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Makhluq nodded to this and bolted with the female still fallowing him and matched his pace without thinking. He did a specific signal for the female to fallow him anyway and she complied without a second thought and kept close to him. He did a simple move away from the scent without a second thought as well and just kept moving till he noticed the town and was just a few minutes from walking distance for Amy and stopped there with the female stopping with him. He said calmly "Get down sis we are a minute away from another town. Pure human this time. I will show the female how to change size if she has it if not then we will be out here. I will not leave her till she is able to understand even. If she is able to change her size then we will be in the sac and I will start the teachings.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 78d 10h 53m 10s
She nodded as she sheathed her sword, grabbed her bags and climbed in his back as she looked at the female and did a friendly smile as she felt the air shift as she smelled the smell of a mix between rotting fish and a bit of sulfur "it's getting closer by the minute, we should leave",she says as she looked around again.

She could heard the wind pick yo and heard a twig snap, making her head turn to where she heard the noise, her hand on her katana as she looked around, feeling the air get colder and felt the wind pick up even .ore, making her shiver some.
Makhluq herd the call and knew what was going to be happening. He moved with the female close behind him and she felt his different he was concern for amy but she could not understand as why but her own desire to fallow the him overpowered everything else. Makhluq was beside Amy and said calmly to her "We have a new member to our group. She will need some training to control herself to a degree and I will teach her if you are willing to help. For now though come on get on my back. We are getting out of here now." He leaned down a little bit for her to get on his back.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 79d 10h 4m 12s
She was standing g by a tree and was staring around the surroundings as she itched her neck then heard a crack in the woods to her left and held her katana in her hands as she narrowed her eyes then coughed into her elbow.

She could still smell the creatures, the woodland animals and the smoke from when somebody or something lit the forest on fire in order to draw her and Makhluq out or to trap them in the forest then kill them once the smoke disoriented them and not be able to smell them coming.
Makhluq felt Amy get off his back and did an instinct motion for the female to know for mating and the female did a respond to that. He chased the female and the female let be chased till they where in a specific spot where they can mate. The female was ready more then anything and Makhluq got ready himself. He mounted on the female easy enough and they mated for a good few hours. When the female was fully satisfied she calmed down a great deal and was purring like a kitten. Makhluq sighed a bit himself and got off the female. He licked her a few times before leaving her. He said into the females mind "Keep calm and let us go back to my sister." He then turned from the female and headed back to Amy. The female fallowed without any type of complaint.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 81d 10h 43m 57s
She nods as she got off his back as s she kept watch, her katana now in her hand as she waited for Makhluq to finish what he was intending to do with the female Chimera. She put her hood over her head to keep from getting cold from the chilly wind blowing in the air.

She sniffed the air to keep track of the creature that was hunting them as she listened to her surroundings, hearing the fae in her hairs and could hear them buzzing and flying around her, ignoring the flapping of their tiny sized wings.
Makhluq did not know what was going on but he did not need to know at all. He said "Keep a track on the creature. Make sure that we do not get jumped again. I think this one has the same speed as I do right now if not more. I will keep up as best as I can but I cannot keep track and keep up." He sighed a little bit and got ready for any type of attack at the moment. He saw the creature that came into view right then and got the scent of a female version of himself and was more feral and knew what to expect right then. He sighed a bit "Sis get off my back real quick. She needs a male where it counts. This is one you need to let me do this on my own. Keep watch for other creatures that would interrupt a mating session."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 81d 11h 12m 50s
"20, 25 yards at least, it seems like that it's trying to move around to throw us off and catch us off gaurd",she says as the smell wafting in the air moves from the east to the north then seemed like it was moving up then down, Amy sniffing the air again, coughing.

"Its trying to cover up its scent",she says as she felt a chill kn the air, far swarming her and was whispering in her ear as she nodded at their words, growling some "they say that something evil lurks here",she told Makhluq
He sighed a bit "So how close is the creature??" He could smell the creature but could not tell where it was or what it was for that matter. He could tell that it was fast at least but that is about it. He sighed a little bit and looked around some more wondering what he is about to run into when something rammed into him. He fell onto his side and groaned a bit from the sudden pain as well as the sudden ram as well. He was slightly dazed and knew that something was off. He shook himself somewhat and wondered what hit him in the first place.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 85d 9h 52m 51s
She nodded as she began to sniff the air, her ears twitching some as she listened to her surroundings then heard a twig snap, making her turn her head to the left where the sound was coming from but seen it was only a rabbit. She sighed in relief as she continued to sniff the air, shivering slightly.

"I seemed to be coming from the east, a little bit to the west as well, it smells like a rotting animal..or human",she says quietly as Midnight says something in the back of her head, Amy nodding in agreement as she looked at Makhluq. She itched her neck as she smelled the thing moving..and quickly
Makhluq was even more confused on what has happened. He looked at the town some more and wondered what was going on. I sighed a little bit and lifted Amy up gently after shaking myself a little bit. I sniffed the air some more and wondered why I smell something like myself but could not tell where it was come from. I asked her as she was waking up "Hey sis can you tell where it was coming from. I would like to know that way we can at least meat the one that created this thing as well as the creature itself."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 85d 12h 12m 5s
She felt Makhluq skidding as he tried to stop then grunted, feeling herself hit the tree then could feel Makhluq shaking her as she looked at him. She groaned as she sat up then squinted her eyes as pain exploded through her head.

She nodded as she stood up, stumbling a bit and wiped some of the blood away from her eye as she seen the town that Makhluq was talking about "I smell it too, it almost smells....manmade",she says as she felt the wind start to pick up, wrapping her hoodie tightly around her then sneezed from the smoke in the air.
Makhluq nodded to her without saying anything else and just went full out sprint without a second thought. He was out of the forest within an hour and was breathing hard for fresh air as he crashed trying to stop. He did everything he could to protect Amy from any type of pain in the process and was on top of her trying to protect her from any further damage from anything that would fall on them. He was breathing hard in the process and caught a scent that was a lot more different then anything that is considered natural. It was as if he caught a second himself but different as well. He was still breathing hard when he got up and looked around. He noticed a town just an hour walk on foot for Amy. He looked down at her once more and shook her gently "Sis wake up. I think I just found the town but something is off. I smell something that is not natural. Not a fairy, werewolf, vampire, or any of the other magical creatures and people like them. It is also not human at all. It might be another one like myself but different in some way."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 86d 9h 40m 30s
She nodded as she held onto his fur as they made their way through the forest, putting her mask back on her face since she realized that there was smoke unknowingly rising from somewhere on the forest, causing it to give the impression of fog.

"The forest is on fire, somebody set the forest on fire",she says as she looked down at Makhluq as as started to see small flames begin to rise from the first floor, the smoke getting thinker as she shielded her eyes from it, putting on some protective eyewear since her eyes were sensitive to smoke.
Makhluq did not think about anything and just simply bolted with her on his his back. He wrapped his tail around Amy gently but did not even give a chance for others to even get close at all. He did not know how long he will run but he will run without a second thought even past the town itself. He did not need any more encouragement at the moment nor did he need to give any. He said calmly to her as he continued to run "Keep yourself on me. Do not even think about getting off or get ready for battle at all."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 109d 11h 36m 5s

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