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Princess Ember didn’t remember the male but she was sure that she had met him before. He was allowed into the palace so she figured her father knew of this doctor. As he spoke the young woman just listened. She knew it wasn’t a time to space out, she had to take what he was saying about her champion seriously. [i [#f15f79 I don’t like what I’m hearing. It seems as if Tristan’s strength comes with a price...]] She thought with her arms crossed. Now she definitely couldn’t help but worry about her champion. There’s was nothing anyone could really do to help him.

When the tall male finished speaking she glanced at his notepad and then back up at his face. [#f15f79 “I understand...thank you for explaining it all to me. I guess I should keep from letting him know. I just don’t want him to shorten his life anymore than he has to. No more mock battles like the one with sir Andrew.”] She said seriously. She didn’t want Tristan to waste his life on stupid battles like the one he had with Andrew. [#f15f79 “You will be keeping in contact right? Checking up on Tristan from time to time?”] She asked. She would feel much better if he did.

As her eyes focused on Tristan she wanted to go inside and speak with him. She bows her head a bit. [#f15f79 “Thank you again Sir Maximum.”] She excused herself and opens the door to Tristan’s room. With a soft smile she walks over to him. [#f15f79 “Hello. How are you feeling?”] Ember sits down on a chair in the room and keeps her eyes on him. [#f15f79 “I’m glad you’re finally awake. You look like you’re doing well.”]
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[center [h3 Maximum's Report]]

[center [b Maximum had been scribbling in his notebook before the princess made her presence known. He jumped slightly with a light smile as he adjusted his glasses with a small smile. She had questioned why he was observing Tristan so closely.]]

[center [+teal My majesty a pleasure I'm sure you don't remember me. I am Maximum Chevalier head of the Chevalier clan. We run R&D and other institutional services. I've taken in interest in this boy his body has taken in a massive amount of Seether throughout his life. The energy we refer to as "Mana" he has been hit with countless spells of all kinds of varieties it would seem. Most mages learn to avoid being hit by such things in the first place. Or die when overwhelmed but little by little he had gradually built a certain resistance to Seether. He's by no means immune to the force of magic but his immune system has built some shape of defense and learned to recover more quickly from it. That mixed with his conditioned body and microfractured bones and increased density paired with a tenacious stubborn attitude? Well he's back on his feet I should recommend he take it easy but I feel the boy won't listen. I'd advice you don't share this report with him by the way, as to why? Well it's not all good news the over exposure of Seether to a body lacking it? His body is an empty vessal with no Seether to call it's own. It's helped better to build a resistance to treat it as an outside force an invader. However the repeated exposure has already shortened his lifespan. He'll live till his 40's and with the right treatment? Maybe 50's if he's lucky. Further exposure won't shorten his lifespan anymore due to the resistance he has already built so his job won't doom him at least. Well I figured as mistress to this champion you should know yes? Well feel free to withdraw him from here whenever you wish. I should also advice that supportive and healing magic will be less effective on him as well. Due to his body's Resistance to Seether and body treating it as an invasion. That being said we managed to treat him back to full health. Though it's grave news to be sure if it wasn't for that defect Andrew's magic would have killed him no doubt. Speaking of Andrew he actually came and checked in on the boy. So did Arthur for that matter.]]

[center [b The scholar had pointed at the door with another reassuring smile despite the news he had just given her.]]

[center [+teal Feel free to greet him I'm sure he will appreciate the company. He is your champion after all, he's an interesting specimen. I believe I'm starting to possibly understand why maybe you took an interest into the young man.]]
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Ember was very nervous about Tristan. She hasn’t seen him in four days and she wasn’t even sure if he was going to be ok. [i [#f15f79 I’m glad I finally see him. I don’t see why they kept me away for so long. He’s my champion.]] She thought as she made her way down a flight of stairs. The beautiful princess held the skirt of her dress up a bit as she made her way down. She didn’t want to trip and fall.

Once she came to the door that she knew Tristan was in she noticed a white haired male standing in front of a large window that was by the door Tristan was behind. [i [#f15f79 I believe I know him...Doctor Maximum.]] She thought and slowly approaches him. [#f15f79 “Good morning doctor.”] She said and smiles at the tall older male. [#f15f79 “Is there a reason why you’re watching my champion as if he was a test subject?”] She was really curious as to why he was even here. She didn’t know that he was the doctor assigned to Tristan.

Her beautiful golden violet eyes stared at Tristan through the window. It was clear to her that he couldn’t see them. [i [#f15f79 He looks much better...I’m sorry Tristan.]] She thought
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[center [h3 Battle's End]]

[center [b Andrew had smiled lightly with a nod. Grateful the princess hadn't completely hated him for his actions. Taking the two away Arthur stood beside the princess.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center They did pretty good huh? Tristan's made of stronger stuff than I expected.]]]

