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"Does it smell like old socks and rotten eggs cause that's what I'm smelling",she told Madusa as she looked at her as Midnight calmed down in her head then licked her dry lips.

She sniffed the air, her wand hidden in her pocket and was watching Madusa like a hawk watching its prey then heard a strange noise, looking behind her then at Makhluq "I keep hearing strange noises, I dont know if it's in my head or not",she whispered to Makhluq as she itched her arm again, still watching Madusa, her left eye blue and right eye green.
Makhluq chuckled a little bit "Now calm down Midnight, Amy. Now then As for you Madusa stay away from us unless you wish to die by our hands and be feasted on after words by us non the less." Madusa hissed a bit and kept a distance "Very well I will. Now CO as for the investigation I found some traces of magic. Not the normal kind of magic here ether. It is more complex then what it should be. It is as if they desire to hide their present without really hiding. I do not understand why." Makhluq shighed a little bit.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 63d 17h 17m 6s
Both her and Midnight growled at the same time at the name then looked at Madusa as she stood beside Makhluq, wringing her hands on her tank top, hearing Midnight getting more and more restless.

[#800080 "I say we eat her eyes first, then her lungs, her liver and save the pancreas for last, since it's my favorite organ, then we bite her head off"],Midnight says as Amy smiled some "we could always bite her arms and legs off...then her face",she says to Midnight as she looked at Madusa with her multicolored eyes.
The CO sighed a little bit "If you where here at the time I would have had you investigate but you where not at the time. So do not even think about threatening me." Makhluq growled at the CO this time "Do not think that we make idle threats. We make promises and keep them without fail. That is the one thing you can expect from us." The CO took a few steps back from both of them and said calmly "Go ahead and show yourself Madusa." When that name was said Makhluq growled even more "So the one bitch that all three of us hate you have investigate. Well till that bitch is gone we will not be in this town no matter how many times you use that whistle. However the next time you use it I will personally acid it and make sure you never use another one ever again. Understand?" The CO nodded to this very nervously wondering if things are going to get very complicated.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 63d 17h 37m 44s
"I call bullshit",she growled out as she looked at the CO, her eyes going to Midnight's for a split second then back to normal as she looked around, Midnight growing restless inside her head as she tried to fight him off.

"You better be telling the truth cause you dont want to meet my other side and trust me on this, he's not as friendly as me",she told the CO as she looked over st Makhluq as she sensed the warlock close then let out a guttural growl [#800080 "HUUUUUNGRY"],Midnight roared as Amy looked around slightly.
Makhluq felt a headache real quick and growled a little bit. He looked at the CO with ice in his eyes "Why do you have a warlock here CO? Did you forget about the last time a warlock was near one of HQs that the same HQ was nearly destroyed?" The CO was not that surprised on the reaction but was surprised that Makhluq was giving her the Ice stare as if he was coming up with ways to kill her and she did not know how close she was to the truth. He was thinking of the number of ways to inflect pain and then kill her. She was nervous at seeing his eyes and took a few steps back. She said trying to be in a calm voice "Well he agreed to help us to investigate on what is going on."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 63d 17h 55m 14s
"What Makhluq said vampires terrorizing the town",she says quietly as she looked at the female as she looked at Makhluq, hearing a voice behind her, trying not to jump from the sudden appearance behind her.

"I smell an odd smell, it smells like a mix of old socks and rotten eggs",she whispered to Midnight [#800080 "I smell it too, but I font know any creature that smells remotely like that, nor any symbiote smells like that, we usually smell like ink"],Midnight says as Amy nods then sniffed the air again, feeling a headache coming on.
Makhluq chuckled a little bit and then sat down "So CO why did you call for us?" The CO was not that surprised that Makluq was the one that asked the question instead of Amy. She said calmly "Well you where summoned for a report for the vampires that where in the town that is just a few hours away from here. We got report from the cops from that town that there is blood in all over the ally from base of one of the walls to the tip to the other side. Now tell me what the hell happened?"

Makhluq did a nervous chuckle and then sighed a little bit "If you where able to figure out that it was us that made the small noise in that small town. Well we did not have a choice for that matter. I smelled blood and informed Amy. We headed to the source and in doing so we ran into a group of vampires that were turning into ghouls. I am still wondering why those vampires where still alive after what they became and not killed on the spot. We decided not to stay because we did not need humans knowing about us." The CO nodded to this information and was a bit surprised herself hearing his concern and then looked at Amy "Now why don't you tell me what you where doing in town in the first place?"
  Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 63d 18h 18m 53s
She got down as she looked at the female with her multicolored eyes then followed Makhluq, looking around the HQ, getting stares from the people inside of it.

She looked at the woman then itched the side of her neck [#800080 "who is this lady, I say we bite her head off then est her lungs"],Midnight growls from the back of her head, making Amy roll her eyes when he said that "we are not going to be eating the CO or anybody in HQ",she grumbled back quietly as she made sure nobody was staring at her for talking to herself
Makhluq sighed once more and headed to HQ. It was a few minutes before they where at the entrance. He did not do anything yet. He noticed that a lot of humans where around and where looking at him. He sighed a little bit and waited outside. A female came out of the building and was about to blow it again when she noticed that he was there and took a closer look on his back to see Amy was there. She walked down and said calmly "Hello there Makhluq. I see you up there Amy get down here." Makluq sighed a little bit and placed one of his arms down and said "Amy time to get down. Our CO is here."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 63d 18h 59m 11s
She winced at the whistle but ignored it as she climbed on Makhluq's back, adjusting her tank top as she smiled, ready to go. She looked around the bathouse one last time as she laid down, staring at the ceiling.

She ended up almost falling asleep but could hear people talking, making her sit up and look around confused, wondering where they were then looked down at Makhluq as she stretched her sore muscles from.laying in the same position, yawning slightly, covering her mouth with her hand as she felt her joints pop.
Makhluq smiled gently at her as best as he could and touched her gently "That is better sis. Now then we better get going because I herd the call for us." He lowered his arm to her "Get on sis we got 5 minutes at most to get there." He shook his head a little bit hearing a whistle that he did not like hearing at all. He did not like the heat even more so and knew that things where going to get complicated soon if they do not hurry up to get to HQ. He did not know what else to say or even do at the moment.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 63d 19h 28m 41s
She went to get changed, humming getting stares from a couple girls as she walked into the bathroom, keeping her head down as she walked into a stall.

She put on some shorts and a tank top, showing off her scars and sports bra, she then put her other clothes in her bag as she coughed some, her hair sticking up, rubbing it down with her hand but it didnt seem to help. She walked back to Makhluq and smiled slightly, setting her bag down then looked around as she sneezed a couple times again, her eyes glassy.
Makhluq sighed a little bit more "Sister if anybody is staring at us it would be to me more then you. Now go put on some light cloths before things get too confusing out here and it is already getting hotter by the hour." He did not want others looking at her as well but he did not want her to get over heated even more. He was ready to sliced up what was needed to be sliced before he even let his sister get over heated. He really did not want to suffer the heat himself but he had no choice in the matter since his skin is the only thing that protects them from any physical harm.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 64d 17h 25m 56s
"I know but I dont want people staring at the scars on my body",she says as she looked over at Makhluq then sneezed a couple times, licking her dry lips as she took a drink from the flask she had in her bag.

She rubbed water on her face and neck, closing her eyes as she listened to the noises around her in the bathhouse [#800080 "I sense spirits nearby"],Midnight growled in her head as Amy rolled her eyes slightly "this is a bathhouse for creatures, spirits included",she responded back quietly.

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