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Everything changed after his mother passed away mysteriously. His father remarried. Not long after the marriage Yuki was born. Yuki was an odd baby, he couldn't be near any windows. It seemed he was allegoric to sunlight?

Ame hated having to watch his younger brother when his parents went out. Yuki was always crawling around trying to get into everything. The worse part was Yuki trying to bite him. He had no teeth at the time, he still manage to break the skin. It was a disgusting feeling, have something slobbering and suck on his neck. Ame was happy when his brother aged. Every once in a while his brother would still bite him. Ame still hated it, he had no idea what his brother actually was until was unfortunate night.

It was almost a blur now but he remember his brother embracing him then a lot of pain. He was weak and near death because of Yuki ravenous tensions. Yuki honestly didn't meant to hurt him but it still anger Ame. Ame was fortunately saved by his step-mother. Ever since then Ame distance himself from the family. He knew it probably hurt his little brother's feeling but how could face the person that made him into a monster.

Time seem to pass slowly and Ame tried really hard to live a normal life. He went to school, gotten a decent job. He even started dating but it became challenging. He was lucky enough to go on a few date but then his dates would drastically change...

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[center Alec looked at Ame. He kissed him back blushing faintly. It had been such a sweet kiss. What the male said next bothered him a bit. It was almost like he was getting ready to say goodbye to him. Like they weren't going to see one another anymore. The male kissed him again and of course he returned the kiss. Yet he couldn't get the feeling that the male was going to leave him or something.]

[center Before he could say anything about it though Ame spoke again. Time to leave. Slowly he stood up with the male and looked down the hill. The man standing down there in all black was someone he was familiar with. They use to talk because they both took the same way to Alec's work. Though he never knew where Mordred was going. He did think of the dark haired man as anything dangerous though. Well not until now anyway.]

[center Ame wanted him to go, but he didn't want to leave him behind. Plus he had heard Mordred just introduce himself as a demon prince. There was a white wolf going after the man now. What was going on? He felt Ame push him and he started to walk away, but for some reason he stopped and looked back. What if Ame needed his help?]
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[center It wasn't uncommon for Vampires to become shifters. So when a white wolf started to approach him he knew what it was. Another vampire. Who would have thought he would run into two of them. He wasn't bothered by this though. Instead he seemed intent on killing on them both now. Two vampires made no difference to him. Of course he was only on his own. He didn't work with other people. Why should he? Smirking coldly he watched the white wolf with those odd icy blue eyes.]

[center [+crimson "You are making a mistake even approaching me. I am no normal hunter. You have come before the demon prince Mordred."] His voice was cold. Venom dripped from every word. He was a powerful demon capable of using many different powers. He couldn't shapeshift, but he had other abilities as well as being agile. He had killed thousands of vampires and had slayed other demons. He earned the title of prince.]
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[center Yuki had been watching all this silently from the tree top. He was shocked to see a hunter. A hunter that even his mother had warned him about. He snarled as he bit his bottom lip. He was sure if he got out of this tree it would only make things worse for his brother. It didn't seem like he was going to have much of a choice. With his bother only be a half vampire there was no way he could take down the powerful hunter.

A hunter that didn't know the meaning of love was born to kill their kind. Disgusting. It was just disgusting thought. Granted he was not better. He was going to take his brother boyfriend away form him. He didn't plan to kill him or anything. He just planned to make the male forget Ame...or have a horrible memory implanted into his brain. Which no of course would be true.

Yuki sighed softly as he the thought about what to do. He didn't want to see his older brother get hurt. If Ame saw him he surely get screamed at. He snarl as he stood up in the tree branch it was go to take a lot more than one hunter to keep him from keep his older brother safe. Yuki leap from the tree taking the form of a white wolf. His sapphire colored eyes were glowing with anger.

The white wolf growl low in it throat baring it long fangs. This wolf of course was different. It was rather skinny had longer claws and teeth than a normal wolf. Yuki darted toward the man know it was probably not a good idea to face the man head on. He had to do something. He need to keep Ame safe. After all it was his fault he end up this way. [#c5cfd8 ....]
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[center Ame hadn't really noticed the dangers that were heading his way. He was too distracted by Alec. Who looked absolutely delicious. He smiled softly as he pulled the male into a sweet kiss. [#6daae9 "Thank you... for everything... this time I have spent with you these last few hours has just been lovely."] he said as he then kissed the male again in a sweet in loving man.

