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Intro for characters
There are two monsters that are very different from all other monsters. One of the monsters is a witch while the other one is a chimera. The witch was raised with two humans that did not have any magic powers at all. They found out what the witch can do when the witch created the chimera by pure chance. In that process of raising the witch they also raised the chimera. The witch and the chimera where taught the basics of hunting other monsters that would harm the balance that was created by the monster and human social environments after years of being at war with one another. The witch and the chimera one day found the ones that raised them up in the air as if being made into sacrifices and they were forced to watch the ones that they consider their parents burn right there and they could not do anything to help the parents. Over the years they have been honing their hunting skills and discovered a few tricks of their own along the way. The only ones that they trust is each other and no other. The chimera has protected the witch from physical harm while the witch has protected the chimera from magical harm. This is why they only trust each other over all others. While they are near human areas the Chimera must hide otherwise created a panic in the masses and have human hunters after them. That is the only drawback with this pair. The witch can go into human areas and get what was needed for when they go hunting for other creatures as well as humans that have broken the laws that where placed down in both human and monster society.

The Rules for Both Human and Monster
No Killing in Neutral Zones – Consequence Death on Sight.

The once great Human society has created a group of beings that destroy creatures of the super natural world. This group has many names, Witch hunters, Slayers, executioners, even Paladins, assassins; but now they go just by Hunters. This group was made to maintain the balance between the supernatural and human world from the shadows as the ages have past humans began to forget about the supernatural world and the hunter society have been forgotten only rumors fly around about it. As time passed there became less and less hunters, but the creatures of the world populated the world at a much faster rate. Because of the lack of human hunters the Hunter society they have opened up their very strict ranks to other creatures. While still discriminated against a few creatures have joined up and have taken up the mantel of Hunter. This is a story of two of those said creatures who watched as their own parents were burned by creatures who rebelled against the Laws put into place to keep the balance maintained.


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She nodded as she held onto his fur as they made their way through the forest, putting her mask back on her face since she realized that there was smoke unknowingly rising from somewhere on the forest, causing it to give the impression of fog.

"The forest is on fire, somebody set the forest on fire",she says as she looked down at Makhluq as as started to see small flames begin to rise from the first floor, the smoke getting thinker as she shielded her eyes from it, putting on some protective eyewear since her eyes were sensitive to smoke.
Makhluq did not think about anything and just simply bolted with her on his his back. He wrapped his tail around Amy gently but did not even give a chance for others to even get close at all. He did not know how long he will run but he will run without a second thought even past the town itself. He did not need any more encouragement at the moment nor did he need to give any. He said calmly to her as he continued to run "Keep yourself on me. Do not even think about getting off or get ready for battle at all."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 18d 18h 36m 43s
She quickly and gracefully climbed on his back as she covered her mouth and nose again from the overpowering smell of the creature, mumbling as she closed her eyes as she waited for Makhluq to began moving again.

"Whatever it is, it's about 200 to 300 foot away from us and it's coming towards us..and fast",she says as she cleared her throat as she looked around one last time, pulling a surgical mask from her bag and put it on her face as she coughed some, feeling the cool, crisp air on her face and neck, pulling her hood up over her head
Makhluq noticed the decaying plants and growled a bit "Get on my back now. I am going to bolt. We do not have anything that will harm a creature that is able to do this. We need to do some research because I do not know what sort of creature it is." He did a slight kneel since he is the size of a wolf large enough to carry an adult. He waited for her but kept his eyes on everything except for the sister but what is behind her. He could feel the creature get closer and could smell it as well.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 22d 15h 58m 13s
She nodded as she sniffed the air as she looked around, heard it go silent which worried her as she continued to walk beside her brother "do you think it's a stinkender Geist?",she asks as she looked at Makhluq, hearing a loud wail of something, making the hairs on her neck and arms stand up, a shiver going down her spine as well.

The smell smelled like a mixture if wet dog, rotting fish, hot garbage and rotting fish mixed into one. She covered her nose and mouth with her shirt as she continued to walk, seeing the decaying trees and what looked like they had been set kn fire in a wildfire.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "That is the same town we where just in not that long ago." He kept to the size of a large wolf while she was still on his back "I will get us withing a mile of the place but no closer." He sniffed the air a bit more and noticed the air itself was filled with something that is not suppose to be in. His noise twitched a bit and growled a bit "I smell something foul in the air sister. Keep watch." He did not need to say anything else at the moment since he knew that the smell was getting worse as if corps starting to decay.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 22d 20h 30m 46s
"That's fine with me, my legs need to exercise anyways",she says as she smiled at Makhluq as she felt the sun in her pale but dirty face as she adjusted the bag on her shoulder then sniffed the sir in order to get a good sense of direction they should be going.

