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He nodded to this and changed back to his normal size. He moved over her so she would not get soaked. He said calmly to her "Eat up sister. You need the energy. I will look for a cave while we move under the trees. I do not want to get soaked myself so we better move. He then started to head north without thinking about it at all. He noticed a cave after a couple of hours of walking in the rain itself. He pointed to the cave itself "That might be deep enough for us to get in. I hope it is big enough as well because I am very tired and do not want to change my size anymore for the day."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 142d 4m 49s
She nods as she looked around for any danger as she felt the wind start to pick up, seeing storm clouds start to dorm, the sky getting darker and waited for Makhluq, her hair blowing in the wind.

She shivered as she felt the first few drops hit her skin then felt the rain start to come down harder as she coughed some, spitting blood on the ground, her hair sticking to her face and neck from both sweat and rain "it just started to put rain",she says to Makhluq as she looked at him, water clinging to her eyelashes.
Makhluq caught a scent of earth that he did not know where that came from. He then took a few deep breaths and charged into the bag itself. He said before he got in "Watch for earth spirits and totems." He then got in and looked around the bag itself. He did not hesitate at all. He was not surprised on what was going on somehow. He did not say anything else nor does he want to at the moment. He looked around some more and finally found the bag itself. He grabbed it and went back to the opening and got out as quickly as he could.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 142d 1h 56m 25s
She unzipped the bag and smiled as she rubbed a hand through her hair as she looked at Makhluq then smelled what smelled an earthy smell, looking around confused.

"I cant be the only one who smells that..it might just be me though",she half says, half mumbles as she itched her neck as she sat down and smiled at the sun shining on her face then heard a twig snap, jerking her head to the side at the noise and grabbed her knife from the holster on her side, sniffing the air once more, waiting for Makhluq.
Makhluq nodded to this and then changed his own size once more "I will dig it out as soon as I am in the bag itself. If you be so kind to open it up. Thanks sis." He did not need to remind her about that nor did he say that he remembered how her bag works since he at least helped make the bag itself even though he did not do the charm. He stretched a bit after shrinking to where he can fit into the bag itself at least going in and coming back out once he finds the bag itself. He could not think of any other way at the moment to find the bag.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 142d 3h 17m 31s
"I agree since with portals we dont know where we would end up, we dont want to end up in a place where we aren't welcome..again",she says, agreeing with Makhluq's choice as she looked at his hand then heard her stomach growl.

"I grabbed a bunch of MREs and stuff from the base if your hungry, they're in the red bag but you might have to dig around some since all my bags are charmed with infinite space",she says as she smiled some then sat down as she watched the birds, butterflies and the spring fae some more.
Makhluq nodded to her to her observation and sighed some more "We will stay here for now. Let us wait till tomorrow since it will be that long till my hand is fully grown. We do not want people wondering why one of my hands is smaller then my other one." He could feel his hand growing little bit at a time over time at that. He started to get up anyway without thinking and breathed the air into his lungs once more before doing a final look. He did not know where they are going to go but so long as they are on the move at the moment they cannot be found. He said calmly "We will keep moving but not through portals if that is alright with you." He did not think that he would need to explain as to why he suggested that they walk instead of portal.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 145d 23h 33m 21s
"I'll be okay, just some scratches on my side, I should have some gauze in my bag",she says as she smiled then looked at the treetops, hearing the sounds of birds chirping and could hear the buzzing of bees around them, knowing that their hive was close by.

"Its been awhile since we were in actual nature",she says as she looked at Makhluq then seen a bunch of butterflies and watched them for a few moments as she breathed in the clean air and closed her eyes, taking everything in and smiled once again.
Makhluq stretched somewhat and sighed some more "You are hurt aren't you sis?" He did not need to have an answer but he asked it anyway to ease her thinking or at least trying. He looked at his wrist again "I can travel easy enough." He moves his hand to show his hand to her proving his point. He looked around gently and was not at all surprised on what was going on. He took a deep breath of nature that is all around him. He could not remember the last time that they were in true nature instead of something like zoos, parks, or other things that have man made nature that only smell clean a little bit.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 146d 2h 12m 25s
She looked at Makhluq in sorry then wiped his eyes with her hand then felt a burning in her side, lifting her shirt to see 3 long and slightly bleeding scratches then put her shirt down.

"We should leave before anybody or anything catches our scent and comes for us",she says as she stood up and stretched as she rubbed a hand through her hair "are you sure your okay?",she asks as she looke back at him, hearing the birds and woodland animals start to wake up and make noise, the sun shining through the thick branches of the leaves.
He took a deep breath once more and then relaxed once more. He leaned down gently once more and closed his eyes. He started to dream about their first hunt and could not remember how he got there in the dream. He was surprised to see the parents once more. While he dreamed he started to cry in reality. He woke up slowly to the sun that was beating down on him. He looked at the sky once more and noticed the sun was rising up still. He then looked at his wrist and noticed that the hand was that of a child and knew that by the same time the next day his hand would be back to normal.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 146d 2h 47m 35s
"S fine",she says quietly as she wrapped up in one of the blankets she got from one of the bases and itched her neck then smelled the air, smelling the scent of wet earth and flowers.

"The seasons are changing, I can sense it in my bones",she says as she licked her dry lips, moving her hair from her eyes as she opened them then looked up at the star filled sky, seeing them twinkle as she once again closed her eyes and fell back asleep, starting to snore slightly, her breathing evening out.
He woke up suddenly when Amy was starting to fall back asleep. He sniffed the air without a second thought and caught the scent of the spirits without remembering that there are spirits around them. He got up slowly so he does not provoke the spirits and gently lifted Amy up as well. "Sister where are we?" He did not need long to remember where they are at after the question was out and sighed a little bit. He gently touched her head gently with his own "Sorry sister. I have forgotten. My mind saw our past when we were military. I saw the battles that we where in."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 147d 1h 3m 58s
She woke up suddenly covered in sweat and looked around, shaking and looked at Makhluq. This particular dream was about her in the military and when they were ambushed, she could still smell the gunpowder and could hear the guns and tanks, even though she only had about 20% hearing in her left ear due to a stray stun grenade.

She laid b on ck down and closed her eyes again, hearing the fae, wind and river all speaking at once then mumbled to herself as she started to fall back asleep, her heart finally not bearing out of her chest.
Makhluq sighed some more and hummed again. He did not know why he felt so at ease at the moment but he did. He did not want to remove that ease just yet anyway. He looked into the sky and noticed how many stars can be seen and did a genuine smile that has not appeared on his face in a very long time. He understood what was going on. Though he could not speak with them directly, Amy could and that was enough for him. He leaned back and started to fall asleep without even thinking about it. He started to dream again of the past once more.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 148d 20m 15s

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