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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/CQmJpEk.png]] Books scattered around the floor as Benjamin was writing some notes on medicine. However, he had lost several notes as he had fallen asleep. He sighed, and would continue to look for the notes. His roommates had said that he should not work so hard.
[+darkblue "Doing some research again?"] Shouted a roommate from across the living room. As there weren't really any doors. Which Benjamin was annoyed by. However it was cheap.
[+Brown "Yeah, I need to finish this essay by tomorrow."]
[+darkblue "Oh, well maybe if you didn't do everything by the last minute-"]
[+Brown "Why are you shouting across the room, anyway?"]
They would usually have this argument, as Ben would leave a lot of mess. However, Ben didn't see what the problem was. As he had kept the mess in his room.

Ben stood up from the floor, gathering his notes. And putting them on a table.

When he had put them on a table, he left his room. Then collected his jacket. He did not bother telling his roommate where he was going, as he was only going down the road.


It had taken him several minutes to reach the shop. By this time, he had already rang the shop doorbell as he went in.

"Hello, " he said, as he looked around.

Anyway, as he looked further into the shop. He could see a potion which read 'Philter of Focus' . He decided to take this potion.

When he had taken his potion, he walked back to the shop. And laid them on the counter.

As he was waiting for the owner to say however much it was, he looked around some more. And saw a potion which read 'Flask of Smoke.' He decided to take this potion as well. Just to see if it would work.

When he had paid the owner, he put them in his jacket. Then walked off.
  Theodore Wade Norris / spookie / 2d 43m 21s
As Damian was putting the things away, he stopped. "You, in the jacket." He was tempted to not react, but there weren't many people with jackets around here. There were mostly people with coat's.
"You're not from around here, are you? What's all this? Why are you here?"
Damian turned,
  Benjamin Wood / spookie / 18d 23h 16m 9s

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