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Makhluq was breathing hard beside her and was the size of the cat. He jumped onto her shoulder "I have done what I can now we can rest for now. I need to sleep for the next two days. Too much changing of size and making a wraith fly in the opposite direction and then running to you to make sure I make it on time before the sun comes up. Take a look to the east." He was breathing hard once more and rubbed up against her to make it look like he was a cat once more. He looked at the town itself "It is old but not one that would harm something like us."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 127d 6h 46m 1s
She started to take off running, Midnight using his ink like tendrils to hoiste her on branches and swing from them with rapid speed, wincing when her feet hit the ground but shook the pain off and started to take off running again, a glowstick hanging from her belt loop. She stopped and looked around, taking off in a random direction, her sweat soaked hair sticking to her face.

She heard a twig cracking and pulled The Samaritan from her bag and looked around as she listened to her surroundings, shaking from the cd but sweating at the same time, breathing heavily as she quietly loaded the guns with bullets she made herself with white oak flakes, holy water and garlic cloves.
Makhluq nodded once and removed his tail from around her. He started to shrink "Alright get going sis." He did a simple lunge with her and made her go flying a bit before he turned around and shrank to where he could keep up with the wraith itself. He waited for the wraith to attack right there. The wraith attacked him with a screech as the only warning and he pulled his head down just in time. He felt the claws from the creature pass over his head just a few centimeters from his skull. He slammed the creature with his tail and sent it flying without a second thought. Only when the creature was went flying in the opposite direction of where it was heading. He turned to the town itself and ran as if his life depended on it and it just might.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 127d 7h 25m 48s
She nods as she rubbed her ankle then got off of Makhluq's back as she waited for his signal, handing him one of the glowsticks as she grabbed ther bags, her eyes fixated on the lights near the town "be careful",she says as she hugged him then released him.

She heard another wraith and shined a glowstick in its direction, feeling something sharp go across her back then once on her face but ignored the pain "on your signal",she says to Makhluq as she looked at him, the glowstick still in her hand.
Makhluq herd the screech as well and tumbled over and crashed without any chance of recovering any time soon. He finally got up with her still on his back. He shook a little bit "You alright sis?" He looked around real quick and then started back to the trail itself heading south. He saw the lights coming into view and children in those lights. He sighed a little bit "Sis you might want to get ready to jump because I am about to change my size. I will keep the wraith occupied till you get to the lights. After that I will run to the town and be by your side soon after. Run as fast as you can."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 127d 8h 25m 33s
She nodded as she heard a noise but seen it was just a bird in a tree then sighed some in relief as she looked around, blinking some at the sound of children playing, making her tilt her head in confusion "I hear kids, they aren't safe out here",she says to Makhluq quietly.

She felt a chill go through her spine as she shined the glowstick in a random direction, a wraith letting out an ear piercing shriek and darted off into the darkness of the forest as Amy winced from the high pitched noise.
Makhluq nodded to this and went south without a second thought. He continued running though without even trying. He did not think he needed to say anything else at the moment. He sighed a little bit sniffing the air a bit as they got closer to the town itself. He could smell humans as easily as other creatures that were not. He could tell what they are slightly by smell and said to her gently "Some werewolves, fairies, and a few other things as well. I can tell that much but that is about it."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 128d 8h 23m 8s
"South, near a river, I smell water and the smell of cherry blossoms",she says as she looked down at Makhluq as she pulled out another glowstick then growled as she listened to what Midnight was saying, nodding as she loaded the gun with UV rounds.

"Midnight senses theres something more than humans and wraiths but he cant pinpoint on what it is",she says as she wiped her face off then put her beanie on to hide her pointed ears away from the humans as the scent started to get stronger.
Makhluq herd Amy clearly since his hearing is a thousand time stronger then that of wolves and they have extreme hearing. He said calmly to her "Alright which direction. the cold has made my noise stuffed even if I am able to smell them I cannot pick the direction." His own noise is very stuffed to where it is a humans since of smell. He also knew that things are going to be confusing for himself. He needed her to point in the direction of where the town is. He said to her "Please say which direction I need to go. I cannot tell where the human town, village, or city is."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 134d 7h 10m 14s
"I have enough to last at least a couple of weeks",she says as she held on then got another extra strength glow stick from her bag as she kept an eye out for the wraiths, het ears ringing from the high pitched noise but decided to ignore it.

"I smell humans.....big time", she says quietly as she grabbed her specialized knife from the holster on her pants and she listened closely, hearing her heartbeat and everything else in her ears, grinding her teeth at all the noise, closing her eyes some.
Makhluq nodded to this. He sighed a little bit and continued to move. He said calmly to her "Keep those things active and as many as you got. Do not do anything else. I will keep moving till we are close to another town. Hopefully the wraith or wraiths are focused on the village instead of us since they have more blood, flesh, and bone then we ourselves. That is a wraiths food source after all." He increased his speed to full blown sprint even when Amy was on his back. He said calmly to her "I do not know how long it will be before we reach another town. If you have any food in that back of yours might want to get it ready for the long travel." His breathing was starting to get heavy.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 134d 8h 13m 32s
She grabbed the glowsticks from her duffle bag and looked around as she growled, purple viens appearing on her face and arms as she smelled the foul stench as strong as ever. She noticed the smell getting farther, causing her head to tilt some as she looked down at Makhluq.

"Its trying to sneak around to attack",she says quietly as she pulled her wand from her shoe as she squinted her eyes some, listening to her surroundings as she sniffed, trying to pinpoint the location of the wraiths as she heard a wailing sound, ignoring it as she coughed some.
Makhluq nodded to her advice and started to increase his speed without anymore encouragement. They where out of the village a lot quicker then when he did a full sprint to get to the village in the first place. He continued to look around without giving anything or anyone the chance to get close to them. He sniffed the air itself and found a foul stench and growled even more so. He said calmly "If you have glow sticks get them out now because we have those wraiths to counter." He did not think he need to say anything else at the moment. He continued to move though without a second thought.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 134d 9h 32m 34s
"This place is twisted",she says as she looked as round, seeing a stake in the middle of the village, along with a hanging station and even spotted a guillotine, causing shivers to go down her spine, smelling the smell m.j of decay worse than ever.

"We need to get as far away from here as possible",she whispered to Makhluq as she put her hood over her head to hide her face, feeling snow beginning to fall and could hear the crows and ravens, seeing the sky being a light red color, narrowing her eyes.
Makhluq lifted her up easy enough with his tail and placed her on his back. He said calmly to them "Do not even try to come near us. Now move out of the way or die." The villagers started to move out of the way for them but kept their double cross, upside down cross in front of them trying to keep both of them away but it did nothing to him. He sighed a little bit and started to walk. He looked at each villager "If you try to do anything as we leave then expect this village to die off. Every one of you will die. The only ones that will not die will be the infants. They will be put in families that will not feed them flesh of humans. That is a fact." The villagers backed off even more so and the children ran into their homes crying like crazy.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 135d 6h 58m 45s

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