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He sighed a little bit and was still in the wolf size. He calmed down a bit "Well that call is a witch wrath's wail. I have ran into one when we where separated for certain jobs when the hunters that raised us where still alive. I was very lucky that the creature had no hunger at the time. If it was then I would not be here now." He sniffed a bit more and then sighed some more. He sat down and said calmly "We are safe now. They cannot handle any light that is not from the moon. From torches to electric lights. We did not carry any torches with us then again we did not even have the time to get any other then bomb the bases."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 67d 10h 12m 28s
She climbed off his back and grabbed a sawed off from her bag, hiding it in her jacket as she looked around, noting the stares but ignored them as she looked over at Makhluq, still having the face mask and bandana on her face then sighed as she rummaged through her bag again for shotgun shells.

"Hopefully were safe here from whatever that thing is",she told him, her voice raspy but didnt seem to care as she drank from her water bottle, setting it in her bag as she heard a ear piercing screech, fighting the urge to cover he tf ears from the sheer noise.
Makhluq continued on without a second thought right then and there. He did not need to know that she agreed to what he had said before hand. He could tell by the way she was moving. He could hear the screeching and howling without needing to know where it was coming from. He could smell the blood and rotting meat. He knew at least that they are coming and could tell that it was more then one at least and just one of them could kill the two of them as they are. He enhanced himself even more so and became sound itself and found the town quickly. He did a hard stop right at the edge of some light and started to shrink his size to where he became more like a wolf that lives with a human even though he was not a wolf in the first place.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 72d 9h 18m 29s
She nodded as she finished covering her mouth and nose with the bandana, also having a face mask under it then looked around, hearing the wailing and screaming but couldn't tell where the sounds were coming from due to the mixture of the fog and darkness.

She held unto Makhluq as they quickly made their way through the dark and dense forest, putting her jacket on and heard a noise but ignored it as she closed her eyes, the smell of death and decay thick in the air as she shuddered some, her ears ringing as she heard more wailing and screams in the distance.
Makhluq did not say anything at all for any reason just focused on getting the hell away from there. He growled when he herd a specific noise from the fog. He did not even need to see what is going on at all. He sent a mental note to her "Do not talk at the moment. We need to leave without delay. Just focus on staying on. Even if I have my tail on I will not be able to keep it on." He continued to on without slowing down or even sliding. He noticed the scent of the closest town started to change directions and he continued to fallow it without thought now. He knew that things are going to get complicated soon but he much rather have that then face what is coming. He knew that they cannot handle any type of settlements that have some sort of light from fires to electric light.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 72d 10h 2m 26s
She nodded as she looked around ss she seen more and more bodies as she felt Makhluq's tail wrap as round her and smiled some as she covered her mouth and nose with a bandana to prevent the spread of any diseases in the air.

She mumbled something as she seen smoke and what to be fog spreading through the air "what the hell is going on?",she asked him as she looked down at him, looking at the sky as she noticed that it had started to turn dark red then completely black, her eyes widening.
Makhluq herd the noise as well and started to shiver with fear itself. He said as calmly as he could "Well shit we have a witch wrath. We will not survive at all if we stay. Hold on with everything that you have and enhanced it by 10. I am going full sprint with enhancement." He then leaned down a little bit and enhanced his own speed and bolted much faster then he would at all speed. He could feel that she was slipping a little bit and placed his own tail right against her back so she would not fall off.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 73d 12h 6m 14s

She noticed the sky had turned a dark purple then looked down at Makhluq as she shivered some as she licked her dry lips, hearing the noises in the forest, hearing wailing and screeching from the now growing dark forest.

"What in the actual hell was that?",she asks as she looked at Makhluq, smelling the smell of decay in the air, wrinkling her nose in disgust but decided to ignore it. She looked around and noticed a body laying on the ground which looked to be covered in boils and a rash, reeling away as they passed by it.
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Makhluq knew better then that "We must be close to the northern most part of the world. If that is the case it is more about 3 months of darkness and 3 months of sunlight." He leaned down a little bit more before lifting Amy up from where she was and started to head to the closest town that he could smell on the wind right then and there and had no desire to find out what else lived there in the forest tunnels.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 73d 12h 53m 8s
She nodded as she gathered all their things then seen that it was getting darker quicker as it did last night and looked at Makhluq, hearing the sounds in the forest change as well as the temperature, it being around the 70s and now it felt as if it was in the 50s, putting her thick coat on.

"Hopefully we can outrun whatever is out there, you never know what comes out during polar night, since its 40 days and nights of complete darkness",she says as she grabbed her glowsticks from her bag as she listened carefully to her surroundings.
When Makhluq herd that his eyes started to change once more "It seems that we went through time as well as space. That has not happened in a very long time. Come on sis we need to move more quickly. Get ready sis." He leaned down a bit more so she would get on. He did not need to say anything else at that moment. He did not want to say anything else ether. He could only think of taking her to a place that is even somewhat safe even if he could not be. His desire to keep his sister safe far excised his own safety.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 104d 11h 55m 13s
She healed herself then walked over to Makhluq and began to heal him, seeing that the sun was going down and wondered what the time of the year was but decided to go back to what she was doing. Amy hummed to herself as she worked, hearing all the sounds in the forest around them and smiled some, a bright pink glow coming from her hands.

When she was done healing Makhluq, she grabbed their bags and looked around, feeling another drop in the temperature, looking over at Makhluq as if to ask if he knew what was going on "is it polar night aready?",she asks in her raspy voice as she moved her hair from her eyes.
Makhluq was back to normal breathing very heavy and his own sight was back to normal. His own voice was back to normal as well and he slouched down. He called to Amy "You alright sis? If you are will you be so kind and heal us both. Do yourself first. My blood is doing it's job at the moment but I do not know how long it will take for my body to heal up." He could feel the blood doing it's work at that moment but he knew that it will take some time but now know how long it will take nor did he want to know about it.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 104d 12h 40m 21s
She nodded sharply as she rolled to her bag and grabbed her already blood soaked katana from it then rolled out of the way from another attack. She unsheathed the katana she had made herself then waited for the right time for her to make her attack.

The corrupted fae growled/made a clicking type sound as it sniffed for her scent but she was so covered in dirt and mud that it masked it, causing Amy to smirk since she now had an advantage against it. She snuck quietly up behind it and make a quick movement with the katana, the corrupted fae's head rolling from its body and unto the ground.
Makhluq growled even more so letting more and more of the Creature out. He could not take it anymore and gripped the Corrupted by the shoulders and bit of it's head. After he spit the blood out of his mouth he noticed that the Corrupted Fai stopped moving. He growled "Aim for the head. Remove the head from the body." He rushed to the third one that just showed up and ripped it's head real quick and then turned around. He noticed blood on Amy and the creature full blown control and did a pure animal howl/roar mix and rushed at the Corrupted Fai and without thinking at all sliced it up from head down to it's feet.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 104d 13h 20m 49s

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