pic http://i63.tinypic.com/2iuqons.jpg]] [#696969 [i In the beginning, Red Hallow was funded by the supernatural aristocrats and royalty many centuries ago. A large and growing town for supernaturals to live among one another and away from the prying eyes of mortals and hunters of that time. A magical barrier was placed over the forest-covered town to shield them and often moved from place to place when needed. Overall it was a normal and peaceful town for many years.

However soon things flipped Red Hallow upside down and chaos began to rise within the once serene town. The child rate spiked within the town. These children, however, were not of pure blood. They were the first ever Hybrids. Thought to be at first a more powerful being of destruction that soon proved to be the opposite. Unpure blood as they were called proved themselves to be a weaker species. Disgusted, the council began to point fingers, and thus the rivalry began.

Now present day, Red Hollow is still teeming with supernatural life. It is a dark place on no one's must-see vacation spot. Red Hollow is often avoided by nonsupernatural due to the high violence rate and the rising rebellion. Fall Hollow now stays in one place with no barrier for protection. The mortal population has begun to wander into Red Hallow - soon finding out its dark secrets. While the Red Hallow is ever changing there are a few things that have remained the same over the centuries. A social hierarchy stands - the hybrids being the inferior species - lower on the totem pole than even the humans. They blend in with the mortal society and are often hired to do undesirable jobs.

The species who rule in Red Hallow are truly fierce, some of the strongest and most formidable of foes. All of which are from pure-blooded lineage. These gangs include The Vampires, The Werewolves, The Shifters, The Witches, The Mermen, The Faeries and The Demons. With a deep set rivalry that goes back hundreds of years, each species sticks to their own. Often more than not hostile to one another. The romance or friendship between the species is considered as a taboo, something that is often punishable by death.]]

[b For peace, [#FF0000 blood]] [b will be spilled…]

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[h3 Theme Song]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZTPMHXAZzw]

[h3 Hybrids]
[h4 If more information is needed about a specific race, notify me.]

[hr ]

[b Werewolf - Human]: Result in a weaker werewolf, Would only be able to shift on a full moon, smaller in size compared to a normal werewolf. High body temp, less of a sense of smell and hearing. Human lifespan.

[b Werewolf - Witch]: Results in a weaker werewolf, Would only be able to shift on a full moon, smaller size compared to a normal werewolf. Normal body temp, normal sense of smell and hearing, weak magical abilities. Human lifespan.

[b Werewolf - Merman]: Moderate strength werewolf, Not able to shift into a werewolf, Can grow fins only when exposed to salt water. Normal body temp heightened smell and hearing. 200-year lifespan.

[hr ]

[b Faerie - Human]: Results in weaker faerie, Only tattooed wings - nonusable, limited elemental magic that may or may not work on command. 150-year lifespan.

[b Faerie - Witch]: Moderate strength faerie, Wings can be animated by magic to work for a short period of time. One heightened element, weak non-elemental magic. A 1000 year lifespan.

[b Faerie - Merman]: Moderate strength faerie, Very small wings that allow extra speed when swimming but useless for flying, excels in water element magic. Very charming innocent looking creatures. A 2000 year lifespan.

[hr ]

[b Shifter - Human]: Results in weak shifter, Only able to shift into one animal, less of a sense of smell and hearing. Human lifespan.

[b Shifter - Witch]: Moderate strength shifter, Also called a familiar, strongest when bonded to a witch. Can shift into a small animal , Moderate magical abilities. Human lifespan.

[b Shifter - Merman]: Moderate strength shifter, Can shift into water animals, moderate sense of smell and hearing. Can hold breath underwater for up to an hour. 200-year lifespan

[hr ]

[b Demon - Witch]: Results in weaker demon, possess higher level earth and fire elemental magic. Can feed off negative energy or food. Often have small horns. 700-year life span

[b Demon - Merman]: Moderate strength demon, low-level elemental magic. Often very mischievous and have slight power over persuasion. A1500 year lifespan

[b Demon - Shifter]: Moderate strength demon, has the ability to shift into a hellhound, possesses low fire elemental magic. Feeds on human food. 200-year lifespan

[b Demon - Werewolf]: Moderate strength demon, has the power to shift into a demon wolf - very temperamental and volatile in that state. Very charming and manipulative. Feeds on human food. 200-year lifespan

[hr ]

[b Werewolf - Faerie]: Moderate strength werewolf, Smaller than most werewolves, has limited elemental magic, Moderate lifespan. 200-year lifespan

[b Werewolf - Shifter]: Moderate strength werewolf, Can shift into wolf-sized mammals - through a wolf is the easiest. Moderate body temp heightened hearing and smell. Human lifespan.

[hr ]

[b Faerie - Shifter]: Moderate strength faerie, Fully functioning wings, lower level elemental magic. Can talk to animals. 500-year lifespan.

[b Faerie - Demon]: Moderate strength faerie, Fully functioning wings, often has tiny horns. Moderate elemental magic can blend into the darkness. Low lifespan. Dark magic needed at birth. 4000-year life span

[h3 Character Creation]

[b Appearance: Realistic drawings/paintings or Anime only]

[i " A quote they live by "]
-[b Author]

[b Name:]

[b Nickname:]

[b Age:]

[b Gender:]

[b Sexuality:]

[b Title:]

[b Species:]

[b Occupation:]

[b Likes:]

[b Dislikes:]

[b Fears:]

[b Personality:]
[u Flaws & Virtues]

[b History:]

[b Extra:]


[h3 Queen Valasca the Valiant]

[pic http://i66.tinypic.com/dyvlnp.jpg]

[i " A Queen will always turn pain into power. "]
-[b Queen Valasca]

[b Name:]
Valasca the Valiant

[b Nickname:]
Val, Queen

[b Age:]
5 in Mermaid Years

[b Gender:]

[b Sexuality:]

[b Title:]
Queen of the Sea

[b Species:]

[b Occupation:]
Owner of [i Lady Killers]

[b Likes:]
- The Sea

- Sparring

- Raw Fish

[b Dislikes:]

- Betrayal

- People who are unjust

- Doubt or judges her base on her appearance

[b Fears:]
- Forced into marriage with the King

- Failure to her people

[b Personality:]

+ Strategic, Protective, Loyal

- Daring, Severe, Deadly

[b History:]

Valasca takes no prisoners; she takes nothing she does not need. She does not rule the Sea of Strength with frequency but instead with severity. Her people follow her because they fear her wrath, but also because they feel her love. She is not heartless, but she is austere, she is brutal, and she is not without humanity. The Sea of Strength chooses a new leader from preteen age, taking those with the best potential and bringing them together to train and receive the best education in the Seas.

Val was honored to be a part of this, but also angry. She had been taken away from her parents without the slightest notice and forced to spend an intolerable amount of time with the miserable king. He was not their best. No, King Kane was a brilliant man with an awful temper. He won many battles for his people, but his punishment was harsh if they suffered any form of defeat. He targeted the weak and made a show out of their pain. Valasca could not stand this.

One night after a surprise attack, Kane attempted to make an example of a young girl Valasca was very fond of, grabbing her by her hair and holding a blade to her cheek, screaming for all to look at the shame of her cuts and bruises she sustained in the fight. Everyone knew her as a kind girl, strong and quick-witted but still young and hesitant in battle. Val couldn’t stand to see the girl hurt. There was no real reason for it, just senseless torture, but no one else would dare stand against their king. So she did. She challenged the miserable old man to a fight, and… she won.

