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Sandbox zombie roleplay

Basically it's been three years since the outbreak. The living just keep dying and the dead just won’t stop rising.

Obviously this is freelance zombie roleplay. So feel free to make things interesting or create your own version of zombie or take one straight from a game or novel. Whatever. I just want to get back into roleplay and have fun here.

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1 Post when you please.
2 Wait for two other Characters to post before you do so again.
3 400 characters minimum set post.
4 Pictures should be anime or illustrated, digital art, drawn. [s No real pictures] Okay I'll give in so long as their tasteful please and thanks.
5 Obviously mature themes such as Profanity, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Blood, Death and Gore are all possible trigger worthy things that may arise.
6 No Cybering(sex). Keep romances PG13 thank you.
7 NO GODMOD that means you kill a character without the creators permission, you can’t spontaneously heal after receiving a serious or even fatal wounds take some time to mend those wounds you buffoon, you shouldn't conveniently have what you need on hand every time or in the vicinity without a logical reason, nor should your character be able to wield every weapon like a pro.

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Username: username
Character: name
Age: 13+
Weapon: primary, secondary, third.

[hr ] Survivors [hr ]

Username: hextheblackcat
Character: Blake Bleak
Alias: Bleak
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Weapon: Machete[hr ]

Username: LunaStories
Character: Gemini
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Weapon: Gun, knife, bat[hr ]

Username: Vossler
Character: Azalas Valentine
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Weapon: AR-15, Pistol, Knife[hr ]

Username: theboyslasher
Pet:dog[hr ]

Username: EliLovesYou2
Character: Eli
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: Machete, 2 Kami Katanas, 10mm Pistol.[hr ]

Username: Burning_Heart
Character: Sena D'etorre
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Weapon: Pistol, knife, hatchet.[hr ]

Username: hextheblackcat
Character: Dakota Hughes
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Weapon: combat knife, two hand guns[hr ]

Username: JustACasualWriter
character: Sydney
Age: 21
Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun, Axe, Handgun[hr ]

Username: ShieldHero-
Character: Rex Rider (Alias)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Weapon: Titanium Long Sword.
Armor: Modified dragon vest bullet proof vest (Obtained and modified due to a friend he made during the apocalypse. One that's no longer with us.] [hr ]

Username: Capsule
Character: Luniz
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Weapon: Brass Knuckles, Flip Knifes, Whip[hr ]

Username: Cursethewhitecat
Character: Neil
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Weapon: Hand gun, handcuffs, and a taser [hr ]

Username: KasaiShadowFox
Character:Andrew Ross Code Name: Raptor
Gender: Male
Weapon: M16, 9mm, Karambit (Knife) [hr ]

Username: KasaiShadowFox
Character: Amilia Ross Code Name: Cloak
Age: 19
Weapon: Sniper Rifle, Machette, Karambit (Knife)[hr ]

Character: Dr. Ragnar
Age: 30
Weapon: IWI Tavor, scalpels different types of poison[hr ]

Character: Evrin Ragnar
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Weapon: Pistol, Baseball Bat, Knife[hr ]

Username: Grandum
Character: Rocco
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Weapon: Shotgun, Bat, Sledgehammer [hr ]

Username: Z-Plague-01
Character: Duke Faraday
Age: 27
Gender: male
• 1887 shotgun heavy modification
-shortened barrel and magazine tube
-mareleg pistol grip
-7 rounds reduced to 4
• .460 Rowland 1911
-flashlight/laser combo
-15 round extended magazine
• French nail
Armor: forearm and shin bite guards, level iiia Kevlar vest
Vehicle: WWII Indian motorcycle w/ sidecar
Companion: German shepherd/Belgian Malinois named Colt trained in schutzhund. [hr ]

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2 months later "[+blue Damn its all gone now wow.I think theres more.Whats that sound]?"Henry ran to the door and stuck his head out the door. "[+blue Thats amazing more people o no.Its that the brunette from two months ago.Maybe i should go talk to them?]" As henry followed his path to them.He watched them argue.He thought at any time he could just talk to them.But he was scared.More or less he heard."[+blue just talk to them you idiot!Ugh!]" henry yelled.He saw food and water watched them trying to pass it over, Them arguing about not being strangers to one and other.the brunette saying shes not a murderhobo whatever that is.They eventually left from his view so he crawled into the place and followed them some more.He was happy he could see more people.
  Henry / theboyslasher / 1d 4h 57m 24s
[center [h3 Plan Of Action]]

[center [b "More or less" she stated before asking how he was even pointing out his red cheeks. He felt flushed waving his arms his cheeks beet red.]]

[center [+orange N-No.. I-I'm fine!]]

