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Yuki watched as his cousin took a small drink of the hot liquid, not seeming to let it affect him as the rat did. Perhaps he was simply more susceptible to hot and cold sensations than Kyou was...or maybe Kyou was more callused than Yuki was. The latter was certainly possible as the rat was quite sensitive to many details of life.

[+purple "It's over with for now, you don't have to apologize,"] he responded in his usual quiet tone. He reached beside him and set the mug down on the counter's surface before slowly turning his attention back towards the cat. It was strange hearing him apologize for his indiscretions, especially more than once. Normally he didn't feel the need to, especially when it came to Yuki. He simply went about his day. Either he felt rather guilty about the encounter with Akito or the cat was beginning to lose his mind.

Either were suitable options at this point.

He didn't expect to hear Kyou's plans of a walk later, especially in such damp and cold weather, but it wasn't outside of the cat's weekly routine. He was known to disappear into the woods for hours at a time, making it back to have dinner, then soaking up the last few hours of sunlight before climbing onto the roof for the night. A walk sounded kind of nice and, to be honest, Yuki didn't really want to be left alone right now. Not after what happened. Typically he would have scoffed at the idea of spending time alone with Kyou, choosing to study or garden instead. Now, though, it sounded quite nice and so much better than being stuck inside his own head with no way out.

[+purple "A walk sounds nice, a great opportunity to get out of the house,"] he admitted quietly. His gaze shifted, bright eyes meeting Kyou's for a moment. [+purple "If you do decide to go....would you mind if....I went with you?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 16d 12h 38m 50s
Pain seemed to be spoken so casually in places like this. No one was truly okay with it but no one was going to stand up to Akito either. His mistake was thinking that he could make a difference. That his concern for others would smudge out the hate that he felt for himself. That in some way, this [i cat] would make a change for the better that would impact how all cat spirits in the future would feel... but God didn’t want that. He liked where Kyo was. He liked where Yuki was too. Beneath his feet. It was useless.

He gripped the mug more firmly, distracting his senses with the burning heat rather than a creeping sadness. [#d89104 “You know I’ve said it before, but I really am sorry for everything that’s happened because of me.”] [i A fucking broken record I’m becoming.] He shifted from one foot to the other awkwardly, thinking that maybe he should just be candid instead of polite. The rat was only inquiring anyway to be equally considerate... right?

[#d89104 “Well... nothing to be interested in today.”] The cat looked away, knowing how those eyes impacted his mood. [#d89104 “Isn’t it normal not to [i feel] normal every once in a while?”]

[i “That’s just an excuse”], he could hear Master say.

Kyo lifted the tea cup to sip, disappointingly finding no more additional comfort from this interaction. [#d89104 “I know it’s cold but I might go for a walk today.”] Maybe he would feel inspired once he was out in the elements. Maybe he would find the strength not to come back. [#d89104 “We just seem to be always waiting here anyway.”]
  Kyo Sohma / KyoyaPleasant / 16d 21h 31m 12s
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Yuki allowed his small frame to rest against the counter top, observing Kyou's form as he did so. He seemed a little down...or perhaps tired. He imagined it to be more of the former due to their incident with Akito, hardly anyone was right in the head for a day or so after that. He wasn't sure if he himself was completely okay. What he did know was that the two of them were back home and relatively safe again.

The rat looked down at the teacup, watching as the steam rose from the hot water in intricate swirls before dissipating in the air. He found things like this calming, finding peace in unpredictable but soothing patterns. [+purple "I slept okay,"] he admitted quietly, leaning back into the counter more. After a few long moments the cup was finally lifted to his lips and a small sip was taken. It was still a bit hot, the male's nose wrinkling a bit at the burning sensation.

[+purple "I'm fine, just a bruise from Hatori and some tightness in my chest. It'll go away by the afternoon."] He had kept his voice soft but his words weren't exactly truthful. In honesty he had two bruises that he noticed this morning: the one on the back of his hand from Hatori's IV and one on his chest from Akito's strike. The one from the head of the family was a bit larger than the other one with a variety of colors to draw attention to it and only bothered the rat when he moved a certain away. His chest did still hurt from the sudden asthma attack the previous night but he wasn't too concerned with that. The discomfort always stuck around for a day or two before it disappeared, that was if nothing triggered another attack.

