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Everything changed after his mother passed away mysteriously. His father remarried. Not long after the marriage Yuki was born. Yuki was an odd baby, he couldn't be near any windows. It seemed he was allegoric to sunlight?

Ame hated having to watch his younger brother when his parents went out. Yuki was always crawling around trying to get into everything. The worse part was Yuki trying to bite him. He had no teeth at the time, he still manage to break the skin. It was a disgusting feeling, have something slobbering and suck on his neck. Ame was happy when his brother aged. Every once in a while his brother would still bite him. Ame still hated it, he had no idea what his brother actually was until was unfortunate night.

It was almost a blur now but he remember his brother embracing him then a lot of pain. He was weak and near death because of Yuki ravenous tensions. Yuki honestly didn't meant to hurt him but it still anger Ame. Ame was fortunately saved by his step-mother. Ever since then Ame distance himself from the family. He knew it probably hurt his little brother's feeling but how could face the person that made him into a monster.

Time seem to pass slowly and Ame tried really hard to live a normal life. He went to school, gotten a decent job. He even started dating but it became challenging. He was lucky enough to go on a few date but then his dates would drastically change...

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Need another male
I like if we at least posted over 1000+ character but I do understand writers block is a thing.
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[center Ame smiled as he heard Alec greeting. He was really happy that he came. [#6daae9 "Are you ready to go and eat"] he said with a smile. Ame was more than hungry, he was ravenous. He bit his bottom lip and looked away from Alec, his blue eyes seemed to be filled with hungry and lust. He let out a stagger breath as he started chew on his bottom lip. It really didn't take long for them to be seated.

The waiter took their drink orders. She ofter them time to look over the menu. What to choose, he thought to himself as he looked over the list of sandwiches. Ame eyes almost seemed to holder a bitter sorrow. He could remember the time when food actually tased good. Now it all tasted like sand, or simply flavorless.

Ame bit his bottle lip, he then glance at Alec who hopefully wasn't paying attention to his facial expressions. [#6daae9 "So how was your day?"] he said as looked from his menu. He knew the blonde normally had good days but it was nice to listen. [#6daae9 "Anything in particular standing out on the menu?"] he said with a smile. Ame felt awkward but the silence was getting to him. He need to stay focus not let his mind wonder. So making small talk seemed the best option.
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Ah what a wonderful day it was! It always was. At least that’s how this blonde thought anyway. The glass was always half full and never half empty. He had a date today. He was really excited for that. Wearing his favorite hoodie he headed out to do errands for the day. People were friendly to him and he responded in kind. He was nothing special. A human that had no fame or fortune. His family was average. They made enough money to live by and be happy and that’s all that mattered. Alec was always positive. No matter what happened. Even the worst days were never that bad. He made a lot of friends and was always right there to help. People really enjoyed his company.

By the time Alec had finished up it was about time to get ready. He took a quick shower and got dressed. He pulled on his rabbit hoodie and headed out the door. People knew he was odd but they never said anything about him. At least not to his face. He smiled lightly as he walked towards the place he would be meeting Ame. He was very excited for this. It wasn’t like they hadn’t went on dates before. They had. He just was always excited for them. He really liked Ame. Every time he thought about him his heart started beating like crazy. Yes. He was sure this was love. He could see Ame standing and waiting for him and he quickened his steps hoping he wasn’t late.

He knew he should have left sooner, but he had refused to leave until he had taken a shower. “Hey Ame!” He said happily. His eyes danced with a warm and happy light. He was always happy to see Ame. He loved the way it made him feel just looking at the boy. He didn’t know if he had ever felt this way looking at someone else. He had a feeling that he hadn’t. No. He was sure this feeling was something he had only ever felt when he was around Ame.
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[center Ame sighed softly as he chewed his bottom lip. It had been a few days since he last fed. It was easy to feed off his dates because honestly they thought it was just playful bitting. Ame could remember the time not being like this. Being a monster. His blue eyes seemed to hold a lot of emotion, mostly pain, and anger towards his brother.

Ame sighed as he rolled out of bed. Tonight was the night he was going to be going out again with this boy. He had been seeing this boy for a while now. He was actually grateful for that, it seemed like his dates never stick around. He didn't understand why, he was always very careful with his date.

Ame brushed his golden colored hair, he then got dress and headed down the stairs where he greeted his two cats. It was time for breakfast, his cats seemed to know this. He smiled softly as he reach into the fridge and pulled out an open can of cat food. He place the food in two separate then bowls, he set them down on the floor he friendly cats started eating happily. It was a hard for Ame to eat human food because it all tasted like sand.

He sighed as he got a glass of water, he drank the water quickly and sighed. It was never satisfying, he to tolerate it, at least until tonight anyway. Ame smiled softly as he petted his cats goodbye, he head out the door after putting on his thick sunglasses and baseball cap. He could still be in the sunlight but it often made him sick. He also got sun burnt easily. Ame walked to work, work really wasn't that far away.

Honestly the day seemed to go by quickly, Once he was off Ame raced home. He showered, and changed into some rather cute clothes. Well cute for his taste anyway. He put in his favorite earring and then headed out the door. He was planning to meet ____ at 6pm. They were going to have dinner then hopefully go back to ____ place for a little while. Ame smiled as he made it to the cafe. He smiled softly as he stood in the entryway, waiting for ____. Ame blue eyes seemed to sparkle when he seen ___. [#6daae9 "Hello"] he said sweetly.
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