[center [b He didn't need water, was his face that red? That always happened when he'd get so shy. Luckily she didn't know why he was tomato red. Though he wasn't at 100% he was used to fighting like this. Creaks and other pains before a fight even started. His thoughts were cut off with a sigh as she walked over. "Huh? Why is she sighing? Did I say something wrong?" finally she dropped her name as well. He felt a small subtle smile creep on his face before she tilted his head to make eye contact with her. He blinked wide-eyed and found himself staring back into her eyes his face a crimson red. He tensed up a bit but at the same time? He examined her features. Her nose her lips her cheeks her- "God damn it, Rex, you are such a creep! Stop.. Stop staring at her!" Rex told himself to hardly any avail. Though when he finally focused completely on her eyes? Sure she was pretty but for once that wasn't the only thing the boy noticed. He almost found himself peering into her eyes. "Bleak" her eyes felt Bleak almost like she was exhausted or she was missing a certain light in them. He knew that look it's the look he's learned to hide ever since.. "No Rex now isn't the time to focus on that I've gotta move forward."]]

[center [b "It's Blake so you can stop treating me like a stranger" Is that what he was doing? After she removed her hand she had asked him to relax a little around her that she wasn't a murder hobo. Rex found himself snorting lightly as he covered his mouth with a bright red blush. It was hard not to have a funny image of some murderous hobo. "I'ma kill you with my spare chaaannnggee" Rex fought the urge to laugh more. He may have been shy but deep down the boy had a real sense of humor and he had to fight the urge to laugh. Still, he had a clear smile on his face It wasn't long before it faded however and he nervously avoided eye contact afraid he made himself look stupid. "Wait.. Did she think he saw her that way?! That's why he avoided eye contact her? N-No it wasn't like that! It was because... Well... It was hard to explain."]]

[center [+orange N-No! You a-aren't.. I.. I-I don't t-t-think you'd do that..]]

[center [b Relax? Just be cool and chill? Pfft, that's advice he's been unable to follow his entire life. Multiply that around a super cute girl. He tried to not focus on those shortcoming instead simply nodding when she said to move out. She shared the other group looked experienced and she'd rather not fight them. It wasn't long ago he almost died fighting a group of what seemed former military. Some of those guys fought strong even having limbs chopped off. Rex was confident as a fighter but even with his gear and talent, he could have ended up dead that fight. Not to mention Blake wasn't wearing any bulletproof gear herself so it'd be a pointless risk. It wasn't like anyone was in danger if someone was that'd be different. Rex wasn't aware of the redhead out there. "Related to the eye?" Rex tilted his head a bit confused. Did that explain these military groups he ran into? A part of Rex itched to see if the Eye were really something else as far as opponents go. However, he fought that urge to fight them to focus more so on covering Blake's escape plan. Blake watched almost with a confused stare as she fidgeted to touch her hat. Before yelling damn it. Was she really that upset over this? Well, most people would be feeling stress over this huh? It wasn't Rex didn't have any pressure on him. His actions now affected someone else's life. He didn't care much for his own but he wouldn't let someone.. Die on his watch. Not.. Well, just.. He wouldn't. If they got caught somehow he'd trust she'd run ahead and he'd stay behind and see what they are made of. From her reaction, it seemed they were tough. Odds would be rough even if he didn't have injuries but even more so then. Didn't make him less curious about what they could do. His thoughts again were cut off but this time by her escape plan he simply nodded listening. "Escape into a crowd huh?" That's one weakness Rex had. He kinda well.. He stuck out and was easy to remember to boot. A lot of fights he got in were with people returning with their groups or noticing him again from a distance. Ashen hair? Orange contacts? Wielding a strange sword with strange attire/armor? Yeah, he certainly stands out, unlike Blake who looked exceptionally good at sneaking around. Not to mention? This man had never actively avoided a fight. He had run from massive groups of the undead after slashing a path through before. Escaped from groups after a bout only to finish the job later. However, he never exactly snuck around actual people before. Even rarely sneaking around the undead. He was acrobatic and agile but he just never had much experience with stealth. Though for Blake's sake? He'd at least try.]]
  RR / ShieldHero- / 4d 18h 21m 23s
[#a6a6a6 [b

She stared at Rex and cocked her head a little to the left. [#73264d “More or less”] She tilted her head to the right with a brow raised. [#73264d “How about you?”] She asked and pointed at her own face as she said “Your look’n red in the cheeks”. She paused and added on [#73264d “Do you need more water or something?”]

She watched as his eye contact drop to the floor and sighed heavily. [#73264d “Blake “] She suddenly blurted out. While walking over to him. [#73264d “There now, happy?”] She placed a single cold finger tip on him forehead and tilted his head up so they made direct eye contact.

[#73264d “ Its Blake so you can stop treating me like a stranger”] She removed her hand. [#73264d “And you can relax a little around me”] She paused to step away from him. [#73264d “It's not like I’m a murderhobo who’ll jump you in your sleep or something”] She said as she bent down to pick up her machete.

Her deadeyes narrowed as she took hold of the handle. She had purposely left her only weapon on floor as a sort of test. Not like she tell him of course and- She picked the blade up.[#73264d “ We should. . .move”] She placed the machete back into its holder and walked into the kitchen. There she opened a few draws and grabbed a small sharp knife.

