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Makhluq wanted to move quickly but he did not. He waited for the first demon that showed to make it's moved. He noticed that the creature went after Amy and knew that she would be fine at the moment. He used his full strength to increase his tails speed even if it was a little bit and stabbed the second demon all the way through with his tail and nothing is left of the creature other then a corps. He was then slammed against the cabin with a force that he had not felt in a while and slumped down once more. He growled once more and looked around. He noticed the third one was moving in a more slower manner and knew that the creature had brains. Makhluq figured that the creature was the leader of the three and saw him move his tail impaling the second demon. He was getting up slowly once more and prepared for another attack from the creature this time.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 205d 4h 31m 35s
She nodded as she took his fang then growled as she waited for the forest demons to get closer to make her attack, Midnight growling something in the back of her mind as she noticed the sun was setting, but ignored it as she watched her surroundings.

She caught a glimpse of a forest demon and was suddenly up against a tree, swinging the tooth at the demon, striking it in the arm then fell to the ground as she pulled the tooth out and made sure no other demons were coming as she growled, her head and arm throbbing in pain but tried to focus on what was going on right now.
Makhluq herd how long the shaman was going to be and knew that he needed to keep focus till she showed up. He figured that things are going to be interesting for a while. He sniffed the air once more and caught the same type of creature's scent once more "We got company sister." He was slow but he was getting up. He put one of his lion hands to the wall that was near by and sniffed the air some more and noticed more where on the way "More are on their way. I really hate Forest demons." He leaned down a little bit for Amy and pulled out one of his fangs "Here sister this will help and it is filled with Acid so be careful."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 205d 5h 26m 21s
She nods as she looked in her never ending bag for a normal phone as she stayed by Makhluq's side, shaking and was mumbling to herself...or Midnight, her own self not even knowing who. She finally found it and looked for a local Shaman's number she met 20 years ago while on a hunt by herself.

She dialed the number and waited for her to pick up, wiping sweat from her face and neck with an old warehouse rag from her old mechanic job, she talked to the shaman for a few moments and hung up "she will be here in a hour or so",she says quietly.
Makhluq sighed a little bit more and started to come around without realizing it at all till he felt the pain from his body itself. He groaned again and started to see a light. He did not understand what he was seeing but he knew that he was not dead yet because of the pain. He said in the mind once more "I see that you have set a guide for me sister." He fallowed the light without a second thought at all.

It was a few minutes after he saw the light that his eyes have started to open up. He looked around with his eyes without turning his head at all and wondered what was out there. He sniffed the air without thinking about it and caught nothing that would be out of the ordinary. He lifted his head gently "Sister we need a shaman for healing. Please sister."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 207d 1h 30m 10s
"I'm not leaving you, what I'd that creature comes back and tries to finish you off like a possum on the side of the road?",she says as she looked at him then stood up, stretching, covered in sweat, her own and Makhluq's blood then looked around.

She mumbled something as she pulled out her wand then started to do a healing spell, light pink sparkles coming from the end of it as she looked around to see if that creature was coming back, sniffing the air, hoping that it was now far away from them, wiping sweat from her face and neck.
Makhluq felt a little bit more at ease. His mind has bean more at ease. His body still felt pain but not as much as before. He said in the mind "Please find a healer sister. I do not know how much blood I have lost but I do not know that I have lost enough to where I cannot bring myself from the darkness. I need a guide to bring my mind back to the surface. I see only darkness sister." His body was breathing normal but in a deep sleep state at that. He did understand that his body was healing up slowly.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 209d 3h 29s
"We should be safe for now, theres a protection spell around us",she says back telepathically as she began to fix up his wounds with some wound sealant, gauze and even some stitches. Once she was done, she sat beside Makhluq as she looked around the surrounding area with her high powered binoculars.

She sighed as she leaned on a tree, sticking the photographs she took in the cabin before the attack in a pocket in her bag then coughed into her hand, seeing blood but quickly wiped it on her black shirt.
Makhluq herd his sister's voice in the black void and tried to focus on that but could not keep it. He needed to breath but he could hardly get there. His own body will not react to his will at the moment. He could not focus on the body at all. He tried to open up his voice at least and the groaned in pain while his body still bleed from all the wounds that he had. His tail moved a little bit with a twitch and that is about it. He could not do much else for that matter. He could still think and maybe send a mental message and he tried it. It worked a little bit a bit choppy "in....pain.....cannot.....focus..."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 209d 6h 12m 2s
She managed to snap a few pictures when she heard all the commotion outside and ran to where Makhluq and the creature was, Midnight taking over her body and growled a guttural grown as tendrils shooting from her back.

