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She nodded as she looked at Makhluq then st the forest as she adjusted the bags in her hands, feeling the breeze blow through her blood soaked hair then coughed some.

Amy had bruising on the right side of her face and her right eye hemmoraghed, blood on parts of her shirt and fingerprint bruises around her neck, also having extensive bruising on their torsos, legs and arms "we should have enough MREs and non perishables to last us awhile",she commented as she looked around st their surroundings.
He sighed a little bit "We go into hiding for now. I did just slice off one of my hands and need to regenerate my hand back. It will take a few days to do so. This has happened to me a few times while we where not working together." He then looked at her "Oh and somewhere that I can get properly cleaned up if possible." He then walked outside and noticed a few things strange going on. He sighed some more and then wondered what was going to happen while he goes into sleep to regenerate the hand that he sliced off. He took a few more deep breaths "The forgotten forest would be a good spot to rest, regroup, and regenerate what we need before we go hunting."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 242d 15h 51m 14s
She quickly said the words in Aramaic and shielded her face from the fire that suddenly burst up, the flames being a dark red since the spell was done with blood, the flame color changing depending on what was used for the spell.

She watched as the base burned then looked at Makhluq "so..what now?", she asks as she grabbed their bags in her hands, her face being lit up by the flames and sniffed the air, mumbling some words in Larin to check for any type of magic tracker, the area supposed to light up wherever it was put, whether it being on the clothes or body.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "The tracker might be magic placed and covered. I did not mean just somebody putting a bug on us. Do a double check on both of us when we are both cleaned up." He checked himself to make sure that he does not have a physical one on himself and he did not find any. He wondered what the hell was going on. He could not smell anything else at the moment because of all the blood that was covering him. He needed to clear the air in a large way and felt at least one set of eyes on him and sighed a little bit. He should tell her about it when she is done getting her things.

He said calmly when she came back "I did not feel a tracker on myself but that does not mean that we do not have one. Like I said before do a double check with magic to make sure. Oh and I felt at least one pair of eyes on me. I think even though we have bean challenged does not mean it is the only group trying to get to us in some way." He then took the torch "A blood fire will be what burns down all them. I will offer the blood you do the words." He then put his own wrist out and sliced off his left hand with his right hand claw. He flinched when he did that but he did not scream out since his body was use to having at least one body part sliced, pulled, and even pulled off his body. He regrew each time though it took a few days every time. He cut off the blood flow before it got too far and sat down a bit "The words sister. Quickly before the blood soaks into the wood."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 242d 18h 19m 4s
She did a full body search of herself and found nothing as she looked at Makhluq "I'm clean, I think it would be best if you checked yourself",she says as she wiped blood from her face with a cloth then went to go grab a couple cans of gasoline.

She finally found them, along with some matches and packed up their important stuff, including non perishable food in another one of her charmed bags then looked at Makhluq "should you do it or me?",she asks as she coughed into her hand some, her ears slightly ringing and her right eye hemmoraghed from being thrown around.
Makhluq growled some more and stabbed another one through with both claws and ripped it in half from head to feet all the way down. He then charged into the group itself and just ripped them apart without a second thought at all. It was only a few minutes before the battle itself was done and his entire body was covered in the walking dead's blood from head to tail. He took at least 10 deep breaths so that he could calm down and caught the smell of blood that has attached itself to himself and sighed a little bit "It seems I went a little bit overboard sorry sis. Like I said before hand It seems that our choice have bean made. I think it is time to remove all bases and start over. I really did hope that there where was nothing to worry about at this base since this is the only base that we have not told anybody in the guild about. That makes me think that we have a spy near by or a tracker on one of us."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 242d 19h 18m 39s
"And were not eating them...Midnight but we will fuck them up",she says as she grabbed her sawed off shotgun from her bag nd loaded in some shotgun shells, putting a handful into her pocket then cocked the gun in her hands, hitting her target in the head.