She was only fifteen , and every mer there turned their swords to the ground and bowed to their new queen. As Queen, she had many tests ahead of her. She had learned a lot from Kane, in more than one way. She had learned to be stern and confident, as he was, but also to be patient and guide her people to their potential, to help them overcome weakness and fear. The Sea is stronger than it has ever been, under her rule. Val declared war upon the people of Fall Hallow. She’d been formulating a plan ever since the witness of the greed and power of those on lands. Val had since opened a burlesque club, in hopes to lure mortals to their death.

[b Extra:]

Her voice

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBXqEZbxsg8]

[h3 Marcellus Rohn]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/20gHpcu.jpg]

'You speak, so I thought you might have a decent level of intelligence, but alas, seems you are nothing more than a nuisance.'

Name: Marcellus Rohn

Nickname: N/A

Age: Human form appears to be in his 30's, actual age somewhere in his 837,000's

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Title: Lord

Species: Inferno/Shadow Oni (demon)

Occupation: Owner of a large, Architecture Business

Likes: His mate/wife, being in charge, when things go his way

Dislikes: The other species that live in the town, coming home to an unhappy mate/wife , when others see themselves superior compared to him

Fears: Angelic/Holy items, losing his mate/wife, losing his business

Personality: Holds a 'professional' attitude, can become competitive with rivals, arrogant

History: A well known man among the people of Red Hallow, Marcellus was one of the few to help construct several of the buildings within the town.
In the depths of the hells, before he came to Red Hallow, he was a Demon Lord, whom ruled over a clan, Clan Rohn. His specific clan found themselves allied with a demonic dragon clan. As such, it was through them, that he found his mate/wife, Insidia.
Now they had come to the surface world, in hopes to find new territory for their Clan. Nearly everyone who works for Marcellus is part of his Clan. There are still ties below in the hells with them and himself.
As for the growing tensions in Red Hallow, Marcellus could care less, so long as business remains good and no one gets in his way.

Extra: Married/mate to Insidia

[h3 Insidia Rohn]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/Kes6daj.jpg]

'What is this? I am expected to talk to those impure mutts? I would prefer simply devouring the lot of them and be done with it.'

Name: Insidia Rohn

Nickname: N/A

Age: Human form appears to be in her early to mid 30's, actual age unknown

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Title: Lady

Species: Demonic Dragon

Occupation: Housewife

Likes: Darkness, the hoard (wealth) generated by her mate/husband, her pipe

Dislikes: Bright lights, any other species seeing them below her, when she can't find her pipe

Fears: Angelic/holy items, losing her mate/husband

Personality: An extremely laid-back woman, Insidia is almost to the point of being lazy
Like her mate, sees herself above the rest of all the other species that live in the town

History: Insidia is from Clan Kothar, a clan of extremely powerful Demon Dragons. Clan Rohn was allied with Clan Kothar, which in turn introduced the chance of her meeting Marcellus.
Insidia wasn't as keen as her mate to go to the surface world, but she supposed it wouldn't hurt. So she followed him, and soon found herself settled down in a giant mansion on the hill in Red Hallow.

Extra: Married/mate to Marcellus


[h3 Anara Tokesh]

[pic http://i67.tinypic.com/akzbif.jpg]

"If you have to sneak to do it, lie to cover it up, or delete it to avoid being seen, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Unless you’re killing criminals, then it’s perfectly alright.”

Name: Anara Tokesh

Nickname: Twin Bladed Wolf

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Title: She ain’t royalty, so she ain’t got no title.

Species: She’d be a shifting werewolf if I ever saw one.

Occupation: Kills criminal as a side job. No one would ever suspect a smith running a smithy of killing criminals.

Likes: She does like eating the rawest meat possible while sitting at home which is attached to her pride and joy of a smithy. For a werewolf, has a weird fondness for flowers.

Dislikes: She don’t like anyone messing with her smithy, there even be a warning sign a hanging at the entrance. Definitely hates any meat cooked above medium-rare

Fears: Doesn’t want to deal with the day when she wakes up and her home and smithy have been erased out of existence. In werewolf form, she most definitely fears any anti-werewolf things and doesn’t want to wake up somewhere public and naked.

Personality: One heck of an ingenious smith, coupled with a determination to see things through the end as well as being an able sneak.

Although being a loner means she is quite alone and vulnerable if targeted by a large group. Coupled with her intolerance for such groups and rash decisions concerning those types of groups, it makes for one volatile mix of a werewolf.

History: One can always spin the tale of a brave, lone adventurer walking over mountains, through forests, or whatever geographical landmark adventurers like to walk on, in, or through on a quest to slay some werewolves to save a village and getting bit in the process. But in her case, such a tale would be far from the truth. For the truth was quite simple, a human girl raised by two human parents and then getting bit in the ass by a werewolf which caused this little girl to become an outcast amongst humans. Forced to wander alone, this little girl almost vanished from existence until a kind and helping werewolf found her on the brink of death. This werewolf was an old one, and looking for someone to take over his smithy. He taught the little girl, who grew throughout the years to become a mature adult, everything there was to know about smithing any weapon or armor piece as well as how to be a werewolf.
As to this little girl’s, now a mature adult running the smithy while taking care of the invalid werewolf also became a sort of vigilante. Every now and then the dead body of a criminal, whether it be simple thievery or full blown murder, would be found laying somewhere in the street alleyways with twin swords around a wolf’s head traced into the forehead.
This was Anara’s story. Now she runs the smithy ship all alone because her old benefactor had peacefully passed away. While it’s not usually busy, the business is running.

Extra: English is usually an understandable language, that is until you add a heavy Scottish accent and then people have an ear sore deciphering the words.
[h3 Jairus da Ville Jr]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/qkcHkkt.gif]
The vampire is an outsider. He's the perfect metaphor for those things. He's someone who looks human and sounds human, but is not human, so he's always on the margins."
- Anne Rice

Jairus da Ville Jr.


Looks 20ish





C.E.O of Cryptic Co.

Wine, Felines, Human Blood, Winter

Unnecessary Violence, Animal Blood, Hot Temperatures

~ Fire
~ Company going under
~ His own death

Arrogant x Over-confident x Egoistical
Loyal - Hardworking - Patient

The da Ville family has been around for centuries. Or that is what his father always told him. There's even a history book about their legacy. A very proud family of pureblood vampires. They are known for their strict morals and certain rules they live by. Majority of the vampire race respects them and have become followers of the family name. What makes them likable is they aren't as picky as other pureblood families; they will take in strays and newborns to teach them the way on how to live. They feed from humans, yes, but only ones that willingly offer their blood to them. They pay donors and such, sometimes to donate their blood to those who don't like to feed from the source.

Jairus, the only heir to the family name, definitely takes after his father in means of personality and how he carries himself. He inherited some of his mother's features, mostly in the face. He lives away from his family, in a second home they own. His father decided to step-down as his role of C.E.O and passed it down to him. He took on this role at a young age while still studying. Somehow his parents were strict about his education. He knows the meaning of hardwork.

Now an adult, he has become quite the bachelor - so to speak. He tends to stick to his work and not worry about anything else. Ever sense trouble has risen in the city, his parents have been working to keep most races in line, protecting mortals who have wandered in. They aren't so heartless to let bloodshed happen in their home.

Kittens/Cats are his true weakness; owns about four. Mostly strays.

