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Makhluq was waiting outside in the shadow of the rundown building to make sure that nothing is out of place while the one he considers a sister take care of negotiations. He normally does not even enter human places unless it is need and for some reason he felt that he needed to be near his sister that night. He sniffed the air from time to time to make sure that he does not smell blood.

It has bean a few hours since the sun went down but he did not trust time in human terms. He then caught a scent of blood. He can put his head in the window in the 2nd floor window while he stood up on all four and the 3rd floor on his hind feet alone. He used his scorpion tail and tapped the wall 2 time waited a little bit 1 time and then 3 times to let his sister know that he smelled blood.

Makhluq does not talk much but when he does his voice is that of a young man instead of the beast that people normally would expect.
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Amy was currently sitting in an old and slightly rundown diner dressed in a black sleeveless hoodie, a pair of old and slightly ripped up blue jeans and a pair of red converse that clearly has seen better days. Her pink and purple hair was cut super short that resembled a boy's and had on a pair of purple thin rimmed glasses.

She had 2 butterfly bandages on her forehead, a large adhesive bandage on the side of her left upper arm, more adhesive bandages on her back, the biggest one being on the right side of the middle of her back. Her arms, back and stomach were covered in scratches and bruises, her right arm cradling the right side of her ribcage.

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