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Ember instantly recognized the man that approached her. She smiles softly as he begins to speak. [i [#f15f79 He’s always so bubbly. I love it.]] She thought as she listened to the blonde male speak. Ember kept a smile on her face and noticed the maids as they approached as well. [#f15f79 “Thank you Arthur. You’re the only one that trusts the choices that I make. I wish others would trust me more like you do.”]

Tristan was going to be her champion. It seemed as if this was becoming more real by the second. When Arthur mentioned the ceremony and the fact that she would have to give a speech in front of a bunch of stuck up serious royals she groans softly. [#f15f79 “I don’t think so. This is just not something I do. You know I’m terrible when it comes to maki g speech’s. Especially if it’s in front of all the royal people.”]. The young princess pouts softly as she was taken back into the castle.

Ember didn’t want to see her father since she knew she would be in trouble. She rushed to her bedroom and there her own personal maid was waiting for her. “Princess it’s about time you arrived. You have to get ready quickly. The ceremony is going to start soon.” She said as she started to take off the princess clothes. Ember didn’t fight her maid even though she didn’t want to go to the ceremony.

After about an hour Ember was all dolled up as the perfect little princess she was supposed to be. [i [#f15f79 I can’t breathe in this dress.]] She thought since here corset was tight but she couldn’t complain to her maid. She would refuse to let Ember take it off.
  Princess Ember / Kita-san / 6d 1h 13m 47s
[center [h3 Decision]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The two gate guards had saw the two and approached. They had overheard part of the part of the conversation but were relieved to see the princess well and okay. One of the guards had saw Tristan's outfit and his dirty appearance. Drawing his weapon at Tristan.]]

[center If you laid even one finger on her.. Check the princess for any curses he may have-]

[center [i Pfft.. Curses? This man here? I don't sense a drop of Seether from the guy. He's a peasant, princess I couldn't help but overhear what you said. He can't be your champion.. You'd be throwing this poor man to his death.]]

[center [b Tristan gripped his fist tightly she was tempting him with the promise of money and a home. He'd be fine if he just obeyed and he'd be taken care of like some stray dog? She didn't understand the idea of tempting him with such things? It felt belittling but he was starting to realize that it wasn't her intent. It didn't help make him less frustrated. He'd turn it away and walk away cause of his stubborn pride except... His sister she.. He knew he had to take this job. Plus part of him wanted to prove these two wrong.]]

[center [b A man clad in armor came running through the gate pushing the guards aside. He smiled and ran to hug the princess with a loud laugh.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey! I tried covering for you Ember but I don't think they believe the excuses I make for you anymore haha!]]]

[center S-Sir Arthur!]

[tangerine [size30 [center Pfft, no Sir needed here. Still! You shouldn't be hard on this young man! If Ember made a choice? Than let her make stick by it!]]]

[center [b Ember? He hadn't called her majesty? He treated her like a friend more than... Who was this guy? Arthur? Was he.. That Arthur? This childish looking man? Arthur had given Tristan a beaming smile. Could he really be that champion? One of Tristania's greatest knights? No way he couldn't be..]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Well I'll have the maids clean up Tristan for the ceremony! You get going Ember! There is a stadium in the Royal Courtyard. You'll be expected to make some cheesy speech hiring the new guy!]]]

[center [b Arthur whistled as a couple of maids walked over circling around Tristan as they giggled amongst themselves.]]

[center [+pink He has a lot more muscle than the nobles back at the castle.]]

[center [+purple Is that because he doesn't use magic you think?]]

[center [+teal He's absolutely filthy but.. He's kinda cute too ya know?]]

[center [b Tristan had stammered trying to object as Arthur chuckled waving the man off.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Take good care of the man you three! Let's go Ember were gonna be late!]]]

[center [b Arthur had stood by Ember's side with a soft smile.]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 7d 9h 22m 16s
Ember listened to Tristan talk about not having a father. Sometimes she wished she didn’t either but at the end of the day she wouldn’t want him gone forever. [i [#f15f79 I wonder if he ever thinks about where his father might be.]] She thought as they walked. His reaction to being asked to be a champion didn’t surprise her. There were certain characteristics that all champions had. They were powerful and had the ability to use magic. Tristan didn’t really fit that image but Ember had seen what Tristan could do.

