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Intro for characters
There are two monsters that are very different from all other monsters. One of the monsters is a witch while the other one is a chimera. The witch was raised with two humans that did not have any magic powers at all. They found out what the witch can do when the witch created the chimera by pure chance. In that process of raising the witch they also raised the chimera. The witch and the chimera where taught the basics of hunting other monsters that would harm the balance that was created by the monster and human social environments after years of being at war with one another. The witch and the chimera one day found the ones that raised them up in the air as if being made into sacrifices and they were forced to watch the ones that they consider their parents burn right there and they could not do anything to help the parents. Over the years they have been honing their hunting skills and discovered a few tricks of their own along the way. The only ones that they trust is each other and no other. The chimera has protected the witch from physical harm while the witch has protected the chimera from magical harm. This is why they only trust each other over all others. While they are near human areas the Chimera must hide otherwise created a panic in the masses and have human hunters after them. That is the only drawback with this pair. The witch can go into human areas and get what was needed for when they go hunting for other creatures as well as humans that have broken the laws that where placed down in both human and monster society.

The Rules for Both Human and Monster
No Killing in Neutral Zones – Consequence Death on Sight.

The once great Human society has created a group of beings that destroy creatures of the super natural world. This group has many names, Witch hunters, Slayers, executioners, even Paladins, assassins; but now they go just by Hunters. This group was made to maintain the balance between the supernatural and human world from the shadows as the ages have past humans began to forget about the supernatural world and the hunter society have been forgotten only rumors fly around about it. As time passed there became less and less hunters, but the creatures of the world populated the world at a much faster rate. Because of the lack of human hunters the Hunter society they have opened up their very strict ranks to other creatures. While still discriminated against a few creatures have joined up and have taken up the mantel of Hunter. This is a story of two of those said creatures who watched as their own parents were burned by creatures who rebelled against the Laws put into place to keep the balance maintained.


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She watched Makhluq and the creature fight as pain radiated through her body then leaned back as her vision tilted, squeezing her eyes shut as she mumbled something raspily. She grabbed her gun in case anything came after them as she whispered something.

"I..I sense something but I dont think it's a threat m",she says as she looked at Corvus then heard the wind pick up, smelling a mixture of lavender, honeysuckle and soot from the smoke and fire that was ravaging the forest.
Corvus felt the blood soak into her fur as Amy got onto her back. She bolted as soon as the girl was in the right spot. She was out of the woods without a second thought but her thoughts where going back to Makhluq and to the creature that are fighting. She said to Amy "Just keep holding on."

The creature that has taken control of the Makhluq's body was still fighting the creature of claws and teeth that where covered with blood. He didn't give the creature time to even recover from his attacks at all.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 1d 3h 9m 47s
She jolted and seen Corvus then looked over at Makhluq as she nodded, standing up up then climbed unto her back, blood soaking the whole bottom half of her right pants leg and some spots on her shirt from falling and hitting sticks and rocks on the way down.

She looked at the creature then at Makhluq as she laid down, knowing wh as t it was but her mind was so foggy at the moment that she couldnt think or even see straight. Amy grabbed up her bag as she sat up again then coughed into her hand some from the smoke and all the running she did.
Makhluq herd the cry and knew what it was. He growled even more so and increased his pace to where he was going full sprint and saw the creature itself. He felt Corvus was keeping pace with him but his mind went blank to where only his other side took full control. His eyes changed fully once more and the one known as Creature faced the creature that was there and saw the blood on the creature's claws and teeth. He rushed in and did a full body slam against the creature. Creature didn't give the other one time to recover at all. He was on top of the creature within a few seconds and was using everything at his deposial being his tail, claws, and fangs. Corvus noticed that Makluq changed from a gentle being that she come to respect and love to a creature that put her on edge and scare her more then anything else at that moment. She stopped as he went fully brutal on the creature that had blood on it's claws and fangs. She sniffed the air a bit and caught a third scent and knew that it was the same scent that was attached to Makhluq and fallowed that scent till she found the sores of the scent itself and noised the girl gently. She said "Your brother is not right in the mind right now as if he is possess. Get on my back I will take you somewhere safe while Makhluq is brutalizing the creature."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 9d 2h 47m 1s
She was laying behind a log after she caught sight of something that stood 6 foot, maybe more sulking through the forest, keeping her breathing quiet as she listened at where the creature was. The creature was covered in thick and coarse hair that was damp and looked at be covered in moss, its hands having 3 razor sharp claws on each finger, its eyes glowing a deep crimson.

The creature sniffed the air and opened its mouth, showing rows of razor sharp, blood soaked teeth, making a noise that resembles the sound of a baby crying, Amy closing her eyes as she waited for the creature to leave, having a scar that goes from her right eyebrow, down her right eye, curling over her right cheek and stopped at her upper lip.
Makhluq felt Amy get closer at first and then further away. He felt her going to the forest and growled a little bit "We have to get back now." He started to move to the forest once more and wondered what was going to happen if things do not get better. Corvus fallowed him without a second thought at the moment. She knew that she would be safe with both Makhluq and Amy and did not want to leave either. Makhluq could feel Amy getting closer the closer as he got to the forest. He sniffed the air a bit to find Amy and caught her trail real quick. He sighed a little bit as well.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 64d 3h 59m 14s
She ran outside and went towards Makhluq and Corvus as she covered her mouth and nose with her mask, her eyes burning from both the normal fire smoke and the sleep smoke, looking around at all the townspeople as she continued to run.