[h3 Leonides Potenza]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/QS7B3kN.jpg]
" If you can't use your skills to help people, what good are you? "

Name: Leonides Potenza

Nickname: Leon

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Title: none

Species: Faerie-Witch

Occupation: Tutor

Likes: -cats
-helping others

-food that has strange textures

ineapple on pizza

Fears: -Losing his loved ones
-being forced to take on a role he does not wish to take
-not being strong enough to protect those he loves

+ Loyal, protective, intelligent
lass clown, self-loathing, can be fake

Growing up Leonides never knew his mother, she had died when he was very young. His father told him about how she had been one of the fae. That always made Leon stand out among the other witches and wizards he grew up with. He always felt isolated knowing that any lasting relationships would be cut short since he was doomed to live a long life. It was when he became a tutor to a young witch who was half-human that his outlook changed. He became her protector and prevented bullies from picking on her. Now that she has grown up and moved on, Leon has a choice to make. He can tutor more students or he can take his father's place on the council of witches. Leonides is pretty sure that he does not want to take his father's place...So, he moved to Red Hallow as a way to start his own life.

Extra: -His element that is heightened is air. He uses it to make his hair gently blow in the wind for dramatics
-he used to have his hair very long and only recently cut it
-He has a stronger connection to his "witch" side.
-Leon gets lonely, he is very extroverted

[h3 Anjui Shori]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/U5aor19m.jpg]

" There is no Remedy for Love, but more love"

Name: Anjui Shori

Nickname: The Moon Prince

Age: Unknown, Records have him in the Four million range

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Title: Caedaes (Keeper)

Species: Shaer Tusali

Occupation: Co-owner of the Crimson Sun Vineyard

- Traditions

- Loud Noises
- unnecessary Violence
- Silver

- Death at the hands of a Human
- The loss of his vineyard
- There not being enough Wine
- Loosing site of the moon

Bubbly - Determined - Cunning -
Close minded X Silver tongued X Vane/ Self absorbed.

History: The Long line of the Shori blood line Royals is a bloody and messy past. Fae have always fought among each other to which clan should rule their people and many Royals are assassinated or killed during battle even in current standards many have seen their death beds due to a Rival house/clan. Shori is the Longest standing Blood line to keep the Crown of its people. Coming to Anjui's father in the sixth century and he has kept it sense ruling with an Iron fist and swift action. It was the Tusali way, to make sure the Bys, Aer, Myr, Shaer families stay in line under his crown.

The Four Fae of the Sky, that is what his race would be called. Starlight Fae to the common tongue. The way a child's race was determined was not by his parents or by his family line, but that of the placement of the Moon upon his birth. If the moon was seen in the north they would be apart of the Bys, If the moon was in the east they would be a Aer, if the moon was in the south they would be a Myr, if the moon was in the west they would be a Shaer. One could also tell based upon what constellation that could be seen upon their skin. Eisor, Saser, Kaestolai, Talaes, Jhi, Bosai, Jhordae, Mysai, Mandrorasor, Tadolys, Eizesor, Voraer. The twelve Major Constellations would done themselves on a child as they were born and as they age grow brighter. The down fall of these Fae are they do not have wings, but instead fly like they are floating.

Rarely does a child that is born have the three Devine Constellations appear, Tyl, Mel, Mas. Anjui was named prince and next in line that over his older siblings and any other head of house as he had the biggest God intervention on his part and has all Three Devine Constellations upon him.

As he aged however Anjui was forced to move from place to place with his "father" the king and eventually they ended up in the town that would be known as Red Hallow. Helping build the Fae inspiration inside the city itself. Shortly after his "adult hood" ceremony Anjui established the Crimson Sun Vineyard just outside the city on his family's estate.

Extra: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l7fhxNrrrM]
[h3 Ruo]

I hope it's not to late :)
-Author: Quest

Name: Ruo


Age: 28

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight


Species: Demon-Shifter

Occupation: Detective

Likes: Cleanliness ~ Outdoors ~ People Watching ~ Running

Dislikes: Show offs ~ Gluttons ~ Liars ~ Thieves

Fears: Spiders ~ Drowning ~ Cats

Personality: Lack of empathy ~ Blunt ~ intelligent ~ Quiet
Flaws & Virtues: Easily tempered ~ Violent when chosen to be ~ impatient: Trustworthy ~ Honest ~ Dependable

History: Growing up, Ruo was heavily abused by his care takers. Wasn't very socialized until education became involved. He was forced to live in the toxic household he was in until he was fed up and left to live on the streets. Being homeless for 90% of his college career, Ruo had managed to make something of himself while keeping under radar of his abilities to mortals.
Growing up alone with no trust to anyone, he did not want to be bothered about who he was and his abilities being a detective.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJkj3DgW8Y0]

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Watching as everything went smoothly, well for the most part smoothly between guests it seemed they all separated out according to their race affiliation. That isn't what the ball was meant for. Those who were dancing were barely tolerating their dancing partners and some even kept to their own race in such. Of course no matter the changing of times all it boiled down to one thing. Traditions, it was one thing that kept everything in balance for the most part. It was also however suppose to keep people going as well.

Traditions is what kept the fae going, they followed strict things as regulations and rules. Looking around at his guests Anjui only had a playful smile upon his face. It was time to break these traditions it was after all a new age. Walking first to the table of the werewolf group it was a short conversation as the flee bitten mongrels wanted nothing to do with their host other then to have him leave, and possible rip out his throat with their teeth or claws, not going to happen of course as Anjui knew well werewolves and their...Allergy to silver.

Next stop was that of Demon court. Stepping in the way of the Lady's vision. [#67320f "You know watching people the way you do Great Demon Lady will make them believe you are wanting trouble."] Holding up his hand before the pair could speak Anjui turned to the male of the pair. [#67320f "I must ask great Demon Lord that you at the very least pay heed to the three rules while here."] With his hand still raised the Fae prince went on. [#67320f "I will remind you that there shall be no blood tonight on these premises."]

Leaving the demon's table before words could be said the prince went next to The Vampire court, where like before few words were spoken of course they like the demons considered Fae a delicacy and like the werewolves would rip out his throat as soon as speak to him. Seeing more particularly one vampire set aside from the rest Anjui's eyes rested upon him a moment. What a strange thing to see a vampire mingling with werewolves.

As the young male continued around the room at his slow leisure pace he spotted the young Newest residence to Red Hallow speaking to the blacksmith he would have to speak to later. Skipping the pair he followed to the queen of the merfolk, her gown of course hugged her curves and did as expected they made her more alluring to most and possible even those who could resist normal temptation were unlikely to resist her. Of course returning his eyes to the party he stepped in between a demon and vampire that seemed to get a bit angry with each other and try to go at each other.

Snapping his fingers Anjui drew the attention of a few of the Fae guard members. [#67320f "Ladies and Gentlemen I must ask that you draw you eyes to the pair of beings now in the middle of the floor."] with his hand out at each other he snapped his finger again this time several statue like beings came from the walls and drew the two a hold. Of course easily breaking the stone Anjui had drawn upon his magic and carved the pair into mince meat with starlight based magic. The pair had infact exploded. [#67320f "Do not test the magic of Fae in our own dominion."]

Returning to the party he clapped his hands and the music started once again. As he once again rotated the room his eyes fell again on the vampire that was away from the others. Eventually going up to the male a hand extended out. [#67320f "Care for a dance?"]
  Anjui Shori / Colorful_insanity / 9d 18h 7m 29s
For Anara it was simple, she never attended en masse parties. Too many people meant keeping track of suspicious folk became a nightmare, keeping track of suspicious folk in a city were easier; this came from Anara's personal experience. Another thing from Anara's personal experience which only disliked her experience for such ginourmous events dealt with the usage of weapons, such tight confinements led to possibilities of harming innocents, she abhorred even the minutest violence, even accidental, against innocents.

