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She nods as she waited for Makhluq, grabbing her bag and put it on her shoulder, her body covered in scars then put the hood up on her hoodie as Midnight growling in the back of her head, deciding to ignore him since she was just probably hungry.

"I feel like I'm being watched like a hawk",she whispered as she looked at the wood line, seeing a Will O the Wisp then looked back at Makhluq, hoping that she wasn't the only one who seen it then rubbed her tired eyes to make sure she wasn't hallucinating or seeing things from being sleep deprived.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "They are elder fire spirits that have calmed down a great deal to where they are mellow now. That is what an Ash spirit is or did you forget about that in our studies as well?" He knew that she would not forget about these lessons since it was the first lessons that they had to remember to go on their first hunt for other magical creatures. He figured that she would remember these things but he did not know how much she remembers ether. He did not want to try to even think about it.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 20d 23h 37m 41s
She nodded as she seen a scuttling then smiled some, seeing the soot sprites then looked st Makhluq as she sniffed the air "I know, fire spirits can be quite temperamental if you mess with them, but soot sprites on the other hand",she says as she laughed some then felt snow fall in her hair.

"Should be the northern lights in a few more nights",she says as she looked up as t the star filled sky as she put her beanie on her head since it felt like her ears were becoming made of ice as she listened to her surroundings, standing beside Makhluq now.
"Ah you mean the fire spirits that shows up from time to time. It is alright sis. They know about the creatures well enough to know that it is mating season for them. The villagers will not leave the village at all for 3 days and nights. The guardians are the only ones that are keeping the fire spirits away." He then looked at the one that was still there "Oh this is just one of the four guardians of this village. She will guide us to a safe spot." The guardian nodded to this and left the tent without moving anything. "Just a heads up sister we cannot mess with these fire spirits at all. Otherwise we have messed with the balance of the world and if we do that we become enemies with every spirit and guardian that keeps the balance. If we become enemies to them then we have to fight them 24/7 without any type of rest at all. we will be made into what we just killed as well just to restore the balance of the world." He stood up himself and went to the tent entrance "And if you are wondering if the plan has changed it has not. Just stick close that is all." He then opened up the tent flap and let the cold air come into tent itself.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 24d 21h 43m 27s
"I'm not talking about them, I mean something that is lingering in the woods, something has been terrorizing this village for a long, long time ",she says as she itched her neck as she shivered then looked at round, smelling what only she can describe as burning wood or feces, making a face.

She stood up and fixed her hair so that she didnt look like a mess then drank some water from a cup that was sitting beside her, her head throbbing in pain but ignored it as she waited for the guardians and Makhluq to tell her any new plans.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "That there would be the guardians of this village. They happen to be certain types of gods." He patted her head gently "Calm yourself sister. They watch us because they desire to see what we will do. If you are up to it let us get outside the village before opening up another portal to one of our bases." He waited for her to respond to that. He figured that she still needed some time to gather her thoughts and her emotions at the moment. He did not need her to go ballistic ether.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 25d 21h 46m 53s
She knew that they helped her but couldn't help but get the feeling like they were also watching her like a hawk and silently judging her, her hair going a yellow color as she looked around again, her jacket sitting beside her as she licked her dry lips.

"I sense something here, not Bodachs but something else..something unworldly and it lingers over the village like a demonic blanket, sucking put any happiness from anybody who crosses its path",she whispered to Makhluq as she put her jacket back on, coughing some.
Makhluq noticed Amy was awake and chuckled a little bit to the comment "You really do not want to know what the shaman has made to heal you. As for where we are we happen to be in a village that I happened to save when we where forced to handle a few jobs sepertly. It was actually on one of these jobs that I happened to save this village. I brought you here knowing that she would help with what happened." He did not say where they where specifically because he did not want to make her worry since they happened to be in a area where monsters are hunted down for sport by various tribes.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 26d 21h 49m 17s
She nodded as she smiled, her face slightly red and closed her eyes as she mumbled/slurred something, her body feeling like it was on fire even thought it was winter and was below 20 degrees, it still being pitch black due to the polar night.

"The hell did they give me, feels like I swallowed a bunch of fuzzy caterpillars and slugs",she mumbled as she coughed into her hand as she heard people talking outside of the tent, her hair sticking up from her sweat and sat up with shaking arms "where are we?",she asks raspily
Makhluq walked a little bit further and intercepted the guardians and showed the proper greetings for them as they did for him. Though they did not speak with physical words they spoke through images. It showed the price that he will have to pay at some point in life and it is one that he is willing to pay for their help for healing his sister. He showed that he is willing to pay the price. He then did the final proper goodbye to them as they did the same to him. He then went back into the tent itself and back to Amy's side. He smiled gently at her "You will be alright now sis."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 28d 20h 27m 38s
She was now laying on her back, her breathing heavy and raspy, shivering slightly as she mumbled something. She turned on her side and went into a bad coughing fit, blood leaking from her lips then groaned as she laid back on her back, her eyes red and glassy.

She nodded at Makhluq's words as she closed her eyes, losing consciousness, her hair plastered to her face and was mumbling in her sleep. She suddenly feels far grosser than before, her skin prickly and numb at the same time, slick with sweat. Her stomach doesn’t agree with the unsteady swaying that she has no control over.
Makhluq understood then and sighed a little bit. He looked at the Shaman with a bit of sadness in his eyes "It seems that we have guests that are not welcoming for both my sister and myself. I think it is the village guardians that have come." The shaman nodded to this and then moved to the entrance "I have talked to them during the ceremony to help heal your sister. They come in physical form for their payment from you Makhluq." He was not that surprised and nodded to this. He touched Amy on the head gently once more and set her down slowly "Take it easy sis. I will be back. That I promise and you know I will keep my promises." He then looked at the shaman "Keep her safe..." He did not need to say anything else and the shaman knew what he meant by that. She nodded to this "I can do that easy enough my friend. Any family of a friend of mine is a friend until they prove me wrong." Maknluq nodded to this and walked out of the tent to meat up with the guardians before they show themselves to Amy.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 32d 21h 12m 17s
She tilted her head back and squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the liquid go down her throat and swallowed it, coughing as she put her head in the normal position and leaned on Makhluq since it feels like she was gonna fall even though she was sitting down.

She mumbled something again, closing her eyes as she let out a shuddering breath, her breathing heavy and raspy, shivering still even though she was sweaty "no pl't mo'sters",she slurred out, delirious from the liquid in the cup, the healing and Midnight, her body feeling like she was in an oven.
Makhluq was really surprised on this one and knew what went wrong quickly. He sighed a little bit "Sorry sis. did not mean to add that." He then brought a different cup to her and sighed a continued to hold the cup "Tilt your head sis. I am going to be the one that pours it down your throat." He made sure that it was the right one now. He did know the ordeal on that effect well enough since he had to do the same thing when he was injured enough to where the shaman herself healed him. He did keep a few secrets from Amy for certain reasons.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 34d 7m 52s
She shakily took the cup and downed whatever what was in it as she tried to say something again, but it still came out as gibberish. She set the cup down and looked at everybody as the nausea hit ten fold.

"M gon' pu'e",she slurred out as she tried to stand but her legs felt like they were made out of jello, her shirt completely drenched in sweat then mumbled something as she seen her vision double and go blurry, the loud ringing in her ears returning, making her make a Mm noise as she squeezed her eyes shut and waited for it to pass

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