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"What toll?",she asks as she went back to normal then heard a high pitched noise, putting her hands on her ears in pain, growling as she shifted between Midnight and herself.

She growled as she dropped to the ground, her ears feeling as if they were being pierced with needles, closing her eyes as the noise stopped as quick as it started, her face sweaty and was breathing heavily, shaking in pain then opened her eyes, making an odd noise, going back to normal, still laying on the ground, her head throbbing slightly.
"Midnight calm yourself before you kill a civilian and you know for a fact that I will put you to sleep myself if I must. Now get them here before I get mad with you." He did a look that would put anybody filled with ice of their purest fear even monsters that did not know the feeling. He then turned back to the two at him "Now tell me who sent you to this restaurant? For what reason?" Both humans threw their guns down after they got down to nothing but the trigger and a little bit in front of it. Both lifted up their hands and one of them blabbed "We where sent here by our boss to collect the tole."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 68d 17h 26m 39s
"You [b dont] want to get on my bad side",Amy/Midnight says, her voice more deep and guttural then pulled out her phone, one of the guys going to swing at her, a purple tendril shooting from her arm and threw him against the wall.

"Now you've pissed us off",Amy/Midnight says as Midnight took her body over, growing a full another foot, purple sludge covering her body and growled slightly. The guys backed up "what the fuck is that thing?!",one of the guys asked in fear, looking at Amy/Midnight then at Makhluq.
Makhluq chuckled a little bit "Just trying to get put that one to sleep nothing more." He finished up his food and then sighed a bit. He noticed the human that was wearing a coat inside a restaurant and did a small glance behind him and noticed a few more. He sniffed the air a bit more and sighed a bit. He felt her food and nodded to what she saw. He tapped her 8 times with his tail letting her know that they are pure humans. He then got up slowly from the table. He said calmly to her "Let us pay for the food now since we have just finished. If that one is still hungry I am sure that these new guests that showed up are willing to give you something." He then turned to the two guys that are behind him "That is if you are willing to go through with your plan. If you do then I will be forced to defend these people and I really do not want to do so by force. So I ask you now are you willing to continue with your plan?" The two that where behind him pulled out gun and one of them said "You will die creature of hell." They then just started to fire at him but before they could even pull the trigger Makhluq spit some acid onto the guns and they started to melt. He then put the tip of his tail right against the third one's neck "Do you really think that will work on me human? Like I said before do not even think about it." He kept his tip truly steady as he kept his eyes on the two in front "Sister please inform the authorities of what is going on right now. If need to send it through your image message do it that way."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 68d 17h 45m 32s
"Midnight's Midnight, still a pain in the neck and hes a guy by the way", she says as she sensed something [b "that man looks delicious, we should eat his liver"],Midnight says as Amy sighed "for the last time, we dont eat good people or pets",she says as Midnight growled.

She looked over her shoulder and seen a shady person standing there and had his hand in his jacket, looking back over at Makhluq, seeing a couple more people surrounding the restuarant, her danger sense tingling, seeing they all had guns then nudged Makhluq under the table with her foot.
Makhluq sighed a bit knowing what she meant. He asked "So how is she doing by the way?" He knew that if they talked about her other side that would calm midnight down a bit and put her back to sleep. He finished up the drink itself "As for the water itself we happen to be out. We used the last of them on the ghouls. We need to restock." He then started eating the pork and started to hum again. He could not stop himself this time and it was another old tune that they use to lesson to from their parents.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 68d 18h 15m 24s
"Its fine, you've seen how Midnight's appetite can be",she says laughing as she dipped her chicken tenders in ranch as she drank her drink "we got any more holy water?",she asks as she looked around.

"I got word of some rogue shapeshifters a few hours from here, I even drew a map",she says as she pulled the map from her bag, setting it on the table "locals say they have seen them here, here and here",she says pointing to three different spots she put an X on the map as she looked up at Makhluq "it looks like they are staying close to a local cave, right in the middle of where they were spotted",she added, putting a fry in her mouth
Makhluq sighed a bit. "You might be right about that but they have not done anything yet. We have to keep an ear out as well as an eye out for them to make sure that they do not do anything that would make hunters come." He started to eat his own food after finishing up. He actually liked the food that was there and hummed an old tune that he has not hummed to in a long time. He did not know how long it was since he felt good or even tasted good food in a while. He was surprised at his own humming and stopped quickly. "Sorry about that sis. Very good food." He finished up the burgers and waited for the pork to show up.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 69d 16h 33m 56s
"Midnight says that he can sense a few dangers in a 30 mile radius",she says as she took a bite from her chicken tender that was covered in buffalo sauce then drank her water [b "I smell something....rotten"],Midnight says as Amy looked around again.

