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"This place is twisted",she says as she looked as round, seeing a stake in the middle of the village, along with a hanging station and even spotted a guillotine, causing shivers to go down her spine, smelling the smell m.j of decay worse than ever.

"We need to get as far away from here as possible",she whispered to Makhluq as she put her hood over her head to hide her face, feeling snow beginning to fall and could hear the crows and ravens, seeing the sky being a light red color, narrowing her eyes.
Makhluq lifted her up easy enough with his tail and placed her on his back. He said calmly to them "Do not even try to come near us. Now move out of the way or die." The villagers started to move out of the way for them but kept their double cross, upside down cross in front of them trying to keep both of them away but it did nothing to him. He sighed a little bit and started to walk. He looked at each villager "If you try to do anything as we leave then expect this village to die off. Every one of you will die. The only ones that will not die will be the infants. They will be put in families that will not feed them flesh of humans. That is a fact." The villagers backed off even more so and the children ran into their homes crying like crazy.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 46d 12h 11m 59s
Her eyes turned an inky dark purple as purple veins spread as cross her face, then went back to normal, the village children cowering near their parents "this is a battle you dont want to fight",she growled out as she looked at Makhluq.

She itched her neck as she cleared her throat as the villagers was whispering and holding their crosses in their hands, whispering about the devil and something about Satanism, making Amy roll her eyes as she coughed some, wiping her hand on her Jean's as she looked at Makhluq again.
Makhluq smelled the air and growled a little bit "Burnt flesh with sleeping herbs. It seems that the herbs only effect those with magic in their blood. I think that is how this town have survived so long as it is since the herbs are not effecting them at all." He then looked around and noticed more people looking at them "It seems that we have bean found out." He then jumped down and grew to his true size and roared "If you want to come at us then face death and destruction." The villagers started to back up from them because they did not know what to do at all and they did not know how to counter a creature his size.
  Makhluq / black_storm_prince / 48d 13h 56m 42s
"Sorry, and I wouldn't kill an infant anyways, they cant help they were born into a crazy cult like town",she says as she drank some water then noticed an odd smell lingering in the air, but decided to ignore it "something smells odd, like rotting meat or burnt rubber",she whispered to Makhluq.

She heard Midnight say something in the back of her head and nodded as she adjusted the bags in her hands as she licked her dry lips, switching hands since it was getting tired. She heard a whistling noise, turning her head at the noise.
Makhluq noticed the looks himself and pretended to be a tamed cat and rubbed against her pretending to be a cat and did his best cat imitation that he could make. He whispered calmly "We will do that as a last resort as I said before hand. However I will not let midnight kill the infants that are in the town. This my only warning to both you and him. If I must put you to sleep then so be it." He continued to act like a cat and then added "And try not to laugh all that much. That brings the amount of attention that we do not need."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 48d 15h 38m 42s
"I agree and I really dont feel like turning into a crispy piece of human bacon tonight",she says as she listened to Makhluq speak, Midnight growling in anger in her head, purple veins discreetly showing up in her hand, sticking it in her pocket to hide it "and the ones who run get cut down or..we could let Midnight eat them",she says shrugging.

