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Makhluq understood then and sighed a little bit. He looked at the Shaman with a bit of sadness in his eyes "It seems that we have guests that are not welcoming for both my sister and myself. I think it is the village guardians that have come." The shaman nodded to this and then moved to the entrance "I have talked to them during the ceremony to help heal your sister. They come in physical form for their payment from you Makhluq." He was not that surprised and nodded to this. He touched Amy on the head gently once more and set her down slowly "Take it easy sis. I will be back. That I promise and you know I will keep my promises." He then looked at the shaman "Keep her safe..." He did not need to say anything else and the shaman knew what he meant by that. She nodded to this "I can do that easy enough my friend. Any family of a friend of mine is a friend until they prove me wrong." Maknluq nodded to this and walked out of the tent to meat up with the guardians before they show themselves to Amy.
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She tilted her head back and squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the liquid go down her throat and swallowed it, coughing as she put her head in the normal position and leaned on Makhluq since it feels like she was gonna fall even though she was sitting down.

She mumbled something again, closing her eyes as she let out a shuddering breath, her breathing heavy and raspy, shivering still even though she was sweaty "no pl't mo'sters",she slurred out, delirious from the liquid in the cup, the healing and Midnight, her body feeling like she was in an oven.
Makhluq was really surprised on this one and knew what went wrong quickly. He sighed a little bit "Sorry sis. did not mean to add that." He then brought a different cup to her and sighed a continued to hold the cup "Tilt your head sis. I am going to be the one that pours it down your throat." He made sure that it was the right one now. He did know the ordeal on that effect well enough since he had to do the same thing when he was injured enough to where the shaman herself healed him. He did keep a few secrets from Amy for certain reasons.
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She shakily took the cup and downed whatever what was in it as she tried to say something again, but it still came out as gibberish. She set the cup down and looked at everybody as the nausea hit ten fold.

"M gon' pu'e",she slurred out as she tried to stand but her legs felt like they were made out of jello, her shirt completely drenched in sweat then mumbled something as she seen her vision double and go blurry, the loud ringing in her ears returning, making her make a Mm noise as she squeezed her eyes shut and waited for it to pass
Makhluq was not that surprised on what was going on. He chuckled a little bit as he patted her back "Calm yourself sister." He then brought something else up "This will help with the side effects from the spell." He waited for her to take the cup before she gets too ill. He said calmly to her "I will admit I was expecting the effects to kick in a little bit latter then they did. I did not really have a choice in the matter sis. IT was to save you sorry. I admit it is a bit strange but nothing special."
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She looked at the food and even though she was hungry, she felt her stomach turn into knots as a wave of nausea hit her, balling her fist up and raised it up to her mouth as she coughed into it, her skin feeling prickly and numb at the same time.

She tried to say something but it seemed like her lips and tongue didnt want to work, turning her head and realized that was a bad idea, her head swimming and her vision blurring and doubling, the ringing that was in her ears getting worse and she swallowed thickly, trembling from the cold even though she was drenched in sweat.
Makhluq moved over to Amy quickly "Be calm sister. I have brought you to a specific village that I remembered and have saved on three different occasions on the same job when we where forced to do separate jobs at the same time. The shaman is an old friend of mine. I call her shaman because I do not know her name and that is fine with me as well as her." He held her gently on the back "Well Shaman you did bring some food right?" The shaman nodded to this and called for a few trays for Amy and for herself as well.
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What felt like hours passed and felt a heavy weight on her [#800080 "wake up, were in an unknown place and I smell humans...alot of human"],Midnight says in the back of her head as she opened her eyes, her body feeling as if it was made out steel.

She slowly sat up, her vision blurred and doubled then squeezed her eyes shut to try to keep the dizziness and nausea at bay, hearing voices outside of the tent, her hair drenched in sweat and dried blood, her face sweaty as well then laid back down, shaking slightly [#800080 "we need food...and water"],Midnight growled out
Creature was the one that took her to the closest village that had a shaman that Makhluq knew in secret. He did a few things on his own from time to time when Amy and Makhluq had to do separate jobs. One of the villagers noticed him from a distance and he did not even hide when warriors showed themselves. Creature said calmly "Do not get in my way humans. Show me to your shaman or face worse then death right now." His eyes where pure white and nobody could tell but they could feel his eyes have pure rage in them. The shaman showed herself before things got out of hand "Put your weapons down now idiots. He is my guess. I gave my protection to the village." The warriors started to lower their weapons.

