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Makhluq stretched somewhat and sighed some more "You are hurt aren't you sis?" He did not need to have an answer but he asked it anyway to ease her thinking or at least trying. He looked at his wrist again "I can travel easy enough." He moves his hand to show his hand to her proving his point. He looked around gently and was not at all surprised on what was going on. He took a deep breath of nature that is all around him. He could not remember the last time that they were in true nature instead of something like zoos, parks, or other things that have man made nature that only smell clean a little bit.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 316d 16h 18m 14s
She looked at Makhluq in sorry then wiped his eyes with her hand then felt a burning in her side, lifting her shirt to see 3 long and slightly bleeding scratches then put her shirt down.

"We should leave before anybody or anything catches our scent and comes for us",she says as she stood up and stretched as she rubbed a hand through her hair "are you sure your okay?",she asks as she looke back at him, hearing the birds and woodland animals start to wake up and make noise, the sun shining through the thick branches of the leaves.
He took a deep breath once more and then relaxed once more. He leaned down gently once more and closed his eyes. He started to dream about their first hunt and could not remember how he got there in the dream. He was surprised to see the parents once more. While he dreamed he started to cry in reality. He woke up slowly to the sun that was beating down on him. He looked at the sky once more and noticed the sun was rising up still. He then looked at his wrist and noticed that the hand was that of a child and knew that by the same time the next day his hand would be back to normal.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 316d 16h 53m 24s
"S fine",she says quietly as she wrapped up in one of the blankets she got from one of the bases and itched her neck then smelled the air, smelling the scent of wet earth and flowers.

"The seasons are changing, I can sense it in my bones",she says as she licked her dry lips, moving her hair from her eyes as she opened them then looked up at the star filled sky, seeing them twinkle as she once again closed her eyes and fell back asleep, starting to snore slightly, her breathing evening out.
He woke up suddenly when Amy was starting to fall back asleep. He sniffed the air without a second thought and caught the scent of the spirits without remembering that there are spirits around them. He got up slowly so he does not provoke the spirits and gently lifted Amy up as well. "Sister where are we?" He did not need long to remember where they are at after the question was out and sighed a little bit. He gently touched her head gently with his own "Sorry sister. I have forgotten. My mind saw our past when we were military. I saw the battles that we where in."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 317d 15h 9m 47s
She woke up suddenly covered in sweat and looked around, shaking and looked at Makhluq. This particular dream was about her in the military and when they were ambushed, she could still smell the gunpowder and could hear the guns and tanks, even though she only had about 20% hearing in her left ear due to a stray stun grenade.

She laid b on ck down and closed her eyes again, hearing the fae, wind and river all speaking at once then mumbled to herself as she started to fall back asleep, her heart finally not bearing out of her chest.
Makhluq sighed some more and hummed again. He did not know why he felt so at ease at the moment but he did. He did not want to remove that ease just yet anyway. He looked into the sky and noticed how many stars can be seen and did a genuine smile that has not appeared on his face in a very long time. He understood what was going on. Though he could not speak with them directly, Amy could and that was enough for him. He leaned back and started to fall asleep without even thinking about it. He started to dream again of the past once more.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 318d 14h 26m 4s
She smiled as she nodded as she looked at him, seeing the glint of the farm's wings in the now setting sun and could see the dust falling as they flew around "the fae say that we are safe here",she whispered as she looked at him again.

She could also hear the crickets and cicadas start to make noise as they do during the night then sat on the ground as she dried her hair off then leaned back on the thick, soft grass and looked up at the sky, the breeze starting to blow again and closed her eyes as it whispered in her ear.
Makhluq sighed a few more times before Amy was finished. He touched the river gently with his hand that was still attached. He could feel the spirits of the river as well as feel the spirits of the wind. He hummed to a particular note that has caught his attention. He got up from the river itself and walked over to the side and did not even try to even dry off like he normally did. He did not know what to say ether. He did not want to anyway. He sat down once more at the river sand and sighed a little bit "What you have said in the river is nice. Thank you for reminding me of that."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 320d 13h 51m 18s
"Its what family does for each other",she says as she smiled as she heard the wind, it sounding like it was speaking to her and listened then continued to wash the hard to reach spots, humming a random tune.

She could hear the sound of the forest spirits and the fae in the air but decided against saying anything, seeing a will o of the wisp in the distance as she rinsed his back off then started to wash her own self after she got done helping wash Makhluq, sensing the marine animals in the water around them but knew that they weren't a danger as well, the fae whispering in her ear.
Makhluq noticed the entire thing and was not at all surprised. He said calmly as Amy washed his back "Thanks sis for helping me. At least the wound has closed off while we got here." He felt really relaxed after everything that has happened. He could not explain it even to himself but he felt more at ease with this very old forest above all other places that they have bean or even the bases that they constructed themselves from the ground up. He did sighed a little bit feeling clean once more. He leaned down a bit to let her get to the hard to reach spots.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 326d 14h 44m 16s
She nodded as she helped him wash his back and was humming as she stepped into the river, the water seeming to glow when she touched it.

She looked around as she felt the wind pick up then closed her eyes as it stopped, the wind slowing down to a gentle breeze as she continued to wash his back, hearing every sound of the animals and insects in the forest, smelling the earthiness of the soil and fungi growing around them, the sweet scent of the flowers and another scent that she couldn't quite make out but she knew it wasnt dangerous
Makhluq nodded to this and sniffed the air a bit. He caught the scent of the river and went east. He said calmly "I will need help washing my back sister." He continued to the river itself and for some reason felt that he was ageing the closer he got to the river itself but he did not say anything about that because he felt that it might be otherwise inconvenient for Amy at the moment. His wound has closed off before he got to the river itself. He walked into the river and simply sat down. He did not need to say anything and felt his body going back to it's original form once more while the blood itself was being rinsed off from the waist down.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 327d 12h 4m 34s
She nodded as she looked at Makhluq then st the forest as she adjusted the bags in her hands, feeling the breeze blow through her blood soaked hair then coughed some.

Amy had bruising on the right side of her face and her right eye hemmoraghed, blood on parts of her shirt and fingerprint bruises around her neck, also having extensive bruising on their torsos, legs and arms "we should have enough MREs and non perishables to last us awhile",she commented as she looked around st their surroundings.
He sighed a little bit "We go into hiding for now. I did just slice off one of my hands and need to regenerate my hand back. It will take a few days to do so. This has happened to me a few times while we where not working together." He then looked at her "Oh and somewhere that I can get properly cleaned up if possible." He then walked outside and noticed a few things strange going on. He sighed some more and then wondered what was going to happen while he goes into sleep to regenerate the hand that he sliced off. He took a few more deep breaths "The forgotten forest would be a good spot to rest, regroup, and regenerate what we need before we go hunting."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 331d 11h 34m 16s

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