[#73264d “That group looks experienced and I would rather not fight them”] Blake spoke while kneeling down. She pulled her right shoe laces loose and suck the small knife in between her foot and the inner wall of the shoe. Then she tied the laces real good and tight. [#73264d “Especially if-”] She stood back up with a trembling body. [#73264d ”Especially if that group could be [i military-related] or even the [i “Eye]”] She bit her lower lip as she placed a hand on the back of her head. Her fingers wiggled their way into her wild brown hair and coward hesitantly at the touch of her hat.

[#73264d “I-”] She sighed. While removing her hand and stepping out of the kitchen. [#73264d “I’m pretty sure them might of seen me on the balcony. No even if they did see me. . .Staying in this area after an explosion like that will gather the dead for sure”] She looked at Rex. [#73264d “That means the chance of escape tch-”] She started to grumble to herself.

Muttering a plan of action. She definitely didn’t want to fight. Not when the area will be crawling in the flesh eaters and worse the living. [#73264d “Damn it!”] She stomped out of the kitchen and forcefully pulled the bookshelf away from the door. Then she placed her ear against the wood and peeked out the eye hole. They were on the 3rd floor, that group was just adjacent/across the street. Going to ground level was risky.

[#73264d “so maybe we take the 3rd floor to the opposite side. Smash a window if need be and jump to ground level and into the nearest building…”] She mumbled as she cracks the door open and slipped into the hallway of corpses.[#73264d “Ya that should work. If anything we can use the dead like an [i “escape into the crowd”] sort of deal”] She spoke openly and turned back to Rex.[#73264d “ Well?”] She hoped she could de-rail this hero from the saving the damsel in distress at least for right now.
  Blake Bleak / hextheblackcat / 4d 19h 4m 14s
Azalas nodded. He grabbed two bowls and poured the noodles in both of them. He added sauce to his and handed Hughes her bowl. "It's nice to talk to someone. Been lonely here to be honest." He smiled at her. It's been a while since he genuinely smiled ever since his daughters death.

"If you ever need an extra, I'm good with firearms and close quarters combat." Azalas told her grabbing some silverware for them. He pulled out two forks and handed her one. "You thirsty?" He asked her. "I got soda, juice, liqour, and bottled water."
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 16d 16h 44m 6s
[center [h3 Unexpected Allies]]

[center [b Rex was sure she'd feel unsafe by his sudden attack. Either that or she'd try to duke it out then and there. However, that wasn't what happened instead she asked him to follow. The two were so different in how they felt and thought or how they approached things. It was hypocritical but if someone did that to Rex? He may have slashed at them on quick instinct alone. In some ways, she was more reasonable than he was. In others, she was a lot harsher all things considered though? She was being pretty nice. He remembered upsetting people in the past with his defensive nature. What happened- "No not the time for that Rex."]]

[center [b He nodded and followed her. They seemed like the two kinda folk who'd never get along. Not in the world before and certainly, not the world they lived in now. Yet here he was and if she needed something done? Rex would be more than glad to help her. Didn't mean he knew her well but he wasted time fighting pointless battles anyway. Might as well actually help someone through it.]]

[center [b Rex had nodded off but it wasn't too long before she returned with food. Her footsteps had woken him up but he didn't open his eyes. He could tell it was her He was however too shy to open his eyes. Something about having his legs spread out comfortably while he slept? Having a pretty girl see him so vulnerable? It made him almost red in the face. so instead he awkwardly fidgeted pretending to be asleep. "Why? Why not just wake up and say. Hello, other human being! I'm not a weirdo freak who gets embarrassed by everything! Isn't it nice fellow human to not be such a god damn weirdo? Thanks for the food by the way!" maybe not in those exact words but still. Rex fought the urge to smile in the comedic way he was wording it in his mind. It was funny but also kinda sad he couldn't just talk to people too. One would never guess it looking at Rex but he actually had a sense of humor a big one in fact. It's just hard to tell inside was a class clown when he was too busy being embarrassed all the time.]]

[center [b When the footsteps faded he sat up and began to chow down quickly. It didn't really taste like much so it was better to treat it as fuel and shove it down quickly. Even if it didn't have much taste Rex was super grateful she didn't poison the food. Putting the bowl down he heard gunfire and she hit the floor. Rex drew his sword flipping it to its flat side to protect his face. though it seemed it wasn't them that was being fired at. He heard her mumble something though he wasn't sure what. He saw her look at him as he blinked blushing bright red stammering again as he sheathed his blade.]]

[center [+orange U-Uhm.. A-Are you.. O-Okay?]]

[center [b "Really? Rex? You can see she didn't get shot. She's gonna think you are full-on retarded you know that?"]]

[center [b "Retarded's not a very nice word ya know.."]]

[center [b "Yeah but that's what you are my friend so you get the fucking privileged of saying it, Rex."]]

