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[center Looking at me through your window.]
[center Boy, you had your eye out for a little.]
[center He said, [i "I'll cut you up and make you dinner. You've reached the end, you are the winner."]]

[center Rolling down your tinted window.]
[center Driving next to me, real slow.]
[center He said, [i ""Let me take you for a joyride. I've got some candy for you inside."]]

[center Running through the parking lot, he chased me and he wouldn't stop.]
[center Tag, you're it.]
[center Grabbed my hair and pushed me down and took the scream right out from my mouth.]
[center Can anybody hear me? I'm hidden under ground.]
[center Can anybody hear me? Am I talking to myself?]

[center Little bit of poison in me.]
[center I can feel your skin in my teeth.]
[center He said, [i "I love it when I hear you breathing. I hope to God, you're never leaving.."]]

A Killer on the loose, as Serial and dangerous as they get.
A Detective obsessed in finding the murderer. A sick obession, driven by fantasy of what it would be like to be beside him.
Does he watch her?
Does he kill for her attention?

Want to find out?

[right [font "Georgia" NO DITCHING. Please post. I know you have a life but not leave it for a week.]]
[right [font "Georgia" I play the [b female lead], so this does mean I am in need of a male character.]]
[right [font "Georgia" [b Literacy] is a must. 1500 - 2500 approximately. Understood if you have writers block as we do get those moments from time to time.]]
[right [font "Georgia" [b Real pictures]. I am not picky but please, suitable size..]]
[right [font "Georgia" [b Sex] will be timeskipped. No GM or Abbreviations.]]

[center [font "Georgia" Please. If you are interested in working with me, let me know ... <3]]

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It began to annoy Lily tremendously on how good this guy was.
The Detective had a rep around - speaking on how she could catch any criminal as she was always one step ahead of them, knowing what they would do next due to their profiling.
This one however - made her brain brun and became completely stumped.

He was getting better at his game, shifting from one prey to the other in a small amount of time, when really - if they were to change habit, it would take time and care.
The attack came out of no where.
Luckily, the woman was still breathing, but the life as she knew it, was over.

[b "So, the witness is not a viable one?..."]
[+red "The attacker did a real number on her. No oxygen to her brain. Even if she does come out of this coma, she will be no use to us.."]

Lily lent back on her desk and sighed - bringing both hands to her face and sighed loudly into the palms.
The sleepness nights were starting to take its toll on the young female detective.

She would dream about him, even though she did not know what he looked like.
The only viable witness to give a description, was almost brain dead.
She would not sleep due to trying to get inside his head, but to no avail and it drove the woman mad.

Never in her years had she ever come around a Killer so ruthless as this.

[+red "Go home, Detective. Your off the clock as of now. Go, rest up. There is nothing else you can do today..."] her Superior spoke, looking at Lily who was becoming mad with wanting to catch this guy.
Lily turned her head and stared upon him and nodded, before turning - grabbing the files from her desk followed by her handbag.

Giving a pat on his shoulder, Lily left the precint with permission and stepped out onto the street.
The sun slowly going down as it was just almost 5:30pm, Lily wandered the pavement towards the corner of the block where a bar rested.
Going home was not an option at this point.

A decent drink was what she needed.

Pushing the door open, Lily entered the bar and wandered to the back, where she sat down after ordering her drink of vodka on the rocks.
Straightening up, slowly she removed her jacket and placed it firmly down beside her upon the couch booth as she opened up the files and looked down, reading over it again for the thousandth time.

[b "Who are you?..."] she muttered to herself, her long blonde hair moving to one side of her neck by her own hand.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 108d 6h 48m 30s
It was just another day.
Another day in paradise.

It’s been years since Makism decided that he just wanted to torture people. The thought of torturing people was amazing. It began when he caught his own parents torturing others. And of course, being an only child, the male was very intrigued on what they were doing. It took his parents a while to even explain what was going on. His parents thought that he was too young to even remotely understand what was going on. Makism eventually started to get frustrated. Only because he was interested in what his parents are doing and they still had yet to tell him what they were doing to that female.

Makism just stared into the cool night air as he inhaled a deep breath. Thinking about the time he learned everything from his parents to now. His parents ended up getting caught and spending life in prison. Of course, he goes and sees his parents all the time. The male tells them about what he has succeeded and what he hasn’t succeeded. But once again, he has to be careful about what he says, or he will get caught himself.

