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She grabbed the holy wand from her bag and misted the area as she she suddenly tackled, getting bit hard in the left shoulder but kicked it off before it could tear any flesh and muscle away from the bone.

She held a shaking hand uonto the bite in her shoulder and she misted the creatures, it letting out a pain filled shriek, wincing again as Midnight writhed in pain underneath her skin, blood soaking her shirt. She looked over at Makhluq "you okay?",she asks as she coughed some.
As the blood sprayed from the creature from it's arms he turned to the second creature and noticed what it was and growled even more "Fuck they are corrupted fae. Get the holy wand and do mist." He charged at the creature as it charged at Amy. He slammed into it and pinned it to one of the tree trunks that was near by and it went through breaking the trunk. He did not give it time to recover at all and charged at it some more. He then felt something slammed into him and he crashed into another tree trunk and was forced through. He growled even more and got up spitting some blood. He looked at the fae that attacked him and found it was the same one that he just poisoned and disarmed in the literal term. He growled some more wondering how much more he needs to do to make sure that they stay dead.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 218d 8h 6m 26s
She held unto Makhluq's fur as he attacked the creature then was suddenly tackled off by another creature, holding it back from taking a bite out of her flesh. She kicked dit off as she let.out an ear piercing screech, making Amy wince but kept her stance, the creature was 6 foot in weight, its skin pitch black and had rows of razor sharp teeth, it also seemed to be missing its eyes, it depending on sound and echolocation.

She cast a spell, a bright red light emitting from the end of the wand, flinging the creature across the forest floor but it got up like nothing happened and charged at her again, Amy dodging another attack as it gnashed its teeth at her, grazing her arm, Amy being thankful that it didnt have poison or anything like that.
Makhluq sighed a bit "Even I cannot find out what we face when pure darkness is in front of me." He reached to one side and his claws sliced the creature that passed them. He said calmly to her "Hold on sis." He then pounced on the creature without any other type of warning and was much more quick and more precise then what would be expected from him. He slammed both of his hands into the creature and had it gripped with his claws going through. He then opened up his jaw all the way and bit down on the creatures neck and pumped his deadliest poison into the creature's veins and also added sliced it's arms off without a second thought or care for that matter.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 225d 9h 20m 50s
"Can you figure out what it is?",she asks as she readied her wand as her pointed ears twitched, listening to her surroundings, making sure nothing attacked from the back or the sides. She caught a blur going past them, pointing her wand in the direction of the blur.

"Something's been following us.. and it's not the fae",she says quietly as she looked down at Makhluq, the scent of rotten meat and decay getting stronger as they walked closer to the location of the den of the creature they were hunting, holding back a gag from the smell, knowing she should be used to the smells by now.
Makhluq started to focus on his own scene of smell to reduce the amount of distraction there is. He waited a bit before he focused on his eyes to increased the amount of light he could take in before he noticed a shadow. He growled a little bit and hunched down to where he was ready to charge at the creature when it itself give any type of threat. He did not give anything up on what he was planning or give up any type of defense that would put Amy in danger. He said calmly to her in the mind though his body was tense "I see a creature 100 yards in front a shadow in the shadow.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 232d 10h 24m 39s
"I do too, last thing either of us needs right now is either if us getting seriously hurt or dying",she says as she readied her wand as she started to smell the scent get stronger by the minute, making her almost gag from the smell.

"Whatever it is, it's really close and it does not smell good in any sense",she says as she covered her nose and mouth with her shirt, pointing her wand up in the air, ready for ant attack up above, below or even from the side, her heart beating in her ears.
Makhluq continued on till he himself could not take the scent anymore and shook his head once more. He said calmly to her "The creature is near by. I can tell that much because of how strong the scent it." He lowered a little bit and placed his hand for her to stand on so he could lower her even the rest of the way to the ground. He said calmly to her "I really do hope that things turn out good for us." He got his other hand ready by extending the claws as well as got his fangs ready with the poison.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 239d 8h 43m 54s
[b its fine]

She nods as she drank from her cirkul water bottle and perked up at a stick cracking, her ear twitching slightly as she looked in the direction she heard it and seen a rabbit, sighing in relief as she looked at the sky, feeling the temperature change.

