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She walked into her apartment where her friend Tails was waiting for her [#008000 "about time, did you get the snacks for our gaming session?"],Tails asks as Amy smiled as she set the bags on the table "sure did, got some stuff from the hot food aisle too",she says as she set everything on the table in front of them and drank her Mountain Dew.

[#800080 "the man with the gray hoodie is outside of your apartment"],Midnight says as Amy put her headset on and grabbed her controller "what are we gonna do?",she asks Midnight in her head as she wiped her face and neck with a rag. A few hours later, her friend had left and was now sitting on her couch watching TV when she got.the feeling that she was still being watched.
Eddie followed the girl to her apartment, he didn’t really want to get involved at all. But knew onl him and Venom knew about his and could at least see if this girl was like him and just dealing with a not bad or good symbionts. Or if this was someone similar to Drake and Riot, for now he needed more info, hanging around on the street near her apartment.
“[b The one attached to her has definitely noticed us by now, can I eat them? They have to be bad guys]”
“[i No Venom, we don’t know enough yet, what if they’re just like us and not like Drake and Riot. We need to keep an eye on them for now, although I wish this could just be over with quickly.]”
  Eddie Brock / DarkVulpis / 104d 1h 26m 3s
She grabbed a few other things and walked to the counter "that's all for today Ms. C",she says quietly, her voice raspy and kept her eyes on the ground, handing her the money and thanked her quietly, grabbing her bags and walked out of the store, to the apartment shes been living in for going on 3 months.

She kept her eyes and ears open as she walked, taking a drink of her drink [#800080 "were being followed],Midnight growler from the back of her head.
Eddie grabbed a Mother energy drink for now, a low growl filled his head, Eddie had learnt by now that was Venom’s form of approval when he didn’t want to use words. A small laugh came from Eddie as he headed to the cashier with the chips, chocolate and pack of drinks. Glancing over at the girl full of sweat once more before paying for the food and drinks, Eddie started to walk out just as Venom made him stop moving, scaring the life out of Eddie briefly.
“[i Whats wrong? Did I forget something?]” He was confused, Venom was never really this abrupt for anything before unless it was serious or he really wanted something.
“[b The sweaty girl, she isn’t alone. I smell my kind on her’]” Venom answered giving Eddie control back, who blinked and looked at her once more, nodding and staying in the store for now to keep an eye on her, pretending to still be looking for things to buy.
  Eddie Brock / DarkVulpis / 104d 1h 39m 5s
"Would you pick a damn flavor of Skittles",she mumbled, having a thick Irish accent then sighed as she rubbed a hand down her face [#800080 "I'm in the mood for sour"],Midnight says as Amy rolled her eyes "your always in the mood for sour",she mumbled as she grabbed the sour skittles then went to a different aisle, her hands slightly shaking even though she was covered in sweat.
Eddie was just moving through the gas station’s store aisles, glancing over at the girl briefly once more before turning his attention back towards various bags of chips, biscuits and chocolate. Pulling his grey hood over his head as he kept his voice low so he didn’t draw attention to himself.
“[i So Venom, which of these fine delicacies should we devour today?]” He asked in a low but playful mutter as he grabbed a bag of barbecue flavoured chips and a pipe of chicken Pringles, holding the two and thinking before his head was filled with the sound of his companion’s booming voice.
“[b I’m in the mood for something crunchy and smooth, some chocolate with some chips and a drink full of sugar would do us just fine Eddie]” Venom responded in a similarly playful tone as Eddie nodded, grabbing the bag of chips and a few chocolate bars before going to the drink section to pick something out.
  Eddie Brock / DarkVulpis / 104d 1h 54m 16s
Her phone buzzed making her jump and answered it through her bluetooth "hey, yea I'm at the gas station getting snacks, yea I'm so sexy with my purple hoodie and my ultra sexy gray sweatpants, cant forget my sexy flip flops",she says sassily as she smiled, showing her sharp canines. She could hear the Male who just walked in talking to himself but decided to ignore it as she continued her conversation on the phone.

When she turned, you could see her hair was damp from being soaked in sweat and had redness under her eyes, her multicolored eyes bloodshot "yea, guys really dig chicks with sweat soaked hair and look like they're about to die at any moment",she says as she laughed some.

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