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Intro for characters
There are two monsters that are very different from all other monsters. One of the monsters is a witch while the other one is a chimera. The witch was raised with two humans that did not have any magic powers at all. They found out what the witch can do when the witch created the chimera by pure chance. In that process of raising the witch they also raised the chimera. The witch and the chimera where taught the basics of hunting other monsters that would harm the balance that was created by the monster and human social environments after years of being at war with one another. The witch and the chimera one day found the ones that raised them up in the air as if being made into sacrifices and they were forced to watch the ones that they consider their parents burn right there and they could not do anything to help the parents. Over the years they have been honing their hunting skills and discovered a few tricks of their own along the way. The only ones that they trust is each other and no other. The chimera has protected the witch from physical harm while the witch has protected the chimera from magical harm. This is why they only trust each other over all others. While they are near human areas the Chimera must hide otherwise created a panic in the masses and have human hunters after them. That is the only drawback with this pair. The witch can go into human areas and get what was needed for when they go hunting for other creatures as well as humans that have broken the laws that where placed down in both human and monster society.

The Rules for Both Human and Monster
No Killing in Neutral Zones – Consequence Death on Sight.

The once great Human society has created a group of beings that destroy creatures of the super natural world. This group has many names, Witch hunters, Slayers, executioners, even Paladins, assassins; but now they go just by Hunters. This group was made to maintain the balance between the supernatural and human world from the shadows as the ages have past humans began to forget about the supernatural world and the hunter society have been forgotten only rumors fly around about it. As time passed there became less and less hunters, but the creatures of the world populated the world at a much faster rate. Because of the lack of human hunters the Hunter society they have opened up their very strict ranks to other creatures. While still discriminated against a few creatures have joined up and have taken up the mantel of Hunter. This is a story of two of those said creatures who watched as their own parents were burned by creatures who rebelled against the Laws put into place to keep the balance maintained.


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She nods as she got on his back and closed her eyes and pointed ahead of them as she sniffed the air, being able to tell where they were just by the smells and the direction of where the wind was blowing.

She smiled as she hid her wand in her shoe as she put them on then yawned again, wiping the water from her face and forehead, swiping her hair from her eyes as she opened her eyes, feeling the sun on her face, hearing the bird behind to chirp and sniffed the air again as she coughed some.
Makhluq nodded to her and leaned down. He said calmly "Get on sister. Just point on the way and I will get us there. If you can since the nearest town and point the way." He knew what he was asking a bit much since human life is not that different then wild life when it is life itself. He did not know what will happen while they are traveling and for some reason he does not care at the moment. He knew things are going to be hectic once they get near a city of any kind. He took a few deep breaths and got ready to bolt once he got a direction from where they are at.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 13d 13h 38m 19s
She nodded as she smiled then grabbed her bags, looking at Makhluq, brushing her hair from her face and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she yawned some, showing her sharp canines and the tooth beside it on both the top and bottom.

She could see the sun poking up from behind the mountains and could feel the air get slightly warmer as she coughed some "you ready to go?",she asks as she licked her dry lips, not caring about the dirt in her hair and didnt care that her hair was soaked from the ground and the rain, hearing Midnight in the back of her head.
Makhluq woke up easy enough hearing Amy and then looked outside. He noticed the sun then and then stretched out like a cat. He sniffed the air once and sighed a bit. He then looked at his new formed hand and smiled gently once more. He walked out of the cave itself and went back to his full size. He looked at Amy gently "You ready to HQ?" He knew that he could move more quickly then any living and non living creature for a very long time when he wants to be. He just needs to know which HQ they will be heading to. He needed to know what country they are in first before hand though so going to the nearest town would be a good choice.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 13d 14h 30m 6s
She ended up falling asleep and was mumbling some as she tossed and turned most of the night, twitching and kicking as well. She woke up around 2 in the morning and felt something wet underneath her then opened her eyes, seeing the sky instead of the cave wall, sitting up groggily, realizing that she was outside and in the woods.

