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[b She] was an Actress.
An Actress who when behind a camera, was simply perfection. A real gift, she had in portraying characters that writers had written with their heart.
[b She] seemed to have it all. Money. Fame. Fans, but behind the camera behind closed doors, the Actress was miserable. Having been divorced twice already at the age of 28, sleeping around to get where she was, being a drunk. Fame and Fortune, wasn't everything.

[b He] was an Actor.
An Actor whose background was British and excelled in the British Arts. Shakespeare on stage was his starting point, however the handsome English man who was tall and ever so rug-ed became known as the new Actor portraying James Bond.
[b He] was a world wide sensation and everyone knew his name.

[b They] both signed on to film a movie in Africa.
Truth be told, [b He] refused at the beginning due to word in ear that even though she was a siren and America's sweetheart, her life was an utter mess and had no control of it. He wanted a professional to play his love interested. An Actress great on screen and off screen.

[b They] did not get along.

The longer they were together, the more they started to grow on one another.

What happens next?
Entirely up to you.

[b She] - played by me.
[b He] - played by you.

PM me if interested.

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Truly the man had not expected for her to answer him when he had mouthed off in saying they would get along brilliantly. It had only been said in an attempt to "play nicely" and in an attempt to get under her skin. Painfully clear already that the pair of them had decided that they did not like the other. Or at least it was no secret between them from just those few words that had passed.

So when she had sauntered away from him, Cole could not say he was over sad or as the expression went, "Crying over spilt milk". But he could say that she had a nice body and alluring form. Both features he so very appreciated in women. And features that made her a damn tease. Just her look back at him, that little smile of hers told the man she knew it too. A little minx for sure. A woman who had no shame in knowing what she had and flaunting it.

Usually he didn't let himself even think half the things that seemed to be running through his mind as his gaze did not seem to be able to leave Emily. A simple man, and the "gentleman" as most would call him. But he was still a man and he still had desires... And right now in the pit of his stomach, Cole found that he desired the lovely Emily. And he WOULD have her.

Slowly shaking his head and FINALLY regaining his bearings, the lead male of the cast made his way over to where Emily and their lovely director stood with the others. [b "Today we were just getting to know one another, were we not? Or did you want to start with one of our shoots right of?"] The man asked, trying to seem professional. But it seemed every so often his eyes were drawn to his female lead. And he was wondering what seemed to be flittering through that pretty little head of hers.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 8d 11h 31m 19s
It was clear as crystal.
They were both not happy with each other being cast as each other's leads and Emily could tell, this production was going to be the death of her.
However, being the poised and perfect actress she was, it was easy to hide her disgust.

All nice to his Cole's face, however the moment she turned away or walked off - she would speak things, think things in her mind that she could not of said.

Standing before him, Emily outstretched her hand and clasped his own and the two shared a handshake for a few single moments as their eyes locked on each other.
Truth be told, he was even more handsome in person.

Tuffed hair.
Smoldering grey eyes that made her weak in the eyes and not to mention delicious looking lips that she would be lucky to kiss, but not romantially - just for the job, of course.

[b "I'm sure we will get along fine, don't you?..."] she spoke after letting her hand go free from his own, trying to make nice.
It was hard.

[i "Oh brilliantly."] he replied.

Emily did not reply.
Instead she walked passed him and met up with the Director, but not before turning her head and glancing at Cole once more, raising an eyebrow and giving off a smile for a moment only to turn back.

Tease, yes she was.

Whatever she wanted - she got and there ...in the pit of her stomach, she wanted Cole.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 24d 16h 38m 37s
Of course his words had been grudging as he had made known how he wasn't truly happy with this young woman being the leading lady he was paired with. The man was still under the impression that he needed a professional on and off the set. But he had been told to be nice and so that was what Cole had tried to do. He was not a mean man, but he would make distates or mild disdain known. Just as he was more than sure the young woman whom he happened to tower over would. Though again when those glasses came off he had not been able to take his gaze from her quick enough. She really a pretty thing. Those bright eyes, lucious lips, freckles...yeah the type of girl he might have actually gone for.