[center [b Arthur had his usual grin across his face.]]

[center [h3 Recovery]]

[center [b A few days had passed, Andrew was allowed out the very next day. However Tristan was held for three days. Ember was finally called to come and see him. He was in the infirmary in the royal castle behind room 4. There was a doctor in front of his door scribbling into his notebook. It seemed he was making sure only those allowed came and visited the boy.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Maximum was one of Tristania's top researchers on the subject of magic and Seether though he took his studies broad. Though seeing him treat a patient alone? Was rare, he didn't major in medical science so why was it him here? It was strange to say the least.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Tristan could be seen through the glass window removing his bandages. Though he couldn't see Maximum on his side of the glass.]]
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Princess Ember watched most of the fight through her hands. She couldn’t help but look away from the two men that did their best to defeat the other. It was painful for her to watch as Tristan took powerful hits from a fire mage. She just knew if he didn’t die he would need some serious medical help.

As time went on it seemed as if Tristan was finding strength within himself again. He had some energy left and that made Ember feel as if there was hope that Tristan could come out of this as the winner. The young woman sat back down in her seat as she watched her champion dodge different fire attacks. [i [#f15f79 He’s forte have a plan. He has to know what his next move is. There’s no one he can get out of this without one. Come on Tristan...I know you can win this.]] She thought.

The intensity of the battle increased within seconds. [#f15f79 “He’s...not going to make it.”] She mutters to herself as the final blow was thrown on each side. The whole audience was quiet. No one could believe what had just happened. He name of the winner left everyone speechless. Even princess Ember was dumbfounded for moment. [#f15f79 “ goodness! He did it! He won!”] She stands up clapping and cheering for Tristan and soon the whole audience was cheering for him.

Princes Ember rushes down to the arena to check on her champion. As she did so she heard Andrew’s voice. [#f15f79 “I appreciate your concern for me Andrew. I admire that. Please do trust me more though.”] She said softly and smiles. [#f15f79 “You did extremely well out there. I’m amazed at your abilities. Please stay for a few days, rest up and enjoy be catered to. You deserve it.”] Ember said as Tristan was taken to the infirmary to be treated. She gently takes ahold of Andrew’s hand before letting it go that that he can be taken as well. Of course Ember made her way to the room Tristan was in.
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[center [h3 I May Fall]]

[center [youtube]]

[tangerine [size30 [center That blade? That's the Firestar sword though it's been modified for Andrew it appears. He's always had a surplus amount of his magical power. That sword? Drains and controls mana so it doesn't spiral out of control. This way his flames don't go out of control and hurt others. If they weren't fighting in a ring? I'd say Tristan would possibly be having a harder time.]]]

[center [b The princess had seemed to relate with Andrew as a mage anyhow. Arthur had smiled softly it wasn't long after she asked how that spell hadn't destroyed Tristan.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hmm.. I'm not exactly a scholar on magic honestly. Funny coming from a champion huh? I'm not entirely sure. I think the spell involved a spirit.. So Andrew's formed a contract huh? From what Andrew and Tristan are saying? I'd guess the spell has a spirit judge the opponent. It seems it deemed Tristan worthy? I don't remember Andrew having that trick though honestly.]]]

[center [b As the talk went on Ember had blushed stating "He can't like me." Arthur laughed patting her on the back rather suddenly. The boy had a hearty laugh as he patted her back rather hard.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What's not too like? I mean you are hot after all! Get it? Ehh? Haha, terrible puns aside? I don't really know I'm surprised. The Firestars have always been against the royal family. So I'm just as shocked as you.]]]

[center [b Arthur had thought to himself. So the rumors were true? Andrew Firestar had supported the princess's future Ascension despite his father being against her. Andrew truly believed he was fighting to protect her. That she was indeed worthy of being his leader. Arthur understood how Andrew felt but also he felt Andrew may have been going about it the wrong way.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh your father's not so bad! Though a child with powerful mages with parents? Would produce a strong heir. I don't think he'd want you to marry royalty or a noble for politics. I know a part of him wants you to be happy but he's also a realistic who loves his kingdom deeply. He's afraid if the heir is too weak they won't be able to protect the kingdom. Reminds me of a story actually.. A story of an old heir I once read about in Tristania. Though now's probably not the time for me to go all old grandpa on you huh? "Back in my day!"]]]

[center [b Arthur laughed he was around Ember's age but it was just attempt at lightening the mood. Arthur had than paid attention to the fight and seemed Ember was cheering on Tristan.]]

