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Makhluq was not that surprised anymore to see Creature. He has visit the thing a good number of times to make sure that the bars are still intact and just as strong as when they where first made. He asked "So do you plan on taking over the body for a little bit or do you plan on killing me in hear and take over the body for all eternity." Creature said in a different male voice "I have come to tell you that I will no longer be contained by those bars my other self. I am also here to tell you that our sister is in more trouble then she will admit." Makhluq sighed a little bit "Looks like that we have to do fast healing then." He took a deep breath and did pure focus on healing and then looked around once more "Let us join together for our sister." Creature nodded to this and they both came out of slumber.

After they have woken up they moved to the entrance to the bag. They shrank to the size that they entered in and left the bag itself. Both Creature and Makhluq where not that surprised on what was going on. They moved to Amy and lifted her up gently. Makhluq was the one that talked while Creature carried Amy "Rest sister. Both Creature and I will be watching while we get you to a proper healer."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 335d 8h 37m 56s
She wondered if Makhluq was okay then fell into the snow, breathing heavily and put her hand on her side then removed it, seeing blood covering her hand then cursed softly as she leaned her head against the tree then closed her eyes, shivering for the first time in 4 years ever since Midnight bonded with her.

She put her hood up and winced from moving her shoulder and listened to her surroundings, being able to see in the dark since she was more than a human, being able to see her breath and pulled her gun from her bag, cocking it quietly.
Makhluq continued to sleep and noticed pure darkness and was turning around. He noticed his younger self there and he was crying. He moved to himself. He leaned down and started to talk to his younger self. He did not expect another to show up while he dreamed. He then felt one of his own hands on his shoulder and made him turn around. He noticed that the one that turned him is also him but not him at the same time. He saw pure white eyes while his own eyes where pure black. The younger him said "He comes once more. He will see through our eyes again. The cage has bean undone." He was then taken to the heart of his darkness and there stood what was once a cage that held his other side that is called Creature for a specific reason.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 336d 4h 24m 20s
She could sense something was wrong and looked around as she coughed into her hand as she slid down a snowbank, standing up and brushed herself off, continuing her walk then realized something.

"I dont think anybody had lived in this town for a long time but that doesn't explain why there are lights and I can smell people as well",she told Makhluq as she wiped blood from the corner of her mouth, her hands sweating even though it was 34 degrees out and noticed it was 4 in the afternoon but it was still pretty dark out.
Makhluq went into the pocket without a second thought. He knew that she was hurt but not as much as he was. He could not focus and went into full size and was on the only thing that was big enough for him. His body shut down and so did his mind. His body focused on healing only right then and there. While his body was in this state he started to dream of the past of when he first opened up his eyes. He sees both out of his old body and in his body at the same time. He saw how he grew up from the moment he was created to right then. He wondered where he had gone from a scared little beast to a creature that desires blood and lets his desire take.over when he is truly angry and he had bean more and more angry lately
  Black_Storm_Prince / 338d 4h 21m 54s
She opened the pocket as she grabbed her hoodie and put it on, putting the hood up as she licked her dry lips, smelling food but decided to ignore it since that wasn't her first priority at the moment.

She began to walk again as she looked around, seeing it was starting to snow again, the white specks falling on her clothes and hair, not realizing she was leaving a bright red trail of blood behind her then coughed some, going into a coughing fit, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and continued her walk to the small town, shivering slightly.
Makhluq continued to walk to the town for a little bit longer and then saw the town. He pointed to the town itself "It will be about a 10 minute walk from here. So sister might want to open up your bag pocket size please." He then exhaled at least 10 times and each time he shrank till he was the size of a chest pocket. He knew that he could grow back up as soon as he was back in the bag itself since it has a limitless space for anything including his full size when he has no desire to be any other size and he normally does not have that desire.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 339d 4h 38m 7s
She nods as she looked around as she walked, not needing to keep much warm due to Midnight always making her feel like she was in an oven. She sniffed the air as she caught wind of something lurking in the woods but soon found out that it was just a barn snowy owl.

She could hear all the animals of the forest around her as she walked, wearing summer clothes and put her bag on her other shoulder since the left one was wounded after the forest demons attacked them. She heard her stomach make noise but ignored it as she looked st Makhluq and the shaman
Makhluq could not feel the cold at the moment because of how much blood that covered his body. He said calmly "Come now sister. Keep a hold on me. Sorry about that Shaman by the way." He then sniffed around and caught the scent of a mortal town. He sighed a little bit "It is daylight and if I am to be in town sister I will have to go down to pocket size. That is after we get to a point to town." He then looked at the shaman "Will you still keep the healing ordeal going? " He started to head to the direction he picked up the scent of the human town with both the shaman and Amy in his arms still trying to keep them worm.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 339d 6h 59m 30s
She yelped as she was grabbed then quicky closed the portal, looking around also seeing nothing much then looked at Makhluq "where the hell did we end up?",she mumbled as she sniffed the air and noticed it was much colder where they were previously.

She pulled out her wand and mumbled a few words light emitting from the tip of of it then looked at them and smiled "we should find civilization before we freeze to death, get frostbite or hypothermia",she says as she rubbed a hand through her hair.
Makhluq finished up the last demon that was closest to him and ran to the portal. In the process He grabbed the shaman and then Amy as she finished up with her bag and got into the portal. He did not know what was on the other side but it had to be a little bit better then where they are at. He did not see anything other then darkness at the moment since he had to move quickly into the portal. He stopped just long enough for Amy to close the portal and for him to get his bearings on where they are at.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 339d 7h 28m 11s
She nods as she grabbed her bag then made a portal as she looked at the surrounding area, sweat dripping from her hair and soaking the front of her shirt. She stuck her wand in her boot as she looked at Makhluq with a worried look on her face.

"Come on, let's go, I sense more are coming and fast",she says as she growled as she stuck her gun, camera and ammi clips in a pocket of her bag as she wiped sweat from her face and neck, her face red from the heat then hit a demon with a rock she put an enchantment on
Makhluq was on his back for a little bit and then got back up. He growled a little bit because of how much pain he just felt and rushed to one of the demons without thinking. He caught a demon by the throat without thinking and in the process decapitated the creature. He moved his tail in a different direction and had another demon's head sliced off with the tip of his tail. In the process of slicing off the second demon's head off he stabbed the third demon's heart without stopping at all. He looked around and noticed that the group of demons that is there is much bigger then he expected. He called "Sister we need to get out of here. Like right now sister. Make a portal quickly please. I will keep them occupied but I do not know for how long." He then rushed into the group of demons and started to do what he does best and went on a killing spree.
  Makhluq / black_storm_prince / 340d 5h 50m 30s
She cast more exploding spells as she grabbed her gun from her bag and loaded the clip with corrosive rounds, sewing po n the scope and waited for the right time to attack.

She fired at 2 of the demons and hit them square in the back, watching as they shrieked and squirmed on the ground, their skin and muscles melting away from the bone as the corrosive liquid in the bullets took effect almost immediately. She took that clip out and loaded in another, this time with bullets that exploded on impact.
Makhluq felt the healing magic kicking in and was not that surprised on how quick it was. He opened up his eyes some more and sniffed the air. He caught the scent of surfer with something else "Demons sister." He regrew his fang that he pulled out without thinking about it. He grew his claws to a point and got ready for the creatures to show up. He was expecting an attack but he did not expect as to how quick it was and how powerful it was as well. He was hit by something small but very fast and strong. What ever the demon was it slammed into him and made him fly into the cabin and through it all to the other side.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 340d 6h 43m 49s

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