Quickly he ahook his head, hands finding themselves clasped behind his back the moment she had broken their handshake. From her smart comment, the man knew she was lied. Everyone on the set KNEW who he was, so why should she not? But he made no comment of it and merely offered a smile. [b "Fair enough."] The only words that slipped his lips, low voice accented as the words had rolled off his tongue. She wanted to play that way and so they could. They had to work together, NOT like the other.

And her next words of [i "I'm sure we will get along fine, don't you?..."] had him chuckle faintly. Slowly the man of twenty-nine nodded. [b "Oh brilliantly."] He said as she brushed past him and once more joined Steven.

The young woman was a little minx. Cole noticed her motions as she made them while she was talking to Steve. Hell the whole bloody cast did. Very clearly was it done on purpose and even he could admit to it being a "tease". But he also was better than that and simply stayed back and watched. This would prove to be interesting for sure. Three months, right?
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 76d 15h 52m 25s
We've all at some point in our life encountered that feeling of secretly liking someone, secretly having your eyes on them, secretly wishing they knew, but deep inside you were afraid of what the outcome would be. So you kept it unnoticed. Kept it hidden, locked inside, just hoping that maybe one day that moment would finally come when they would notice you.
Liking someone doesn't mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be friends - but Emily could feel somewhat disregard when it came to Cole.

She was good at picking people, understanding them; however this man had an aura about him that he was simply unimpressed by this girl being his leading lady.
It was her intuition.
That - and also her Agent gave her clear warning that Mr Alexander wasn't too sure on the Directors choice.

Why is it so embarrassing to admit you like someone? It should be a compliment to them, and even if they don't like you back, they should at least commend you on your refined taste.

The moment she removed herself from the car, she was approached by the Director who walked with her towards the cast and crew, but the one man she wanted her to meet right away was none other than the man who dispised her and vice versa.
Steve spoke, standing by the Actress as he motioned for the newest Bond - who was to play him after this movie was completed to come on over to introduce himself.
Approached came a man who was a decent 6'2 tall.
A man who did secretly take her breath away and for a split second, make her think the most naughtiest of thoughts.
Cole was the epitome of handsome and through the lens of her sunglasses, basked in all of his glory.

Keeping her stand on the ground, Emily didn't move; letting Cole do all the work - stand on two feet that sauntered him over to the woman with the golden blonde hair.
A hand stretched out, his hand that wanted to form a connection and a shake, to which Emily obliged.

[i "Miss Winthorpe, an honour it is to be meeting you at last. I have heard how amazing you are from Steve."]

Emily could feel the strength in the grasp for a single moment before she was the one to pull back, breaking it off.
[b "Really?.."] she replied as her lips parted to make her voice known. Hand reached up and it was her thumb and index finger that pinched the arm of the sunglasses and pulled back - removing them from the bridge of her nose, showing off that face and the eyes so emerald and deep.
Freckles upon her face no longer hidden by the restrictions of make up.

[b "Funny, I haven't heard a thing about you..."] again Emily spoke, keeping her hues upon the man who towered over the 5'6 woman.
It was in that moment, the PA got a little closer to the Actress and whispered in her ear.

Of course she knew who Cole was, but she was not about to be nice to the man who didn't want her here. The Assistant whispered words, nothing relating to Mr Alexander but the two played it off as it it had.

[b "I'm sure we will get along fine, don't you?..."] she muttered, raising an eyebrow - keeping her stare steady at the most intoxicating man she had ever seen before breaking gaze and stepped right past him.

[b "Steven, the set looks amazing!...'] Emily called out as she wandered towards the Director and as she walked, she did turn her head and looked at Cole who remained behind, putting on her sunglasses.

