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The year is 2019 and a princess was born into the kingdom of Dogstun which was located on a small island off the western coast of Africa. As is tradition the moment a princess is born she is to be locked away in a tower until her prince comes when she turns 18 at which point she will be married off, but this time it's different as this princess isn't looking for a prince she's looking for freedom. Now 15 years old the princess simply waits till the dead of night and walks out the door wearing nothing but cloaks and rags made from scrap fabric she got from her father to make 'doll clothes' and her hair cut to her neck, which for any princess should mean death. Now she's free, but as she's lived her whole life in a tower with only tutors and her father to visit the princess has no idea how to survive. Weeks pass and the princess collapses from hunger worried this was her end when she meets someone who's willing to help, even once they learn the real reason the girl escaped her tower.
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[center ~Looking for male/female to play either a village person or royalty in disguise.]
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[center ~If we get to a point where our characters 'get together' it will be timeskipped]
[center ~Romance may be a thing, but this has intentions to be Dark and kinda fucked up.]
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[center ~500 character count minimum please be semi-literate.]
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[center ~Yes Technology is a thing in this universe.]
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Lily sighed at Kris's touch and nodded holding their hand tight as they made their way out of the hotel and back to the palace and Lily ignored most of those that stared at them and just held tight thinking of the story she would spin for the royalty of this land when she overheard some ladies talking about how the mine was kicking out pregnant women under orders from the church since there had been several accidents that were causing women to lose their children and become infertile. This made Lily smile as her story began forming and she knew she could protect Kris with it too, and every chance she could Lily scooped up some mud and dirt and rubbed it on her skin to make it seem as though she had just come from a dusty dirty mine, all the while never letting go of Kris's hand.
As the two approached the palace Lily had her story rehearsing in her mind, but then she froze and all the blood drained from her body as in front of the palace sat a carriage with her kingdom's crest on the flag and the girl suddenly didn't feel so good and she continued to walk with Kris praying it wasn't her father inside the castle and the closer they got to the doors the more Lily hid behind Kris her breathing coming in panicked pants praying she had smeared enough dirt on herself to no longer be recognized and she once again clung to her Id as they entered the palace.

Thankfully Lily's worries about her father were quickly blown away as a lady came rushing up to them ranting about Kris going missing and the meeting and began herding the girl's towards what Lily assumed was Kris's room not even seeming to notice Lily. Once in the room Lily let go of Kris's hand and went to stand by the door for a few moments before spotting a sink where she washed her hands and began helping the lady praying she thought the girl as just another servant girl as she helped bathe and dress the princess all the while the woman ranted about the 'princess's' antics and her future. [#af0093 "You young lady are very lucky that your meeting got pushed back, apparently your fiance is actually the son of King Lewis of {Lily's Kingdom} his mother was a consort who ran shortly after finding out she was pregnant and married King Watson of Jarickson they're in the meeting hall now arguing over which kingdom gets the rights to the wedding. I swear ever since that princess went missing King Lewis has been nothing more than a newsince I mean if you want my honest opinion I think he killed that poor girl, it's no secret that he doted on the girl, I'm sure he killed her to keep her from having to go through the ritual..."] the woman ranted and this caused Lily to freeze again it was her father who was here and Kris was marrying her brother? Lily swayed on her feet suddenly feeling sick and this caused the woman to finally notice her and stopped ranting. [#AF0093 "You there child why are you not in uniform, and why on earth are you so filthy?"] the woman asked and Lily looked between her and Kris before launching into her lie. [#f18ad0 "I-I-I don't have one ma'am I...t-t-the rescued me from the mines just an hour ago as they were throwing me out for being pregnant."] Lily stuttered and the woman glared at her then looked at Nova. [#AF0093 "The Mines? You went to the mines? How many times has your father told you never to go there princess and today of all days, but fine she seems like a hard worker I'll get her settled in. You on the other hand must get to the meeting room immediately maybe you can put a stop to all this fighting god men these days..."] the woman said helping Nova down from the stool before grabbing Lily's arm and calling for another servant girl to lead Nova to her parents and Lily looked at Kris worried seeing how uncomfortable he looked, but wasn't going to fight the maid as right now it was safer that she not be anywhere near her father.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 2d 11h 39m 27s
It wasn't like playing a part was anything new to Nova. They had been forced to their whole life, but rebelled from time to time. That rebelling only becoming worse in the last couple of years. Hence why "she" was going by "he" and had come out today as he had. It was Nova's way to say that they were done playing by the rules of someone else's games.