Tristan was strong and brave. Ember had never seen someone so fearless. He faced men that could use magic and won. She trusted him and thought that he would be perfect to protect her. [#f15f79 “You don’t think it’s a good idea? I happen to think it’s quite a fantastic idea.”] Ember smiles at the tall dark haired male. [#f15f79 “Just think about it. It pays well and you’ll have a nice place to live.”] Ember was trying her best to convince to agree to being her champion. She didn’t see why he wouldn’t take the offer.
  Princess Ember / Kita-san / 7d 11h 27m 48s
[center [h3 Stray Champion?]]

[center [b "Take the money" despite the order her tone was kind. Tristan raised an eyebrow. She made it hard to refuse but he decided to listen. If he felt bad enough about it he'd simply give it back. When he offered her to head back she had commented on him being nice. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit. He wasn't told that very often. At least not counting...]]

[center [b "Have you ever been here?" the forest is what she was referring to. It wasn't that much farther to the castle but he decided maybe to try and at least make a little small talk.]]

[center [+brown A heart attack huh? Hmm.. can't say I know that feeling. I grew up- Well.. My dad wasn't exactly around. Though it's not exactly an uncommon thing in the slums if I'm being honest.]]

[center [b He looked at her as she spoke about her life back at the castle. She had given the male a smirk about her wild antics.]]

[center [+brown Boring? Maybe it's nice not going without. You don't have a champion? Isn't the selection ceremony today?]]

[center [b They were almost at the front of the castle and the two guards at the castle gate were still on post. "Have you ever thought about being champion Tristan?"]]

[center [+brown What?! Me? Aren't champions supposed to be powerful spell casters? They say we peasants lack the ability to become knights. Let alone a legendary champion. Did you hit your head on the way to the alley?]]

[center [b Was she teasing him? Or was she that crazy? A peasant? As a champion? Him? Really? He'd had served as a escort here and there for money before. Though protecting a princess? A stray dog like him? He couldn't help but laugh at the prospect.]]

[center [+brown Didn't your dad ever tell you not to take in Stray dogs?]]
  Tristan / ShieldHero- / 10d 1h 6m 4s
Ember noticed how uneasy Tristan was acting around. She wasn’t sure if it was because he didn't social often or it was because she was royalty. [#f15f79 “Take the money.”] She said softly as she tended to him. She wanted him to take the money since she was just trying to be nice to him. When he mentioned walking her back home Ember chuckles a bit. [#f15f79 “Well how nice are you.”] her bright eyes connected with his as she looks at him. [#f15f79 “That would be very appreciated Tristan.”]

After packing up her things into her bag she gave Tristan the rest of the healing cream so that he could use it later. Ember motioned him to follow her back to the castle. She knew of a easy short cut so she walked ahead of him casually and happily. The trees around them were beautiful and she couldn’t help but look around at the forest they were in.

[#f15f79 “Have you ever been here? I love this place. My father doesn’t really approve of me leaving the castle to be here but I leave all the time. Well I sneak out.” ] She smirks playfully. [#f15f79 “It definitely gives him a heart attack when he realizes I’m gone but I can’t just be trapped I. The castle. It’s so boring sometimes.” ] She said honestly. Ember slowly done her waking so she was on the side of Tristan. She noticed how much taller he was than her. [#f15f79 “I mean it’s not like I have a champion or anything to hang out with. It’s quite sad...I guess.”] She decided to get more information on the young man. [#f15f79 “ ever thought about being a champion Tristan?”]
  Princess Ember / Kita-san / 13d 6h 48m 2s
[center [h3 Heading Back]]

[center [b Tristan still felt dirty taking her money despite realizing she had little to gain buying a stray dog out. Was it just how royals showed gratitude? What would Tristan have preferred? "I mean I do need the money but still..." He was unsure whether or not to grab the money so he didn't. She had than begun to treat his wounds rather close. He blushed lightly but flinched almost as if to defend himself before putting his hands down. How could she approach him so carelessly? She made him anxious and he wasn't sure why. Her guard appeared lowered but why? He couldn't understand. Normally he'd refuse treatment but Tristan had never meant someone so pushy in such a.. Gentle way. He knew how to punch someone who came off too aggressive but she was a different breed. Tristan sighed as she did what she could. Her touch was soft and gentle he had stood up afterwards. His hands placed at his side.]]

[center [+brown Well you shouldn't go back yourself so... I guess I'll escort you back.]]