With this crushing mass of unknown persons and personalities Anara constantly scanned, her eyes always fixated on someone or the other and analyzing their body and facial language before switching to someone else and repeating this process. A constant [i [+purple tutting]] kept leaping around her head, no possibility of drawing out the claymore strapped to her back unless the crowd cleared; Crowds never cleared in emergency situations, instead they literally crowded together and either stayed in place or fled like panicking deer from an oversized wolf.

But this quietness felt unnatural, and not only for Anara. Even though everyone be milllin' about, the constant glancing around and unsure looks. Anara's left hand sneakily crept to that single spot in her back, preparing for a possible assassin or attack in general.

Anara quickly dropped her hand back down to her side, whether or not anyone was actually convinced that she hadn't been reaching for the knife concealed on the back definitely could be debated. The speaker had emerged in their fae glory, simple white cloth adorned with elegantly wrought jewels, Anara felt jealous for she had naught this precision and elegance, along with the permanently tattooed celestial stars in their skin.

From this fae's speech, Anara understood it as making no stupid actions. Anara knew that included no weapon shenanigans, but if someone tried to harm her or anyone else she'd make no promises.

With the ball officially commencing and everyone entering inside the grand hall, Anara split off from the main crowd and headed for a pillar which she leaned against. The only social situations in which she felt comfortable were sword fighting ones, one necessarily need naught to speak and leave the weapons do the talking. She kept turning her head and scanning, her arms forming a narrow X in front of her chest.

Anara spotted someone approaching her. It would be extremely rude, never mind the bad impression, to be casually leaning against a pillar while someone approached you to expressly talk with you. As a measure of a personal sense of security, a precise movement into the [https://www.armystudyguide.com/content/Prep_For_Basic_Training/prep_for_basic_drill_and_ceremony/parade-rest.shtml position of attention] to allow an easy reach for the dagger.

Not the only one in the same predicament as her. While the clothes, the navy blue with sharp silver to colour the edges, looked confident the person in them was not. But Anara respected him, for unlike her he at least made the attempt of talking with complete strangers.

[+purple [b "Good evening Leonides Potenza, my name is Anara Tokesh. Nice ta be acquainted with ya."]], extending her right hand forward as was the custom after exchanging names. As long as he understood her English, he probably wouldn't for not many in this town spoke with the horrendous accent she had.
  Anara Tokesh / NorthernWolves / 10d 21h 51s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Varela+Round]
[Varela+Round [size13 Jairus checked his watch again for the time. Shouldn't the host of the party be down to greet the guest as they come in? He did not make it a big deal though. Every specie has their own ways of doing things. He stood somewhere near the far back. Eyes stayed glued to his form, like they questioned if he should be approached or not. He may not wear the most welcoming expression, but Jairus considered himself harmless when it came to social gatherings. Play the part, right? Dull hues watched the guest as they filled the fae's home. The Queen definitely looked the part. He's never seen merfolk up-close. Rumors about their beauty were true then. Should he be honored? Those eyes caught the sight of two others, a powerful and intimidating presence indeed. He can admit that. No one wanted to approach them. He could approach and say Hi; act like the Boss he is, but it wouldn't be a party if everyone felt nervous and scared. He sighed. Angering them will only make the fae's guest feel more uneasy.

Everyone remained quiet and turned to their gracious host. Rules were spoken to them. He respected anyone's rules. It's the vampires' way since they were used to following rules of their own. He took another sip of wine, hand still in his pocket. He wondered if he should find a partner to dance with. He can't remember the last time he danced at a party. Jairus rarely danced in the first place. He cared about nothing except his work. His assistants tell him to relax and have some fun once in a while. He's not so easily amused though. He wondered if his parents took the time to have this so-called.. fun? He shook his head at the idle comments coming from the demon couple while speaking to another guest.

Surprisingly, a werewolf. Weren't they natural enemies? He found the young male handsome. He seemed to be new to town. Business was business. Jairus handed him a drink. Since they were having a pleasant conversation, he can distract himself. Jairus felt quite pleased to be approached by a male. His true thoughts. He had nothing against keeping a lady company for appearance sake. He'll dance with a woman for sure. Everyone moved towards the ballroom. He kept his a slow pace, not really in a rush. The two found a spot away from the main dance area. It probably looked strange. Jairus found it a great way to conduct business when he's able to. Maybe he should host one himself sometime. Even though his attention remained focused on the male, he kept his ears open.
  נαιяυѕ✧ / Seki / 15d 6h 4m 39s
Leonides felt his cheeks heat up at the site of the Fae prince. Where did all these attractive people come from? He smacked his cheeks. Focus. Don't drool over the prince, no matter how cute he may be. Maybe he could drool over that cute girl in combat clothes...Or the well-dressed vampire.

Leon grabbed a snack and then took a deep breath. He approached the woman who was not dressed for a party, but for obviously a fight.
[+blue "Nice...uh...weapon you got there. Very...sharp."]

Leonides mentally kicked himself. "Very sharp"???!! How old was he 12? Dear goddess what an idiot he was. The very first person he met and he started off with that? Not, "Hello. How are you?"

[+blue "Nice night for a...night?"]

What the hell?! Did someone cast a tongue-tied curse on him?? He took a slow breath, [+blue "I am Leonides Potenza and I swear that English is my first language."]

If he was lucky, no one else would notice his social flub. If he was unlucky many people would. He could feel his cheeks heating up with a blush. He had never been good at parties. He knew he should have stayed home. What a way to make a first impression with his new neighbors.
  Leonides Potenza / prophetessofdelphi / 16d 22h 15m 31s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Kes6daj.jpg]
[h3 [center Marcellus & Insidia]]
[#191970 [i "Tsk, these other 'High Royals' seem a bit paranoid...so many armed guards."]]
Marcellus glanced towards his wife out of the corner of his eye, then looked back forward. Indeed, it almost seemed that they were the only ones present from their own manor. The rest of the Rohn Clan remaining behind, tending to the mansion, as well as some other things that were for the clan's ears alone.
The woman beside him started to move back and forth, restless as the continued to wait for the Fae Prince to finally make an appearance. It was clear, Lady Insidia was growing annoyed by it all, the crowd of other creatures, she just couldn't stand it. It was like a royal queen among a bunch of filthy peasants, or that is what the Lady saw/thought. Everyone here, they were all below her. The only one equal, was her husband.

After what felt like forever, the Fae Prince did finally make an appearance. Heads lifted as the guests were addressed, and rules were set out before them.
Taking note of the Fae Prince's attire, Insidia snorted softly, muttering something under her breath for her mate's hears alone. Whatever she said, a slight smirk passed the male's lips. He gave a nod, then straightened again. So, the festivities had begun for the night.
The Lord and Lady of the demons made their way through the creatures, most of which swiftly scattered out of their way. It was not an uncommon sight, for others to fear them, they had all right to. Though there were certainly the brave ones, or perhaps they were foolish.
Lady Insidia took a seat in a chair at one of many tables that had been set to the side in the ballroom. Of course, naturally, she chose a table in the furthest corner possible, away from most of the rest. Marcellus soon followed, sitting down next to his mate, yellow eyes swiftly scanning the rest of the guests.
[#191970 [i "You know love, I've noticed quite a few interesting beings. The Queen of the fish people...'merfolk', one of the high ranking members of the Vampires, couple werewolves, and the scent of some witches."]]
Her head turned, red eyes coming to land on her mate, [#191970 [i "But, I have also caught the scent of a mutt or two."]]
Marcellus curled his lips back in a grimace, [b "How annoying, mean the fae stooped that low to let mutts in?]
[#191970 [i "It would seem so, but I wouldn't expect less of such insects."]]
Her gaze shifted, noticing several dirty looks from different fae in the room. Each time, the Lady would only give a sweet smile, but the glowing red eyes told an entirely different story. The gaze was that of a predator, watching, waiting. It would bide its time, till the right moment would introduce itself, and the prey would have no where left to run.
  :-Red Moon-: / Dragoncita / 21d 17h 27m 45s
[center [pic https://fontmeme.com/permalink/190612/a2ae673b8cc7ce4f1fd397f1a2809ee0.png]]

The beautiful sirens eyed the men and women around the room. It was like a shark circling their prey.