[+purple "Are you okay? you seem kind"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 46d 13h 11m 56s
Kyo released the breath he was holding. So far, so good. Pocketing the buds within the collar of his shirt, he took the steaming tea cup from the rat. The heat instantly warmed his cold fingers, leaving him feeling just a tad comforted.

[i Shigure?] Oh, he hadn’t thought about that arrogant asshole blabbing about their personal business to the top gossiper of the Sohma household, Aayame. He wished he could ring that guy's neck probably as much as Yuki did. Annoying.

[#d89104 “I’m fine,”] he lied, figuring pretending to be okay was better than admitting his personal hopelessness. [#d89104 “How are you? Sleep okay?”] Kyo’s eyes grew soft, simply enjoying the rat’s company even though he knew it wouldn’t last. [#d89104 “Do you... still hurt..?”] He almost didn’t want to hear the answer.
  Kyo Sohma / KyoyaPleasant / 74d 17h 45m 53s
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Yuki remained in front of the stove instead of finding some other task to do, watching the flames rise and lick the bottom of the kettle. As the minutes passed he could hear the water begin to move as it heated, beginning to bring itself to a boil. His chest still ached a little from the night before even though his breathing had returned to normal, but he wasn't worried about it. It was common, especially after an attack so severe. A bruise had formed on the back of his hand from where the medicine had entered his bloodstream, a constant reminder of the event that had taken place the night before. Because of what happened and how the cat reacted to it, he didn't expect to see him for the rest of the day.

Movements upstairs caused him to glance up at the ceiling for a moment before bringing his gaze back down to the now whistling kettle. He could hear Kyou as he moved around, the footsteps traveling from his room to the staircase. It took him mere moments to reach the kitchen, his voice drifting through the room and over the loud whistle. Yuki glanced over at his shoulder at Kyou before reaching up into the cabinet and pulling down two mugs. He filled them both with water before pulling a canister of tea leaves closer to himself. Two tea balls were pulled from the drainer, the rat filling them before dropping them into the steaming liquid. At least he couldn't screw up tea. He picked up both mugs, moving towards Kyou and holding one out to him.

[+purple "Shigure's on the back porch working on giving himself lung cancer,"] Yuki informed him softly, waiting until Kyou took a mug from him before wrapping his now free hand around the warm porcelain of his own. [+purple "He's been tying up the phone line with Aayame so I don't imagine we'll be seeing much of him today. How are you feeling?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 105d 9h 30m 58s
The morning was grey, a pale light peeking through the drawn blinds and covering the bed. Everything felt so uninspiring- colorless that he was almost tempted to lull back into sleep again but... there was nothing pleasant about dreaming. Little to hope for with the same thoughts to drown in. DIdn’t matter where he went or where he slept, everything will stay the same. Unchanging grey.

The carrot top pulled away the sheets, the cool air sending goosebumps across his skin. The quiet was suffocating today and he was sure that this would last for hours. [i Silence could go to hell.]

Kyo reached across the floor to grab the discarded earbuds and pushed them into his ears, plugging the jack in to fill into the gap of loneliness. It helped, eventually getting him motivated enough to get dressed and think about eating something even though he was far from hungry. Tea probably. It was again cold today.

With music as the companion, the cat spirit exited the room not surprised to find the halls dark and empty. It wasn’t until he turned the corner into the kitchen that he realized the rat was awake, beating him to the kettle no less. Kyo pulled out the buds and grit his teeth, recalling last night instantly at the sight of Yuki. What’s going to happen now?

[i Well don’t be awkward for starters.] [#d89104 “Is there enough water in the pot for two?”] he asked, trying his hardest to sound polite rather than inconvenienced.
  Kyo Sohma / KyoyaPleasant / 127d 15h 56m 21s
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Yuki remained in Kyou's room a bit longer before deciding to leave, watching his cousin in silence before turning around and slowly stepping out into the hallway. It seemed that the cat was just as tired as he was, ready to welcome a break in the constant bickering. If this pause in their routine continued for much longer, word would begin to spread to the main house. Yuki was pretty bright and he knew what that meant: Akito would catch wind of it and no doubt become angry. Even though the head of their family frightened the rat terribly he wasn't too consumed with the thought of the God finding out. At least not right now. Perhaps in the morning, views would change.

