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Intro for characters
There are two monsters that are very different from all other monsters. One of the monsters is a witch while the other one is a chimera. The witch was raised with two humans that did not have any magic powers at all. They found out what the witch can do when the witch created the chimera by pure chance. In that process of raising the witch they also raised the chimera. The witch and the chimera where taught the basics of hunting other monsters that would harm the balance that was created by the monster and human social environments after years of being at war with one another. The witch and the chimera one day found the ones that raised them up in the air as if being made into sacrifices and they were forced to watch the ones that they consider their parents burn right there and they could not do anything to help the parents. Over the years they have been honing their hunting skills and discovered a few tricks of their own along the way. The only ones that they trust is each other and no other. The chimera has protected the witch from physical harm while the witch has protected the chimera from magical harm. This is why they only trust each other over all others. While they are near human areas the Chimera must hide otherwise created a panic in the masses and have human hunters after them. That is the only drawback with this pair. The witch can go into human areas and get what was needed for when they go hunting for other creatures as well as humans that have broken the laws that where placed down in both human and monster society.

The Rules for Both Human and Monster
No Killing in Neutral Zones – Consequence Death on Sight.

The once great Human society has created a group of beings that destroy creatures of the super natural world. This group has many names, Witch hunters, Slayers, executioners, even Paladins, assassins; but now they go just by Hunters. This group was made to maintain the balance between the supernatural and human world from the shadows as the ages have past humans began to forget about the supernatural world and the hunter society have been forgotten only rumors fly around about it. As time passed there became less and less hunters, but the creatures of the world populated the world at a much faster rate. Because of the lack of human hunters the Hunter society they have opened up their very strict ranks to other creatures. While still discriminated against a few creatures have joined up and have taken up the mantel of Hunter. This is a story of two of those said creatures who watched as their own parents were burned by creatures who rebelled against the Laws put into place to keep the balance maintained.


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"All I smell is death and decay...and I dont think its animals either",she says as she looked around the cabin's porch, seeing wind chimes made of unidentifiable bones, old pieces of decaying furniture laying all over the place and dead and dying potted plants in every corner of the porch.

She readied herself as she kicked the cabin's front door in, covering her nose as swarms of flies and dust erupted from the newly broken door, it hitting the ground with a loud thump noise. She looked around the living room and seen furniture made of bones and seen handcuffs on a radiator in the back of the room, a video camera sitting on the rable.
Makhluq fallowed Amy without saying anything else. His movements where extremely quite as if he was on a hunt and in a way he was. He sniffed the air as soon as he saw the old cabin. He could not tell by smell on what is going on. All he could smell is blood and a lot of it for that matter. He growled a little bit on what he smelled. He asked trying to calm down a little bit before he finds the one that did this "Do you smell Iron, Sour, and a few other things in the air?" He did know that she enhance her senses for hunting as well but he did not let her know that he figured it out a long time ago.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 3d 21h 32m 37s
She nodded and used her psychic magnetism to find th one who killed that poor girl, growling and tried to keep Midnight under control but part of her wanted to tear the person to pieces for doing something like that, putting her communication earpiece in her left ear as she wandered.

She ended up finding a creepy and slightly rundown cabin and looked around, hiding her pistol in the back of her pants as she approached it, the smell of death and decay lingering in the air and out a arm over her nose as she walked up the old and decaying steps, the wood slightly buckling under her weight.
Makhluq smelled blood soon after words and went outside to see what was going on. He sighed a little bit seeing a girl of no more then 6. He noticed her scars as well as a lot of blood. He growled a little bit and rushed to the little girl. He touched her head gently and then noticed the slice in the neck and growled even more. He said in an ice voice "Fine the one that has done this sister. She deserves a proper berriall as well as vengeance." He did not give her any type of argument especially when it comes to this sort of thing.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 5d 1m 31s
"The more bodachs that show up, the more violent the death is",she says as she looked at the woman as she sharpened her knives on an old sharpening stone, stopping when she seen a girl who looked about 6 years old standing in the woods.

The girl's clothes were ripped and bloody, bruising on her face and severe bruising on her head and arms, but the one thing Amy noticed immediately was the huge blood stain on the front of the girl's shirt and what to be a huge slice across the neck. She could make out the girl mouthing something to her but no words came out, since the dead dont speak.
Makhluq nodded to this. He sighed a little bit on what she said right then and there. He cleaned up any mess that there is from the body that he killed. He said calmly "I really hate those things. Please make sure that the wards are up sis. Even though you are the one with the magic. I am the one with the tactics for some reason. I am useful for muscle work and you know it." He really did not want her to figure out that he had hidden schooling to from the two that raised him for tactics as well as knowledge for pretty much everything.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 5d 26m 22s
"At this point I dont think it matters to Midnight if the organs are cooked or raw",she says then looked around, seeing about 20 Bodachs surrounding the area where they were.