[center [b Rex could feel his insecurity's clashing with his self-judging nature as he held onto his armor. Fighting that irregular didn't break the male down like simple social situations like this had. He took a deep breath still only looking at her shoes to avoid eye contact with her. Knowing her she may just ignore it and focus on a plan of action. Hopefully, she had? So he didn't have time to think about how terrible he was at making conversation. Still, whatever her plan. As long as it didn't involve hurting innocents? He'd tried to help her, however, he could. Even he did completely suck at talking to her.]]
  RR / ShieldHero- / 16d 17h 3m 53s
Hughes stared at him.[#336699 “Not my people”] She paused trying to find the words. [#336699 “Alone wolf here”] She held her head down low. [#336699 “There is a reason why the All-See-Ers get their way”] She looked up at him with this look of pain and disdain.

How could she tell him that the All-See-Ers were to be left as is because they as much as the government hate to admit are quite capable of clevering safe zones and wiping out the dead than the grovemerts own military?

[#336699 “Oh-huh just noodles”] She responded quickly. Sad to admit but food being nearly done made her terms of speech sound less robotic. Heck she was practically drooling again...
  Dakota Hughes / hextheblackcat / 16d 18h 3m 26s

[#ffcc00 “I-I'm so.. I'm so sorry…”] Mr.Okay apologized to her.

[#73264d “. . .” ]Her mouth fell slightly agape and before she could even respond words intruded her mind. [#006666 [i Make no mistake-]] Her body suddenly stiffen like a stone. [#006666 [i And Don’t You Dare Forget-]] and her eyes softened to a vibrant golden hazel-like color. [#006666 [i That in this new world. . .]] She stopped. That vibrant color quickly fading and settling back into a dead dull clay-like brown.

She noticed Mr.Okays sereneness which only added to those words thus She quickly and unexpectedly found herself dropping the situation like nothing even happened between them. [#73264d “Never mind”] She tugged her hat down. While withdrawing her blade and sheathing it.

[#73264d “Let’s go head up and bunker down”]She glanced back at Mr.Okay from the corner of her deadeyes. Him seemed baffled and she refrained from responding to him. He was after all the second human she had come into contact with that didn’t intentionally try to harm or steal from her.

[#ffcc00 “ B-By the way umm.. Err.. My names.. I..”] he paused. [#ffcc00 “Rex Rider, t-thats... My name.]

[#73264d “Rex Rider, huh?”] she stared at him with suspicious narrowed deadeyes. But in the end moved on without a word until they ended up raiding the floor and securing an apartment for themselves. It was then that she made herself at home and cleaned herself up before making them something to eat with what was left in the kitchen.

Food. She gathered up two pots and began making some pasta. It wasn’t much but it was real food so she made it right. Reaching into a cupboard she found some bowls. Dumped the noodles and what not into two of them before turning off the stove top and carrying them over to Rex.

It was only when she went to shove a bowl of fresh hot paste to him along with a glass of water into his hands.That she realized the guy was asleep.[#73264d “. . .”] She placed the food and drink beside him on a coffee table. Quietly she returned to the kitchen for her own bowl and glass. Picking them up she went out to the balcony for her meal. She sat up on the railing with one leg in and the other out. Dangerous maybe, but the view wasn’t all that bad. If you overlooked the death and destruction of course.

Sitting there she used a spoon to shovel out some paste and dump it into her mouth. It tasted like nothing. No surprise there she spit the food out and it fell down three stories before hitting next to this places last resident.

[#73264d “Make no mistake”] she mumbled to herself. [#73264d [#73264d “And don’t dare forget-”]] The sudden sound of gunfire caused her to throw herself back onto the balcony of the apartment. She laid flat on her belly with glass and in hand. She placed them onto the floor now realizing that the noise was coming from across the street somewhere very close by. Crawling on her belly she stayed low to determine the location of possible enemies.

Her eyes scanning the area violently until an explosion ended with her staring at a guy on a fire escape. Placing her hands over her eyes like binoculars she noticed through the window that the guy stormed out off was a group of people surrounding a red head. [#73264d "Three whole months of walking amongst nothing but the dead"] She smirked. [#73264d "How can things get so LIVEly in just one day?"] She spoke to herself as she watched the group hit the redhead. It didn’t look like they killed them but- Her eyes shifted back onto the guy from earlier.

[#73264d “Where are you going?”] She paid close attention to where the male with white hair ran off too. Then her eyes shifted back onto the girl.[#73264d "He left her. Clever guy"] she thought to herself before crawling backwards until she was back safe and sound in the apartment.

[#73264d "Better them than us”] she mumbled and looked over to Rex. Hopefully he had been wiped out to wake up but- She sighed. Who the hell could sleep through an explosion that ear ringing?
  Blake Bleak / hextheblackcat / 16d 18h 17m 31s
Duke smiled as he rode down the road on his Indian motorcycle with his dog riding in the sidecar. This particular model bike was from WWII that featured a left handed throttle. It was designed this way to allow soldiers to be able to shoot with their dominant hand while riding. Duke liked it for this reason, though Colt liked it because he could be petted for a period of time while riding. [b "We need to find some fuel soon buddy or we might be SOL."]