He could see the veins in Alec neck which made he lust more for the male blood. He was so close he could almost tase it. He then notice an unfamiliar presences approach him. Which caused him to let out an aggravated hiss. [#6daae9 "Alec ... I think it's time we leave..."] he said as he quickly stood up. He pulled the male to his feet.

It was too late approaching up the hill was dark mysterious man. He looked dangerous. He couldn't help but to feel frighten but he had to act brave for Alec. He bit his bottom lip. He turn to look at Alec [#6daae9 " I want you to run as fast you can...get home and lock your doors... that man that is coming he is dangerous.... I can smell it on him... please just get out of here...."] he said he pushed his boyfriend back.
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[center Night was slowly starting to touch the sky. The dark haired male watched as the sun slowly started to fall. Soon the world would be drenched in darkness and the very pale light of the moon. This was the best time to be on the move. The shadows would hide his every move. He had been trailing Alecto for awhile now. Pretending to be the blonde's friend. It was a rotten thing to do, but this man didn't have any emotions on that matter. There was no such thing as friendship in his line of work anyway.]

[center It hadn't been hard to figure out that Alecto had made the wrong choice in lovers. A vampire. That's what he was in search of. Killing them every time he encountered one. If they were good or bad never mattered. He wasn't the only one dealing with them though. There were a lot of hunters. Most of them making it a game. How many vampires could they kill before the other. This man wasn't interested in such cruel and childish games. Not that it mattered. No human could out match his hunting skills anyway.]

[center A demon walked among them. He wasn't the only demon either. The vampires had gotten out of control. They needed to thin them out or... The man slowly smiled cruelly as he got close to the hill... Just kill them all. That was the better idea. Vampires were a plague on the world. He wished to see them all dead. No there wasn't any real reason. He just preferred it this way. Vampires were filthy creatures living off the blood of humans. He didn't know what was worse... How humans seemed like sheep ready for the slaughter or how vampires could drink from such disgusting and weak creatures.]
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[center When Ame was ready to go he slowly got up as with him. He didn't mind following the boy to the park. He was sure this would be a rather fun date. It seemed dinner was a little quiet, but that didn't bother him too much. Not always could everyone be talkative right? He hadn't minded the silence anyway. Then again it wasn't like much bothered Alecto anyway. Not when it came to Ame anyway. He would let that male get away with murder. Probably not a good way to look at things though. Yet he had attached himself to Ame.]

[center He didn't mind the walk. It was a long one, but at least the sights were nice on the way there. It gave him a lot of time to think as well. Thinking back to when him and Ame had met. Yet he didn't let his mind wonder too far. Once they reached the hill that they had met on, Alec began to look around. He smiled warmly. This was a nice place to come to. It had been a rather romantic idea. He felt himself be pulled down and he gasp lightly in surprise. He laughed lightly and looked at Ame. The male appeared to look rather pale, but he didn't know if that was something to worry about.]

[center [+purple "Yes I think that's about right."] He answered. About three months. Three months ago they had met here. He soon let his eyes move to the sky. It was starting to get dark. He didn't mind though. He would have to watch how long he was out though. He did have work in the morning.]
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[center Ame smiled softly as he waited for Alec to finish his meal. When he was done the waiter came back. Double checking to make sure they didn't want anything else. Ame was sure they would get ice-cream later but for now it was time to go. Ame paid the bill, leaving a nice tip for the waiter who was very nice.

Once Alec was ready he lead the male outside. He smiled softly as he took the blonde hair male's hand. He was happy as they walked side by side down the side walk. It was a peaceful evening, there was a slight chill in the air. The sun was staring the set silhouette everything with it golden rays as he dance along the hill tops. It really was a short walk for th cafe to the park.

Ame smiled softly as he and Alec walked into the park. He lead the boy over a few hills until they made it to a rather tall hill. It was steep, but it had a great view of the city, and most of the park for that matter. The park was beautiful and full of life. There were trees and flowers everywhere, except for on some the hills and the play ground that was still a good distance away.

[#6daae9 "Looks like we made it..."] he said with smiled as he sat down pulling Alec with him. He held the male closely in his arms, trying to be sweet and a little romantic. He blushed softly as he his eye glance toward the sunset. His heart was racing, the hunger inside him was starting to get impatient. He wanted to bite. He wanted to bite Alec badly but he need to wait. He need it to get dark so it was less noticeable. [#6daae9 "So we been date for three month now haven't we?"] he said he tried to distract himself with small talk. In the golden light Ame looked a little more paler than normal. Soon the warm, inviting light would be gone. It would be replace with moonlight.
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[center The silence why they were eating didn’t bother him too much. He wasn’t all that talkative when he was out eating anyway. Normally quiet and keeping to himself until he was done. Occasionally he would glance around though watching people come and go. The blonde was wondering what the rest of the time with Ame would bring. Hopefully it would be enjoyable. He smiled lightly to himself. Stupid and hopeful. Though he never normally thought of himself stupid, but since he wasn’t reading the differences in Ame tonight maybe he was just a little stupid.]