She looked ar Makhluq then back at the Bodachs as she started to build the fire the way the marines taught her, humming as she walked then grabbed some fire wood and her flint and steel 'theres 20 Bodachs surrounding the area",she whisperer to Makhluq, since she was the only one that could see them, working so the bodaxhs didnt know that she could see them.
Makhluq sighed a little bit "Sister we have talked about this. We both need to eat properly and you need to heal up as well. Do not complain on what it is. You know for a fact that you need to eat to make sure that both sides are quite as well as heal up." He then did a clean kill with his claw without a second thought. He did not make any type of excuse on what is happening and he knew that Amy knew what was needed. "Please start the fire sis. Unless you wish to have raw kidney, liver, lungs, or a few other things."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 5d 1h 36m 36s
She looked at Makhluq confused then at the female as she rubbed her neck slightly, licking her dry lips as she coughed some "were gonna est her?",she asks Makhluq confused.

She drank from her water bottle then played with her wand humming slightly as she pulled out a book, still on Makhluq's back then snuggled into his fur like it was a blanket, reading Stephen King's IT, her water bottle back in her duffle bag, Midnight eerily quiet in her mind, which made her slightly worry, sneezing a few times.
Makhluq sighed a little bit and opened up the door without stopping really. He then went inside with the female and then sighed a bit. "I am sorry for the inconvenience with you female. We do not need to know our meal's name when we eat them. Though we do give them proper barrels after we are finished down to the bones. We have done this every time we have to eat on another intelligent beings. We do remove one's life before hand though so they do not suffer. That is one thing that both my sister and I have agreed to do. I just have to ask Do you wish to have a clean death or a messy one? Though I suggest a clean one personally." The female nodded to the suggestion of a clean death.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 5d 20h 24m 43s
"I do too, it smells like you put garbage in a microwave with 4 week old eggs and a hint of sulfur and roadkill",she says as she cringed at the image, feeling herself being lifted up on Makhluq's back.

She rubbed a hand through her sweat covered hair then laid down and stared at the sky as she felt the wind on her skin and seen that it was starting to get cloudy, sending that it was about to rain, not minding since she loved the rain or anything cold since her body tended to get easily overheated die to the symbiote in her body
Makhluq said calmly "That I do sis. That is one reason as to why I suggested the screen." He lifted up the female easy enough. "Sorry for this sis but it is time we truly left." He put his other arm around Amy and lifted her up. He did a quick dash to HH as fast as he could with the size that he is. It was just a couple of minutes before they showed up at the place. He sighed a little bit "I really hate that smell sis. It reminds me of the ally and I really do not want to remember that place as of yet."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 5d 20h 59m 38s
"Sure thing",she says as she pulled out her wand and mumbled a few words in Latin as black smoke emitted from the tip of the wand. After she was done, she looked at Makhluq "I'm ready now",she says as she smiled slightly.

She sniffed the air, smelling all the creatures and humans around but smelled something rotten, making a face at the smell, wrinkling her nose "something reeks",she mumbled as she looked at Makhluq, hoping he smelled it too and hope she wasn't going crazy "do you smell that?",she asks Makhluq.
Makhluq chuckled a little bit "Very well sister." He then guided the new one to the exit with them and still had a hand on the females shoulder guiding her gently. After they got outside he sniffed the air and then looked around "Okay sis we are good for now. Come let us get to our Hh before we get going." He started to get to the one place that they knew as Hidden Home. It is the one place that they are able to keep hidden from all eyes even those that keep those eyes on them. He did not need to say anything else for that matter with anybody ether. "Sis if you be so kind to hide all traces that would be nice."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 5d 21h 35m 17s
She looked over at Makhluq as he brought somebody to their table then drank her refikknof her drink, trying to look decent.

She nods to Makhluq as she looked at the person that was 'spying' at them then coughed some, her hair sticking up from the seat and the sauna, her face slightly red and was breathing slightly heavily and raspily "I'm ready to go when you are Makhluq",she says as she smiled at him then looked at the new person, her multicolored eyes bloodshot and had red underneath them, itching her neck.

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