He headed down the hall and into his own room, the door closing softly behind him. The house was quiet, something he welcomed greatly, and he found it a bit easier to relax in. His uniform was changed to clean pajamas, the worn clothes set in his hamper near the closet to be washed later. A thin hand pulled down the blankets for Yuki to crawl into easily, which he did, then switched out his light afterwards. Now that he was in bed, he realized just how tired he really was. Within a few minutes, Yuki had fallen into a deep sleep.

Yuki slept in a little bit longer than normal, especially since it wasn't a school day, and didn't awaken until the late morning. It wasn't typical for him, even though he cherished sleep. Maybe his mind was still recovering from the visit with Akito. He got out bed and changed his clothes, his hair was brushed and he quickly became his semi-perfect self again. At least on the outside. Quietly he made his way downstairs where he entered the kitchen and began the kettle for tea.
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 148d 13h 3m 39s
Yuki was correct on one thing, he was tired too. Maybe the constant bickering and fighting was what fueled him to win and was a constant distraction from himself. If all anyone expected of him was just to beat Yuki in a fight then what was his purpose if he wanted to change his mind about joining the rest of the Sohma family? Now that he touched their god, there was no way anyone would expect anything from him. They will look down on the cat and shame it for such insolence and disrespect. What was the point?

Kyo looked up at his cousin, finding it harder to keep a cool exterior. He wanted to curl up again and hope to just fade away. [#d89104 “No, I don’t want to fight. It never worked anyway.”] There wasn’t much to be said after that so patiently, he waited for Yuki to leave again before slowly getting up to close the door softly.

He stared at it, wishing that maybe someone would open it again. The door felt like a barrier, holding back everyone and everything so he could be alone to feel the emotions harboring in his chest. Anger, sadness, exhaustion, numb depression. [i What am I supposed to do now?]

The cat spirit crawled into bed, pulling the sheets over his head to curl up like cats do. He stayed tight till he felt the moisture from his eyes release and let them run him into a dreamless sleep.
  Kyo Sohma / KyoyaPleasant / 158d 21m 34s
[h3 +]
Yuki was going to begin making his way towards the door as he felt Kyou wasn't in the mood for any type of kind gesture, which he could understand. Kindness from someone that you didn't get along with was always strange. Despite being enemies, Yuki couldn't help but offer it. He knew how easy it was for Akito to get into someone's head and completely change their view of the world. He knew how damaging it was to the soul and how it destroyed emotions bit by bit. Seeing Kyou with the head of their family like that wasn't something he ever wished to witness nor for it to occur to begin with.

The rat's bright eyes shifted over to Kyou again once his question was asked, inquiring about Yuki's strange behavior. The latest visit with Akito not only put things into perspective for him but also made the teen realize just how tired he was of the constant back-and-forth with the cat. It was nearly the same routine every day and it was proving to be quite exhausting. Having this peace between them was nice and he wasn't sure if he wanted it to change.

[+purple "Maybe because I'm tired,"] Yuki finally answered after a long moment of silence. His arms remained folded loosely over his chest while his gaze stayed on his cousin. [+purple "Or maybe because it's nice to take a break. It just doesn't seem worth it to start a fight right now, does it?"]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 162d 16h 36m 4s
Having Yuki be so kind worded was strange even after they had been doing this thing with each other for the past couple of days. He [i almost] wanted to admit to himself that he actually enjoyed this interaction with the other but he knew it was bound to be short lived no matter what anyone else thought. No matter if... Yuki wanted it too.

[#d89104 “Look Yuke, I would have gotten in the way of that teacup and confronted Akito even if you didn’t feel that way about me- whether you wanted it or not. Everyone is below God but no one is above punishment.”] He wondered if that made sense. Pain was just a path. With Kazuma, he learned that pain made him stronger. With Yuki, he learned that pain meant conviction. WIth Akito, it meant justice. Maybe his mindset was wrong... Maybe he shouldn’t run into pain head first... Like Yuki advised...

