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[center [pic http://oi67.tinypic.com/1zcekh1.jpg]]

[center [font consolas In the Lands to the North, something has stirred. A darkness unlike any other in it's thickness.]]

[center [font consolas And it spreads, leaking and devouring.]]

[center [font consolas Dark magic, a cult has arisen with a heathen at it's forefront and this will not stand. Together in the South, a Council decide to task two 'magicks' with the task of undoing this dark Cult that threatens the world as they know it.]]

[center [font consolas Magicks, more commonly known as warlocks or witches, are trained at a young age. Most of the time they have their own given strength, whether it be an element such as fire or water, other times they can shape-shift, heal or something of the likes. It differs from person to person. Much of the time, apprentices stick with their Masters and they live in a sort of mutual respect of each other. Magicks age slower, and it is not uncommon for them to be hermits. Although, they are somewhat of local celebrities in their towns. The more powerful Magicks can have intense magic within them. The battle of light and dark has begun, and it will only end with the death of one of them.]]

[center [font consolas The Cult calls itself the Divine, believing themselves to do the world mercy by 'cleansing' the lands. At their head is a creature born from darkness, taking on whatever form it pleases at the time. This darkness ebbs into everything. The puppet master pulls the strings of those under its influence, making it a substantial foe. Divine members bear a deep mark embedded in their skin like inky tendrils. Creatures and humans alike, but these markings make for a new puppet and now and then the Lord in the North speaks through his vessels. Do not touch the dark puppets, or suffer his mark and become his newest toy.]]

[center [font consolas Cut off the head of the snake. Rip up the source root and stem, or are they on the wrong side? Faint whispers and voices enrapture the Magicks, all the whole dripping poison in their minds. Whispers of how they are being lied to, of how the other is plotting a betrayal. ]]

[center [font consolas Crafted by the old Councils, from the Elders who had once predicted such a darkness would come, a metal made from light to be used to take down the Lord in the North. If they make it that far, surrounded by sickening shadows that foam at the mouth. The Lord in the North won’t risk his throne so easily. ]]

[center [font consolas End the bad guy and return to their tower heroes of the world, simple. ]]

[center [pic http://oi65.tinypic.com/n2daw0.jpg]]

[b [font consolas Message me for any interest.]]

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The cheering and celebrations were nothing short of irritating to the young magician as she took a drink of water. It was far too busy for her in this place, far too cramped and far too loud. She wasn’t sure what they were all celebrating exactly given the world was about to be taken over and she figured this was their weird way of doing something in honour of the Knight and Magician. Speak of the Devil, a man emerged and she had to admit he didn’t look particularly like a knight, she had expected someone older and more rough around the edges. She recognised him from the hall and she eyed him over with pale eyes. It took her a while to answer.

“Asrain.” She finally said. He had a point, if they were to travel together then they should at least know one another’s name.
“I go by a lot of names. Asra, Rain. Take your pick.” She said to him and set her eyes around the celebrations once more. It seemed she was a woman of simple pleasures, simply opting for bread and butter along with her water. The odd grape made its way into the mix but otherwise, she did not indulge. She eyed his beer but said nothing. She did not indulge in carnal pleasures, not because of faith or religion but because she had never experienced them in the first place. She had been an apprentice from a young age, learning under a wise mentor and after that she flew the nest and made herself a living. She studied, read books, wrote new passages.

“You are not what I expected of a Knight, Logan Spencer.” Asrain said as she clasped her cup in her slim fingers. And he truly wasn’t. A small part of her was thinking about slipping away from the celebrations and making an early departure but given this was not a solo adventure, she was stuck until the Knight wanted to leave. There was something about her that seemed so tired, like the energy she was using was just too much.
“I expected older.” She added and glanced to him, surveying him with pale amber eyes. She wondered if he understood what it was they were to fight against, then again she had never wielded a sword in her life so perhaps he would be somewhat useful.
“Forgive my earlier comments in the Hall. Knights have always been brutes in my experience.” She explained to him with a gesture that dismissed her earlier words. Logan didn’t look like a brute. He didn’t look particularly threatening either but she supposed she didn’t either.

“I hate these crowds and loud noises. It drains me.” She said to him, quietly. Each word had purpose and meaning, and she didn’t seem to be rambling as she picked out each statement. She wanted to know Logan better. If she knew his strengths then they could work together and if she knew his weaknesses then she would know how to keep him alive. It was that simple, or so it seemed. Strands of brown hair fell into her face as she declined on her chair. She had made some effort for the dinner, more than she usually would in her pale blue dress. She would not look so ladylike when they travelled, that was for sure.
  Asrain / Nullification / 4d 19h 1m 48s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/rDPSWCC.png]] Logan had been in his suit of armour for most of the day, and he must admit he was getting pretty tired of it. Why didn't anyone tell him when this meeting was supposed to start, anyway? That's if it really was a meeting, he wasn't really sure what it was. All he knew was that he was supposed to meet up with some council to go on a journey and cut off the head of some creature. He couldn't remember. He had been to focused on getting prepared for this meeting.