[center [b "Let me know where it hurts" he completely blew that off. He wasn't sure how to respond or even what to say. Could this girl be for real? Tristan wasn't exactly the shy type or to make known how he feels. He simply just couldn't understand this girl. She wasn't what he expected a princess to be like.]]
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The way that the male before her acted was a bit strange. She got the feeling that he didn’t really trust her or even wanted to be around her. Ember watched all of his movements carefully. [i [#f15f79 He’s strange. Maybe he doesn’t have any social skills. Oh he could have anxiety. I don’t come off mean or untrustworthy do I?]] She thought to herself as she tilts her head a bit. She couldn’t help but ask herself tons of questions even though she couldn’t really answer them. Talking to herself was something she did quite often.

When she got the dark haired male’s name she smiled softly at him. [#f15f79 “Tristan? Well it’s nice to meet you.”] She doing her best to be friendly but that wasn’t hard since she was naturally a friendly bubbly girl. [#f15f79 “Now now. Please take this money. I just really want to thank you for your help.”] She didn’t see how what she was doing could be taken the wrong way. She didn’t know really any other way to thank him besides helping him with his wounds, getting him a nice meal and giving him some money. Who would t like the offer?

[#f15f79 “Tristan you’re not injured badly so that’s good. Cream should take care of any wounds you may have.”] The princess smiles then leads him over to a empty booth outside in the alley. There was a empty barrel that she had the male to sit on. [#f15f79 “Let me know where hurts.”] After removing the top of the container with the healing cream inside she takes some of the thin cold liquid with her fingers. The first found she noticed was a nasty large bruise on his forearm. That when Ember began to gently massage the cream into the bruise. Her touch was soft and full of warmth as she tended to all of his wounds.
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[center [h3 Help?]]

[center [b Tristan saw her remove her hood to reveal her face. She wasn't like him and this proved that disparity even greater. Smooth skin and a gentle face. She seemed well taken care of and pampered. It seemed her good genetics went past magic. Tristan was covered in dirt and his hair was a wreck. Blood and dirt covered the young male on a daily basis.]]

[center [b She had approached him with a regal aura. Tristain had backed up in defensive reflex. His left hand raised before slightly wincing in pain. He was weary with others approaching him. His face by instinct turning into a slight scowl. He had peered into her eyes realizing his mistake. He had lowered his hand a bit. Trying to his best to soften his expression. It wasn't he cared what she thought of him. He just didn't wanna present that all peasants were feral or violent. "Thank me?" he saw she was trying to pay him. "Should I be groveling" he didn't like the idea of someone throwing that kind of money at him. It made him feel strange almost as if he was trying to be bought of his trust. Somewhere to eat? It's true he hadn't eaten a good meal in awhile. Pride aside his stomach had disagreed as it responded with a rumble hardly allowing him a chance to answer.]]

[center [b Now she had healing cream ready for the man. Was she going to treat his wounds? Why?]]

[center [+brown Tristan, Tristan's my name.]]

[center [b He rubbed the back of his neck with a soft sigh. No harm in saying his real name. She couldn't damage him with it. He had nothing to take or sabotage. Only one thing mattered to him and his name wouldn't give that away. That was his sister but seeing as she isn't his blood sister. That he met her back at the orphanage he left. It wouldn't help learning about his name or surname. Not that he new the latter about himself anyway.]]

[center [b Ember she was direct. Tristan had pondered his suspicions. His first instinct of course told him. "She's trying to buy you with good looks and gold" but his sister would be disappointed if she knew he thought that way. If he looked down at the royals as nobles had at the peasants? Well he'd be no better. Yet he couldn't help being weary. Still it wasn't like she had much to gain from tricking a stray dog. Right?]]
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The sun shined brightly through the large glass walls of Princess Ember’s room. She enjoyed being out in the open, in nature. The young girl slowly wakes up from the sun’s rays shinning in her face. With soft groan she sits up and ruffles her beautiful red hair.

Thoughts of her normal schedule began to fill her head. [#f15f79 “Oh no...more lessons.”] She mutters and glances towards her clock. [i [#f15f79 “I should leave. If I get ready know no one will know that I left. I’m sorry father, please don’t be upset with me.]] She thought as she rushed out of bed. The girl rushed into the bathroom to take shower. She cleaned herself quickly before grabbing and jumped out of the shower. Ember loved to pamper herself but she didn’t have enough time to use any of her face masks, or scrubs. She simply used her favorite moisturize before throwing on no so royal attire.