[#d89104 “Why?”] Kyo said, his orange eyes raising up to look at the rat fully. [#d89104 “Why aren’t you going back to how you used to be? When you looked at me and saw the ‘[i stupid cat]’? Why do you even want to be here for me?”]
  Kyo Sohma / KyoyaPleasant / 172d 11h 27m 55s
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Yuki continued to watch the cat, listening as he remained in his withdrawn position. He couldn't understand why but he didn't want Kyou to feel this way. The two never got along before this point, Yuki should be allowing the cat to do whatever he pleased while the two hurled insults and punches at each other. But he didn't want to.

[+purple "Giving Akito that satisfaction wasn't something I wanted,"] Yuki answered quietly. 'Hate' wasn't a feeling the rat would use to describe their relationship at this current point, anyway. He wouldn't say the two were friends but a lot of that negativity just wasn't there at the moment. [+purple "Admitting that would only hurt you physically and myself emotionally. I still appreciate what you did for me and I'll never forget it."]

Yuki ran his hand through his hair, letting out a near-inaudible sigh as the cat tried to end this conversation. It seemed he wasn't in the mood for it, which he could understand. But at least he was home and safe for now. He slowly rose to his feet after a moment, lightly folding his arms over his petite chest.

[+purple "No matter what would have been said or done, Akito would have found something to hold over my head. Please, promise me that you won't go back there, not without me. I...I don't want to see you hurt like that again."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 183d 12h 55m 18s
Kyo shook his head. What was he talking about? Beating him was all Yuki ever did. Why would it be any different if Akito did it? And, of course, his interruption at the dinner was entirely his fault. They wouldn’t have angered the God if weren’t his instinct to protect-

[#d89104 “Look, it was my fault Akito is more angry at you then usual all because you wouldn’t say you hated me. You should have agreed with him then he wouldn’t have thrown that stupid tea cup and we wouldn’t have needed to go back. Then he wouldn’t have hurt you. No one needs to protect the cat. No one ever has or will.”] The words hurt to say but they were the truth. He wished Yuki would understand that and go back to hating him as he always had. This... kindness to him was not deserved. Why did he even try?

[#d89104 “I went there so he could go back to hating me more than you. I can’t have-”] He stopped, suddenly aware that he was becoming too personable. He shouldn't be telling him all this. He didn’t care. No one benefits from hearing what's on his mind without getting into more trouble... like Akito said. [#d89104 “Just forget it.”] He hated this.
  Kyo Sohma / KyoyaPleasant / 185d 12h 50m 41s
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Yuki's head tilted faintly with Kyou's words, the bright eyes narrowing a bit in question. Trying to make things right? What things? The only thing he could think of was the dinner the other night and how Akito continued to brood over it way longer than he should've. Was that what Kyou was talking about? Also, why was he so worried about fixing things when it came to Akito and them? Neither one of them could stand the male but it wasn't Kyou's battle to fight. Not on his own.

The cat's form remained in his tight ball, occasionally trying to make himself smaller, and the moments of silence between them didn't seem to help it any. Yuki had rarely seen his cousin like this, normally he was so focused on proving himself around the rat that he never would have allowed anyone to see him so vulnerable. So small. It was a position Yuki had been in hundreds of times in his life and he hated seeing someone else reduced to it.

[+purple "I could never live with myself if I let you take the brunt of any of Akito's punishments for my sake,"] Yuki answered quietly after a long moment of silence. As much as the two of them argued and seemed to hate each other's existence, he never wanted Kyou to suffer the God's wrath on his behalf. [+purple "You don't have to fix things or try to make things right, Kyou. It's not your responsibility."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 186d 10h 46m 35s
Time felt long and eventually he did hear sounds of Shigure’s rustling downstairs but the dog never came up. It’s not like they were close. It’s not like Shigure actually wanted him here in the first place. He had a slight idea that he was only here in favor of Kazuma, to try to move him closer to a different school then the all boys one near him. He should have listened. He should have stayed.