"I think the closest town near us is about 12 miles southwest, past the forest and cave...that way",she says as she pointed to a clear passageway in the middle of the forest, licking her dry lips and looked at Makhluq, listening closely to her surroundings as she coughed some.
Makhluq nodded to this "I think that the creature itself went to sleep till sundown. If we find the creature's next we could get rid of it for good but it has not caused trouble as of yet ether. For now though sis let us just focus on finding a spot to recuperate and try to contact the closest HQ and give them an update on what has happened. After that though well we have to figure out where we are going to put up a base for us that they do not know about at least till we are ready to reveal it." He continued to move without a second thought and then saw the town itself. He started to change his size once more to the size of the cat "You will have to walk the rest of the way sis. I am sorry but I do not need people looking at us till we know for sure if it is a town that can handle something like me or not."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 26d 14h 56m 7s
She adjusted herself as she looked around as she nodded at Makhluq's words "the wraiths should be in hiding or at least dead by now since they dont last in sunlight for long periods of time",she says as she itched her neck, ignoring the pain going through her body.

She felt the warm sun on her blood and dirt covered face, her clothes filthy with a mix of her own blood, wraith blood and dirt, her shirt ripped in certain areas and her jeans also ripped and dirty, wet from the wet grass she slept on and her hair slick with sweat and sticking up in random places.
Makhluq nodded to her when she told him about the town. He did not need to worry about her in sunlight at the moment. He sighed a little bit as she got dress "Well at least things are going to be smooth for a while. I will take you to the town up to the last bit of half mile." He lifted her up gently to make sure that she does not feel pain from him at all. He continued to hold her gently as he started to move to the town slowly at first so she can get use to the motion first. He could feel her moving slightly on his back as he moved.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 28d 15h 8m 35s
She rummaged through her bag once she woken up and sat up, putting her Slipknot shirt on then winced from.the cuts but ignored it as she yawned, stretching. "The twin should be a few miles away from here",she says as she coughed into her hand.

she stood up and rubbed her hair back as she looked around, grabbing the bags and looked at Makhluq "I'll go see if the coast if clear in the surrounding area",she says as she smiled at him, showing her sharpened canines as she heard birds chirping.
Makhluq sighed a little bit as he lessened to her breathing. He continued to sleep without a second thought till sunrise came up. He noticed the sunlight as he opened up his eyes. He started to unwind and shake her up gently. He said to her "Sister it is time to get up. We have to get going to make it to the town before high noon. Come on now." He continued to shake her until she was awake. He noticed the number of slices on her and some of her cloths where torn. He saw some parts that where meant to be covered up at the moment and adverted his eyes so she would not feel embarrassed . He may be a chimera but he was still a male and had certain needs. He would not do that sort of thing with Amy around nor would he do that sort of thing with any type of female ether. He wanted to find a female chimera but he knew that he was one of a kind and would not find any ether his age, size, or even his species at all because he was created by chance.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 30d 13h 42m 32s
She curled into him as she listened to his words, falling back asleep as she wrapped her arm around him as well, snoring lightly as she slept. She woke up around 5 and looked around, making sure that there wasnt any attackers or creatures near them.

She ended up falling back asleep, her body radiating heat like she was running a fever but due to the symbiote in her body, it causes her body to constantly feel hot and sweat. Amy started to mumble in her sleep and twitched some, coughing in her sleep as she jerked again
Makhluq felt Amy shiver and sighed a little bit. He woke up from the shiver and changed his size so he could cover her up and keep her worm. He did just that with his body going around her and he covered her up with a bit of his fur as well. He said calmly to her as he moved around her "Sleep well my sister. I will watch you as yo sleep. I will not let cold harm nor will I let you be harmed by any creature should there be one that brings harm." He covered up with one of his arms gently and fell asleep once more without knowing what was going on.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 30d 14h 33m 52s
She nods as she dug through her bag for her sleeping bag but didnt find it, laying by Makhluq, her clothes and face covered in both blood and dirt but didnt seem to mind it. She laid on her side using her arm as a pillow and curled up falling asleep, snoring lightly shaking from the cold.

She awoke around 3 or 4 am and looked around as she heard a twig snap, growling as she heard Midnight in the back of her head, ignoring him as she yawned some, seeing or sensing nothing as she laid back down, falling back asleep as she shivered some.

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