Makism had a devilish smile across his face. Makism has been doing this for so long. But there was a method behind his madness. The madness that he didn’t ever want to reveal. But he loved the thought of preying on women. Not men, he just wasn’t rolling that way. In the beginning, Makism prayed on older women. But not only that, he preyed on women that had no strength to fight back. He was never sure why he chose those type of women, because it was never no fun when they just let everything happened. Makism eventually just got bored, and ended up killing the women. Obviously, no one was realizing that he was the killer. Everyone thought Makism thought he was the sweetest gentleman in the world. Makism somehow someway would always end up at the woman’s funeral. That was when Makism had to put on a show for everyone. The male would show so much love and respect for the deceased female. But then at the same time, he was thinking about who was going to be his next victim. The thought of being loving and caring just made him sick to his stomach. He made his departure, and then was on the search for his next victim.

But a few months later, everything changed.

Makism knew what was happening. He knew that there was a detective trying to solve this case. But, also, Makism wanted women that were going to struggle. He can get the fix that he has always desired for. Makism was walking down the street when he saw a pretty blonde female. She was very slim, but she had a body that he would love to get his hands on. He licked his lips lightly, as he smiled big. Makism then looked around to see if anyone really noticed, and no one was paying attention to the fact that his eyes were dangling onto this girl. Makism knew how to reel her in. This was going to be a piece of cake.

Makism ran up to the female, and then smiled at her. [b “Good evening, ma’am.”] Makism smiled very sweetly at her, and then the conversation started to flow. Makism told the female he would love to get to know her more and offered to take her to dinner. Of course, the blonde didn’t even deny the offer to dinner. Makism smiled at her. [b “Sounds great, I’ll pick you up at 6.”] The night was long from over. For the female anyway. Makism was definitely going to have fun with this one.

Makism knew he was going to be watched. Or somewhat watched, so he really wanted to do a number. He wanted to get the detetives attention. He wanted the detective to know that he knows that this person is trying to solve this entire case. Makism was going to make sure to string along this detective.

Makism ended up picking up the female. Usually, he would skip the step of going to dinner, but he wanted to make this experience memorable but also with excruciating pain. Makism ended up taking to her dinner, and was getting to know everything about her. Her little quirks. Her family history. Everything that she has been through. And to think, he was only gonna make it worse.

Eventually, dinner was over, and they went back to the blonde female’s house. They went into the female's house, and that’s when he locked the door behind him. She got comfortable and then she started to kiss him, and that’s when he knew that was his cue. Makism kissed her back, shut off the lights. He got his sexual fix and that’s when things went real dark for her. He destroyed every little part of her body. Cuts, scratches, slashes in her skin. Slashes all over her face, her stomach, legs, back. He ended up doing so much to her as she was struggling. He wrapped his around her neck, and just squeezed. She was suffocating, and fast. Makism didn’t want to kill her all the way. Just enough that the detectives realize that they have his attention. When Makism left, she was barely breathing. He called anonymously, and then he slipped out of her house, and down the street and into a cafe when he saw the ambulance fly by with a bunch of cop cars as well.

Makism was way too good at this.
Too good that they wouldn’t be able to track anything from the night.
Makism was getting way too smart at this.
  ѕв / SSerendipity_ / 114d 14h 43m 58s
With a soft creaking of a chair as it was maneuvered back from someone sitting upon it, Lily lent back and stared upon the board infront of her.
A board two metres wide, corked with alot of metallic push pins that held photos, information and particles in place.
A blood red string wrapped around every pin to try to gather it all together, hopefully..

Crossing her arms, those eyes staring at the board so intently that her eyes began to narrow and become fuzzy.
Luckily enough, the moment she was about to give up - a knock came upon her door and slowly it opened to her Superior who entered.
Lily spun around on her chair to greet him with a somewhat smile of a greeting.
[+red "Any closer?..."]
[b "As close as I was yesterday...and the day before that..."] she muttered, breathing out before standing up and off from her padded chair.
Her Superior stepped in closer to her and the board and stared upon it.

[b "Two in one week, and its only Thursday. He is getting alot more confident in his work..."]
[+red "He thinks he cant get caught.."]
[b "What I don't get, is that 3 months ago, he changed his pattern. See..."] she muttered, stepping in closer, index finger pointing to the beginning of the sprees to half way. [b "He begun with women who were older, lived alone and did not have enough strength to defend themselves. He probably felt weak as he was starting out. Unsure.."] she continued to speak, leaning back on her desk - sitting down. [b "3 months later now, it is younger women, blonde, somewhat athletic. Attacks in daylight and night time. He is getting cocky. I can't help but it being a big "fuck you.."]

It had been 4 months since Lily became Lead Detective on the case of the BK Killer.
Bound and Kill
A month into the case, the Killer change his pattern...


[+red "Were running out of time on this."]
[b "He wont stop until he is caught. How is the latest victim?.."]
[+red "In hospital. I honestly dont know how she is still alive, but due to her injuries, she unfortunatly will not be help to us. He did one on her, she is a fighter....."]

The crime scene came up with nothing.
The killer knew what he was doing and Lily, was at the end of hope.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 117d 4h 27m 56s

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