A small smile graced the "princess'" lips as "she" looked to Lily as the young woman spoke. [#e84a70 "It would only be for a little while. And I gave you my word that I would do anything it took to help you and to protect you. So if that means doing this, m'lady..then this is what I shall do.."] The young man said softly as he soon found himself in a tight hug and despite himself returned it.

Kris cared more about this girl than he would have ever thought it possible to care for anyone. And everything he had just said, he meant one hundred percent. After a moment, the male pulled back and brushed Lily's hair from her face and gently took her hand. [#e84a70 "Time to let the games begin...And do remember...keep with me.."] With those words, Nova led Lily from the hotel's room and back to the palace to face "her" parents and to claim that "she" was ready to be the "good girl" she was supposed to be. Oh this would kill him..but it had to be done. It was their only hope to get away.
  Nova / SheDevil / 6d 3h 39m 59s
Lily watched a range of emotions go over Kris's face before he shook his head and Lily couldn't help her face falling when she mentioned playing along with her family to help them escape, this worried Lily tremendously as she didn't want to trust an unknown prince, when princes were the reason she was locked up her whole life. When Kris asked Lily if she trusted him the girl answered by leaning in and kissing him lightly. [#f18ad0 "Such a silly question of course I trust you I just don't want to see you in pain."] she said before hugging the boy tight readying herself for whatever was about to happen next.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 9d 16h 40m 56s
His worry really could not be making this any easier on the girl, and he was more than sure of that. But when it came to his father, Kris could not help it. The woman he called his mother was hell enough, but his father was a nightmare. Kris may have been the "favourite" child, but he was also the one that the king hated the most. The "cursed" child so to speak. For he was not actually the king's child.. A bastard and to save his wife the shame, Francis had taken Kris in as his own. Hid it from the whole bloody kingdom that the princess was only half a royal.

Quickly he shook his head, his eyes moving to the sapphire heart ring he wore. The ring was one that was meant to help him. At least in the daylight and to conceal his powers. [#e84a70 "We use my husband to be as a shield and a cover-up. I will have to be the princess that everyone expects of me. I can choose anyone I wish as my lady in waiting...and we will get Stephen to take us as far as his kingdom and then take the rest on horseback. I can...Well lets just say it will be interesting. Right now I can't explain but it...I will. I promise you that, my dear Lily."] The young man said as blue gaze locked on the young woman before him.

This all would make no sense. But he was not ready to reveal everything to the girl. Could not in fear that it would change how she felt about him. But he would tell her.

[#e84a70 "Do you trust me?"] Nova found theirself muttering quietly as he could not take his eyes from Lily. He needed for her to. And this was the only way he could help. The only way he could give them both the life they had seen. Because...he wanted it...and he wanted it badly.
  Nova / SheDevil / 24d 1h 30m 11s
Lily had just finished the water when the Warlock came back and packed up his stuff and he smiled a pretty sick smile when he took the thermos cup from Lily and saw it was empty and he bowed. [b "I wish you a happy life Ma'am."] was all he said before leaving and Lily glared after the man at least until Kris came back and started saying they needed to go and that instead of sending her off he would be going with her and her eyes widened but she nodded standing up. [#f18ad0 "Okay let's go... um but I just ran out of food how are we going to survive? If I remember my maps the boarder is still a few weeks away by foot."] Lily said taking Kris's hands in hers and looking up into the boy's eyes the scene from before flashing in her mind and the want for it growing and she prayed she wouldn't have a miscarriage, but with the long journey ahead and no real survival skills she still worried nonetheless, and Kris's worry about his father didn't really help either.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 27d 10h 47m 32s
A faint smirk had graced the young man's lips when the warlock had seemed annoyed at the answer that had been given. Wasn't his fault a question had been asked and the first thing that came to mind happened to pop out of his mouth. Kris was not one to usually beat around the bush and would say what he thought. Oh the joys of growing up with five older brothers. To show emotion or to wear the feelings on the sleeve so to speak was to be weak. And that was NOT who Nova was. Never had been and never would be. So of course there was no backing out or down. It was a promise to help this girl so he would see it through. Having the unborn babe changed to being his included.