They would stop at the next gas station or liquor store. Duke had converted the engine to run on the proof. The one and only White lightning at 190 proof, this was near pure alcohol. Before they found a station Duke spotted a police SUV. Normally he wouldn't care but he noticed K-9 on the side. Pulling to a stop Duke got off the bike and told Colt to stay alert. As Duke moved forward he noticed something move in the back seat. Looking through the window he was met by a bloodied maw and jagged teeth. Pulling his French nail he reached for the door latch and pulled. Instantly the Zdog lunges and bites for the nearest thing being the forearm Duke presented. The thick wax hardened leather prevented The dog from piercing flesh but it hurt like hell causing him to yelp in pain. Colt instantly ran at the door and tackles it into the Zdog before standing on two legs and lean against the door on his front paws. Colt barked loudly at the threat until Duke stabbed downward into the creatures skull.

Searching the vehicle Duke found a muzzle and a couple Kevlar vests one being for the now dead undead dog, the other an officers vest. Searching further Duke found some shells of a few different varieties. Powdered slugs used for breaching, #4 buck, and slugs, and a box of fifty of .45 ACP which could run through his .460Rowland 1911. The difference being a 1/16" bigger case to seat the bullet deeper and a hotter load. It was comparable to some .44 magnum rounds. This was a beast of a handgun. But ammo is rare and he has to hand load what he shoots often sacrificing ammo types he can't use. Having .45ACP he can still chamber and shoot without using his more powerful rounds.

Soon Duke and Colt were well on their way with their bounty to find fuel. When they stopped next it was at a service station. Duke and Colt walked through the front door and browsed the isles, overhearing a conversation Duke walked to the back and leaned against the corner and spoke up, [b "If I get it open I have first dibs to alcohol and pet food. Along with whatever painkillers the doc has"]by this time Colt was standing behind Duke growling in his new vest. Noticing the kid Duke waved in front of Colt and he instantly sat and stopped acting aggressive. Pulling off his bracer he winced as he showed a large bruise already forming. [b "I can move my hand so it ain't broke but it hurts like hell doc."]
  Duke Faraday / Z-Plague-01 / 34d 18h 22m 24s
[center Sena gasped at his sudden actions, her eyes widening as she watched him. If he caused her to pull that trigger, she was out of there. She wasn't going to risk getting cornered by the undead, and that was final. Let him stay and deal with the consequences.]

[center And yet, she still found herself dumbfounded when he pulled away. Whether he thought this a game or not, it certainly felt like he did. She slowly lowered her gun, adjusting her bag as she kept her eyes on him. She didn't trust him. Far from it at this point.]

[center She frowned at his words. [b "Usually I would. Consider yourself lucky this time."] Perhaps he was right. She really should've just shot him. But...he hadn't [i actually] hurt her, though his actions were definitely on the shittier side of things.]

[center Tensing, she glanced over her shoulder, tightening her grip on the gun. [b "No. Safe to assume they're not a friend of yours either?"] Damn it, she was tired of this shit already.]
  Sena / Burning_Heart / 37d 20h 39m 18s
Ragnar watched him pick up the shard of class and almost chuckled. [I What is he going to do with that try to stab me to death.] he thought to himself before watching him let it go. Ragnar began to chuckle and pat his sons head before putting the syring away. [#FF1493 “Yeah im pretty sure our little Village can use another Idiot. They already have me a quack Doctor.”] Evrin looked up at his father in confusion.

[#FF1493 “Here, you look like you need some food. And that door no one has been able to crack it there are so many possibilities of what could be behind there that… well that Say if you crack it open how about we split it. I get 5 percent you get 95 Percent.”] The Doctor tried to joke. [#FF1493 “Now come lets go to your new home im sure that we have an open apartment. One of ours just passed away and her husband decided to leave so the place has been cleaned up has new bed sheets. Clean hey our little secret but we have running water. Best if you take a bath though so we arnt wasting water… would you look at that im talking to much again.”] he tossed the can over to Rocco before patting his sons head.[FF1493 “By the way, Im Ragnar and this is Evrin my son.”]

Ragnar walked out of the building putting his hands in his lab coat pockets looking to the west and sighed. The sun was going down and more of those things would be out so he wanted to get home as quickly as possible.

Evrin walked over to the male and smiled softly before tugging on his pants. [#00FF00 “Papa isn’t a bad guy come we wont hurt you. Papa likes to collect people and help them. Sanctuary is a safe haven to everyone unless people want to try and destroy it then he gets kinda scary but otherwise hes just trying to help people.”] the boy smiled before tugging on his pants more to lead him out.
  Dr.Ragnar / BelialPrinceLust / 39d 8h 51m 25s
Azalas looked at her. "With the All-See-Ers? Yeah sure, I heard they are a problem with your people as well. Maybe if we clear these bastards out we can actually have a functioning society again." He watched the noodles for a bit and stirred them around, they finallt became soft and he stirred them some more. He was in a trance while he cooked the noodles and thought about his past life.

