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[size10 Ah after one...really bad night I feel much better...
  Tsurai / 2d 4h 38s
[size10 Sigh. I need to go get dressed and ready for tonight but all I want to do is just sit here -_-'
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 2d 16h 11m 33s
[size10 Sigh, I'm okay now. Getting out of the house and having a drink help. I'm still depressed but whatever...

[pic https://i.imgur.com/BwsaI4G.jpg]
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 2d 16h 15m 22s
[size10 I hate my job. I hate people... I might just fucking hate everyone at this point... I've never been threaten to be written up before.... Just because the fryer wont stay late do shit he suppose too... Why take it out on me... What am I suppose to do...why is my job to make him stay in the first place... I can ask but it's not like he will listen to me... I'm not you or her....

I don't think there's a damn soul on this fucking marble who can make me happy right now... I wish there was but then again I have been happy for far too long.... it seem about right to be down and depressed.

At least I am off for 3 days... maybe I will look for another job...
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 3d 3h 7m 5s
[size10 Sigh. Oh the joy of dog sitting..... I've only slept 3 hours so far.... It's already seeming like a long day. I know I should be more compassionate...the dog did just lose his brother.... I'm tired and bitter... I just want to sleep....with his barking that impossible.... I have to work....but whatever.... thank god it's only one more day of work this week....
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 3d 18h 39m 34s
[size10 Names to remember...

Keir Bloodthorn
Yui Hiromi
  . / Tsurai / 6d 15h 31m 41s
[size10 Just going to hold on to this.... ]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/tFIAV1W.gif]]

[center [b What I desire in role-plays ]
[i X] Anime or illustrated pictures only!
[i X] MxM
[i X] FxM
[i X] FxF
[i X] 1x1
[i X] Romance
[i X] Fantasy
[i X] Horror
[i X] Supernatural / Paranormal
[i X] Violence

[b What I don't like ]
[i X] Real pictures
[i X] One liners
[i X] Group
[i X] Pregnancy of any type
[i X] God-moders
[h3 ]

Pm if you are interested

Also just a little warning, my post might not be frequent due to my work hours.
  . / Tsurai / 6d 15h 50m 18s
[size10 Sigh. What a busy day it has been. Work was really busy. Did a little driving today. Still haven't slept yet today but luckily I am off today.

I think the worse part of today is knowing that my mom lost one of her dogs today. He was very old but it's still heart breaking. Sigh. I hope he went peacefully in his sleep. He was a good boy, spoil and naughty at time but a good boy.

Rika if you're reading this post will come later today or tomorrow at some point.
  . / Tsurai / 10d 18h 10m 29s
[size10 Ugh, I don't know what is worse having a nightmare, or having a nightmare about things that actually exist in this world.

I had a night mare about cannibals... top it all off I was trapped in a house with my close friend so it seemed so real.

Rika I will hopefully be posting here in a little while.
  . / Tsurai / 12d 15m 35s
If you like that story I can unlock lock it for Rika lol
  . / Tsurai / 12d 16h 47m 25s
[size10 Rika, I finally gotten some characters with their bio added.
So it shouldn't be too hard to make up stories for them.

Ame is mostly done
Kurushi is done
Tenshi is mostly done

I'll be working on more this afternoon.
Let me know if any jump out, we can use them in out rp.
  . / Tsurai / 13d 23m 11s
[Size10 Maybe people think it’s an rp. Then go find it’s someone shitty journal.

So Rika I’m going to try come up with a story, wanna join? My character will most likely be sweet! Then go for the throat.
  . / Tsurai / 13d 20h 44m 2s
[center “If you're searching for that one person who will change your life, Take a look in the mirror"]

[size10 I think we need to read this when we’re down Rika

Goodness look at all the people watching my journal
lol they probably think we’re insane Rika. Well on the bright side I get to look at their profiles. Some are quite beautiful.
  . / Tsurai / 14d 24s
[size10 I wouldn't say or do that either. I have learned that sometimes saying nothing at all is better. Sorry if that sound a little bitter.

I know, it's there, just dim at times.

Ugh... hungry....Sleepy...
  . / Tsurai / 14d 29m 36s
[size20 Name here]
[b Age:]
[b Birthday:]
[b Species:]
[b Gender:]
[b Sexuality:]

[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
[b Hair color / Length:]
[b Eye color:]

[b In love / Or out:]
[b Family/ Friends:]
[b Personality traits:]
[b Strengths / Weaknesses:]

[b Birthstone:]
[b Favorite color(s):]
[b Favorite song(s):]
[b Weapon(s) of choice:]

Any additional information
to be type at bottom.

[b Speaking color:]
[b Pets:]
[right anyone can use this skelly, I'd feel honored if you do XD.
  . / Tsurai / 12d 23h 38m 21s

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