[center[pic http://i66.tinypic.com/inxx7d.jpg]]

Her delicate feet moved over the tiles of cold marble with the grace that had come of time of hard practice. Still, looking upon her, most thought it effortless, fluid, and as easy as the breaths she took. It caught the attention of other species in the ballroom. The court buzzed with talk of the different kind that circled them, among the predatory Mer.

Queen Valasca paused at the middle of the ball as gasps were heard when they saw the Mer Queen. It has been long since her appearance, yet her power still lingering in Fall Hallow.

To everyone's surprise and hers, the Fae man stepped forward. A handsome fellow for the collection. [i Her] collection. Valasca felt the change within the group that company her.

“[b *Faaraarii,] ” she command, the drawing the women to a halt but still the predatory area remained.


Her siren sang to Valasca to take her prize, the fae man needed to be welcomed to the cold waters of the sea.

Her eyes never left the Anjui as he grabbed the attention of all. The speech was short and direct.

“[b We will respect the *Bett’s rules for now until we discover his true intentions.]” Valasca voiced remain melodic as she spoke to the warriors.

The Sirens quickly spread over across the ball off to enjoy the evening affairs. Looking for easy prey to flirt with and lucky take back to Lady Killers.

* Family
  Queen Valasca the Valiant / bunnii / 23d 4h 9m 5s
Standing in front of his wardrobe mirror Ruo adjusted his formal coat and tie, looking over every detail on his 6'1 figure being sure of no imperfections. Frowning while tracing back to his own face, he ran a hand through his perfectly white hair and sighed. "What a drag.. As if today has already been irritable enough, now I have to deal with other people." Then making sure there were no wrinkles on his suit, the Demon did an about face, walked over to the foot of his bed where an invitation lay.

[i "Join us on this magical night of this Royal Ball! You are one of many special night at the Crimson Sun's Vineyard"] - "blah blah blah, bunch of bullshit." Ruo groaned and tossed the paper back on his bed, stuffed his left hand into his left pocket and headed for the door.

Coming from less than, Ruo never seemed to appreciate being involved in things. Especially when the royals were involved, due to him not believing the sincerity and 'warm welcoming' that they claim to have. He believed strongly no one truly cared for others and only wanted something for themselves, like this, being popularity and being word of mouth around town. His plan of the night was to stay in the shadows, not bothering any conversion or chances of his work to be ruined.

[center [i Earlier that day]]

[b "Detective Xerxs, I need you to check someone out. Possibly involved in human trafficking. Here's all of the information you need to make a possible arrest. But you can't go at him any way. You need to build trust. This is going to be a risky job, but I know you're capable."]
Papers were tossed on Ruos' desk with swiftness and a breeze of air blew in his face due to mass of the documents. "Fuck." Looking through documents, he recognized the face of the possible perpetrator. He had lived in the same neighborhood as well as worked at the corner store just in walking distance from Ruos home. "Alright.. Seems easy enough."

[center [ i Back to present]]

Before getting a cab to this mansion, Ruo made a walk down to the corner store to grab a pack of smokes. He was a regular that had come in, and the suspect in question knew his nicotine preference. Already having it pulled out and rung up as Ruo made his way to the front counter handing him cash. "You know, after all this time I've never seemed to catch your name. And I doubt your name is uh-" He pushed his eyebrows together to examine the workers name tag "Tiger." An eyebrow raised in confusion as he looked up to the smug clerk who then let out a boisterous laugh. [b "Ah you got me. No, my name isn't Tiger man. Call me Sid. I don't like rando's having my real name. It's just an invasion of my privacy you know?"] The large framed guy laughed as his stomach moved with it. Ruo pulled his head up and nodded in agreement. "I can see your point there. Good to know. Pleasure to meet you" He spoke, tapping the pack of cigarettes on the counter before walking out the door to call a cab.

Arriving a few moments late, Ruo stepped into the ballroom where everyone was located in. Seeing many species and making it just in time for the speech given by the host himself. Finding a table and chair further in a corner and away from the hustle bustle of this gathering, Ruo flagged down a caterer with drinks, grabbing one of the stronger looking ones. Taking a sip, and sitting back in his chair with one leg crossed over the other- watching.
  Ruo / Quest / 26d 1h 56m 54s
As the guests arrived inside the home the young host was rushed away out of sight. He was after all not "ready" in the eyes of the other members of the royal line. His siblings all fussed over what it was he should wear to this sort of thing, but none of them agreed on it. His oldest brother wanted him to ware something to show he had power in the city, to show this a white suit with a red button up and white tie to match. Of course to Anjui it was only an insult to the guests as all it showed was he had ties to the angelic community that likely wouldn't be around. His older sister wanted him to ware an elegant yet simple black dress slacks, button up shirt, and gold tie. While yes it showed power it tied to much into the demon community which the Fae tended to stay away from as they were almost exact opposites.

As much of the squabble between his siblings went on Anjui disappeared into his own private chambers to dress himself. While there he pondered the question what was it he was trying to show to the community of Red Hallow? It was a serious question that came to mind as he wondered through his closet. Of course nothing came out at him until he reached the very far end of the closet. At first he thought it to be vulgare for a ball of this size, especially having all the races, no all of the supernatural people that consisted of the citizens that called Red Hallow home. Grabbing his outfit he threw it on the bed before stepping into a quick steaming hot shower to wash off the day's grime.

As he came out he heard several clicks of shoes on the marble floor outside his room's door. [b "Master Anjui is still nowhere to be found? How can the ball start without him? No...No we must find him. For now guests can stand in the entryway if they don't like to be kept waiting they are more then welcome to leave. Especially that...Leech of a demoness she's always trying to make off with something."] As he stepped into the hallway smelling of fresh cut grass and Deep pine needles the young brunette got several shocked looks as he went down the hall his bare feet clapping on the floor.

Reaching the landing from the second floor he stopped a moment and looked out across the guests faces. Nodding an older fae clapped his hands and drew everyone's attention to Anjui. Taking in a deep breath as all eyes appeared on him a smile played across his face. Dressed in nothing more then jewels across his chest and arms, a simple white cloth hanging from his belt of gold. This allowed his Fae nature to show through. His tan skin and the markings of the three Major star signs. The stars across his forehead ending at his left eye. The sun starting at mid chest and crossing over his left side making a sidways V shape. The moon starting at his throat and crossing his chest making a sideways Vshape facing the other direction.

Of course the boy wasn't stupid he had white shorts on under the cloth as well so no one could see things they weren't meant to. Taking a deep breath himself the young Royal spoke. [#67320f "Greetings esteemed Guests. Tonight you are invited into the mystery of a the Fae Royal home. The mansion and grounds are open for your exploration. The Crimson Sun's Vineyard is your oyster tonight."] holding up a three fingers he paused a moment. [#67320f "There are but three rules that we ask you follow. The first, and most important. Every super natural being that calls Red Hallow home has been given an invitation, so there will be people here you may or may not like. I ask as the host you do not cause any drama or fighting, If you are found to do so you will be forcibly removed, alive or as a body is of course your choice."]