Standing beside the man who took a chance on her, Emily's hands moved behind and began to slide them up the side/behind her upper thigh, up her tight ass in the washed out jeans and rested upon her hips as she and the Director continued to talk.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 76d 22h 25m 15s
The man had joined the crew and others the last week of the training. Horses and plantation life had been certain thrills that came from other films he had been in. So he knew how to ride and the history he had been taught growing up. It was just simply easier for him to skip out on the "child's play" and to meet the others..set directors and costume designers when the time counted and they happened to need to get him fit to the proper attire. A boring task to say the very least but he had three older sisters and a younger whom had spent their free time using him as their own personal doll or rather model. So it truly was one of those "stand there and look pretty" deals and to just let them know when something felt too tight or off.

In his free time, since he seemed to have a lot, Cole would roam. He would take Vivian with him as a form of companion amd babysitter. She would let him see his mueseums and learn his history. But she would also take the Brit to dance clubs and bars to make him losen up a bit. For being twenty-nine, sometimes Vivian would swear that Cole was in his fifties and absolutely a bore.

It had been this day that the man was up long before his agent and he was dressed in a simple white button-up and black slacks. It was only the first day and meetings. Nothing too huge. [b "My, my..look what the cat dragged in. Another night of wild drinks there, Viv?"] The man asked as he had also been drinking with her but was perfectly fine. Unlike the redhead, Cole COULD handle his alcohol and was never a true drunk. Just hated to drink happened to find it beneath him.

[#9251c1 "Oh fuck you, Cole. Just because you don't get hungover doesn't mean you can bloody well rub it in. Besides you have to meet Emily and the rest of the cast. Directors, producers..you know the works."] The woman muttered as she had water and some ibuprofens to help her out. Though she did seem pretty clear headed for all the drinks she had had the night before.

[b "Yes, I know. And you expect me on my best behaviour and to be civil. We have been through this multiple times. I will go and I will meet them. Try and get that hangover taken care of and I'll ring if I need anything."] The man muttered as he got up with his newspaper and went to the car that had been sent for him.

When he arrived to the set, Cole was one of the first. The man had been introduced and was "the man of the hour." Or he was until another car pulled up and a beautiful blonde got out. He had to admit she looked damn sexy. But he kept his mouth shut and was even more shocked when he found out that the blonde beauty was "America's Sweetheart" in the flesh.

[b [i 'Not at all hard to look at. Perhaps I can get through this.']] Cole found himself thinking as she had come up.to the group and hazel gaze fell upon her.

[b "Miss Winthorpe, an honour it is to be meeting you at last. I have heard how amazing you are from Steve."] The man said and reached a hand out to her. He was playing nicely as Vivian had told him to do so.
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 77d 3h 18m 27s
Emily was a poorly wired circuit.

She got jealous at times.
Became completely overzealous but when she hit rock bottom, there was no where left to fall.
Anger she got most of the time as drinking made her irritable, but over the course of it all, she learned real quickly to fight through the boiling of her blood and maintained being a lady.
Sure, there were times she was drunk on set and did do scenes with alcohol in her system but she handled it well, some didnt notice.

Perhaps she truely was an actress after all.

Emily could love just like that, with a snap of fingers but she could leave just as fast.

Over the coming 3 weeks; before production started, Emily and her Agent along with others made their trip too Africa to start on some of the training she had to do.
One needed to be prepared.
Riding a horse - was one of the talents she needed to obtain; as well as being fitted for the proper attire of the 1930's.
Leaning about coffee and plantation information along with the machinery they used.
That was a bore and she made it known.

During the day, the intoxicating actress with the long golden blonde hair and eyes that of deep emerald acted professional and did what she was told - taking small swigs of alcohol in the trailer when she waited.
It was what she was being paid the big bucks for, right?
At night, at the hotel, one would be lying when they said nothing happened.

Emily would have a man, resting inbetween her legs, messing up the sheets - trying to pleasure her in ways she never thought she would ever feel.
When alone, she would enjoy the drink, often getting into fights with John to which he took the belting she gave him.

She had issues.
All she wanted...was love.

Amazingly, when she woke up the following morning that left the horror act of her insane ways behind, Emily was fine.
Body now being used to the drink, it was within a quick moment in the hotel room that America's sweetheart actress had a shower to cleanse her past sins...only to give a clean canvas to create new ones.