If she was going to go into town she needed to look the part. She didn’t want people to really notice or to think she was stuck up by wearing expensive clothing and jewelry. She threw on a simple shirt with a V neckline. She grabs a pair of loose grew shorts and sturdy boots to put on her feet. Staring at herself in the mirror she goes her long ruby red hair up into a messy bun. A few wavy strands of hair hung near her ears. Time as running out and she really needed to get out of her castle before her maids entered her room.

Ember grabs one of cloaks to wear and her bag filled with items she might need for almost every situation. [#f15f79 “Must hurry.”] She mutters and walks out through her large class door to the balcony. Carefully she began to climb down from her balcony. Ember knew if her father saw her doing this he would be lived. This places a small smile on her face. Her father always wanted her to focus more on running their kingdom and the land of Tristania but Ember was never interested in any of her lessons. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand them. She just preferred to explore the surrounding cities, meet new people, and work on her healing skills.

Ember didn’t have much magic when it came to healing and making potions. She wanted to enchanted her skills but knew that wasn’t her natural ability. Fire was. Ember could constantly feel the fire within her burning strongly but she had no control over what so ever. The young girl didn’t even know where to start to use it. She always skipped her training lessons but that just made her dangerous when it came to elemental ability. Her emotions use to affect her fire. There were times when she was too excited, too angry, too sad and that caused explosive fire to burst everywhere. Now she as forced to wear a bracelet filled with magic that sealed her fire to her body.

Once safely on the ground Ember goes tot he stable where all the horses were. She picked her beautiful horse and easily mounted him. Within seconds she was off towards the city. All she could think about was how the whole castle would panic once it was known she was gone. At the age of nineteen she felt as if she had a say so on how to live her life but of course her father thought differently.

Hours go by and Ember was enjoying herself in a nearby town. She was helping a older woman who own a small medical booth take care of those who needed medical aid. She worked quickly mixing different ingredients to help make potions. Ember was all smiles, her bright hazel eyes shinned with excitement. This was something she loved doing but it didn’t take long for things to get a bit sour.

[b “Hey! So your the princess huh? Going around here healing the sick right? Taking pity on us? If you feel so bad why not fix our rights! We've peasants should have a say in things! So what we don't got your fancy magic! We should be allowed to enlist with the Knight's same as ye!”] The men that approached her were large and Ember began to panic. She didn’t even have a chance to speak before a marge tried to attack her but the seen that began unfold before her eyes surprised her. A man without any magic ability had attacked the mage and the rest of the men. The fight was hard to watch, Ember kept flinching with each hit. [i [#f15f79 What is he doing?! There’s no way he can take all of them...]] She thought but soon the only one that was left standing was the young black haired male.

Ember stared now in awe, she admired his strength and fighting skills. [i It has to be him.] She regains her composure and removes the hood she was wearing. Ember didn’t have her own personal champion but now she knew who she wanted. [#f15f79 “Excuse me sir.”] She said respectfully as she approached him. [#f15f79 “I must thank you for this heroic act. You protected me. Please let me thank you.”] She smiles kindly. Ember was a beautiful girl, her skin was soft and her hair was long with slight waves. She stood out because of her red hair and bright hazel eyes. She wasn’t like anyone else.

The young girl pulls out a small pouch filled with a few gold coins that most people in the town dreamed of having. Of course Ember was wealth. [#f15f79 “Here. Please have this. Also let me treat you to something to eat after I take care of those wounds on you.”] Ember wasn’t going to take no for answer. [#f15f79 “As you know I’m Emberlie. But you can just call me Ember. What is your name?”] She grabs a small class container from her back which was a healing cream.
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[center [h3 Morning!]]

[center [youtube]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey princess! You in there your father needs you.]]]

[center [b Arthur a young man loyal to the crown and to Tristania. He was champion to the princess's younger brother. Though the prince was off and meeting with the prime minister of Albion. Arthur had knocked on the ladies door waiting a moment well several minutes. He may not have been her champion but he always had a soft spot for her. He related with hating studies and if he was to be leader one day? That'd crush him course losing the queen. Her mother must have been hard still! He'd cheer her up somehow right? He knocked again before entering.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I'm sorry princess I-]]]

[center [b And.. She was gone again! Arthur couldn't help but smile softly. He was supposed to report this but? How could he? He couldn't help but admire her free spirit her mother was much the same even being much older than the young Arthur she was always so energetic. The castle would stir in a panic to find her but he already knew she was in the common quarters bumping shoulders with the common people.]]