"It feels like the temperature dropped 10 degrees",she says as she itched her nose, her hair sticking up in random places then heard another crack, hervears twitching again as she coughed some, knowing it was an animal just by the scent wafting through the air.
[i good to know on those parts though you could have said something about that before hand but then again we are making it up here and there.]

Makhluq nodded to her once more "That is right sis. Now then let us keep going. I do hope that I am making a mistake on what we will be facing but if I am right then we will have to use everything that we have or we will die. Keep that in mind." He continued on and could tell that they are getting closer because the scent was getting stronger and more foul by the second.

[i sorry could not think of anything else at the time]
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 239d 10h 53m 34s
[b She always had pointed ears and she has multiple wands]

She nods as she started to do a spell under her breath then smelled something foul, making her cover her nose with her hand then closed her eyes in disgust, the dae flying towards their homes that resided in the tops of the highest trees or in the sunflower patches scattered around the forest.

"I'm not sensing anything nearby right now but it smells like 300 dead animals mixed in with sewage and sulfur",she says as she opened her eyes and looked around, hearing nothing but the silencez which was never a good thing to hear in a case like this. She looked in the trees and around the edges of the bushes just in case anyone or anything was hiding in there.
[i I thought that the wand was in the boot/shoe not the bag and when has Amy have pointy ears??]

Makhluq nodded to her and continued on till he himself herd something and his ears twitched a bit and he smelled something so rotten that it did not have a name nor could he give it one. He said calmly to her "Double your spell and you will smell as well as hear what I am picking up. We are a good long way off before your spell would pick them up. I will tell you this though it is defiantly something that is very old, harsh, and rotten. I think it is an old one that has become a tallone. I am wondering did the old one become a tall man or a tall woman? Keep your wand ready. I do hope that I am wrong though." He then said to the fae that has fallowed them "Get out of here if you desire to live. From what I have read theses creatures tend to eat anything and everything that has a pulse. If that is true then we will see many bones when we reach it's lair and in the process put you in danger and we cannot protect you while we face this thing. It will take everything that we have just to keep alive and maybe kill it if not severely wound it to where it would run into hiding to heal up." The fae understood what was said and nodded to this. They left and said as they leave "We hope you succeed in staying a live and kill that which has bean hear before we where born that has brought nothing brought terror to our tribes." Makhluq nodded to this and continued on more slowly and more quietly encase his hunch was right and they have to face a tall man/woman.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 240d 6h 40m 38s
She nods as she grabbed her wand from her bag as she listened to her surroundings, itching a scar on the side of her chest as she licked her dry lips, sniffing the air for any attackers or even any animal or human scents, her slightly pointed ears twitching at the sounds around them, listening to the fae speak in their hushed voices.

"All I smell is us and the fae",she says as she looked down at Makhluq as she stretched slightly, her arms and shoulders making an audible pop sound as she stretched them, letting out a small yawn as well, rubbing a hand down her face.
Makhluq had herd this and sighed a little bit "It seems that we have a job to do after all even though we are not meant to do any at the moment since we still need to find the closest town so we can contact HQ but aw well things happen. Let us at least take a look what is taking the lives of the fae here." He continued on without a second thought then and did not really know what to expect except trouble and he was ready for it. He did not need to remind her to be careful but he did not want her to be too careful to where she would shudder and jump at every little thing.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 240d 7h 18m 57s
She nods as she listened to the singing of both the wind and the fairies that were following them, hearing their smallz almost whispering voices in her ear as she smiled then frowned once they started to warn her about something dangerous that lurked in the woods.

"The fae are scared of something that lurks in the woods, they say its darkness itself and causes nothing but mayhem and sadness, many fae creatures have died at its hands",she told Makhluq as she listened to the fae speak some more, nodding some.

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