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My own private space.

Could be used as a journal but I hope to only be posting ideas here.

Feel free to browse.

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Finally found a good one of Rika and V. Been looking the passed few days >_<

Guess i should have just used the main character, but she has no eyes >_<

[center [pic]]
  .Rika. / -Rika / 12h 20m 30s
So apparently the only thing I care about when it comes to Zenos is his body...

Clearly not exactly thinking when I was speaking to my friend >_<

Jeez >_>

Well whatever I guess >_<
  .Rika. / -Rika / 1d 16h 18m 51s
Tired. Very tired. Lennon had seizures last night and early this morning. Hopefully he will have a better night tonight.
  .Monster. / -Rika / 3d 13h 29s

A song I’m very fond of.
  .Rika. / -Rika / 5d 36m 47s
I forgot I changed my picture to Allen Walker and Timcampy... My bad>_>
Oh well Allen’s adorable <3
  .Rika. / -Rika / 5d 13h 7m 7s
[h3 [center [b Asuka Chiasa]]]

[center [pic]]

[center Working on her bio currently ~]
  .Monster. / -Rika / 6d 19m 0s
For some reason even with sleep I still feel tired.
  .Monster. / -Rika / 6d 4h 29m 41s
Hmmm What was the point in kinging such an expensive lion just for no one to breed with him >_<
  .Princess. / -Rika / 7d 2h 40m 12s
Need to make all these pictures smaller >_< jeez.

Will get there at some point. Maybe tomorrow. When I’m on a computer?
  .Princess. / -Rika / 7d 13h 30s
[h3 [center [b Kitra Devero]]]

[center Working on the bio ~]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 7d 13h 6m 51s
[h3 [center [b Casia Lovell]]]

[center Casia is a lovely girl. She is rather stubborn though. It’s hard to make her do things she doesn’t want to do. She is normally friendly, but doesn’t seem to know what to do in dangerous situations. This tends to make them a lot worse than they are.
She isn’t ready to have to rebuild her whole kingdom. She doesn’t think she is strong enough to do it.
Her only magical ability is healing. She tends to try and exert herself though. She can only heal minor wounds anything really bad over exerts her and tires her out. It can also put her close to death. She is rather outspoken. Getting angry and then saying what’s on her mind. This can lead to rather bad situations when dealing with the wrong people. She is however rather charismatic when she has to be. Able to plead her case well.]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 6d 21h 13m 57s
[h3 [b [center Kyoko Satomi]]]

[center Kyoko Satomi
Appears cold, Doesn’t seem close to anyone, Seems to refer to most of the people around her as pawns.
Her preferred weapon is a handgun.
Her magical abilities seem to stem around hypnosis. She can make people bend to her will, but it only lasts a few minutes and it really wipes her out after she uses it. Normally she won’t use it unless she is in immediate danger. After she uses this ability she must rest. She then can’t use the ability again for awhile.
She always comes off strong and knows exactly what she wants. Whatever she wants she gets at any means necessary. Sometimes she will show weakness at night. She appears to be lonely and afraid. Usually most that see this side of her never see it again.
  .Princess. / -Rika / 7d 13h 13m 50s
[h3 [center [b Names]]]

[center Casia Lovell]
[center Ayame Akarui -Not really Sure I’ll use this one.-]
[center Kitra Devero]
[center Kyoko Satomi]
  .Princess. / -Rika / 7d 16h 8m 40s
Another princess maybe

  .Princess. / -Rika / 7d 16h 30m 2s
1. More princesses?

2. Lovely
  .Princess. / -Rika / 7d 17h 19m 30s

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