The shaman noticed the white eyes quickly and put her one hand on her waist "Well Creature are you here for revenge or are you here for a different reason?" Creature sighed a little bit "This time it is family." He shrank to where he was just big enough to where a human could ride him without a problem. In the process the shaman noticed Amy then and motioned for two of the warriors to collect her. The shaman said to the rest of the warriors "Get back to the village now.." The shaman did not give anybody the time to refuse at all "This girl needs healing. Get everything ready by the time we get there. I will keep her stable as best as I can without the ritual." The warriors understood then that the shaman means it and they rushed off. They where yelling to the village to get the healing ritual set up and quickly at that. The shaman looked back at Makhluq/Creature "So which one will be the one that will see her wake up?" Creature sighed a little bit "It will be Makhluq. Though it is tempting to kill him as we are right now I am not going to. Amy is the only thing that is keeping us from going at each other for good."

Soon after words Makhluq was back with his pure black eyes and he sighed a little bit. He looked around real quick and noticed the shaman was there. He did his kind smile once more "Hello Doc it is good to see you." He then looked at the two warriors that where moving Amy gently between the two of them "Thanks for helping my sister." The shaman nodded to this "Come let us get to the village before things get too complicated for her." She then went over to Amy and did her best to keep her stable.

They where in the village soon after words and went directly into the shaman tent. The ritual has started as soon as the shaman has entered the tent. Makhluq was in the tent right after her and was not that surprised to see how many people there are or the fact that they feared him. He was at the entrance and nowhere else.
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She was so out of it that she could only make out a little of what Creature and Makhluq was saying, her breathing heavy and raspy then finally passed out cold.

She awoke to somebody chanting and the pounding of drums, smelling the scent of mixed herbs and could also hear the rattling of something but couldn't quite make it out, she tried to move but it felt like her body was stuck in tar or molasses, seeing people hovering over her and could barely make out their faces or the clothes they were wearing.
Makhluq was not that surprised anymore to see Creature. He has visit the thing a good number of times to make sure that the bars are still intact and just as strong as when they where first made. He asked "So do you plan on taking over the body for a little bit or do you plan on killing me in hear and take over the body for all eternity." Creature said in a different male voice "I have come to tell you that I will no longer be contained by those bars my other self. I am also here to tell you that our sister is in more trouble then she will admit." Makhluq sighed a little bit "Looks like that we have to do fast healing then." He took a deep breath and did pure focus on healing and then looked around once more "Let us join together for our sister." Creature nodded to this and they both came out of slumber.

After they have woken up they moved to the entrance to the bag. They shrank to the size that they entered in and left the bag itself. Both Creature and Makhluq where not that surprised on what was going on. They moved to Amy and lifted her up gently. Makhluq was the one that talked while Creature carried Amy "Rest sister. Both Creature and I will be watching while we get you to a proper healer."
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She wondered if Makhluq was okay then fell into the snow, breathing heavily and put her hand on her side then removed it, seeing blood covering her hand then cursed softly as she leaned her head against the tree then closed her eyes, shivering for the first time in 4 years ever since Midnight bonded with her.

She put her hood up and winced from moving her shoulder and listened to her surroundings, being able to see in the dark since she was more than a human, being able to see her breath and pulled her gun from her bag, cocking it quietly.
Makhluq continued to sleep and noticed pure darkness and was turning around. He noticed his younger self there and he was crying. He moved to himself. He leaned down and started to talk to his younger self. He did not expect another to show up while he dreamed. He then felt one of his own hands on his shoulder and made him turn around. He noticed that the one that turned him is also him but not him at the same time. He saw pure white eyes while his own eyes where pure black. The younger him said "He comes once more. He will see through our eyes again. The cage has bean undone." He was then taken to the heart of his darkness and there stood what was once a cage that held his other side that is called Creature for a specific reason.
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She could sense something was wrong and looked around as she coughed into her hand as she slid down a snowbank, standing up and brushed herself off, continuing her walk then realized something.

"I dont think anybody had lived in this town for a long time but that doesn't explain why there are lights and I can smell people as well",she told Makhluq as she wiped blood from the corner of her mouth, her hands sweating even though it was 34 degrees out and noticed it was 4 in the afternoon but it was still pretty dark out.
Makhluq went into the pocket without a second thought. He knew that she was hurt but not as much as he was. He could not focus and went into full size and was on the only thing that was big enough for him. His body shut down and so did his mind. His body focused on healing only right then and there. While his body was in this state he started to dream of the past of when he first opened up his eyes. He sees both out of his old body and in his body at the same time. He saw how he grew up from the moment he was created to right then. He wondered where he had gone from a scared little beast to a creature that desires blood and lets his desire take.over when he is truly angry and he had bean more and more angry lately
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