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[h3 [b [i [center [+red IMPORTANT]]]]]

[center [b It is highly recommended to read the story "The Day Will Come". Even though it isn't finished yet there is enough stuff to learn to understand the RP.]]

[center [b This isn't canon to the story but some element's will be such as the characters from it.]]

[center [b All Premade characters are able to be played by everyone. :)]]

[h3 [b [I [center THEME SONG]]]]


[h3 [i [center [b Faction Banners]]]]

[h3 [b [center Saiapentes Gladius]]]
Under Construction

[h3 [center [b NYPD]]] - [pic]

[h3 [b [center FBI]]] - [pic]

[h3 [b [center The Organization ]]]- [pic]

[h3 [b [center The People (Civilians)]]] -

[center [h3 [b [i The Plot]]]]

[size50 [b S]]et in a parallel universe of The Day Will Come a group of would be assassins join the infamous assassin organization known as Saiapentes Gladius and go on a massive manhunt on their long hitlists. Unknowing to them they are killing off targets who are all connected to a big conspiracy; [b [An alien artifact called The Cube]]

Their boss Vlagan Kriser is gathering infomation from the deceased targets and trying to find the fabled Cube. An artifact that is told to grant immortality.

On the other side another massive group simply known as The Organization are watching their every move and sent out a group of their own hitmen: Agents. Not your oridnary secret agent, but one with superhuman reflexes and weapons that belong in a scifi film.

And then you have the FBI investigating Saiapentes Gladius and the agents while a grand war is happening all around them.

Now even the NYPD joins the race.

The Cube is shattered into many pieces all across the Earth.

Who will get to them first and rule the world?

[b [i [center [h3 Premade Characters]]]]

Jonathan Robinson - A New York police officer working to stop Saiapentes Gladius and protect his wife and daughter from injustice.

Langley Madison: Jonathans partner. She is pretty hard headed but a very good officer

Daley Parker: Another police officer who works the beat around rich neighborhoods

Greg Richardson: Langleys ex mentor and partner. He's an ace detective helping Jonathan and Langley stop Saiapentes Gladius

Liam Hawthorne: The US President

Micheal Edwards "Chief Mike": The current police chief of the 11th precinct

Samuel Reynolds: An Australian mobster turned hitman

Carlyle Evans: A special FBI agent working for Liam Hawthorne

Gilesh Harris: A lightly augmented hitman sent out by the government

Ryan Carson: Gregs current partner and good friend

Charles Mayweather: Another special FBI agent working for Liam

Ashely Linder: Charles longtime partner in the FBI.

Jimmy "Techno" Mason: An introvert hacker who used to be a part of Saipentes Gladius but he defected and now hides from them

Vlagan Kriser: The leader of Saiapentes Gladius and one of the people searching for The Cube

Kravic Choles: Vlagans second in command, he's a tough brute who will force his way through a problem.

[h3 [b [i [center Character Creation]]]]



Weapon of Choice:


Any augments?:

Faction :

Skills? :

Occupation if Civilian?:


Rank if NYPD:

[b [list
Police Officer

If FBI, Special FBI Agent? or Regular Agent :

Rank if The Organization:

[b [list
Agent (Blacksuits)

[h3 [b [i [center The Organization Skillset]]]]

Agent -

Speedster -

Brute -

Sharpshooter -

Rocketeer -

Mag-Soldier -

[h3 [b [i [center User Made Characters]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Valentina Antonella Cardona Aka Minx]]]]

Age: 32

Appearance: [pic]

Weapon of Choice: Barrett M82

Any augments?: No, Sir!

Faction : The Organization.

-Military Training.
-Specialized Training.
-Target Range Estimation
-Field Craft
-Special Reconnaissance
-Observation, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition.

Bio: Though she grew up the very definition of a tomboy, Minx never had the slightest interest in being ‘one of the boys’. And why should she, when she had the good fortune of belonging to a family where the women called the shots? She wouldn’t trade that, and she sure as hell wouldn’t trade the many womanly charms she had at her disposal. It was the sort of guile that reduced her inferiors to mindless, salivating drones eager to jump through hoops for so much as a wink or a sly smile. There was no waiting around for the odds to stack up; if an opportunity wasn’t present - Minx would create one.

She’s been that way as far back as she can remember; it’s the mark of a visionary, like her father before her. Antonio had a vision for all of them - something that’s been known from day one. Every family had their secrets; theirs were just a little different. Born and raised with the Organization, Minx trained, hunted, she killed until she’d mastered every single skill she was available to her disposal. Her favorites were always the handguns; there was nothing quite like the feeling of explosive firepower in her hands that came with a good sniper rifle. And while Minx debated the ethics of the Soldier’s codes. She never wavered from the Organization’s ambitions.

Rank within The Organization: Sharpshooter

[h3 [b [i [center Steve Alexo]]]]

Age: 42

Appearance: [pic]

Weapon of choice: Ar 50 sniper equipped with a bipod and a removable sound suppressor and a 8 x 60 sniper scope with a glock 19 gen 3 calibered in 45 acp as a sidearm

Skils: Interrogating, sniping, super strong , and has BUDS Training , navy sniper school graduate valedictorian of class

Bio: Ex navy seal sniper Steve Alexo was deployed into Iraq to aid other U.S Military forces Steve experiences a very heartbreaking and painful situation his spotter which happens to be his life long best friend gets shot in the lower abdomen and bleeds out in front of him while he takes a shot to the lower right forearm while in the hospital he tries to call his wife and mom only to find out they were killed in a restaurant shooting which happened because the Saiapentes Gladius were looking for information and not happy that they didn't get the information they wanted out of an FBI agent who was also eating at that same restaurant. So out of anger and heart break, Steve joins The Organization as a sharpshooter , determined to get the cube and stop Saiapentes Gladius once and for all

Rank if The Organization: Sharpshooter

[h3 [b [center [i Aili Drumein]]]]

Age: 25

Weapon of Choice: 9mm Glock 17 and 12gauge Mossberg 590, standard issue weapons for the NYPD

Appearance: [pic]

Any augments?: No augments.

Faction: NYPD

Skills: Basic First Aid, Pistol Marksmanship, parkour, pouring beer without it spilling over.

Bio: Originally from Ireland, Aili immigrated to America as a wee young lass of 12 with her parents. Being new to America, many first impressions were melded into her brain, from the simple things like ginormous buildings to the complex like the bustling, underground metro system sprawled under New York. Out of those many first impressions, the most influential that made her become a police officer with the NYPD was witnessing them in action. Finishing high school, Aili joined the NYPD and has since served faithfully and dutifully.

Rank if NYPD: Police Officer

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