[center [h3 Where Is She Now?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+gold Where did that girl..]]

[center [b It was about an hour later and Simon had stood in the throne room looking out the window. His advisers had suggested he sit and relax but he would do no such thing. He'd amass a search party simple and discreet not to harm her of course. This happened often and sure she came back safely but that wasn't the problem. She had lessons she was avoiding. "Self defense" as well as "Politics" and learning foreign language such as Elven. She was rather smart much like her mother but she didn't care much for meeting and sitting around. Simon knew it could be... Tedious but she was to one day rule the kingdom. She was the oldest and next in line. In Tristania her being a woman did not forfeit the job to her younger brother. Though he wondered if she wanted it to he knew her brother hadn't wanted to rule. Better kids who grab the throne through reluctance than a grab of power. They were good kids and Simon loved very much but if they weren't prepared for when he'd be gone one day? Simon couldn't think of that he wanted them and his kingdom to be ready. His daughter needed to work on much but where on Fyuria is she? "Today's the day she supposed to finally select a champion for herself.."]]

[center [h3 The Market]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+blue Come and get your baubles! Need a stone that enhances magic?]]

[center [+pink Need a special potion to rekindle that last spark? We got just what you need! All approved by the kingdom o-of course! Of course!]]

[center [b Merchants were shouting left and right though there were some nobles of differing rank it was mostly peasants. The common quarters were.. Mostly safe except downtown although this is where our story truly begins. The princess offering her help in healing and relief to her people had caught her into a bit of a mix up in a dangerous alley.]]

[center [+orange Hey! So your the princess huh? Going around here healing the sick right? Taking pity on us? If you feel so bad why not fix our rights! We've peasants should have a say in things! So what we don't got your fancy magic! We should be allowed to enlist with the Knight's same as ye!]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Despite the peasants strong words and each wielding metal bars. They had a hooded figure wielding a wand a mage they paid off. It was four large lumbering men accompanied by this mercenary of a mage. Peasants were too scared to fight magic without their own it was how they were sheltered it was how they were controlled. Before the mage could launch a spell a dark haired man wielding nothing but leather gloves and a trench coat intervened. Rushing the mage that managed to throw a fire bolt. He had slid on his knee's ducking under the fire before flipping back up and kicking down on the small hooded figure. Falling to his feet he followed up with a simple but swift uppercut knocking the mage to the ground.]]

[center [+orange T-That's gotta be speed enhancement magic! Crap he must be one of the royal knights!]]

[center Bet you wouldn't b-be so tough if you had to fight us without magic!]

[center [+darkred Tsk, who said I have any? I might not like royality but if we act like beast than were no better than they say we are. Get the hell outta here.]]

[center [b The four looked to each other happy to see he too was just a peasant. A peasant that probably just "Got lucky" it seems a fifth had laid in hiding hitting the man over the head with a crowbar.]]

[center [+darkred Shit..]]

[center [b Dazed they took the chance to beat the man as much as they could before he could managed to squirm free. Grabbing one in a headlock and dropping him to the ground busting the man's head open.]]

[center [+darkred Guess this is how were doing things huh?]]

[center [h3 Some Time Later]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The five had laid down panting bleeding two of them had begun to pass out even. This young man had panted wiping at his face that first hit had really made the fight a hard one. He wiped under his chin before gripping his fist but the peasants were done and they were already high tailing it outta there even grabbing the two that were passing out.]]

[center [+orange No magic my ass! There's no way he'd still be standing otherwise!]]

[center [b This man, Tristain had scoffed spitting at the ground as he held his head.]]

[center [+darkred Shit that was harder than I expected.. Doesn't matter. Hey you! I don't know if your really a princess or royalty but you shouldn't show up in places like these without your daddies special guards.]]

[center [b He gave a bit of a scowl his voice was already gruff to begin with but now it almost sounded like a growl. He hadn't shown any physical intent to attack her or to make her day any worse. He did however seem rather stand offish to the young woman. A lot more than would seem reasonable for one stranger to another.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b You can play the younger prince if you want? Or me up to you ^w^ if you want me to change anything about the post just let me know! Also a map! Keep in mind the world is much bigger than this but a map of the surrounding world at least.]]

[center [pic]]
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