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The doctor finished up on the stitching and then motioned for the nurse to remove the IV. The nurse did so and both the doctor and the nurse took Amy back outside.

Makhluq was moving from one side of the building to the other waiting the entire time she was inside the building. Other people as well as monsters where watching him as he moved. When the doctor came out with Amy and moved over to her. He lifted her up gently and cradled her. Both monsters and humans where surprised on what they where seeing. Makhluq carried her to the closest restaurant and shook her gently along the way "Come now sis time to wake up. Do you plan on missing breakfast?"
  Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 69d 19h 50m 46s
"I have a name you know?",she says as she mumbled as a deep voice in her head said something she couldn't quite make out then growled some as she coughed some.

She heard the voice again but ignored it as she felt the needle go into her skin, not even reacting as she growled again, the voice in the back of her head talking again, causing Amy to roll her eyes then felt her body react but knew she wasn't in control of it "who are these people?",a deep, guttural voice says "calm down, they're helping",she says back.
The two that brought out the stretcher took it inside. It was a few minutes of explaining on what is what and putting the IV in as well. The doctor looked at the leg as the IV was kicking in. He noticed how deep it was as well as long. He looked at one of the nurses "Okay get me the number 5 string and the number 8 needle quickly now." The nurse that was talked to moved quickly enough and handed the needle and string to the doctor. He held the needed in a certain way "Okay little witch this will hurt a bit." He then started to sow the wound shut starting from the deepest part to the flesh itself.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 69d 20h 45m 41s
She got on the stretcher and looked at Makhluq as she was wheeled away, not knowing what was going to happen to her and Makhluq, cautious of humans since she was cast out like a freak by humans all her life.

She listened to what the doctors and nurses said as she felt an IV go into her hand and leaned back on the stretcher, her body throbbing and looked at the main doctor with her multicolored eyes as she rubbed a hand in her hair, sweat making her clothes stick to the stretcher and her body, itching her dirty neck.
Makhluq stood up once more and then then started to head to the town that was in the center of the safe zone. He could tell what Amy is thinking a little bit "Come now sister we are also going in that direction to take a look at your leg anyway." He continued to walk without saying anything else for the remaining time it took. He needed some thinking and wanted her to think on a few things over as well.

It took them about an hour since they started out. He looked around and then found a healer of sorts. He walked over to the healer and leaned down a bit. His words were calm so he does not scare the healer "My sister needs a look at healer. Her leg needs a look at. Please take a look." The healer was a bit surprised and then looked onto Makhluq's back and noticed the girl then. He walked over quickly and then nodded to the creature "Alright I will take a look and I happen to be what is called a doctor though I will admit that doctor and healer might be the same in this case. Now then..." The doctor turned around and called out "Hey get a stretcher out here we got a wounded lady." Two people suddenly showed up with a bed on wheels and waited for Amy to get on.

Makhluq exhaled a great deal and shrank about 5 times and in the process guided her to the bed itself "Let them take a look sis." He then turned to the doctor "Just a fair warning you will be dealing with a witch." The doctor nodded to this and waited for her to get on the bed as well.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 70d 19h 14m 44s
She nodded as she got on Makhluq's back, the tourniquet still on her leg but was glad she didnt put it on super tight cause it would cut off the blood flow to her leg. She heard her stomach make noise but ignored it, her pants leg soaked with dirt, water and blood.

She groaned as she moved her leg then grumbled slightly as she coughed some, hearing all the noises around them as she heard her stomach make noise again, sighing some, humming a random song that popped into her head, starting to whistle and smiled.
Makhulq stretched out a bit after waking up to some sunlight. He was not that surprised to see Amy up and moving. He sighed a bit and then stretched some more. "Morning sis. We are at the edge of the closest safe zone that was possible with me going full speed. Sorry that you got to use up one of your MRE. We can get to town within an hour or two. We can get some proper food in our stomics and some items as well to refill." He then sniffed the air once more and then leaned down once more "Get on sis."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 70d 19h 58m 49s
She looked around as they made their way through the woods, feeling th wind through her hair and noticed just how many spirits took solace in the woods then started to pass out.

She woke up staring at the sky and mumbled/rasped something as she sat up, looking around for Makhluq then sniffed the air as she coughed some, her body throbbing in pain but ignored it as she stood up, wondering where they were. She sat down when she seen that they were safe and hummed as she rummaged through her bags got something to eat, finding some MREs.
Makhluq sniffed the air himself and caught the scent of an animal as well. "i got the smell as well. There is a small problem though I also smell human with the animal. We need to leave now." He leaned down and lifted her up with one of his arms gently and placed her on his back. He then did a four leg dash run. He did not let anybody human or non see them as they pass them by. He did not give her a chance at all to do anything else other then make sure that she does not fall off him. He also make sure that she does not fall off as well.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 70d 20h 40m 20s
She cleaned the blood from her body and hair then started to gently clean the wound on her leg off, hissing in pain and she examined it, mumbling something about hating vampires and growled some as her blood blended in with the water, turning it a light pinkish color.

She didnt want to remove the tourniquet in case the wound started to bleed badly again, blood soaking her pants leg but was used to it since shes been hunting her entire life "I smell an animal",she whispers as she looked around.
Makhluq climbed down from the building to make sure that nothing saw him. He then exhaled like he did before and shrank once more. He looked around some more to make sure that the sun was still down. He then walked over to the river and dived in. He went as down as he could before he returned to the service and took in some air. He then grew because of that bit of air and then he sighed once more. He then got out of the water itself "Make it quick sis we got about an hour at most and we need to be at least an hour away from the town before that happens." He then took in all the air that he could take and he went back to his full size and he waited for her to be done.
  Makhluq / black_storm_prince / 1y 71d 16h 55m 31s
She nods again, spitting blood on the ground as she seen the river he was talking about with her good ye then sniffed the air to see if she could sense any type of danger.

She jumped off the building and waited for Makhluq, ignoring the pain radiating through her 6'4" frame as she cleared her throat, hoping that they weren't spotted by the police or any other supernatural creatures, still slightly breathing heavy. She limped toward a wall and put her back to it, feeling the weather start to change just by the temperature of the wind
Makhlug was not that surprised with bruises that Amy has. He looked around before he sniffed the air. He caught the scent of water near by "Here we go sis. Found a good river that might help with the blood smell. Do not know for how long though." He then turned to the direction of the river itself "We can collect the river water hopefully with the containers that would purify the water. If it dose not then we have to purify it the hard way and I really do not want to do that since it makes me uneasy."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 71d 17h 32m 48s
She nods as she looked down at the cops, her breathing also heavy and raspy, Amy had bruising on the right side of her face, blood covering the right side of her face and her right eye swollen shut, blood on parts of her shirt and fingerprint bruises around her neck, also having blood on her nose and under her nose.

She had extensive bruising on her torso, legs and arms, Amy having dried blood on her right arm and left leg, a long gash on her lower leg then winced as she bbn pulled her belt off to make a tourniquet to stanch the bleeding
He opened up his arms to her "When you are sis. You know I can jumped up from here to the top. You did make me sis do not forget that." He did not know how long it will be but he got his legs ready for the jump. He herd the sirens and knew that they have a few minutes left before things get complicated. He moved quickly after she was done doing her thing and hugged her gently and jumped up. He just reached the roof of a 4th story building that was apart of the ally before the cops showed up. He looked over the edge and sighed some more. He then took in a good number of breaths and grew back to normal size. "Okay better stick to the roofs for a while."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 72d 19h 56m 25s

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