Once the noodles were done he poured out the water. "You like sauce?" He asked her
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 45d 11h 44m 3s
[#336699 “Sorry for your lost”] Hughes glanced over at the dead body then back over at the living who vented his anger out on the fridge. [#336699 “Not an easy task done alone”] Hughes stared at the pot on the stove top.

[#336699 “Need help?”] She sat up right in her seat with a glint in her eyes. [#336699 “In exterminating them] Hughes spoke as he poured the noddles in. They looked good. Really good. Maybe she could eat them raw?
  Dakota Hughes / hextheblackcat / 45d 11h 47m 52s
Andrew stood watch first letting his younger sister lay on a cot and sleep he looked around noticing in a building close by a woman had come out onto a balcony and as quick as she appeared she disappeared. He ate beans out of a can with a bent spoon and thought to himself.

[I That could have easily have been a zombie right it couldn’t have been a living being the only ones I have been running into are the ones trying to kill us…] he thought to himself taking another bite of beans then looked at Amillia sleeping soundly holding onto her rifle.

After a couple hours the white haired male touched his sisters shoulder gently shaking her. [#8B0000 “Cloak, Time to switch.”] his voice soft as she rubbed her eyes and looked at him before standing and getting in a quick stretch. [#8B0000 hat building over there I saw a woman come out to the balcony and then moved back inside. Can you watch to see if she comes back out and once I get my sleep we will adventure over there and check it out.”]

Amillia rubbed her eyes a little more looking at the balcony and then on ground level before turning back to her brother. [#ff1493 Of course, I understand ill stand watch for a couple hours let you sleep and then we will be off to check it out. Until then please get some Rest Raptor you deserve it.”] she yawned before taking her weapon off safety keeping watch.

While on watch nothing really exciting happened she just watched the dead below move around the streets. It almost put her to sleep watching them, it was like counting sheep while trying to sleep instead it was zombies. Aloud noise woke Andrew up and made Amilia Point her weapon towards the door.

What ever was causing the noise was coming fast. Could the brother sister duo take on what ever it was? Amillia looked in her brother’s direction before pointing to the fire escape. It was their only safe route for what was to come through those doors. Andrew picked up his gear and bag before taking off Amillia right behind him looking back at the door.

Amillia tripped falling to the ground as the building seemed to shake and the door exploding off and four mean coming out. The red head had tossed her rifle onto the escape ladder Andrew taking it gritting his teeth as he continued on knowing that she wasn’t going to die right away they would take her to their base and he would have to infiltrate to save her.

The men surrounded the red head guns pointed at her she raised her hands gritting her teeth. [b “What is your name? Where are our men that where up here waiting for us?”] one of the men spoke and amillia grinned before speaking a long forgotten language *[#ff1493 Oni boli zjedení jámami pekla, ako aj živými mŕtvymi.”] The men hissed in anger before hittin her in the face in which put her in a fit of laughter. *[#ff1493 Moja matka môže zasiahnuť tvrdšie ako vy, skúste to znova Trochu ťažšie tentoraz.]

[b “What the fuck is wrong with this one? Does she even understand us. Lets take her in im sure someone can knock some sense into this one or we can put her in a slave trade…. Sex shop worker look at her chest she would be perfect for it.”] The male rambled the others agreeing with him.

  Andrew Ross / Kasaishadowfox / 52d 11h 2m 12s
Rocco was working on the keypad to the backroom door hoping he could break through. Ten minures went by as he tried to crack the code by typing any common code he could think of into this little machine. He punched the wall and sighed [i This is nonsense. I have been wondering for so long waiting for something like this and now....four numbers stand between me and some sort of food..]

He went to try once more but in the from behind him he heard the sound of breaking glass. He turned around swiftly looking around before spotting a strawberry blonde holding a can of beans. Noticing his white lab coat he thought to himself [i Great.. a doctor..]

Rocco realized his weapons were not with him, instead, being left in his vehicle outside. He looked around picking up a broken piece of glass [B Careful Doc...I have no reason to spare y-] Before he could finish his statement he witness the doctors young son walked in and moved next to his side [B W- what...he..] The man dropped the piece of shattered glass that shatterend even further into smaller pieces.

He looked to the doctor, Forlorn and desperate [b A village eh?...Perhaps you could use an idiot] He chuckled quietly
  Rocco / Grandum / 53d 8h 56m 31s
[center [h3 Took Me Long Enough?]]

[center [b She seemed mad at him again.. Did he do something wrong? He grabbed at his arm sighing lightly. Why did he care so much? To seek the approval of a complete stranger? Maybe it was better he started not caring? "Yeah like I can just change my entire personality that easy.. Maybe it'd be better to leave?" Despite possibly being the case? He couldn't bring himself to walk away from anyone. Didn't matter if they deserved it or not.]]

[center [b "Took you long enough" five more minutes? He tilted his blinking confused as he put his arms to his side. Before pointing at himself looking left and right to make sure she truly was talking to him.]]