Hardly was Nova paying the warlock any mind when he began to say something or rather about same sexed couples and having children. Oh no, blue gaze was too transfixed on the double helix that hovered above Lily's midsection. The light was alluring and entrancing. There was no way to pull his gazs away as it got brighter and brighter and seemed to engulf him and Lily both. For a moment, the pair were stood within the blinding light and two children giggled and hugged them before running off. A little boy and a little girl. Both so very beautiful. But the scene changed and they were stood by a farmhouse out in the country. The little boy and girl beyond them playing and he and Lily were looking over a field. So many orchards and vegetables were growing. The sun was setting too and blue gaze locked on the beautiful young woman at his side. Kris wanted this...he wanted it with her. Bust as soon as it had appeared, the light and scene was gone. Both were back to being sat in the hotel room and Jorden looked almost horrified.

[#e84a70 "I shall speak with you if that is your wish, good sir. Lily, I will be right back. You have my word on that."] Kris said, gently lifting the girl's hand to his lips and brushing his lips over her knuckles before joining to warlock outside the room. Blue gaze looked out to the now deserted streets and the male visibly stiffened. [#e84a70 "There is no need to bring father or mother into this. She shant be here long. Nor will I. I ask as a favour that you keep this between us. Please, Jorden...this girl...I don't know what it is...but I feel...there is something there. It is the first I have ever felt this and I cannot bare to lose her."] Bold words and for just having met the girl. But Kris knew this girl..well they were meant for the other.

The man looked stunned yet again. He could not believe what the princess had just said. What she was thinking. [b "Princess Nova, you know it is not possible. You have a duty to your parents and your kingdom. And your father must know. It is the law of the lands."] Jorden said, giving Nova a pointed look. Before the girl could beg him more, the warlock was gone.

Kris cursed under his breath and was quick to return to Lily. He sat beside her and kissed her forehead. [#e84a70 "We have to go as soon as possible...He means to tell my father. I will go with you...get you to the border as I promised...but if anything should happen...and I mean ANYTHING you will have to go without me."]
  Nova / SheDevil / 46d 6h 33m 8s
The warlock's face turned from shock to one of slight anger as Kris answered him, but he sighed and held out his hand for the hair which Lily placed within it smiling. [b “As there is consent from both parties I will preform the genetic swap, but the likelihood of fetal death is very high especially since the… rarity of a female based child surviving is quite small as in the many same-sex couples I have done this for only 3 children have made it to term.”] he said an irritation in his voice as he moved his hands until the hair was surrounded by a yellow orb which broke apart the hair and made the symbol of a double helix, then the warlock placed the orb on Lily's stomach and the girl watched as the orb seemed to pulse and brighten and out of the corner of her eye she saw the warlock flinch and stare shocked at the orb as it continued to glow brighter and soon his hands were no longer on the orb as he had moved them to cover his eyes, but Lily's attention was fully on the orb as she watched the shape change from a double helix to what she could only assume was her unborn then it grew and suddenly Lily and Kris were surrounded by the light as though they had been sucked into the orb and in front of them stood two grinning children one boy and one girl who both laughed before hugging the two then running off and the scene then changed to a small farm and the children could be seen playing while both Kris and Lily were standing near the farmhouse watching over a field and orchard that was filled with many types of fruits and vegetables. Lily looked over at Kris with awe before the scene faded with a snap and they were back in the hotel and the orb was now just a glowing dot sitting just below Lily's bellybutton. Lily looked over at the warlock who looked a bit frightened, but the man soon stood and walked over to his bag and Lily could hear him grumbling, but couldn't make out any words. The man came back with a thermos and poured something that looked like tea in the top before handing it to Lily. [b “Please drink this while I have a word with the Princess please Miss. It'll help with any pain that the spell might cause.”] he said then made eye contact with Kris and walked outside waiting for the Princess. Lily went to drink the tea watching Kris go to talk with the warlock when the smell of the tea hit her and she immediately closed her mouth before any of the tea could enter, then she sniffed it again before flinching. [i [#f18ad0 “Pomegranate, Papaya, Parsley, and Cinnamon... that's what that look was for he's under orders to kill babies... There's no way in hell I'm drinking this... Not after what I saw.”]] she thought as she got up after making sure nobody could see her and ran to the bathroom where she dumped out the tea, washed the cup, and filled it with hot water making sure there was no trace of the herbs that had been in there as she quickly made her way back to the bed and sipped at the water watching the door.