Removing one of the fingers he now had two up. [#67320f "The second rule is there will be places that are for Fae members only, such places being the Kitchen, and the living quarters of the Fae servants on the grounds. These are also protected by magic and will give off an alarm if disarmed or a nonfae member cross them. Once again you break this rule you will be removed either alive or as a body."] Holding up his last remaining finger a devil's smile played across his face. [#67320f "Also understand due to circumstances such as the content of most of the drinks that will be served we ask that you surrender any keys to vehicles placed outside or brooms to be placed within secured places. This is a precaution due to the drinking and driving. We don't need any guest trying to go home while intoxicated. If you do not feel comfortable staying on the grounds there are accommodations for that as well such as an escort home. We as hosts have made up rooms however within the rooms up stairs, for all guests and any possible activates for them."]

Stepping down the few stairs Anjui stepped into the crowed to appear to its left. Shifting his body weight into the doors he grabbed he threw open the two glass doors into the ballroom.
  Anjui Shori / Colorful_insanity / 26d 20h 3m 24s
A quiet yawn escaped through the slowly widening mouth as Anara awakened from her deep slumber. The shoulders and back convulsed as she stretched, the muscles relaxing after forming stiff bonds with Anara’s skeletal structure. A shorter secondary yawn followed the initial lengthy one as Anara swung her legs over to settle on the oaken floor, testing the floor before rising on the slowly awakening feet. The knees creakingly complained, adjusting to the weight of Anara’s body as more and more of it transferred from the bed and to the feet.

First things first, a shower. Yes the sound of going to bed still having spots of blood, dirt, and whatever else had managed to collect on the skin indeed sounded dirty and disgusting, but everyone had those days, or nights, where the only thought was some comfortable sleep time. And besides, there was a reason for why washers and dryers were invented.

The shower felt refreshing, cleansing the body of all stains and replacing the smelly stains with a slight hint of lavenders and cucumbers. The long hazel hair which darkened while soaking water like a sponge quickly lightened back upon the application of a hair dryer. Fresh clothes, grey cargo pants and a plain charcoal T-shirt, gently lain over the bare skin to cover it up before walking out the damp, steamed bathroom.

After tearing of the bed covers and dunking them into the washer, Anara padded barefoot to her mailbox. With a business like hers, enough mail came in physically to warrant checking the mailbox everyday. There were days like yesterday, working the entire day and hunting criminals right after, which prevented checking the mailbox either in the morning or the evening.

The lid quietly opened outwards, her two drudgery brown eyes spotting an envelope. Upon pulling it from the darkness of the mailbox Anara’s eyebrows raised in curiosity, the fanciness of the envelope intriguing her. Such ‘custom’ envelopes came through rarely, either someone wanted to be all formal or it was another one of those ‘super-rich’ customers.

Sheathing it between her inner arm and armpit, Anara trudged back inside and dumped herself onto a small, crimson couch. Unsheathing the letter, Anara tore the envelope caring naught for the fancy cover; she wanted to get straight to business.

[+purple [i Do-dhèanta]], this couldn’t be. Anara blinked hard and then picked herself hard, confirming that she was in fact still existing in reality. Not everyday did you get an invitation from the Fae king himself, an invitation to a ball. Not to mention that it would take place this very day, indicating a failure in the delivery department.

The fae, they were an interesting race. A folk who kept to themselves not wanting to deal with the other races, Anara could understand the reasoning for that. But this invitation suggested otherwise, this invitation had to be sent to others for Anara did not believe only a few others would be invited. This had to be a show of wealth to everyone.

But from a business perspective, she could use this to find a few extra customers. The simple formula of [i weapons + armor + a question + answer -> a conversation -> suggestion to make armor or a weapon] had to work on at least on one person. And even if no successful conversations happened, at least she’d be visible to many folks who perchance would discuss it after the ball.

Instead of dressing all fancy and ladylike, Anara dressed instead as if for combat. The first later consisted of darkly browned short-sleeved shirt and pants. Over the first plain clothed layer cane the metallic second layer, darkened metal protecting from toe to feet excepting the arms from the shoulders down. Now a sword fighter was nothing with their weapons, these weapons made up the third layer; Anara opted for a single claymore in a sheath and strapped to her back also taking a combat knife.

That is how Anara arrived at the ball. She didn’t give a fuck that only she was attired like that, at least no one would dare take her lightly.
  Anara Tokesh / NorthernWolves / 27d 3h 39m 25s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Varela+Round]
[Varela+Round [size13 Jairus glanced at the time again. The documents he had to look over took at least five hours at most. He gently rubbed his eyes and let out a small sigh. Maybe he should go home early today. A second assistant came to take the files. It became a lot of back and forth for his assistants, bringing him endless documents and folders to look over.

An assistant named Julia stepped into his office with a wine glass and placed it on his desk. Usually, he did his feedings at home in his study or his bedroom. Something about today though; he needed to drink. His headache still remained. How can a vampire get headaches anyway. Grey hues stared at the glass filled with a red liquid. The female had a somber expression on her face. [#ff8a86 "You should take a break, sir. You seem unwell today."] Jairus made no attempt to reply and grabbed the glass, taking a sip from it. Blood was mixed into the red wine, giving it a more thicker texture. It tasted good though. He enjoyed a normal glass of wine as well.

Jairus raised an eyebrow, glancing at Julia. [#780303 "Is there something else you need, Julia?"] he asked. The woman handed a nicely sealed letter to him. Wow, the last time he was given one of these were years ago. He used his pinky to rip open the letter with his nail, reading it quickly. A ball? Hmm. These were a norm to his kind, gatherings and such. [i The fae...?] He believes he hasn't really made any contact with their kind. Maybe his parents did once before. He did not consider them an enemy or anything, to be honest. He assumed this could be an opportunity for him. He did try to make nice with everyone. He can't speak for all the vampires though, only those who follow his family.

He handed the letter back to her. [#780303 "Contact home, tell them to prepare a suit for me. The ones I keep separate for such occasions."] Julia nodded and stepped out the door. He still had plenty time to take his said break. Hopefully, he'll feel somewhat better before he has to go.

[h2 ]

Jairus could've opted for a driver, yet he's become used to driving himself to places, to home from work, ect. He had a luxurious car he did not want to go to waste. A pretty nice mansion. Something he's used to seeing on a daily basis. There was an offer to park his car; he declined. He stepped out and shut the door, adjusting his tie one last time. He slicked his hair back a moment.

He made his way towards the entrance, one hand in his pocket as he wore a passive expression. He greeted some familiar faces of those who also attended. Jairus took a glass of wine offered to him. Eyes examined those who were already chatting amongst themselves. He rubbed his throat a bit. He should've drank more before coming here. Seems he caught a few eyes already, being approached almost instantly. He didn't mind company as long as no one showed hostility. He had his own guards on standby just in case... someone acted stupid or wanted to cause trouble. They kept themselves well-hidden in the surrounding area.
  נαιяυѕ✧ / Seki / 30d 1h 54m 57s
After completing his mission to obtain food, Leonides went home where he found an envelope. A very nice envelope, mind you. But, he was not expecting to receive mail from anyone. He carefully unsealed the letter, absentmindedly hovering slightly off the ground, wind seemly from nowhere pulling at his hair.
Leonides dropped the invitation as if it were made of fire. He paled finger shook as he tried to compose himself. It was a letter from one of the royal family. The FAE royal family to be exact. You know....the people that would hate it if they found out that Leon was half-fae? That royal family.
Leon started to pace around the apartment. Should he even go? Would it even be safe for him to go? But could he even refuse such an invitation? AND WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD HE WEAR?
He could hear his father's voice warning him not to go. But...if he went. If he went...maybe he could learn more about his mother.
Leonides took a deep breath. He would go.
The night went on as he prepared himself dinner and unpacked boxes. The simple monotony of unpacking and organizing calmed his nerves. He pulled out his nicest set of dress robes. It was the one he wore to his father's council promotion. Hopefully, they would work when meeting some very important people.
He just hoped that no one else too important would be there...and that no one would find out he was Half-fae and half-witch.