She watched as the walking corpse hit the ground and cocked the gun again, the empty shotgun shell hitting the ground as she spointed at the next walking corpse, her heart beating in her ears then looked over at Makhluq then back at the corpses.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "He just wants to eat something that we kill. He does not care what it is. What about yourself sister? The challenge is to the both of us. I will accept your choice. So really the choice is yours if we go or not." He then sighed some more and then sniffed some more. He then caught the scent of something rotten and wondered what that is. He put up his right claw hand real quick and then looked at the direction of the scent "I smell something rotten near by. It seams our choice is clear." Right when he finished talking a single walking corps came out of the room and behind the one another 29 walking corps where in the room. He growled some more and his eyes started to turn from black to white and his skin tone started to change in the process as well with the light colors turn dark and dark colors to light.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 245d 17h 22m 45s
She sighed as she read it as well then looked at Makhluq as she looked for anything around the base to protect them as she pulled the knife from her shoulder and tossed it on the ground nonchalantly.

"So..what do we do?",she asks as she looked at him then rubbed her sweaty and slightly bloody neck, Midnight saying something in the back of her head as she nodded "Midnight says that he may be able to heal us both if we accept the challenge",she added as she sat beside Makhluq, leaning on him and sighed again.
Makhluq nodded to this and opened up the door once more. He shrank some more to where he was human size on his hind legs and stretched a bit. He noticed a note then in the middle of one of the pillars that he placed in the base. He walked over to it and pulled the note down. He growled a little bit then "It seems that we have bean challenged by a group of Angels and Reapers. That would explain why they where at base 6 in the first place." He then handed her the letter and it stated "We, Angels and Reapers, challenge you, Hunters, to a duel to the death. Our top ten warriors verse you two in combat. We will send a messenger to retrieve your answer. If you accept the duel will be one week from that point. If you need time to think about it we will give you 3 days to think it over. If you decline we will send everyone we have to each of your HQs till ether we are wiped out or you are starting the next day."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 247d 17h 50m 22s
She nods as she for off his back and grabbed the wand hidden in her pants as she looked over at Makhluq then at the base as she also put her hand on the door, the door feeling oce cold then knocked some snow from her hair as she coughed some.

"I think were in the clear this time brother",she says as she looked at him then smiled some, showing her sharpened canines, her ears slightly ringing since she was 58% deaf in her left ear. She sniffed the air, only smelling the old wood and mildew since she figured the wood had gotten wet from either rain or melting snow.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "If we have company inside this base then that means that we must remove all bases and start over. That means we use last resort and that is one thing that I really do not want to do at all but will if need be. You ready for that sister?" He sniffed the air once more before touching a spot on the door. He changed his size to where he was half a human size while he was on all four. He did not need to say anything else at all and he felt that he did not need to as well.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 247d 18h 11m 48s
She nods as she looked at her surroundings then itched the base of her head as she sat up, her shoulder starting to ache then heard the wind start to blow.

"It looks like a storm is coming",she says quietly as she wiped sweat from her face and neck with a rag as she looked down at Makhluq, also wiping blood from her face and neck, listening to her surroundings, feeling the temperature dropping and could hear wolves or coyotes in the distance "we need to be careful cause of wolves and bears",she told Makhluq.
Creature said calmly "I believe I said base 13 for us to get going." He did not need to say anything else at the moment. Creature then mentally retreated and Makhluq came back into being and did not need ot ask what was said what so ever. He got the message from Creature on where they are heading and knew that if Base 13 was infiltrated then all their bases are infiltrated and they will have to do the final form restart with all the bases burning at once letting who ever was targeting them think that they are dead one way or another.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 248d 21h 28m 26s
She nodded, not noticing the knife sticking from her shoulder since the adrenaline was still in full effect then sniffed the air, her hair plastered to her face, feeling the heat from the fire and soon had sweat beading down her dirty and bloody face.

"Where are we gonna go now?",she asks in a raspy voice as she laid down, it soon starting to snow and closed her eyes as she felt the soft snowflakes land on her face, whispering something as she sniffed the air to make sure that there wasnt any unwanted guests around them.

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