The Warlock looked at Nova when she joined him and sighed, [b “The king will have to know about this Princess you know how he feels about bastards in the kingdom.”] he grumbled glaring at the Princess.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 53d 7h 29m 16s
Nova knew all of this to be new to Lily and wished there was more time to explain it. But he knew that time really couldn't be wasted and that the girl did need the help. His hand was in Lily's the warlock, Jorden had come over. [#e84a70 [i "It's okay, sweetie..He's nothing to be afraid of and can help you."]] Kris whispered before there was complete silence in the room and both Jorden and Lily were silent and their eyes were locked. He had seen this enough times to know there was a conversation taking place. One obviously he was not supposed to be hearing unless Lily or the warlock wanted for him to be hearing it. Which the young man thought was COMPLETELY unfair because he would not be able to help unless he knew just what was going on.

Clearly, it wasn't what the warlock was expecting because his eyes showed a form of pain. And before he knew it, Lily's habd was gently moving through his hair, petting him to an extent. Nova, finding that he was drawn to this young woman and already had a strong affection towards her had leaned into her hand until it came away. A single strang was between Lily's fingers and Kris' head tilted. Before ansy questions could leave his lips, Lily said she wanted him to be the father of her child.

Kris was admittedly shocked as they had just met, but a smile graced the boy's lips all the same. [#e84a70 "I would be honoured, my dear Lily."] The prinve said, thankful this girl accepted who he wanted to be and felt he was with no questions. And then crystal gaze went to the shocked warlock and a soft smirk came to his lips. [#e84a70 "A young woman who is strong and brave. One who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go and get it. Not many around..but have to admit I admire her courage."] Kris said, his hand moving into Lily's. There had been no use to correct Jorden as he and the rest of the kingdom only saw him as a girl...their princess.
  Nova / SheDevil / 74d 1h 7m 1s
Lily jumped lightly when she felt a hand on her cheek and she opened her eyes slowly smiling when she saw Kris, but that smile flickered when the boy mentioned bringing the warlock and she sat up looking over the boy's shoulder at the old man who waved lightly. Lily sighed and waved back before moving so she was laying straight on the bed. The warlock then walked over and Lily flinched when she saw his hands begin to glow grabbing Kris's hand, but soon her pain melted away and she felt calm. [i [b 'Child please do not panic my name is Jorden the Loving and I am speaking to you via telepathy as I wish to speak upon a serious matter without the princess hearing as I can see she may have some affection for you, but child as I heal you I can see that you have been impregnated and that the genetic code is that of someone close in your genetic line, I have the ability to terminate the pregnancy if you wish and unless you wish to make the princess aware of your situation you may answer me with your thoughts.']] the man thought and Lily looked at him in shock and was about to answer him allowed but then closed her mouth and bit her bottom lip glancing over at Kris. [#f18ad0 [i '..Please do not call the prince she that's very rude...']] she thought before taking a deep breath. [#f18ad0 [i '..Y-you say you can see the child's genetic code... is... is it possible for you to change it?']] she asked mentally and the warlock frowned. [b [i 'I can though risk of fetal death is high... do you have a genetic match you would like to be the father instead?”]] he asked and Lily smiled before looking over at Kris and running her hand through the boy's hair until she had a stray hair in her hand and she turned handing it out to the warlock. [#f18ad0 “I would like Prince Kris to become the father of my child please.”] Lily said allowed and the warlock backed up shocked before looking over at the princess. [b “Princess Nova what on earth is this child you have brought me to?”] he asked just completely flabbergasted by the brown-haired girl's forwardness.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 77d 11h 2m 15s
Blue eyes stayed on the young woman at his side as she had fallen asleep rather quickly. The boy couldn't say that he was shocked. In just the few hours that they had known the other, Lily had been thought of as a street rat and had nearly been sold into some sort of enslavement.. Also she had given away that she was the princess from the kingdom not far from their own. In trun, Nova had blown the fact that he was the princess and was meant to be getting married when he turned eighteen which was in a few months time. So both of them had some pretty fun stuff going on and that they had to deal with. Yet, Nova had still given his word to help and to protect Lily. And he was going to do just that.