[center [b Tristan had slowed down for a moment carefully waiting in stance. He seemed.. Lost in thought? Arthur wondered. What was Tristan thinking about? Had her cheering really gotten through to him? Arthur didn't know the lad but he seemed mule headed.]]

[center [h3 Final Round]]

[center [b Andrew looked up at the princess and she had offered him a wave and a smile. Andrew had blushed lightly shaking his head before looking forward to his opponent. He was rather.. Flattered though he wouldn't admit it. Though to see her cheer for Tristan right afterwards? Showed that she still disagreed with Andrew about this. It left him conflicted but he was resolved to win this fight.]]

[center [b Andrew had came in throwing a flurry of strikes landing contact with Tristan. As the Tristan's brain began racing focused back onto the fight. "Okay fine he's faster than me these strikes aren't by themselves at least... Life threatening. What was it he said about Mana skin? Dialing back power to increase speed? Tristan felt his body heating up and here he was full of steam again like before. Andrew had spun around the air to kick over Tristan's head. Blood spewed from his mouth and the back of his head. Tristan had gripped his fist as Andrew came down with another punch. Tristan had moved his head away just in time grabbing Andrew's burning wrist and throwing him back. "I can't keep up physically but Arthur did tell me he was young and brash. His attacks were fast and hurt like hell but they weren't flexible and they were always direct. If I could predict his movements and move ahead of time maybe?" Andrew was in midair after the failed strike Tristan grabbed his burning wrist throwing him on the ground. Andrew scrambled back up a bit dizzy to throw a flurry of rushed strikes. Tristan had taken a beating but he observed his fighting style. "Left.. Right never striking twice with the same fist. When he gets frustrated he'll go for a... Kick! That face yes." Tristan saw Andrews face contort in anger as he jumped up for a kick. "Do I punch through? No I let himself burn out." Tristan stayed on the defensive taking a few hits here and there he managed to stay clear of his flames for the most part. Each hit hurt like hell leaving a searing flame now his body even had 3rd degree burns and it was only getting worse. He could die if he kept this up but that wasn't his concern. Least it wasn't till.. "Damn it I can't die I have someone back home.. Counting on me. The reason I got this job." Tristan was running tired and Andrew was growing hot tempered causing his mana to rush outward his body. Though it was consumed by the sword he was wielding. Andrew had sighed it was why he got the sword to keep himself in check. In terms of raw mana pools and nothing else? Andrew had compared to even royalty. Tristan decided this moment of control that Andrew had lost was the time for a finishing strike. Tristan had stepped his right forward foot going for a heavy left kick which Andrew blocked with his flames and Tristan cried out in pain pushing his leg till it couldn't move. Charred and black he put his leg down before going for a quick left hook holding a sturdy stance he put everything he had into that punch. Aiming for the left side of Andrew's body as his flames converged from the right side to protect him. The steel had been blown away and Tristan's arm charred and limp. Tristan had spun to Andrew's left avoiding his counter punch aiming at the same place now with his right fist. The flames had flickered only for a moment and the punch had made solid contact. Andrew went for a headbutt in which Tristan returned the favor his face taking burning wounds. He went with a right haymaker putting his back into it. Punching as far as he could the flames had simply pushed him away charring his right arm and leaving it limp. Andrew had opened his mouth ready to gloat about his victory before Tristan jumped up on his right leg. This time quickly kicking at Andrew's right side of his body where he neglected his defense. Tristan focused three limbs in the same place to raise Andrew's guard. He was convincing Andrew he was just as direct a fighter. The right kick landed across Andrews face. Tristan landed on his feet flinching in pain over his left leg he stood solely on that leg. Going for a final right kick as Andrew went to block with his Fire Cloak. Tristan had screamed out in pain pushing through the steam and heat kicking Andrew's stomach he cried out for one more blow. This time another headbutt as he screamed as Andrew held his stomach from the kick. Tristan's right leg was almost as limp as his left and he struggled even standing but he put everything he had. Everything he had to smash his head into Andrews knocking the mage right over and knocked cold as his flames began to flicker. The crowd went from cheering to complete shock. The commoners started cheering again as the nobles laid shock. Arthur was cheering along with the commoners and the king? He was shocked, the ref had came in to do his countdown but Andrew wasn't getting back up.]]

[center [i Our winner is... Tristan Spedera! From here on he will be our newest and latest champion!]]

[center [b Tristan had chuckled until he bursted out coughing and wheezing. He had fallen over on the arena. The ref had checked Tristan out seeing how severe the wounds were. 4th and 5th degree burns covered the boy all over. Possibly even internal bleeding even with top tier healers he might not make it. Andrew on the other hand was in much less serious condition.]]

[center [+red Damn it... Body move.... That was 4... 5 hits maybe total... Why can't I just... Move..? How the hell was he able.. To just keep fighting like that?]]