Unfortunately, she got confused due to all the smoke and ran into the woods again, soon losing her balance and went tumbling done a steep hill, her body hitting the ground, along with some rocks and sticks, soon coming to a stop as a quite large log rolled unto her lower left leg, feeling it snap, her head spinning some from the disorientation and pain
Makhluq was in town with the female behind him and the humans that were at the border screamed in fear and ran away. He called out loud 'Hey sister it is time to go. They started the sleep smoke. Oh by the way sister the female is going by a name she herself have decided on. We will be at the square meat us there." He then headed to the square with the female close behind him. He then said in Corvus's mind "We have just a few minutes before the smoke itself effects us. So we will wait till she gets to where we are at. Now keep your guard up till we are able to leave. She will be riding on my back." Corvus nodded to what he was saying and said calmly to him "At least we are able to stay together for a while longer." He nodded to her and then licked her forehead gently "Okay Corvus at least things will be confusing for a while."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 74d 1h 48m 22s
She was in a building since Midnight h as d warned her about the mist and had her mask on "I hope Makhluq and that female Chimera is okay and that nobody harms them",she says to Midnight as she covered her mouth and nose with her hand.

"They will be fine, you worry way too much",Midnight growled out from the back of her head as she sighed, waiting for her brother and the female to return, her stomach growling again but ignored it as she sat on the ground, curling her knees to her chest, sighing a bit.
Makhluq and Corvus continued to do the mating ceremony till nether one could do anymore and both laid on the grown side by side and just simply stayed there till the first rays of the sun came up. Makhluq looked at the sky and then sniffed the air once more. He growled a little bit and Corvus was on her feet quickly. Her fur was strait out and he started to move slowly and she fallowed easy enough. He said "Something is off. It is in the air. Sniff the air and you will be able to tell as well." She nodded to this and sniffed the air herself. She was surprised on the scent alone and wondered what it was. She asked "What is that smell?" He smiled gently at her as he continued to move "That there is a fire smoke that has thinned. Within that smoke though it a specific type of sleep drug that starts once one breaths it in. Now we need to get into the town and get my sister out of there."
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 75d 23h 24m 30s
She decided to wander around some more then heard a strange noise, making her turn her head toward the noise but found nothing around her. She grabbed her hidden wand in her pocket as she continued the walk, mumbling to herself as she heard whispers and mumbling around her.

"Keep your ears and eyes open, I sense something is off about some of these people",Midnight says in the back of her head as she nods some, putting her hood back up as she walked, her ears buzzing and felt that it started to sprinkle some but the rain didnt bother her.
Makhluq continued to wait for the female to figure out a name on what she desires to be called. He sat down easy enough and just waited. The female continued to think for a while longer before she figured it out. She said to him "How about Corvus? For some reason that is one word that cannot leave my mind. I do not know what that mean." Makhluq was surprised on that and said "It happens to be Latin and it means Raven. I think that name would be good for you." He smiled some more and licked her wolf like face gently "That gives you a pass on the final test now then. Let us start shall we." The female smiled and licked back quickly "That is what I desire." She licked a few more times before getting into a specific position and Makhluq started to process of mating.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 76d 23h 50m 21s
She was walking around thrown and had her hood up to prevent anybody staring at her as she walked, lisyening to her surrundings in case the townspeople had any Ill intent much like the last town had. She could feel the stares and hear the whispers around her.

She winced as she felt the wounds on her arm and leg being rubbed against her blue jeans and hoodie, trying to ignore the raw feeling her skin had as she drank some of her water from the canteen she had around her shoulder, feeling people walking past her.
Makhluq continued to teach the female the basics of what is considered common. Each time the female got something right he could compliment her job as well as give her a different type of reward. He could teach her only so much before the basics are truly over. He touched her wolf like face gently with one of his claw hands and then licked her forehead gently. He said out loud to the female "You have learned all that I am able to teach. It is time for you to speak out with me first. Then to my sister. Only after she is back from healing her wounds. After that we are going to a town that both my sister and I know. Just so you know my sister is the one that created me when she was no more then 5 or 6 years old. We have bean together ever since I was created. There were a few times that she and I have not worked with each other but those where specific jobs in the first place." He then licked her gently "Come now tell me what is going on with your mind?" The female had a somewhat blush on her face "I am just wondering if you would be willing to mate with me once more." Makhluq chuckled a little bit "That I can do however that is after you have passed the final test." The female nodded to this she then looked a bit confused "What is the final test?" Makhluq smiled a little bit "What name do you want?" The female was suddenly more confused then before and asked "What do you mean by name?" Makhluq smiled gently "I mean what do you want me and my sister to call you. The name that you pick shall be your name for all time." The female was less confused now and wondered what she would say. She said calmly "I will need time to think this over" Makhluq nodded to this and said calmly "Take as much time as you need to think it over but as I said before I will mate with you as soon as you figure out a name that will benefit you.
  Makhluq / Black_Storm_Prince / 82d 3h 34m 35s
She nodded as she watched Makhluq and the female take off then walked around the town, finding a place to stay, walking up the stairs and to her room opening the door and set her stuff down, sighing as she rubbed her arm and leg, looking around.

She heard Midnight in her head saying something about being hungry as she stood up, looking around for a place to eat as she kept her guard up and hid both her katana and wand on her body as she winced from the now infected wounds on both her left lower arm and right lower leg.

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