She looked around confused as she stood up, brushing herself off and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, starting to walk back to the cave, taking note on how cold and wet it was outside from the cold, yawning slightly.
Makhluq nodded to this and chuckled a little bit more. He then blocked off the rest of the cave without thinking about it at all and it started to heat up from their body heat as well as the fire. He chuckled a little bit "Do get some rest for the night sis. You will need it for tomorrow." He then closed his own eyes once more "I am going to get some rest myself. We will be moving tomorrow morning. Do not forget that please. That is after a good bath in the river to help wake us up." He then fell asleep and started to dream.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 35d 18h 39m 7s
She smiled as she licked her lips again then waved to the Ints as she grabbed her bic lighter and played with it a bit, Midnight whispering in the back of her head, trying to ignore it, pulling a Bang energy from her bag.

She opened it then coughed from the carbonation then rubbed a hand down her face, getting dirt on it but didnt seem to care then leaned on Makhluq "at least the rain cooled everything down now",she says as she smiled then closed her eyes, listening to the rain and the insects.
Makhluq finished gathering the wood and brought it back. He set it down into a proper pile and sat down beside Amy. He said calmly to her "I gathered as much as I dared to get without hurting the rest of the woods or for that matter harm the trees themselves. I mean they happen to be Ints or also known as Tree Shepherds. They are the forest that we are in." He was not surprised on some of the trees starting to move on their own. He chuckled a little bit pointed to one tree that moved from tree shape into a large humanoid shape made from tree.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 38d 18h 49m 55s
She rummaged for her lighter and waited for Makhluq to return as she sat there and coughed into her hand, tapping her hand on her leg, wondering if it was gonna stop raining anytime soon.

She closed her eyes as another wave of dizziness hit her then shook her head to get rid of the dizziness as she leaned back on the cave wall, listening to the dripping of the water, the crickets and the sound of bats, her ears ringing slightly then coughed into her hand, wiping some blood on her pants as she yawned a bit.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "Sister you are the one with the bag remember. I will be the one that gathers the wood. Get it ready alright?" He then went back out of the cave to collect the wood itself. It was a few minutes after he started to collect the wood did he consider he got enough to at least start the fire. He taken the pile of wood to Amy. He dropped the pile off and then went back out. He did not need to say anything else at the time and continued to collect the deadwood that have fallen from the trees.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 39d 18h 3m 46s
She sat down and sniffled slightly as she put her hand on her head then closed her eyes, looking around then coughed some, clearing her throat.

"I dont feel good....at all but we need to keep moving",she rasped out as she looked at Makhluq then rubbed a hand through her wet hair as she heard the crickets start to make noise as it began to become dark and stood up "I'll go get some firewood, do you have any matches or a lighter?",she asks as she licked her dry and cracked lips, looking at Makhluq again.
Makhluq nodded to this and sighed a little bit and headed to the cave "Come on sis let us rest in there for now. You know that we both will need it soon enough. It is getting dark." He pointed to the setting sun that was barely showing itself because of the rain. He knew that he might be pushing it a little bit but he needed to make his point across. He was at the cave within a few minutes after he was done talking and sighed a little bit. He looked out into the area again and wondered if there are any good firewood.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 42d 22m 29s
"It could be what's going on and such",she say as she shrugged then at some more of her MRE, wishing the rain would at least let up a little bit, looking at her surroundings once again.

She spotted some sprouting flowers and a bunch of mushrooms then looked to her left, seeing nothing much ut more mushrooms and wet grass, not even hearing the birds or insects anymore due to the bad weather "we need to be careful walking, we can slip and break something out here",she says as she coughed some, sneezing a couple times.
Makhluq laughed a little bit. He "Well we are in the rain season so it is hard to say when it will rain and when it will not. You know that we will have to be here for just one more day. Then we will go to main HQ to tell them that all of our bases are gone so if they wish to contact us to use the fire messenger only. We will get the messages from fire and we will return messages the same way that way they cannot be traced." He sighed a little bit. "Do you know what is strange sister. I am talking more then normal." He did not need to say anything else at that.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 47d 22h 36m 45s
Shakes her head as she smiled "its fine",she says as she sniffed the air as she looked around, her hair sticking up in random places, feeling the wind start to die down.

"That didnt last long",she says as she could hear the peeper frogs and the cicadas start to make noise again as she stood up stretching then sat back down, wiping the water from her face and seeped her hair from her eyes, itching the back of her head "I wish the weather would make up its mind",she says as she laughed raspily as she looked over at Makhluq.

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