[center [b Andrew had coughed smiling softly looking to Tristan than the princess. "He'll live someone who beat me can't die that easily. I knew you were a good leader Prince-- Ember. When I couldn't control my magic growing up and burned my estate... I remember you.. Yet here I doubted your decision. I know you never met me but by not blaming those who couldn't control magical power you had stood up for my case. Despite never meeting the child I was. That's why... I should have trusted your choice instead of fearing for your life.]]
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Hearing and seeing that Tristan wasn’t going to back down from the challenge that Andrew proposed to him Princess Ember takes a small step back and sighs softly. [#f15f79 [i There’s no way to change his mind. I can see that look of determination on his face. Tristan...I sure hope you know exactly what you are doing.]] She thought and left the room with Arthur. Of course Ember had a front row seat to the due That was going to take place. She sat next to Arthur and trembled slightly.

There was no doubt in her mind that Andrew would kill Tristan if he got the chance and that was something Ember didn’t want to happen. [i [#f15f79 He has to have something up his sleeve right? Something...]] As the fighters began to take their place in the arena Ember sat tall and her expression was quite serious. This wasn’t a joking matter, this was a moment where she knew she needed to step up and be the princess that she is supposed to her father’s eyes at least.

As the battle began Princess Ember did her best not to flinch, cover eyes, or look away. Each burn that seared Tristan’s skin caused her own skin to tingle. She knew just how dangerous fire could be. Besides being worried about Tristan she couldn’t help but watch as Andrew did his best to cast his spells and control his fire. She had to admit that she admired his skills even know she knew that it was difficult for him because of what Arthur has said. [i [#f15f79 I can’t really control mine either. I get it but his more of a weapon to control...mine comes from within my body. It’s harder to learn the power you were naturally born with.]]

Minutes go by and after the first ten Ember was having a hard time staying in her seat. What was she to do if Tristan couldn’t fight anymore? Should she step in and stop the match? For some reason she felt as of Tristan wouldn’t like it very much if she did intervene to save him.

As the large Phoenix appeared Princess Ember sucked in a breath and held it. She couldn’t breathe. This was it for Tristan. She squeezed her knees tightly fighting the urge to call the whole thing off but before she could the bird didn’t destroy Tristan like she thought. [#f15f79 “What the...Arthur what happened?”] She asked curiously. Tristan and Andrew began to bicker and it made Ember blush a bit by the fact that Tristan was teasing Andrew about having a crush on her. [#f15f79 “He can’t possibly like me...can he?”] she looks at Arthur. [#f15f79 “I hope not...father would be proud of that if we had been an item but too bad I don’t live to please my father.”] She chuckles softly and crosses her arms. Hearing that Andrew admired her even though most advisors don’t she smiles and gives him a cute small wave letting him know she acknowledged him.

As the fight began again things got even more tense. It seemed as if Tristan was running out power and energy. Ember tapped her foot nervous and watched as Tristan tried to move but couldn’t. His passion, his drive, his strength and his sheer confidence really touched Princess Ember. She stands up. [#f15f79 “Come on Tristan! I know you can do it. Move already! Finish this already! You’re stronger than this! YOU CAN DO THIS!]] She shouts trying her best to encourage to keep fighting.
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[center [h3 Stray Dog VS Purebreed]]

[center [b When the princess had commented how casually Andrew had approached. He knelled to apologize to the princess. Unlike the other nobles? Andrew respected her deeply he had. In fact he didn't hate the peasants not truly. He just knew they were weak and one couldn't be expected to be a champion. In his own way? Knocking Tristan out of the way was his way of serving the crown? Besides he was more suited to her champion wasn't he not? Besides.. The tattoo's on Tristan's arms? Andrew had noticed them. He knew something was off.. He may not hate peasants but Tristan? He felt Tristan was using the princess.]]

[center [+red I'm sorry princess.. But I must do this.]]

[center [b Back in Tristan's prep room the princess had came to visit him. He blinked surprised to see someone was worried about his well being.]]

[center [+darkred Heh, so your saying I can just take the easy way out? I can just take the title and I don't gotta prove nothing? Hmm.. Tempting and it's not like I got anything to prove to Andrew or anyone here. Except.. I've something to prove to myself. Besides your the one hiring me right? This is your chance to see if I'm fit for the job huh?]]

[center [b Tristan had finally offered her a small chuckle. Maybe it was the pre fight jitters but he'd caught himself letting his guard down slightly. Before he could go she asked him his choice of weapons and attire.]]

[center [+darkred A weapon? I don't know how to use a sword or any of the weapons knights use. All I know how to use? Are my own two fist it's all I've been able to rely on. As for armor? I've never fought in armor before. It'd slow me down I don't know the proper way to move and fight,even wearing light leather armor. Sorry this stray dog doesn't know any better tricks. Well..]]