Midnight did a sound similar to purring [#800080 "mmmmm, so many spleens, pancreas and kidneys and so little time to spend eating all of them, a buffet made for a king...er, queen"],Midnight growled as Amy laughed some at his statement then noticed the stares again.
Makhluq herd Amy just right and sighed a little bit "I guess I fell asleep for a bit. He then looked around himself and sighed a little bit "So this is one of the very old villages when it comes to religion. I would have to say that burning a witch during Halloween well they are fucking up more then anything. If I remember correctly it is not the closest time for the after life and this life to be together." He looked around some more and noticed a few other things other then just crosses. His body tensed up a great deal "We will camp tonight. After getting some food to eat but we are taking that food to go. Take a closer look at the crosses. You will see that there is a second one inside upside down. They are fallowing the negative side of the old religion though it looks like they fallow the positive side of the ordeal. They put witches to death but they eat them soon after they burn the body. They think that eating witches they get power from those corpses. I ran into a few families that think like that and well they paid the price when they tried to do the same thing with me. That includes their children. I had no choice in the matter. The only ones that I did not do that to where the infants since they are still shall we say innocent at least till they are old enough to understand that they are eating another human and they enjoy the meat as well as the pleasure if hearing another human scream in pain from being burned alive. That is how twisted these type of people are. They so much as even try to drug the food I will personally tear this village apart and slaughter every single man, women, and child without a slight hesitation." He knew that he was talking way more then he normally does but he had to get his point across to her and his eyes have changed color from the pure black eyes to pure white and nothing will change that until they have left the town at least 100 miles behind them. He would not be sleeping ether because of how close they are no matter how friendly they are.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 49d 10h 18m 5s
When she finally found a place to stay, she pulled out her wallet to pay and looked at Makhluq "I finally found a place for us to stay Makhluq",she whispered as she itched her neck then hid the pentacle necklace around her neck, noticing the massive amount of crosses and the massive church.

"I dont think witches here are welcome, I get bad vibes around here but we need rest and we can leave in the morning if you want to",she told him as she hid her wand and weapons bag as well, humming slightly as she sniffed the air, smelling food and heard her stomach growl quietly.
Makhluq nodded to this and then sighed a little bit "At least we know that they are traditional to a point. Now then do you see what sort of place we are able to stay for the night?? I do not want to spend the night outside in the cold." He did not think he needed to say more nor did he want to at the time ether. He stretched out a bit after making his body a little bit smaller and started to nodded off without thinking at all. His eyes started to close. He sighed a little bit more "Better be quick please. I am about to fall asleep. If I do sleep please wake me up when we are in an area that we can truly sleep for at least one night."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 53d 11h 30m 13s
She nodded "Halloween is maybe 6 days away and maybe I can let Midnight take my body over to give him some exercise as long as he doesn't try to attack anybody",she told Makhluq as she looked around, trying to see of she can spot any type of inn or anywhere that they could stay for a couple days.

She itched her pointed ear as she heard people whispering and talking, sending them odd glances bug she decided to ignore it "it seems like they're having a bonfire in spirit of Halloween",she told Makhluq as she continued to look around the town
Makhluq knew that his wight became lighter as well and jumped onto her shoulder gently but kept the tail in check "Let us get going sis. The sooner that we are further in the town. I will keep eye out while you look for an inn. I am just glad that I am able to change my weight as I change my size." He then looked around once more and then sighed some more. He knew that things are going to be complicated but he thought of something "Hey isn't it close to being Halloween? If that is true then there is the chance that I might be able to be human size at least that way the humans in this town do not know what I truly am."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 56d 9h 10m 18s
She nods at Makhluq's statement "that probably would be best, last thing we need is a panic and having to leave again",she says as she cleared her throat, coughing into her balled up fist, looking to see if she could find anywhere that was available for them to stay at, sighing some as she heard a thump noise.

She turned around but saw nothing, Midnight's voice growling in the back of her head, nodding at what he was saying then responded back quietly as she noticed somebody giving her a weird look then turned away when they seen Amy looking at them.
He sighed a little bit "The glow sticks maybe but the flashlights would not because they move way too fast for normal flashlights. They cannot handle the light that is true but as I said before hand they move way to fast. Even if we have triple speed on ourselves we would not be able to keep up. Especially when they are hungry and have not had anything to eat in a while. The hungrier they are the faster they are. That simple. This is why I say that flashlights are useless." He sighed some more and looked some more. He did not need to say anything else and shrank some more. "I am going to be the size of a house cat that way humans do not freak out seeing a creature that is the size of a wolf."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 66d 10h 7m 26s
"I have some flashlights and glowsticks in my bag, that should work",she says as she looked at him as she licked her dry lips and noticed just how cold it was then shivered some "all I smell is garlic and dirty socks",she mumbled as she itched her neck.

She could hear people whispering and could feel their stares on her and Makhluq but ignored them "we should find some shelter and a place to get cleaned up",she told her brother as she grabbed up her bag in her other hand then winced some as she coughed into her hand.

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