He stayed for a little while but had left her to get the warlock to bring him to check on the girl. And he had gotten some food. The boy SHOULD have gone home but still the girl seemed a bigger priority to him. God only knew the reason for it. And he hated every minute that he was away too. It kept popping into his head that Lily WOULD get impatient and that she would try and leave on her own. That she didn't really trust him and the fact that he would be trying to help.

It was much later than was intended when the "princess" had come back to the room with the warlock and made him sit in the armchair in the corner of the room. Nova would not have Lily checked on unmess the girl was awake. And quite clearly she wasn't. It was the flashing colours on the small screen that had Kris internally groaning as the show was a child's one based on his family and the kingdom. Quickly those thoughts were pushed out of his head and he knelt beside the bed and brushed his fingers through the girl's hair. [#e84a70 "Hey there....brought some food back if you're hungry...and someone to help make sure that you're okay.."] He whispered
  Nova / SheDevil / 79d 15h 16m 29s
Lily quickly fell asleep once Kris held her lightly and began to sing and she slept for a good couple hours before the nightmare returned and she woke up screaming. Breathing heavy the girl's eyes darted around the room frightened until she remembered where she was and she sat up coughing lightly as she wiped her eyes and swung her legs over the bed looking around again noticing she was alone and her stomach dropped, but she figured Kris had just stepped out or was using the bathroom. Lily stood up and roamed the room mindlessly looking at the simple way the room was decorated it made her smile as it reminded her of the log cabins of the north that Nana had told her about and showed her pictures of, it was her dream to live in one. When a few minutes passed and Kris didn't emerge from the bathroom Lily headed there herself seeing it was empty and she sighed before heading in to use the toilet. Coming back out after Lily went back to the bed and turned on the simple tv flipping through the limited channels until she found what looked to be a kid's station, and then curled up on the blankets and watched some kind of show based on what Lily assumed was a fantasy version of this kingdom's royal family as there was a character called Nova who looked a lot like Lily has only a week ago. Lily's eyes drooped again and she fell into a light sleep where the show blended into her dream and she was suddenly the princess with Kris as her prince.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 80d 12h 17m 39s
[#e84a70 "There's really no need to thank me.. And thanks. Hopefully I'll figure that out. But my luck I won't and I'll to go through with it.."] The boy muttered as he hugged the girl back gently. And as soon as she was off the bed, Kris sighed. What was it about the girl that seemed to have him so drawn and so protective? This wasn't a normal kind of link..that much he was sure of. And it seemed something that the warlock would have to help him figure out when they saw him..

Was it minutes later that the girl had gotten out of the bath and come out in a simple, yet truly fitting brown dress? Honestly he didn't know as he had become lost in his head trying to take in the day and ways that he could help Lily. [#e84a70 "No.. I had to make sure you were okay first... And still don't feel like facing my mother and father yet. of my brothers saw me out in the town and so knows I am still within the kingdom.."] He admitted as bright gaze was upon the girl.