[center [b Tristan went back to the armory to take a set of steel gauntlets. Arthur had walked into the room and it was clear he had been listening for a moment.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Decided to grab some armor after all?]]]

[center [+darkred These? They aren't for defending.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Haha, be careful Tristan he's considered the most powerful fire mage in the kingdom. I'll give you two tips though. He's a terrible swordsman and has rather poor control of his magic. His enchanted sword? That armor? Doesn't enhance his magic. It only helps him keep it in control. It limits and holds back his power. Careful though.. Like Ember here? He has plenty of raw magical energy. He also has studied a lot of combat magic.]]]

[center [+darkred ..Thanks.]]

[center [b Tristan opened the door before heading off to face his opponent.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [h3 Into The Ring]]

[center [b Tristan was brought into the ring from a rising floor underground. Taking a deep breath his hands were shaking. Was he scared? Or was he excited? "Ha.. Probably both honestly" taking a deep breath he managed to calm down his body. Heading into the ring the ref had looked at the two. Whistle in hand as he began to start the countdown. "No rules or breakdown?"]]

[center [i Ready..Set... Fight!]]

[center [b The crowd had roared and Tristan bolted rushing Andrew. He had runes over his blade and a scarf. The blade was blunt and looked poorly made for martial combat. It was made solely for his magic wasn't it? Arthur was right, but was it really just for honing magic?]]

[center [+darkred Can't cast if you don't have time to chant!]]

[center [+red Fast Fire!]]

[center [b A high level spell that usually gives up power for quicker casting. Andrew brandished his blade in flames blowing searing flames against Tristan. Tristan had kept sprinting his eyes widened a bit. "I've never seen a mage cast instantly like that" Tristan didn't miss a bit sliding under the flames flipping back upward and kicking Andrew over the head. All his physical training and conditioning it came down to this. Even the steel gauntlets hadn't slowed him down.. Too much. Andrew dazed and bleeding had called out again.]]

[center [+red Dancing Flames!]]

[center [b Tristan landed and began to throw a flurry of punches. Which flames had covered Andrew like an armor. It took control of Andrew's body having him flow with the punches. Dancing gracefully around Tristan and with no physical effort. Andrew had trained and practiced his mana and his casting several hours a day. Now here was the result and the flames were causing Tristan to sweat heavily.]]

[center [+red Fire Claw!]]

[center [b "Really? Do they gotta scream every spell they use? Is that just a mage thing?" Andrew had begun to strike back. Tristan focused on defense and the flames were scrapping the man. Despite dodging the brunt of the strikes each time he barely dodged it was leaving vicious second degree burns. After a flurry of strikes Andrew had flipped back kicking Tristan in the stomach leaving a deeper searing wound than the rest sending him back Andrew charged for the final strike. Andrew had slipped up barely managing to miss. Was Tristan that lucky? No Andrew was bleeding and seemed somewhat dazed. That one kick? Hurt him that bad? He probably doesn't take serious blows often. "With power like that... I hate to admit it but he probably wins his fights a lot easier than I do. Just one get hit is all I need." Tristan was gonna push through the flames and finish it in one punch no matter how badly it hurt. The flames however shot out of control sending Tristan flying back across the ring as he fell to his knee's panting hot air. His lungs were scorching hot and steam was escaping the mans body. Arthur had taken a seat beside Ember in the audience.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Tristan is strong, a fine warrior. Were Andrew a regular noble he'd win no doubt. Hmm.. it's still anyones game though!]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Tristan was panting and trembling as Andrew began to chant. "Those strikes... I always figured mages were weak in close quarters. Magic can really do.. A lot more than I.. No Tristan don't focus on it. Not here not now."]]

[center [+red O, sacred phoenix I beg of thee to bestow thy pyre to my humble vessal. May your divine flames burn away the injustice of this world. As it once has for many hero's past. I beseech you to shower me in thy warm embrace!]]

[center [b "Now he's chanting it's my time to rush him... Ugh.. My body feels overheated. Numb and burning I can't.. Damn it Tristan move you have to move! Andrew had managed to summon a giant flaming bird behind him. "Tristan you can't let that hit you do something come on!" Before he knew it Andrew had launched the spell his way.]]

[center [+red Go forth my divine flames of justice!]]

[center [b The bird soared through the arena and Tristan had raised his arms to protect himself. The massive bird flying through the man.]]

[center [+pink ..You have been judged and you have been deemed... Worthy.]]

[center [b What was that voice? Was that.. The bird? He felt his body feeling a feel scratches and a bit of a burn but nothing as bad as it should have been. Tristan was still standing back on his feet the relief hit him as he laughed. He felt a bit of a second wind as his lungs began to finally cool down.]]