[center [+orange You... Waited for me? You were.. Going to wait f-five m-more.. Minutes for me?]]

[center [b Call it sad call it pathetic or call it whatever you will. Rex hadn't taken her bark as cruel or harsh. He didn't think... Not anyone was left that would wait for him. "I told her to run! Why the hell was she waiting?! She was gonna wait another five minutes? Seriously?!" Rex pouted slightly but he didn't mean those thoughts. Well he partly did.. He didn't want anyone getting killed cause of him. At the same time though? He felt... Oddly touched by the gesture.]]

[center [+orange T-Thank y-you...]]

[center [b He muttered looking at her feet and at the ground. He still couldn't bring himself to make eye contact with her at all. She pointed at him with her machete as he tilted his head again confused. Could he keep up? Looking like that? He had pondered on his wounds before. He did use his sword as a crutch before. How was he? Hmm.. Well he felt he could keep going? He'd been pushed to his limits to exhaustion so many times it was a state he was all too familiar with. Most survivors made it by wits or intelligence. Bunkering down or staying in groups.]]

[center [b Rex didn't have the tactics or social skills for any of these concepts. He had survived purely by strength of mind and body and nothing else. Well.. Perhaps luck played a part for sure. With that last part in mind he looked at his blade and vest. Yeah luck was certainly a part of it.]]

[center [b "Damn adrenaline Junkie" she smacked the blunt side of his leg with the machete. She went to jab him with her Machete next. Rex had shifted his stance grabbing her wrist and spreading her legs apart for reaching for his blade to her for a moment. His eyes were sharp and despite his wounded state he was quick and feral. He realized... What he was doing.. "She didn't.. She isn't trying to hurt you Rex! What is wrong with you!" He quickly let go sheathing his blade letting go. His face was beet red it was almost.. Like two different people. Rex.. Despite his craving for attention did poorly with others suddenly touching him. The only time others ever laid a hand or object on him? Was to attack him it was rarely ever for a positive reason.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm so.. I'm so sorry...]]

[center [b He clenched his fist he felt terrible and you could see it in his eyes. One moment he was a cold blooded killer the next? He felt like he was gonna start crying any second. Someone was checking on his well being? He reacts like that?! "I'm so stupid... Here it comes.. Tell me I'm crazy.. Tell me to get lost... Tell me I'm... A f-fucking psychopath" Rex wasn't the type to curse even in his own head but it was that upsetting. He always did this.. Since he lost his friends years ago? He scares everyone away.. He knew it. Deep down he knew he wasn't stable. That didn't stop him from wanting.. To help others.]]

[center [b He let her continue the rest of her jabbing unimpeded. If she wanted to take the chance to attack him? He'd let her she'd be doing it out of self defense with the way he acted before. He wouldn't fight her but instead she asked if he was okay and could keep going. He nodded to answer her question. She jabbed his legs and he couldn't help but giggle slightly before covering his mouth. Sure it hurt slightly but at the same time Rex was incredibly ticklish mostly at his sides and legs. She told him to go ahead and bunker down.]]

[center [b Rex blinked surprised she still wanted him to go bunker down with her. Why? Why would she want him to go? Rex didn't see himself having any value. Despite his fighting ability because he was so bad.. At everything else. It was hard for him to imagine anyone wanting to partner up with him. "Maybe it was out of pity?" the idea made him sigh slightly and slouch his shoulders. "Why you gotta be so depressing? Maybe she wants to make a friend?" "Yeah the girl who shouts I was gonna leave you for dead wants a friend."]]

[center [b "Hey... She waited though didn't she?"]]

[center [b "Tsk so she can use you as a meat shield for the next time since your so willing." Rex had many of these talks with himself. At least he kept it all in his thoughts. He knew it wasn't.. Normal to do but it helped him have some form of conversation.]]

[center [+orange B-By the way umm.. Err.. My names.. I..]]

[center [b He was tired of her calling him Mr Okay. He paused a moment.. Trying to offer his name... He had forgotten his real name some time ago.. Was it okay to give her that? An obviously fake name? ..Better than nothing I guess? He took a deep breath before speaking.]]

[center [+orange Rex Rider, t-thats... My name.]]

[center [b It seemed they'd only be bunkering down for an hour. Maybe Rex could find a way to rest up? Find some medication? What Rex needed was a real doctor but he'd have to settle for first aid. Problem being? Rex didn't even know how to give first aid. He knew basic things but.. Not really much. It really was crazy he managed to survive the way he had. Was it amazing because he was a gifted warrior? Or because he was a complete moron? A little bit of both honestly. She told him she didn't wanna be mixed up in another frenzy before glancing at him. "Is she worried I'll start a pointless fight..? Or am I imagining that..?" Rex knew.. He enjoyed getting into these bouts way too often with the undead. He wasn't sure.. Exactly why but he did. He wouldn't however do that when someone else's life was on stake he'd take things more seriously. He wondered a bit... About the person she could have been before all of this?]]