[center He listened as the male apologized and smiled lightly. [+purple “Oh that’s alright I understand.”] He said warmly. He tilted his head slightly at what the male offered. Oh that would be nice and also sounded rather romantic too didn’t it? The spot they first met. He closed his eyes. He remembered that day. He soon let those odd purple eyes open and he nodded. [+purple “Sure that sounds like it would be fun.”] He responded warmly.]
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[center Watching from a good distance stood a dark haired boy. This boy was no ordinary boy. In fact he was the monster that often haunted Ame dreams. His name was Yuki, he was Ame younger brother. Yuki had an odd obsession over his older brother. He easily became very jealous of anyone who got close to Ame. Ame was his, he wasn't going to let anyone take him.

Yuki normally didn't let anyone get close to his brother, but he had been slacking. Today was the day, he would put an end to his brother relationship. Yuki Sapphire colored eyes seem to glow with a lavender tint. [#c5cfd8 "It's won't be long soon you will be mine Ame!"] he said drily. Yuki who was standing at the cafe window vanished.

Since Yuki was a pure vampire. It wasn't hard to read into people's minds. Ame was easy to read! He was going to take that boy to a park and then devour him. Perhaps he would let Ame have a bit, only because he was worried about his brother's health. After that he would make sure that Alecto hated Ame. Yuki darted off to the park, it didn't take long to find the perfect place to hide. The perfect place to watch from.
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[center Ame smiled softly when them male agreed to wanting to do something after dinner. Perhaps a walk in park would be lovely. The sun would be setting soon. It would be easy for him to get close and do his retched deed. [#6daae9 "A walk in the park sounds nice."] he said with a smile.

Ame was happy when the food was sat down on the table. He had gotten his ham burger rare. It was still dripping with blood. He easily hid that by adding ketchup. He smiled softly as he cut his burger in half. He then started to eat. It really was too bad he couldn't taste it. It smelt good, but the taste wasn't there. Blood sounded much better.

Ame was happy that him and Alecto were rather close. It wouldn't seem abnormal if he kissed him or maybe left a few playful love bites? Right? Those thoughts seemed to run through his head as was eating his burger. It didn't take long for him to finish his food. Once he was done he wiped his face with his napkin. He felt bad for sitting there in silence while he was eating. [#6daae9 "Sorry about that I guess I really was hungry!"] he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. He was still hungry, he tried his hardest to put that in the back of his mind. Not here, he couldn't do anything here.

[#6daae9 "Once Were done how about we go to the park and watch the sunset on that hill...come to think of it that where we first met isn't it?"] he said with a small chuckle.
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[center Alecto smiled at the boy’s response. He often did wonder what Ame did during the day. The two always met a little later in the evenings he noticed. That was alright though. He never had much to do in the evenings himself. His job was during the day so it left his nights pretty free. He chuckled lightly hearing him say that he was hungry. Alecto was as well. He couldn’t wait to eat. Yet something about the way Ame said he was hungry made him wonder just how deep that hunger was.]

[center As the waiter came over he ordered what he had spotted on the menu. He looked to Ame and listened as he ordered. He studied the other for a moment and then leaned his chin in his hand and waited for what he would say next.]

[center [+purple “After dinner?”] he repeated part of the question out loud. He hadn’t really thought about it to be honest. [+purple “I’m not sure. I guess I hadn’t thought about it. There’s a lot we could do though. We could go to the movies or just some place to hang out. There’s the parks and the woods.”] He gave a slight shrug. He didn’t mind where they went as long as they were enjoying their time together.]

[center The food definitely looked good as it was set on the table. He had ordered a hamburger as well, but of course his was all the way done. He looked towards the male and smiled lightly. [+purple “No thank you. Thanks for the offer though.”] he said warmly. Ame was being really sweet to him. It seemed a little odd but he welcomed it.]
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[center Ame smiled softly as he listen to Alecto answer his questions. [#6daae9 "My day has been okay, nothing too exciting. "] he said with a small smile. [#6daae9 " Well that is good. I'm rather hungry "] he said softly.