[center [+red How!? That tattoo... You are part of the Black Dragons right? You are evil! That flame purges sin it-]]

[center [+darkred Was.. Was part of the Black Dragons I'm surprised you know the symbol. Only fallen nobles or desperate commoners know that sign.]]

[center [+red How did she judge you as...]]

[center [+darkred For what it's worth? I didn't get out scratch free so guess I'm no saint. Than again? I already knew that as for that big bird? Maybe it's as crazy as your princess?]]

[center [+red Take that back! I know she's reckless... And people say she's crazy but she's... She's my princess! I won't let you speak of her that way!]]

[center [+darkred Aww, let me guess first crush?]]

[center [+red Not that a stray mutt would understand a nobles code of honor. The word is admiration I know the advisers go against her often but I will not. She will be the one who leads our people one day and I will not trust... Trust her with someone like you! Not only a peasant but one who wears that mark! I refuse! Mana Skin dial back power and increase speed. I'll stop that from happening so why are you even here huh?]]

[center [+darkred I'm here to kick your ass so get over here!]]

[center [b Andrew's flames had flickered but were still going fairly strong. Most mages would be running on fumes when it came to mana. He was tougher than any mage before. Andrew dashed forth with the speed of a mountain lion. Tristan's battle hardened reflexes his eyes were able to keep up with Andrew's movements but his body... Just couldn't. "Is that it? All my training? All my hard work? I can't... React. He's coming across the ring and yet. It's too fast... Is this all a normal person can do? Is this the limit of a human being? Ugh damn it Tristan you haven't thought that since... Just FOCUS!]]

[center [b Tristan was shaking but he stood his ground. He thought of Andrew's words his ideals and convictions. Tristan didn't care about clashing ideals he just... He wanted to prove he could stand up to anyone. Even to a monster like this that with enough hard work you can... He wanted to see how far his fist would take him. He hated that for the first time in a long time? He was scared of a mage. He thought he had their weakness's down. They all had to chant they were all weak in close quarters combat that's what he told himself. Yet Andrew was a beast in close quarters and he could cast quicker spells in exchange for raw power. They'd run out of mana? Apparently you can train that like commoners train stamina. Some are born with more magic than others.. Some are born with more powe-]]

[center [b "No! I'd rather die in the ring than let myself live my life scared of mages. So these fist of mine I ask one more. How far can you take me?"]]
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As Andrew approached Ember kept her eyes on him. She knew him quite well. He was a well known warrior with amazing sword skills and powerful fire magic. There times she had wanted ask him how he was even able to control such an element since she knew fire was also her magic but she knew that everyone was different. The way that they trained might not work for others. Also the different levels of fire magic play a big role in it as well. [i [#f15f79 I’m sure he is inferno.]] She thought as she kept her eyes on him.

Of course princess Ember thought he was going to congratulate her or Tristan but of course the noble Firestar just had to be a smug asshole. [#f15f79 “How casually you approach.”] She said simply knowing that it was rude for him to talk to her so easily. She didn’t mention anything else about it though. [#f15f79 “This is not a joke. Tristan is my choice. There’s no trickery behind it Andrew.”]

Things got heated quickly as Andrew and Tristan go at it. Andrew being conceited as ever and Tristan being stubborn and determined as ever. Ember couldn’t help but sigh. This was not what she wanted. She was worried about the duel. Could Tristan really beat Andrew or will he just be killed in the fight. There was no talking Tristan out of this. He was so fired up but that’s what Ember loved about him. It was a good and bad thing.

[#f15f79 “Listen Tristan you don’t have to do this. Just hear me out please...he’s really powerful. You don’t have to prove anything to him. You’re my Champion.”] Ember said full of worry once they were in a separate room. [#f15f79 “And why aren’t you putting on some armor and taking a few weapons? You should at least wear some type of protective gear.”]
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[center [h3 Stray Champion Announced]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The curtains had been moved and Tristan was there on the spotlight. The nobles were discussing among themselves. It appeared Tristan was cleaner but for the outfit? He refused to change rather adamantly.]]

[center Who are you? I haven't seen you at the castle.]

[center [+blue A mage from another kingdom?]]

[center I sure hope not!]

[center [b Tristan couldn't help but grin before taking center stage. He seemed rather snide. He couldn't stand these types. Pompous nobles and mages? Nothing ticked him off more. He wasn't eager about the gig but.. At the same time? Well..]]

[center [+darkbrown I'm afraid your newest champion is just a lowly peasant!]]

[center [+blue What? A denounced noble? Fallen mages cannot-]]

[center [+darkbrown I'm afraid I'm not a mage.]]

[center [+blue What in the..]]