Palms resting upon the glass, forehead with her eyes closed did just the same as she closed the lids - letting the warm drops of water soak into her body only to hydrate that skin so smooth that longed for a touch.
Her heart ached for love and company.

Washing clean, smelling of the sweetest vanilla and wild orchid, Emily turned off the water supply and stepped out, drying down and wrapped the thick cotton towel around her naked frame.
Wandering out into the room, a squeel of shock escaped her throat before placing her hand upon chest that now had a fast beating heart.
[b "Damnit, John!.... Don't do that..."]
[+green "Sorry, Em.."]

Sighing as she lowered her hand, Emily sauntered over to the closet and grabbed the clothes her PA chose for the Actress to wear for that day.
While in the walk in robe, words left to enter John's ears.
[b "I'm sorry about last night. Usually I dont remember what I did to you..but this time I do. I didn't hurt you when I pushed you, did I?.."] she spoke softly as the towel flung out towards the bed.
In the closet, Emily got dressed.

Underwear that of silk on both items.
A pair of tight denim jeans that were ripped at the knees along with a
little slit upon her thigh.
A white shirt that she tied up at the bottom of the hem so it would remain around her waist tight.
Buttons undone to show off a little clevage.

Hair down in loose curls that were brushed out to waves.
A face natural, no make up beside the mascara to make her eyes look more open and wider and lipgloss to keep her signature pouty mouth moisturized.

[+green "Don't worry about last night. It's in the past. We need to focus on today and the cast meeting. You'll be meeting Cole Alexander today, along with the production staff an other cast members.."]
[b "Oh good. I look forward to this..."] she replied, stepping out - motioning to John on how she looked.
[+green "Beautiful as always. Emily, please...best behaviour.."]
[b "Always..right?.."] again she spoke, wandering to the bar fridge and grabbed a little glass of gin.

Sunglasses grabbed tight, the two exited the room, John sighing about the gin and left hotel - got into a car that waited and travelled to the set.
Upon arrival, Emily took the drink - downed it quick, pushed open the door and let one long leg out. Heeled boots upon her dainty feet.
One leg out, foot on the ground before the other and stood up before stepping away from the car.
It was walking towards the crowd that her hips swayed as she walked - placing the sunglasses upon the bridge of her nose and looked out through the lens.

[+red "Ah...Emily! Great too see you again..."] The Director spoke as she ushered from Cole Alexander and his posse only to greet Emily with open arms.
Smiling that signature smile - her hair flowing in the breeze, Emily wrapped her arms around the older man in greeting for a moment before letting go, hands on his shoulders.
[b "Pleasure is all mine, Steve.."] she spoke to him before following him back over to the crowd he left to greet her.

There, her eyes stared upon him.
The man of the hour.

Mr Alexander.

An eyebrow raised.
[i My my my ....] her mind spoke.

Alot more ... enchanting in reality he was.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 77d 23h 7m 46s
Hazel gaze locked on the pages as he flipped through them. Words, actions, directions. It was the usual for sure. Beautifully done and wonderfully strung together. It was nothing short of what he would have expected of the director whom he sat across the desk from. Yet, from the look in the other man's eye, Cole knew something was being hidden. There was ALWAYS a catch with this man.

[b "Alright. So you have me hooked. 'James Bond' as the people call me likes this script and is willing to take the chance and try the genre. But I know you as well. Tell me who she is."] The man said, hand reaching for the glass of scotch that had been sitting on the coaster, untouched until that moment.

[#9251c1 "Cole, darling you mustn't scoff when you hear this. It is a good chance to broaden your horizons as an actor. And with the two of you this movie can and will be a huge hit across the world."] Vivian, his agent said. She was a few years older than he and like an older sister. She was also one hell of an agent. Knew how to get him into a movie and the ONLY one who could twist his arm when he was being a right stubborn arse too.

The director looked to Vivian as she spoke. He knew that the woman was trying to help and was thankful for it. [#f1be0e "She's the perfect actress to play along side you. The moment she is behind the camera she is pure magic. Emily Winthorpe.."] The man said, eyes locked on Cole.