The next night Leonides attended the ball. He had managed to tuck his wings under his dress robes, navy blue with silver accents. It was the nicest thing he owned at the moment. The goal was simple. Pretend to be only related to the witches. He could play a good wizard...as long as no one asked for magic that was too complex. He was very good with wind spells and fairly good at a few healing spells, but other than that...Well, let's just say his magic was not up to snuff.

He looked around and noticed two things. One, a very well dressed couple that looked powerful...People Leon did not want to mess with. And what Leon could only describe as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, wearing a crown. He could feel his cheeks redden a little. Now if a really attractive guy walked in now...he may just pass out.
Leonides was not having a very good night...
  Leonides Potenza / prophetessofdelphi / 30d 22h 22m 19s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Kes6daj.jpg]
[h3 [center Marcellus & Insidia]]
The woman remained in place for most of the day, before finally forcing herself to stand. She moved her arm, tapping the pipe over a detailed ashtray. The female moved with slow, deliberate steps towards a door that led to the balcony. Thankfully, evening was already upon them, that blasted sun finally disappearing.
Glowing red eyes moved, gazing over the buildings which were located outside of their estate. One arm moved, crossing underneath her breasts, the other holding the pipe close to her mouth. A forked tongue slowly slid past the woman's lips, testing the air. Her tail lashed one way, then the other, the spines seemingly lowered, if only slightly, showing her relaxed state. Upon her back, a pair of black, tattered wings suddenly flared outwards. The female gave a few flaps, as if stretching a bit, then neatly returned her wings back to their folded positions.
The soft sound of footsteps suddenly drew her attention. Then as if to answer, a voice sounded, [i "Lady Insidia, you and the Lord have received a letter from the fae."]
A sudden growl sounded from the woman. Her red eyes narrowed, pupils becoming thin slits. She took a moment to take a huff from her pipe. Of all the wretched creatures, why did it have to be the insects? It was true, Lady Insidia absolutely despised fae, probably more so than her mate. However, she also found them to be, well, the most delicious of all the creatures that lived in Red Hallow. Sure, the demonic dragon would catch the occasional stray werewolf, nosey witch, bumbling merfolk, foolish human, or even another fellow demon, but none compared to the taste of fae. They were such delicate things once caught...delicate and sweet...but absolutely annoying. The fae could be the biggest pains, but there was no reward sweeter than a finally defeated fae.
[#191970 [i "Tsk, how annoying. Well, what does it say Ryan? Hurry up, my patience is suddenly very thin,"]] her voice clearly told of her annoyance.
The servant bowed his head slightly to the Lady, then using one of his own claws, slit the top of the envelope open. The male then pulled out a delicate paper, starting to read the letter. As he read, Lady Insidia continued to growl softly under her breath.
When he came to a finish, the woman took another puff from her pipe. She allowed the words to sink in, remaining in a rather stiffened stance. Another, heavier sound of footsteps brought her back to the world. She turned her head, seeing her mate.
Lord Marcellus, Lord of the Rohn Clan, slid the business jacket from his shoulders, handing it off to another servant. His yellow eyes came to land upon the Lady, taking note of her agitated stance.
The male raised an eyebrow, [b "Something wrong love?"]
Insidia turned fully around. Her head shifted towards the servant, Ryan, beside her, then seemingly ushered him over to Marcellus. The male scurried over to the master, handing him the letter, to which he quickly read over the invitation.
[b "Ah, that's why you are suddenly agitated..."]
The Lord folded the paper back, putting it back into the envelope. His yellow eyes flashed to bright red for a moment, then returned back to their yellow. A low hiss emitted from his mouth, which made all the servants instantly scurry off, leaving him, and his mate.
Once they were gone, Marcellus moved closer to Insidia, wrapping his arms around the woman, holding her. He lightly rested his head on her shoulder. The male moved further, letting his lips run across her neck, then finally straightening again.
[b "Seems the fae are expanding their 'business venture'. Hmph, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to...visit their 'grand' estate."]
The woman gave a low snarl, suddenly moving away from him. She moved closer to the banister. The woman's red eyes glared towards the opposite side of Red Hallow, landing upon the Fae's own Mansion. Her tail continued to lash back and forth in agitation.
[#191970 [i "I absolutely [b refuse] to attend. I will not be seen with such annoying insects!"]]
Marcellus seemingly sighed, moving a hand, rubbing at his temples...he knew this was going to come from her...

[hr ]

She was despising every moment of this. Why she had let her mate get her into this, he promised her some shiny valuables if she came with...and her draconic nature just couldn't refuse.
Lady Insidia had chosen to wear a long, black dress. Beside her, Marcellus wore one of several of his business suits, once again also black. The jacket was once again draped across his shoulders, yellow eyes glowing slightly. His pupils were round, calm.
The Lord and Lady of the demon clan, Clan Rohn, had made their presence to the public ball which the fae had so graciously invited them to attend.
  Dragoncita / 32d 2h 37m 54s
[center [pic https://fontmeme.com/permalink/190612/a2ae673b8cc7ce4f1fd397f1a2809ee0.png]]

[left [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/dyvlnp.jpg]]

[i Her legs hurt, so damned badly. The muscles felt like they were bathing in lava. She could swear her quads were about to peel off from fatigue. But she didn't stop running. Even as her lungs burned and screamed for oxygen from overexertion, she didn't [b dare]] [i stop running.

Not if she wanted to live.

Her heart continued to pound, each time she heard the gunshot she expected to feel burning pain, she expected to feel something more than just fear and anxiety.

The young teen expected to see her life flash before her eyes before it slipped away from her. The ground was dry and sturdy beneath her feet, she was running for her life, doing her best to prolong it even if just for a few minutes. However, her body was weak from the past few days, she was exhausted and simply running on adrenaline. Despite that she did not stop, she kept running further into an abandoned warehouse.

The gunshots stopped, it was eerily quiet in the dark, not even the sound of the insects reached her ears. Foolishly, she stopped. She couldn't run anymore, her heart was pounding in her chest as she tried to catch her breath. Everything felt weak and about ready to give up, using the support of a building. What chance was there that a handful of men would find her this far out, would dare to follow in the dark. She figured she was safe. At least that what she thought.

That was when a shadowy figure darted in front of her, she pressed her body into the wall hoping it would protect her from what was to come.
Once again the shadow figure darted across her line of sight and again and again as if toying with the young teen. She didn't dare to call out or whisper a word. If she did those hunting her would hear her. Biting her lips, she refused to risk even to breathe.

Her turquoise eyes began to search the dark, trying to spot the shadow figure.

Then it pounced, this creature came running out of the darkness to her...]

[center [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/2hqe3ol.jpg]]

Valasca’a eyes shot open, twisting herself off the flat smooth rock. Her chest heaved as both panic and fear run through her. Her hands cup around her throat as her fingers trace along the faint scar.