[center [b He saw her raid the place he drew his sword. Having his back turned to her's. She may not have known it or even believed it but he had her back. One wrong move from anything in the place and he'd do whatever his wounded body could to cut it down. He'd put his life on the line even for a complete stranger. He let her check but he was ready to take the front if a fight broke out. It hadn't and she seemed relieved. For once? He was too he didn't wanna get in a fight when someone else was trying to survive. He sheathed his sword grabbing his right arm as he hissed slightly in pain. His shoulder was in pain that thing hit hard. He saw her take to the Balcony as he smiled weakly. She was a free spirit wasn't she? Rex.. Didn't mind that.]]

[center [b He followed suit as she started to bark orders. Rex.. Surprisingly didn't mind that either. Maybe cause deep down Rex was more a follower than a leader. Rex always had this... Ideal well he used to anyway. That he could offer someone with a real sincere goal for others and humanity. That if he could find someone like that? He'd follow them in a heartbeat. He'd pledge his sword to a cause like that. A cheesy dream of playing Knight most would feel. Maybe it was? He just.. Wanted to be of use to someone who could make a difference. It wasn't a leaders job to be the best fighter but to... Well it was hard to explain. Was she that great heroic leader? Rex chuckled to himself. Certainly not so why listen? Maybe Rex just didn't wanna be in charge huh? He watched as she claimed the place. She started moving the bookcase to barricade as Rex jumped in to help. Grunting in pain still he pushed through.]]

[center [b One wouldn't think a boy his size nor a girl her size would be able to move such a bookcase so easily together. They had though she was pretty tough. She was smart too looking for a place to bunker down. He enjoyed working with her and helping make the place safe.]]

[center [b She told him she was going to wash off as Rex tilted his head again thinking on how he hasn't washed up in ages. It wasn't really his focus.. When he wasn't recovering from his wounds? He was working on training his body and finding food and water. He didn't make time for much else really besides.. Running into reckless battles of course. She told him to be careful "or else" it was the most generic and vague threat a person could make.]]

[center [b Rex almost like a lost puppy still held his head tilted at her. Was that her threatening him? Or more so.. "Or else were fucked." Rex may have been a follower but he was a picky follower. He had many people try to use him and his skill set for the wrong reasons and he didn't go along with it. Rex pondered a moment on her words. He'd have no problem listening if she'd just say it a little nicer? Maybe he was taking it the wrong way? Maybe it wasn't a threat? Rex always.. Well that part deep down who loved a fight? He took threats as a way of open challenge. He's been kicked out of groups for cutting down large threatening heavily armed men. For mistaking the threat as.. "I can easily take you so come and try me." So Rex did and the rest of the group even lacking any fighters left? Would always run Rex off. It wasn't he couldn't kill the unarmed people it was he wouldn't. He'd realize... Maybe he took it too far.]]

[center [b Rex looked down on the ground he didn't like thinking about anything besides the next fight for too long. It always.. Got him in a mood. "Would you do it Rex? If it was a threat? Would you do what you did before?"]]

[center [b "Would you warn her to arm herself? Than strike at her? Like some crazy maniac trying to have some kind of honorable "Duel?" He looked back at her as she went to prepare a meal. Why.. Would I kill the person I risked my very life to save? Those men were different! They weren't just threatening me.. They used force to achieve whatever they needed too!"]]

[center [b "They were only good for violence and destruction huh? Sounds a lot like you bud."]]

[center [b "Look.. You aren't even real, your just me I'm just being hard on myself as always. Cause I don't know how to think one stupid positive thought and I gotta overthink everything like an idiot."]]

[center [b "True but that means we know it's true right? Since it's you saying it after all. So let me ask again would you do it? Cut her down? Say that fiery maiden pointed her machete at you to survive."]]

[center [b "I.. I wouldn't she'd do it for a good reason. To survive! Not to just.. Prove a point.. Not like me... I wouldn't I'd run away if I had to. I refuse to hurt her and if I feel I will I'll go now! Besides she probably didn't even mean it that way!"]]

[center [b "Hmm you run away? You run away from all your problems it's what we do! Except.. We've never once managed to run away from a fight. Even when it got them kill-"]]

[center [+orange Shut-]]

[center [b Rex almost shouted with tears in his eyes with an urge to smash everything. He had nodded at her earlier before she went to the back. He was alone now and thank god too.. Almost shouting shut up at nothing but thin air? Yeah she'd think he was crazy or yelling at her. He wouldn't hurt an innocent person no matter what his pride told him or said. He refused it that. "What's wrong with me.. Normal people don't have to worry about.." he took a deep breath as he started to try and calm himself down.]]

[center [b Maybe... I'm just tired..? Yeah that's it... I'll sit here and rest my eyes and take a break. An hour isn't long enough for a nap but I can at least... Get some rest. Just.. Don't think about that stuff. Just.. "Worry about the next battle"]]
  RR / ShieldHero- / 57d 23h 47m 55s

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