The man threw down the script and shook his head. [b "Fuck this. If SHE is my leading lady I would rather be eaten by sharks. There is no way you are getting me on a set with her. You have bloody well lost your mind. The BOTH of you have!"] The man shouted, hazel eyes going between the director and his agent.

[#9251c1 "Now you're being a right stubborn git. You said you would give ANYTHING a try once. A promise, Cole. Now you bloody well keep it or I walk as your agent."] The woman muttered and then she and the director were both going into points of why this film was a good idea. Of why SHE was a good idea to work with.

Two hours, many points, and a few scotches later Cole was on board. Or as much as they could get the man to be. And before he could change his mind, they had a pen in his hand and he was signing what he felt like was "his soul to the devil".

Three months in Africa.. Drama, Romance, and everything under the sun.. He could manage this right? They could..? After all it would all be on the screen anyway.

Three weeks after the signing and he found himself in Africa. The set was built as perfect as they could get. Every detail was pure art. And the heat from the sun..was nice compared to back home. He was of course stalling as he had yet to meet "America's Sweetheart" as she was called. And truth be told, Cole didn't bloody well want to.

[#9251c1 "There you are. Time to get your arse on that set and meet her. No ifs, ands, or buts."] Vivian said as she all but dragged him to the set fully and soon pushed him towards the young woman. [#9251c1 "Play nicely or I will murder you."] She hissed at him.

Cole shot his agent a look but shrugged. [b "Fine, whatever Viv."] The man muttered, FINALLY making his way over to Emily and the director. Let the hell begin..
  Cole Alexander / SheDevil / 78d 1h 51m 12s
It was with a flick of her wrist that a script, filled with pages of words that were carefully thought out along with actions that were chosen by the writers; landed dead set in the centre of the mahogany round table.
Emily sat upon a cushioned chair and kept quiet. Eyes glancing at her Agent to stood on the opposite side along with the Director who made sure this role, was written just for her.
He knew about her life behind the camera.
He knew about the drinking, the constant coming and goings of men who were only there for comfort and nothing more, but he also knew what kind of effect Emily had the moment she was behind the screen.

She was epitome of beauty, grace, talent.
The camera loved her.
The critics loved her.

[+green "So? What do you think?..."] John spoke. John, being her Agent, never gave up on Emily. An older man, the girl was like a daughter and took care of her despite putting him through hell with the poor judgements she made.
[+red "There is still work to be done, but you can see what we are going for..."] the Director spoke as he took a seat.

[b "It's good. It does need a little tweeking but I think it has potential. It's well written, I'd love to do it..."] Emily spoke, turning the chair with a swing of her hips and reached into her purse, pulling out a small bottle of gin to which she opened up, hearing the click of the safety lock. [b "So, who is opposite?.."]

The Director who was well known in his own right, kept his eyes on Emily as she took off the lid to the bottle and raised up, downing the gin, emptying it with three gulps.
Only silence for a few second before sighing, Emily completely obvlious to it all.
It was then he spoke the same of her new leading man.

A man who was tall, handsome as hell, British and who had a flare for action as he was the new and held the name of James Bond.

[b "You're joking right? ... He is a action star, he wouldn't know romance even if it bit him in the ass.."]
[+green "He, like many stars are open to new genres..."]
[b "It's like me going into action movies. It doesnt fit..."]
[+red "I think youd be good at it..."]
[b "You, John...have to say that. It's what I pay you for..."]

Over a while of debating, Emily was made to think twice about her opinion and several valid points were made.
It came to an end where a pen rested inbetween her fingers and a scribble was marked on the contract.

3 months would be spent in Africa.

Romance and Drama.
Emily could easily pull this off, but the man ? .... he had no hope...

Filming was due to start in 3 weeks time.

3 weeks went fast and before Emily knew it, she set foot on the set that was built with wonderous precision.
The heat radiating from the African sun.

She hadn't met her new leading hand yet and truth be told, she wasn't looking forward too.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 78d 12h 4m 19s

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