She was thrown against a tree and grunted as her broken arm snapped back into place thanks to Midnight then looked around for the creature, turning back to normal and ran to Makhluq "are you okay? I should have a med kit in my bag",she says as she looked around, mumbling a protection spell around them.
Makhluq sighed a little bit and then put his head into the bag itself before he saw the phone. He sighed a little bit and reached in without any problems at all. He pulled both his head out with the phone at the same time and handed her the phone. He said as calmly as he could "I am going to wait outside while you take pictures of everything in the cabin but remember what I said about the fridge. That is all I need to say. I have no desire for you to have nightmares for the remainder of your life." He walked outside the cabin right then. He noticed something was off real quick and sniffed the air quickly.

He caught the scent of an animal on the surface but he caught the scent of something far more deadly underneath and knew what it was. He let out a very loud roar to where the closest town itself could hear him and it is a least 120 miles from where they are at. He was really pissed off right when he roared and leaned down in a certain way for a quick but very deadly pounce on the first creature to show up.

When the first creature showed itself Makhluq launched himself at the creature and ripped it's head off without a second thought. He saw others just like it and rushed them without a second thought about his own safety at all. He felt something poke him in the shoulder after he removed another 3 creatures. He looked at his shoulder and noticed a lance of some kind in it and he looked in the direction of the lance itself. He noticed a different creature holding it and he simply snapped it's head back breaking the neck and the head itself was literally hanging facing the other direction then it was meant to.

He suddenly felt pain in his leg and he looked down. He noticed a blade made of pure magic sticking out and he growled even more and looked at the one that held it. He used the tip of his tail and stabbed the creature in the head and lifted that creature up. He looked around some more and noticed that there were no more creature around. He himself had slaughtered the entire group without thinking about it. He then pulled the magical blade out from his own flesh and growled in pain as he did so.

He limped to the cabin itself hoping that Amy was alright. He did not know if she was safe or not but he hoped that she was. He was starting to see darkness moving around his vision and knew that he needs to find her quickly before he black out from the loss of blood and the other wounds that he got as well. He remembered the lance that was still in his shoulder then and pulled it out. He did not feel pain from the lance but he knew that he was bleeding from different wounds that were all over his body. He wanted to rest but his desire to protect Amy drove him to the cabin doors at least before he fell down and darkness took over.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 210d 45m 39s
She nods as she looked at Makhluq "i..I need pictures for the police, need all the evidence we can get",she says as she rummaged through her bag and found her Polaroid camera, removing the disney film and put in some regular.

"Inshould have a satellite phone in my bag somewhere, careful you might get lost",she says, joking about Makhluq getting lost in her bag since she enchanted it with a spell for unlimited space then sniffed the air, thinking she caught a human scent but it was just a deer or bear wandering around in the woods.
Makhluq said calmly before Amy went into the bathroom "If what I think is in here then we know what has happened to these souls." He fallowed her easy enough and noticed the black goop and knew right then and there what it was and tried to keep his voice calm after words "Sister do I have to repeat myself for you to find the person/people that own this cabin. The sooner that we find them the sooner we bring these souls to rest." He did not need to say anything else at the moment. He felt that he did not need to at the moment.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 210d 3h 35m 43s
"What if they're some kind of serial killer and they hid the bodies in there?",she asks as she heard a thump come from a stand up freezer then looked at Makhluq then back at the freezer "you think theres anything suspicious in that freezer?",she asks.

She stepped to the bathroom and almost gagged, seeing black goo covering the tub, the walls and even the toilet, covering her mouth with her hand as she breathed through her mouth, grabbing unto the grimy wall, pulling out some nitrile gloves from her bag.
Makhluq stopped Amy with a simple hand gently on her shoulder "Sister do not even think about it. These teeth happen to be human but also Werewolf, Vampire, and a few other creatures. What you would see in there is something that you will have nightmares for the remainder of your life including mine. Now sister find the ones that own this place. This I ask of you because I feel my blood lust is rising every second that we are here. I have seen a few things that even I will not even say what they are. However I will say this sister, their clothing are made from skin from what I have said before." He placed his other hand on the fridge to prove his point for Amy not to look into the fridge.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 211d 28m 30s

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