Anyway; as it was almost time, he rose up from his chair in the Kitchen's then slung on his backpack, then be on his way.

When he had left the Kitchen's, which was on the ground floor of the 'Dark Castle'. He had been walking around the castle for several minutes before someone had guided him to the Council. He was just in time, as he heard one of the Elder's saying; [i "And the Knight?"]

The person who was guiding him had closed the big heavy doors with a slam, and he stood there quite awkwardly. However; after some time, he said "I am here."

Logan turned his head; and saw a girl standing opposite him. He must admit he was
quite offended when the girl said that he couldn't help her, She hadn't even seen his skills yet.

Logan decided not to say anything in reply, as he didn't want to look unprofessional.

“Now, now. Don’t be so hasty. You will rest here tonight, we will organise the best horses and supplies for your ride north. I don’t need to tell you that it will be perilous.”
Logan grunted at the same time when the girl had sighed when the Elder had told them they would be resting here tonight. He supposed that meant that he would be dining here tonight then. Anyway; as the Elder had wagged a bony finger at one of them, to which he was confused by, but he decided to bow just in case.

When he had bowed, he turned and left the room. Then he awaited dinner.

[Center ****]

Logan did not realise it was dinner until he could hear several staff shouting from outside; so without further adieu, he got up and looked out of the window opposite him. He was surprised to see that all was dark.

Groggily, he woke up, then went towards the window, opening it, to wake himself up. Then he got changed. When he ws changed, he went downstairs into the entrance hall.

As expected, the entrance hall was filled up. Many people were laughing and cheering. As if they were celebrating something,. However he also saw some people just sitting there after a long day.

It seemed as though that the only seat that was empty was the seat opposite the Magician. So without further adieu, he went to get a beer then sat down.

"Since we're traveling together. I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Logan Spencer." He said. He thought he would give the option for the Magician to not introduce herself, in case she was not in the talking mood.
  Logan Spencer / Hemera- / 4d 19h 58m 34s
She fully expected to be called up to face the Council. She was a powerful young magician, or witch, depending on your standpoint. She specialised in the elements but she couldn’t exactly face off whatever lurked in the North by herself. Asrain stepped towards the cathedral like place and into the light, eyeing the old faces before her. Each was wrinkled, time having battered them harshly.

“Ah, the Magician appears. And the Knight?” One man barked and Asrain raised an eyebrow. She was going to be travelling with a Knight? That was ridiculous! A Knight couldn’t t fend off a Puppeteer with immense powers and her lack of enthusiasm was evident as the others grumbled between themselves. She shifted and eyed the stained glass window that filtered light down in all different colours, twinkling.

“A Knight cannot help me in this. Is there no other Magician? Or Sorcerer?” Asrain piped up as she gazed at the panel. They tutted in disapproval and Asrain silenced herself as she glanced around. Her cloak sat neatly around her shoulders and her brown hair was tied back. For the most part, she looked pretty ready for this.

“Now, now. Don’t be so hasty. You will rest here tonight, we will organise the best horses and supplies for your ride north. I don’t need to tell you that it will be perilous.” An ancient woman croaked and waggled a bony finger. Asrain sighed and flourished a dramatic bow, signalling she was at their service as they gestured her to the dining room. It was grand, a feast laid out but only two chairs. She figured she would end up dining with this Knight. She still was not thrilled about this. Any of it. She had heard the whispers of the darkness in the North, she had felt it creeping in like a distant storm.

Her striking eyes eyed the food and she settled into a chair, plucking a piece of fruit and eyeing the chandelier. The Elders certainly lived well in their retirement years, mostly made up of Knights, Magicians and different sorts who had done incredible things in their time. Asrain wasn’t sure if she could ever live like this. It was too grand, too snobby almost in a way.

Asrain took a drink of water and eyed the room once more, figuring her companion would turn up soon enough. She knew what they had to do. They had to find this precious metal, which she supposed was a sword of some sort or a weapon. All whilst fighting creatures the world had never seen before and travelling the harsh winds of the north and for what? To meet this Master in the North and vanquish him. Seemed simple enough in theory but the likelihood is they would die trying, she figured. Asrain drummed her fingers on the tabletop and stretched out her tired limbs.
  Asrain / Nullification / 20d 18h 10m 32s

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