[center Not a mage?! How do you expect a him to protect her?! Peasants can't fight.]]

[center [b Simon had crossed his arms in the stands raising an eyebrow. It was hard to tell what was going on in his mind but the nobles and even the royals? Were an a uproar and Arthur couldn't help but laugh in the background.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Haha! I knew they'd react like that. This guy though? He seems to be enjoying frustrating them. That is hilarious I'm not gonna lie. I probably shouldn't say that as a knight huh? Awe well~]]]

[center [b It was than one noble stood to the fray. The heir of the Firestar clan. Andrew Firestar he looked to the princess and gave a polite bow.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He than looked back to Tristan with a scowl on his face and an arrogant smile.]]

[center [+red This a playful jest right princess? Or is this man somehow blackmailing you? I understand the job pays well but.. You aren't cut out for this job.]]

[center [+darkbrown Why? Cause I wasn't born with status or money?]]

[center [+red No, cause you were born lacking power. You can't be expected to protect the princess when you can't even protect yourself.]]

[center [b Tristan gripped his fist and grabbed Andrew's shirt. This Noble was different than the others. He didn't care about Trisan's status but rather.. Cared about... Damn him. Tristan gritted his teeth as Andrew offered a smirk.]]

[center [+red How about this? You and me will have a duel. If you win? We the Firestars will support this choice and keep the other nobles in check. Course.. You don't have to accept the princess does have the last call. I'd understand if you'd run-]]

[center [b Tristan let go and chuckled softly before cracking his knuckles together.]]

[center [+darkbrown Fine you've got a deal. I understand if I lose you'll wish me gone right? You better not go back on your word.]]

[center [+red Ha, of that you can be sure Tristan.]]

[center [b Tristan and Andrew had been escorted from the premise and the nobles? Couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. More than willing to set up the arena from underground the stadium with Earth magic. Tristan was offered weapons and armors but.. It'd seem he didn't want any. He was allowed visitors before the match but Tristan sat in the room gripping his fist. Why was he so eager? Maybe he just wanted to wipe that smug look off of Andrew's face.]]
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Ember was freaking out a bit back stage. She had no idea what she was supposed to say. [i [#f15f79 Do I just tell them I have my champion and introduce Tristan? Yeah I guess...I mean...ugh...]] She thought laced back and forth. She didn’t really remember what most people talk about on days like this. Usually it’s about introducing their champion but since she was a princess she needed to do more than his that.

The last thing she wanted to do was disappoint her father. Not after that talk he gave her. Tears began to fill her eyes but when she felt Arthur’s hand on her should she quickly blinks then away. She looks up at the male and pouts. [#f15f79 “Arthur...”] She whined knowing he couldn’t really help her. This was all on her and she needed to show that she was a proper princess. When it was time for her to walk into the stage she pauses for moment.

Ember takes a deep breath and slowly makes her way into the stage. She smiles and waves at those that wave at her. There were many people out before her and she could just feel herself start to sweat. She looked around and noticed her father in his throne. His stern look made her tense up. [#f15f79 [i Relax...He always looks like that. He could be happy right now.]] She thought. She gently placed her hand on the mike. [#f15f79 “Hello everyone. Thank you so much for coming out today.”] she paused for a moment to allow everyone to clap and cheer. [#f15f79 “Today is quite a special day for all of us. Especially me. I have come across a young man today who I have chosen to be my Champion. He’s courageous and strong, his heart is kind. I know he will not disappoint me. Please welcome my champion Tristan.”] She said and offered her hand towards him.
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[center [h3 "Grand Speech"]]

[center [b After the king had left the princess was able to prepare as needed. Her servants of course helped push her backstage behind the stadium. Tristan was there he was to wait to appear after she made the announcement it seemed. Arthur was surprisingly handling the audience at that moment. Though he was taking things a bit more seriously he still had his cheery smile plastered across his face. If not at least a bit more professional.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center So now.. I give you... The princess and her announcement of the next champion!!]]]

[center [b The Nobles had offered quiet clapping or opting to say nothing at all. The Royals? It was a mix of cheering and gentle waves. The peasants? Had a bit of a split but more were cheering than not that was for sure. Simon had loved the common man and in doing so with his actions and words? Protecting them? The Royal family was beloved among the peasants even if the Nobles disliked those who couldn't wield magic. Not all Royals shared Simon's beliefs but more had than not.]]

[center [b Now it was her time to come and share the news. Arthur had headed back stage placing a hand on her shoulder with a light chuckle.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Knock em dead out there all right?]]]

[center [b He grinned brightly before letting her go and take center stage. Today was her big moment after all.]]
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Ember was really surprised when her father entered her room. She figured she was going to get scolded and she wasn’t looking forward to it. Sometimes she felt as if her father could be quite scary but then he had his moments of being a loving kind father. This was one of those moments and it definitely caught her off guard.