Soon, and to Kris' surprise the girl was crawling up beside him on the bed. But she really did look exhausted and was a sweet girl when she was able to relax. He was going to be taking her to the warlock soon to get her checked on. For now though, the boy gently held the girl and sang to her, hoping to help her stay relaxed and to sleep for a little while at the very least.
  Nova / SheDevil / 80d 12h 39m 47s
Lily hummed at Kris's words then sat up hugging the boy before standing up, [#f18ad0 “Thank you Kris. I hope you will manage to find a way out of your marriage.”] she said then headed to the bathroom for a bath careful not to aggravate her wound or the bandage to much, which unfortunately meant she couldn't wash her hair as well as she liked. Lily scrubbed her skin raw using practically the entire soap bar the Inn had. When she was done Lily stepped out and was surprised to find a [ simple brown dress] hanging on the back of the door. Figuring it was left by the previous resident of the inn that the maid's forgot to catch while cleaning Lily put it on happy it was just her size as the day had left her patchwork dress completely destroyed. Heading back out to Kris Lily leaned against a wall next to the bed. [#f18ad0 “Kinda figured you would have left by this point...”] she said having expected the boy to head back home, even if he hadn't wanted to. Lily crawled on the bed next to him and looked at him sighing lightly as she settled her eyes drooping as her brain relaxed feeling completely safe with Kris, that or her head wound was worse than they thought.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 80d 17h 12m 31s
The 'princess" was used to having a "tender heart" towards others and having a want to help. Unlike their brothers, Nova believed every person mattered no matter who they were or where they came from. Probably came from the fact that like he had said he had never been accepted for him and who he was. Or it was just who he was. At this point, the boy didn't know nor did he care. All he knew was that this girl reached something in him and he did NOT want to see her hurt anymore if he could help it.

At his touch when she had flinched, it had stung a little. But then he had to remember what Lily had been through. If not back home but her near capture and being sold in his very own kingdom not long ago. [#e84a70 "I'm not like the others. I know what it's like to be trapped by something you don't want any part in. And I don't want to watch you hurt anymore if I can help it. That's why I would do it.. I believe everyone deserves a chance to be free."] And he meant his words. Even if he couldn't get out of his own destiny. Even if he had to go back to being the "princess" and marry to keep peace..Nova would be damned to watch this girl forced into her destiny.

Crystal gaze was locked on the girl when she had turned to look at him and to study him even. Inquisitive and trying to see how honest he was being with her. He couldn't blame her. After all, ANYONE else would have tried to take her back by now. But what was even stranger was the sparks that were sent through him at her gentle he had known her a lifetime..and yet they had only just met that day.

[#e84a70 "You don't have to be my cover.. I got myself into this and I'll have to face it. But you have my word here...You will be able to get to the North like you want.."] He muttered.
  Nova / SheDevil / 80d 16h 45m 45s
Lily listened to Kris speak and she flinched when the boy confirmed her fear, that she had been reported missing and the fact that there was now a ransom on her head meant her father hadn't meant for her to escape. When he came over and began petting her Lily flinched but looked over listening to his promise. [#f18ad0 “... Why? Why would you do that for me?”] she asked not understanding the male's kindness especially since she had given herself away with the money he could get from her that could ensure the own male's escape from those that hurt him. Lily rolled over to face Kris and looked up at him again trying to read his face, they'd only met a couple hours ago, yet looking into the male's eyes Lily felt like they'd known this person forever. [#f18ad0 “I... I can be your cover if you'd like... take me back with you I'll meet your fiance and marry the old fashion way like the fairy tales said, well the ones based on girl's that weren't my ancestor Queen Rapunzel.”] she said a light smile on her face as she reached her hand up to touch the male's face. Her plan was stupid and dangerous, but something in Lily told her she didn't want to see this person forced into a life he didn't want and at least then Lily could escape her own destiny even a little bit. Lily began tracing the male's face with her finger her mind wandering slightly as she tried to memorize every part of this kind person so she wouldn't forget like she did with the face of Nana.
  The Princess / V1rg081tch / 81d 3h 46m 37s

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