Always screwing things up. He couldn’t think straight- or normally, that’s what got him into trouble. The cat spirit it just hot headed, full of anger. It was something that he just had trouble controlling and no amount of training could cure that. [i I hate this. I hate everything.]

There was a creak in the hall and slowly his door opened. The teen didn’t move, anticipating that it was Shigure checking to see if the problematic cat was still here, but it wasn’t. The silver haired male poked his head into the room, looking quite exasperated. Still he didn’t say anything, stunned by the mere fact that the rat was even here... looking for him.

Eventually, Yuki spotted him in his corner near the shadow of the window, folding up tighter into himself as his cousin knelt in front of him. Kyo could see every detail on the other. His cheeks were flushed, like he had been in a hurry, and his breath was ragged. His hair mangled in different directions and those intimidating purple eyes were... soft.

Kyo was almost unnerved by the quiet words he spoke. Yuki should be angry with him for causing him more pain rather than preventing it all together. He should be angry that he lied instead of confiding the truth.

[#d89104 “Yuki,”] he said, finding his voice after a moment, [#d89104 “You don’t have to be scared for me. I can take care of myself. If Akito wanted to take it out on someone, you should have let him do it to me. I can handle it. You can’t.”] He gripped his knees tighter. [#d89104 “I was trying to make things right without you there.”] [i No one needs to suffer more.]
  Kyo Sohma / KyoyaPleasant / 186d 11h 27m 35s
[h3 +]
Yuki tried to keep his focus off of the doctor as he took his treatment but there wasn't much else to keep him occupied. Hatori had already taken care of Akito and calmed him down, having returned not long ago and was busy speaking to someone on the phone. He imagined it to be Shigure, keeping him updated as to what stupid antics his charges were up to now and how they both had angered the God. If Yuki had to guess, the dog would either be on his way to the main house or waiting to lay into him when he got home. There was no way Shigure would allow the rat to slink back into the shared home without making some sort of comment or giving a miniature lecture.

He rested his head against the wall while he continued to watch Hatori at his desk while his thoughts continued to drift. The most troubling thing to Yuki about this entire ordeal wasn't that he was hooked up to a breathing machine or even Akito's anger but the fact that he had no idea where Kyou had run off to or what he was doing. Why did Yuki even care in the first place? Sure, the two of them had sort of been getting along the past day or so but it didn't make them friends. It made no sense to the rat but was something he couldn't shake. He just wanted to know that the cat was safe and sound, even if he couldn't do anything to make him feel better emotionally.

Once the medicine had emptied from the nebulizer, Hatori gave the rat another check up to make sure his airway had opened up once again. He appeared to be satisfied, cleaning up the equipment before taking out the IV and bandaging up the puncture mark. [+teal "Take it easy for the next twenty-four hours,"] he advised Yuki, carefully winding up the cord of the machine and securing it to the back. [+teal "You can go."]

Yuki didn't waste any time, pushing himself off of the bed and making his way out of the main house. He took it a bit slower than he normally would, his chest still a bit tight, but figured it would feel better once the other medications really began their work. It meant he made it home a bit later than he wished to but at least it was still daylight when he walked through the door. He imagined this was a good place to start looking for Kyou, knowing full well he never would have stayed at the main house. There was nothing there for him. At least here he had the sanctity of his room. The house was quiet, something that the rat didn't appreciate for a change, and he slowly made his way through it.

[+purple "Kyou?"]

His voice came out breathier than he would have liked, a frown touching Yuki's lips. At this rate he'd be taking a couple hits off of his inhaler before he even found the cat. Yuki slowly made his way up the stairs and stopped momentarily as he saw the partially open door to Kyou's room. Maybe he was in luck. He headed over, pushing it open the rest of the way, and narrowed his eyes as he looked around the disheveled floor.

Please be there, please be there...

He was about to leave when he saw Kyou's balled up form in the corner, Yuki quietly stepping in and over to him. The rat knelt down in front of him, simply watching him for a moment and trying to decide on his next move.

[+purple "You scared me,"] Yuki admitted quietly, [+purple "when I realized that you had gone to see Akito alone today. I don't understand why you did."]
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 186d 12h 23m 8s

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