Everything that came out of his mouth her chest tighten. She wanted to hug him, she wanted to cry even but she kept her head held high and stay strong. She respectfully listened to her father. When he finished talking all she could do was smile at him. [i [#f15f79 It’s been awhile since he’s ever said anything like this to me. I know I piss him off on purpose but I do try in some things. I’m glad he noticed. I guess I can try and to be better for his sake. I do love my father.]] She thought.

Slowly she nods her head. [#f15f79 “Thank you. I can do better. I promise I will do better.”] She bows and then happily starts looking for a different dress to wear when he told her to take off the corset. [#f15f79 “Thank you so much. I couldn’t really breathe in this father.”]

Once he leaves her room she changes into a different formal gown hat was raiser for her to walk and breathe in. After that talk with her father she felt like she had to give a decent speech now. She didn’t want him to feel like he wasn’t proud of her anymore. Ember knew she had to come up with something good.
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[center [h3 Trust]]

[center [b Arthur had a slight red tint as he rubbed the back of his head sticking his tongue out.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Bah! Your gonna make me blush stop!]]]

[center [b Arthur chuckled rubbing the bottom of his nose with his index finger as he let out a bright grin. Tristan had rolled his eyes at Arthur. The way he was fawning over her? He was more puppy than he was a knight. Than again Tristan hadn't expected much from the knights. More talk than mettle. Tristan had glared but Arthur only smiled offering a wave back to the man.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Haha I know you suck at speeches! Still the common folk will be there so don't focus on the royals all right?]]]

[center [b Ember had seemed rather uncomfortable in her outfit. It was expected they were such outfits but... Before the ceremony could start? Simon had entered the room. A servant entered the room urging Simon to leave. He put his hand up as if to shew the maid and servant out. Before they exited he had spoke softly despite his stern face.]]

[center [+gold I thank you for your effort here.]]

[center [b Perplexed by his actions the two had left anyway. He looked at his daughter before giving a long sigh.]]

[center [+gold You can't run off like that, I'm not thrilled to have you take these new Martial combat classes either. It's important however to the royal family that we can defend ourselves and our kingdoms. I could forgive it if perhaps you were timid but I know that's not the case. You are a smart girl who practices her own magic and reads whenever she gets the chance. Yet you won't attend your classes.]]

[center [b He sighed rubbing at the corner of his eyes with his thumb and index finger. His voice as stern as his face though.. After letting out a long sigh. His voice had softened lightly.]]

[center [+gold You missed a class on proper behavior when dealing with Albion today. I'm just glad you chose a champion and have a speech set up. I'm.. Also glad your safe. I understand you've faith in the people but you must be careful. Be they noble or peasant you must be careful. Also..]]

[center [b Simon chuckled lightly watching his daughters face.]]

[center [+gold Change out of that corset I know you can barely breathe in it. I understand those around here can be... A bit too keen on the rules. That being said some of them are there for a good reason. I know a lot of this is... Unnecessary but it's still important you take your job seriously. I hope gaining a champion changes that. I'm proud of you.]]

[center [b Despite the kings rough features and frown lines from stress. He managed a smile before ruffling her hair and leaving the room. Now all was left was for the princess to make her appearance in the stadium and give her speech to the people.]]
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Ember instantly recognized the man that approached her. She smiles softly as he begins to speak. [i [#f15f79 He’s always so bubbly. I love it.]] She thought as she listened to the blonde male speak. Ember kept a smile on her face and noticed the maids as they approached as well. [#f15f79 “Thank you Arthur. You’re the only one that trusts the choices that I make. I wish others would trust me more like you do.”]

Tristan was going to be her champion. It seemed as if this was becoming more real by the second. When Arthur mentioned the ceremony and the fact that she would have to give a speech in front of a bunch of stuck up serious royals she groans softly. [#f15f79 “I don’t think so. This is just not something I do. You know I’m terrible when it comes to maki g speech’s. Especially if it’s in front of all the royal people.”]. The young princess pouts softly as she was taken back into the castle.

Ember didn’t want to see her father since she knew she would be in trouble. She rushed to her bedroom and there her own personal maid was waiting for her. “Princess it’s about time you arrived. You have to get ready quickly. The ceremony is going to start soon.” She said as she started to take off the princess clothes. Ember didn’t fight her maid even though she didn’t want to go to the ceremony.

After about an hour Ember was all dolled up as the perfect little princess she was supposed to be. [i [#f15f79 I can’t breathe in this dress.]] She thought since here corset was tight but she couldn’t complain to her maid. She would refuse to let Ember take it off.
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