It didn't take long for the waiter to notice they placed their menus on the table. He took there orders, and headed off to the back. Ame sat there in silence, but only for a moment, as he thought of what to say next.

[#6daae9 "Is there anything you would like to do after dinner?"] he said with a smile. Why not treat his soon to be meal with respect, take him out for a good time. Ame mouth started to water. He just couldn't wait to sink his teeth into Alec's neck. The thought of his soft skin being pierced by his fangs just excited him. He did his best to keep his excitement to hisself.

Ame smiled softly as he seen the wait who had come back rather quickly with their food. Ame had gotten a rather rare hamburger with fries. It smelt good but surely it was going to taste the same. [#6daae9 "Want a bite of my burger?"] Ame said sweetly. Ame could be sweet like candy when he wanted to bed, at time he was rather dry.
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[center Alecto smiled brightly. It was good that the boy seemed happy to see him. [+purple “Yeah.”] He said happily. He couldn’t wait. He was sure this date was going to be an enjoyable one. It wasn’t like any other time they hung out wasn’t fun, but he really enjoyed when they did things together. His favorite was always when they actually went out places like they were doing today. Going out to eat or just going to the movies. It was always enjoyable. He walked inside with him and looked around. He had been here a few times before. He liked this place. He sat down across from the boy and looked up as someone came to take their orders. He thought it over for a bit before he put in his order.]

[center There seemed to be some sort of sorrow in the boys eyes. He wondered if he should ask about it, but maybe it was best if he didn’t. He felt like he probably wouldn’t understand anyway, but he didn’t like seeing that the boy was unhappy. For now he wouldn’t worry about it. Maybe he would ask him a little later about what was going on with him.]

[center The boy asked him a question and he smiled lightly. [+purple “My day has been great.”] He said warmly. He tilted his head slightly. [+purple “How was your day Ame?”] he asked curiously. He watched the boy and heard the next question. [+purple “Oh not really. Most of the stuff here isn’t too bad though.”] he said warmly.]
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[center Ame smiled as he heard Alec greeting. He was really happy that he came. [#6daae9 "Are you ready to go and eat"] he said with a smile. Ame was more than hungry, he was ravenous. He bit his bottom lip and looked away from Alec, his blue eyes seemed to be filled with hungry and lust. He let out a stagger breath as he started chew on his bottom lip. It really didn't take long for them to be seated.

The waiter took their drink orders. She ofter them time to look over the menu. What to choose, he thought to himself as he looked over the list of sandwiches. Ame eyes almost seemed to holder a bitter sorrow. He could remember the time when food actually tased good. Now it all tasted like sand, or simply flavorless.

Ame bit his bottle lip, he then glance at Alec who hopefully wasn't paying attention to his facial expressions. [#6daae9 "So how was your day?"] he said as looked from his menu. He knew the blonde normally had good days but it was nice to listen. [#6daae9 "Anything in particular standing out on the menu?"] he said with a smile. Ame felt awkward but the silence was getting to him. He need to stay focus not let his mind wonder. So making small talk seemed the best option.
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Ah what a wonderful day it was! It always was. At least that’s how this blonde thought anyway. The glass was always half full and never half empty. He had a date today. He was really excited for that. Wearing his favorite hoodie he headed out to do errands for the day. People were friendly to him and he responded in kind. He was nothing special. A human that had no fame or fortune. His family was average. They made enough money to live by and be happy and that’s all that mattered. Alec was always positive. No matter what happened. Even the worst days were never that bad. He made a lot of friends and was always right there to help. People really enjoyed his company.

By the time Alec had finished up it was about time to get ready. He took a quick shower and got dressed. He pulled on his rabbit hoodie and headed out the door. People knew he was odd but they never said anything about him. At least not to his face. He smiled lightly as he walked towards the place he would be meeting Ame. He was very excited for this. It wasn’t like they hadn’t went on dates before. They had. He just was always excited for them. He really liked Ame. Every time he thought about him his heart started beating like crazy. Yes. He was sure this was love. He could see Ame standing and waiting for him and he quickened his steps hoping he wasn’t late.

He knew he should have left sooner, but he had refused to leave until he had taken a shower. “Hey Ame!” He said happily. His eyes danced with a warm and happy light. He was always happy to see Ame. He loved the way it made him feel just looking at the boy. He didn’t know if he had ever felt this way looking at someone else. He had a feeling that he hadn’t. No. He was sure this feeling was something he had only ever felt when he was around Ame.
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