"I dont smell anything, you might be smelling the garbage outside",she says as she ate more [b "it smells almost like...sulfur"],Midnight says as he growled slightly as Amy drank her water "I think theres demons near",she whispered to Makhluq as she looked at him.
He sighed a bit "Those where not normal vampires. I think those where ghouls that once where vampires that degenerated. I do not know why those vampires where spared at all or for that matter why they got together since each one had a different scents of clan covens. There is one rule with all vampire covens have that all have agreed to. When ever a vampire degenerate that vampire is to be killed both on sight as well as without question." He sniffed the air a bit and chuckled a little bit more "It seems that we are not the only ones that are monsters in this place. I can smell them I just cannot tell who it is that is all." The waiter came back with their food right after Makhluq finished talking to Amy. The waiter set the food down as well as the mountain water the bear mug for Amy and the pop cup for Makhluq. "Here you go sir. Ma'an"
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 69d 17h 4m 31s
She nodded as she sighed "the symbiote side is just getting a little.....restless I guess",she says as she shrugged then sighed as the voice told her about food "i ordered food, calm down",she says to herself as she rubbed her neck slightly.

"And thanks for h help with the den of bloodsuckers by the way",she says to the symbiote as she drank her drink then coughed some as she looked around, shielding her eyes from the sun shining in then heard people whispering about them, deciding to ignore it as she drank more water.
Makhluq knew what was going on and whispered back "It seems that your other self is trying to take control again." He then saw something that interested him and ordered a couple of burgers as well as a roast pig as a desert. The waiter wrote everything down and then sighed some more "Well this a bit of a first though I will also admit not that surprising." He then left them as they are and sighed a bit leaving them. Makhluq chuckled a little bit "I guess we scared him a bit." He then looked around "I also see that we scare some of the other customers as well just by being here. I will admit that is not surprising ether. I mean look at me sis I am a monster that they have never seen before and do not understand what I am."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 69d 17h 35m 48s
She squinted as she looked at the menu as she put her head on her hand as she read the names, blinking slightly "I feel like I havent eaten in a month",she says as she looked at Makhluq, talking about the symbiote in her then looked around "I keep hearing whispering",she told him quietly as she itched her neck.

She noticed people staring at her but ignored it, her heart beating in her ears and finally settled on some chicken tenders and some fries, closing the menu and set it on the table, everything hurting.
Makhluq chuckled a little bit hearing the growl of her stomach. He set her down gently and exhaled once more. He shrank a little bit more and walked into the restaurant with her still hanging off him. He went over to the closest table that was clean and lifted up one of his hands gently to signal a waitress/waiter to come over. The waiter that came over asked "What would you like to have?" Makhluq asked "Do you have mountain water?" The waiter said gently "We do. What size do you wish to have?" Even though it looked very strange on him he smiled as gently as possible "I would like to have two one bear mug the other pop cup size please. If you are wondering bear mug is for the little lady here." The waiter was little bit surprised on the first size but kept it to himself. He written it down and then asked "What would you like to eat then?" Makhluq asked "Do you have a menu that we be able to look at?" The waiter did his own best smile "We do sir." He then pulled out two menus and handed them to both Makhluq and Amy "Here you go sir." Makhluq sighed a little bit "Thank you for the menu." He then turned to Amy "Okay sis take a look before you go into sleep."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 69d 18h 8m 4s
She looked around as the voice growled loudly [b "HUNGRY"], making Amy jump slightly as she looked around to make sure that nobody heard that then put the hood up on the jacket she always carried, mumbling some as she looked over at Makhluq.

She closed her eyes as she heard the loud music playing, her head throbbing and her ears ringing slightly as she looked around, her sweaty hair plastered to her face and neck since it was cut short and made it easier to take care of. She smelled food, the voice growling again.

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