The memory of her first flight here was unforgettable or unwelcoming. It will forever haunt her soul and mind. She glanced up at the distorted figure above the waters. Valasca pushed through the surface of the waters, to come face to face an elegant envelope in her underwater cave. She gasps taking the warm air of dawn, her iridescent and vibrant of gold and teal scales tail lazily moves back and forward under the waters.

“[#2ac4cf What is this, Oceane?]” Valasca questioned the fellow warrior in their tongue.

“ [#2ac4cf An invitation from the Fae King. It has arrived a few moments ago. It is for you, Val.] ” Oceane addressed and hand over the envelope to her.

Vaslasca broke open the seal with her nail, pulling the letter open and read. “[#2ac4cf It appears to be an invitation, for me to make an appearance.] ”

“[#2ac4cf Are we are to attend?]”

“[#2ac4cf It is strange, Oceane. It a request still I am not accustomed to. Tell the others and prepare for tomorrow night. We shall be at a ball.]”

Oceane nodded, leaving the queen in her moon pool.

[center [pic http://i66.tinypic.com/nxnu37.jpg]]

[center [pic https://fontmeme.com/permalink/190617/7a08c9e8978e594521311eb068fb25c1.png]]

Queen Valasca was the embodiment of a pure merwoman. Her white-golden hair was pin to her head in tiny braids and down her hips, and her skin was pale it appeared translucent, though it was blemished of old and new scars and glowed with health. She wore a beautiful white lace, embroidered with beads and tiny pearls line the fabric of the dress, off the shoulder sleeves and front accents, hung off her slender frame, enhancing her femininity and power. Golden cuffs circled her wrists, biceps, and throat, and upon her head rest true accessory that helps set a queen apart from her subjects by virtue of beauty, elegance, and style: her crown.

A small group of merwomen stood outside the gates, gathered around the small frame of a powerful woman. Those who did not know well would have been confused by them as the Greek lore of the Amazons. Each one stood tall and proud, weapons visible to the eye and dress in thin leather of armor. Valasca walked up to the stairs, the slits of her dress revealing a gold dagger strapped to the side of her thighs.
  Queen Valasca the Valiant / Bunnii / 34d 31m 28s
the silences of the streets at night from the occasional car, or person on their way home. The sky, dark full of stars and the moon bright and full almost glowing like a silver plate. Everyone could see the stars in the small city, most came here to get away from big city life, or to visit family, maybe back in the older days. However with the newest establishment put into the city many people come to see what its all about. Its bright Sign reading Fairy Dust. The Bar had more recently been built up in what was known as the "Fae quarter" of the city.

The race of Fae tended to stick to their own when it came to city activates other then perhaps council meetings and making sure humans were protected from the supernatural of the city of Red Hallow. With each death however it caused tension among the races as the fingers would get pointed at some other race, even after the culprit had been captured and proven without a doubt they had done so. Even so many of the races tended to keep to themselves or a tedious pact of peace within the city limits. The moment one reached the outside of the city however it was all free game and blood would cover the grass just as much as snow or rain.

The grounds of the Crimson Sun's vineyard was no different of course. It was a giant expansion of land just to the North east of the city with grapes of all varieties found on the grounds. Along with homes for the workers and a home for the owners and their families to share. While not as dark as the Demon mansion set on the hill the Fae had a very mysteriousness about itself. Set off just inside the treeline with cast iron fencing around the entire estate the gate a complex thing, but inside was the giant building that the public would see one night every six months as the family within held a massive ball open to the public.

This year the youngest member of the Royal family to the Fae was to host the ball. A small framed child like creature standing no taller then four and a half feet tall with his Dark brown hair and his golden toned eyes and skin stepped into a room scrambling around looking in every nook and cranny possible. [#67320f "God damnit Jessica where did you put those things? They need to go to the post office when I go into town today. The invitations need to be delivered for the ball tomorrow how are we going to get them out if we can't find them?"]

a sweet melody voice of a little girl came across the room with a hint of cheer in it. [b "Found them Master Anjui. I knew I had set them here in the kitchen."] Stepping into view another fae about the same size as the young male named Anjui a smile on her face and black envelopes in her hands. [#67320f "Be sure those are delivered, we cant wait any longer. The postage will take to long as this point, so you will have to hand deliver the letters to the people they are addressed to."] a pout face seemed to appear on the girl only for a second only to be replaced with a painful one as her eyes had caught Anjui's. [#67320f "This party will go off smoothly Jessica. Everything must go according to plan if we are to expand this year."]

The girl nodded and ran off. Anjui was now left standing alone in the kitchen dressed in nothing more then his bare skin. The breeze kissing his skin and caused goose bumps. Looking over the city from the window of the back door of the kitchen a devils smile came to the fae. [#67320f "Arnold. How is our project coming along? Do we know if we have the funds to pay the blacksmith yet or not?"] An older man came into the room this time a black book in his hands. [b "Almost sir. I am sure our profit this evening will be more then enough. to make the estate more protected."]

Nodding Anjui looked to the counter top as the elder man handed him some white linen clothing which he threw on quickly. [#67320f "Arnold please help Jessica deliver the invitations. I will not delay the festivities because of one mistake."]
  Anjui Shori / Colorful_insanity / 34d 6h 18m 0s
The modern day in a modern age, many a thing disintegrated as the times has flown from past to present. One such thing that for some reason managed to still thrive was a smithy, more specifically a weapons and armor smithy. Some were ignorant of such a trade while others were surprised when told of the existence of such people. This did beg a fair question of such smithies managed to keep a business going and stay alive.

And the answer is simple. The last group of people knew about the existence of these smithies and sought them out. Whether it be for something minuscule as a small dent or scratch to something expensive as a decent quality armor set and/or a weapon, these people would willingly travel far and wide and pay the costs just to observe these artists practicing a unique art craftsmanship.

Although for Anara, humans were not the only customers who came a seeking a smithy. Being a part of the supernatural part of the world, ever since being bitten by a werewolf, meant that supernatural creatures walked into her smithy for all the same reasons as the humans did. Anara held no biases, no matter the species of the supernatural she’d be happy to craft armor or weapons or both for the right price. Even though that indeed was an excellent way to retain customers, playing the game of speciest politics would result in huge business loss.

The morning, those were the times of awakening for most, but this type of morning did not apply to everyone. One of those was Anara, for only now did she enter her little, unlit house a few moments after sunrise. She was tired, hungry, and completely naked, stumbling to her made bed and collapsing on top of it. The first two were attributed to staying out the whole night while the third to werewolf transformation. Anara did not spend her night outs partying, she spent them tracking, hunting, and killing criminals. Last night’s lucky winner had been a healthy and alive specimen of a blackmailing vampire, who’s life had ended in a dark alleyway after having the chest ripped open and all the organs stored within the chest mauled to a fine mince.

Even though tearing anything to shreds as a werewolf had its advantages, Anara preferred performing this public vigilante service in human form as it allowed her to use her swords in carving the wolf face flanked by two swords logo into the recently deceased victim’s forehead. This logo had been a whim after killing her fifth or sixth criminal, and the headlines in the newspapers were always a joy to read. And no one ever accused the Twin Bladed Wolf, the nickname the media had come up for the unknown vigilante, of speciesm for Anara imposed her judgement on criminals of all races. And yes, even though supernaturals were supposed to coexist with humans, if the criminal was a human she’d still hunt them down and kill them.

Anara groaned, dragging the covers down before sandwiching her body in between the the bed and covers, dragging the covers back up and over her head. All she wanted was some sleep. She hoped that no early-bird customer would appear and have to deal with them in a sleepy and nearly dead state.
  Anara Tokesh / NorthernWolves / 35d 21h 52m 5s

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