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He had some idea how long it could take. Because he had the love of cars that he did, Jake had tried to look for the car and model himself. It had ALWAYS evaded him and in the end he gave up. [b "I think I have some idea...But you are amazing..."] He whisprered again, still in awe of the girl. [b "I love you too, Ness...this really is the best birthday I've ever had.."]

Seconds, minutes, hours? He didn't know how long had passed but it hadn't seemed long enough. He didn"t want to let go and he didn't really want to get back to the party. Now all he really wanted was time alone with her. But he did listen to her words and give an almost puppyish pout. Not a far stretch being the wolf like he was.

[b "We'll go join them so they don't come looking for us and all your hard work isn't wasted...But later just you and me down on First Beach?"] He asked her, almost begged.
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Renesmee looked at Jacob when he realized wha exactly was sitting in front of him. [b "You wouldn't even believe how long it took Emmett and I to find this exact model. We seen a lot of nice models. But I wanted to get you this exact one. I wanted it to be perfect."] she said. She giggled when she was twirled around and pulled into his arms. [b "I love you so much baby. Happy Birthday."] she said after she practically melted into him.

After was seemed like it was only a few seconds, but in reality minutes had passed, she pulled away. [b "You know Dad will send the search party out if we don't head outside. Esme and I cooked all your favorites. Alice has a buffet style set up. Emmett and Jasper are grilling fish, steaks and burgers."]
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[b "You always make everyday special, Ness.."] He whispered to her. And he meant it. At this rate, Jacob didn't care who was in the room. Not her family, not the pack, and not the humans. In those moments, it was only her and him. [b "And I love you.."]

But the moment seemed to "explode" when the clearing of the throat had come. Though Jacob couldn't exactly say he was shocked. The deal was they could be affectionate, but NO PDA, which he found so stupid since everyone else could show how they felt for each other.

[b "Ness, what do you want to show me?"] He asked as he was tugged to the grage but had closed his eyes like she had wanted. This was his birthday, but it was her day to do what she wanted. He wouldn't stop her.

It was when she opened the door and let him open his eyes did he stare at the car stunned. It was beautiful and one he had told her that he wanted. [b " is the best! Thank you!"] And withour thinking he twirled her and kissed her
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Renesmee looked at Jacob with only love in her eyes. She was practically putty in his hands. [b "I just wanted you to have the PERFECT eighteenth birthday party."] she said. [b "It's not everyday tha Alice and I have an excuse to plan something, you know."] she said. She couldn't help but blush when she felt his hands under her chin. She didn't care that her house was filled with vampires, werewolves and humans at this point, all she cared about was Jacob. [b "I love you so much."] she breathed.

She was brought back down to earth when she heard her Father clear his throat. [b "Emmett and Jasper are grilling outside. The Back Yard is se up, so everyone go minge and eat!"] she said as she rolled her eyes at her Father. [b "Come on Jake."] she said as she pulled him toward the Garage. [b "Close your eyes!"]

[ Birthday Present]
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If his nose hadn't been working and he hadn't smelled that sickening sweet scent he knew as the Cullens, Jacob would have killed the guys. It was the WORST idea to take a wolf's sight from him. But the fact that this might end in seeing Ness kept him relatively calm. What helped even more was the moment that the blindfolds had been lifted and there stood his beautiful imprint with those deep chocolate eyes he loved.

[b "Very surprised. The guys managed to keep this out of their head and so I had NO idea. Seems they learned something after all. And thank you, Ness. I REALLY wasn't expecting this."] He said, arms around her as she hugged him tight.

Slowly he did lift her chin and kiss her. NOT smart with her entire family there, but to hell with them. He had missed her. [b "I missed you too.."] He whispered and then just continued to hold her.

Edward cleared his throat, giving Jacob a glare. "Why don't we see what Renesmee and Alice had planned for everyone?" The man asked, trying not to tear Jacob in half.
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Renesmee was in complete edge and she had been since Embry had texted her to let her know that they were on their way to her house with Jacob, who had no idea and apparently had a blindfold on. [b “Because it’s so smart to take a wolfs eyesight away.”] she muttered. She looked up as Alice ran past her, she had helped her plan the entire party, and she seemed to be just as stressed. [b “Jacob is on his way with Embry, Seth and Quil!”] she called.

The young girl could hardly hold back her excitement when she seen the car pull up to her house. Moments later, Jacob was standing in her living room with Embry, Seth and Quil behind him. She grinned as she watched Seth pull the blindfold off. [b “Happy Birthday!!”] she squealed.

She couldn’t help but giggle as it seemed to take Jacob a moment or two to register what was happening. [b “Yes, but Alice helped me!”] she admitted when he asked if this was her doing. [b “I missed you.”] she wrapped her arms around his waist and just beamed up at him. [b “Are you surprised?”]
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Two weeks had come and they had gone since he had last seen Ness. Or since he had gotten more than five minutes with her. The man was busy with the patrols and the pack. She had school, cheerleading, and just whatever it was her family wanted and expected from her. It was seriously like EVERYTHING was working against them and didn't want them together and was trying to keep them apart. Complete hell since he was a wolf and they NEEDED their imprints to be near them.

Seth, Quil, and Embry were actinf weird as he had them out on patrol with him. Well weirder than norrmal. It was like they were trying to keep him out of their heads. They were thinking of songs and EVERYTHING that seemed to annoy him. He just wanted to turn it off. So he did end up ending the patrol early and they happened to just go to the garage and work on a car that he had been trying to restore for awhile. Having the help was nice. It was ALMOST like it had been before he had become a wolf and the alpha. Sometimes he did miss those days.

"Yo, Jake we gotta go. Come on." Embry said as both Seth and Quil put blindfolds on him and soon had him in the truck. They didn't say anything as they were getting him to the Cullen house for his "eighteenth" birthday party. He was SO much older than that but no one needed to know it. When at the house they got Jake out and into the livingroom before removing the blindfolds, everyone coming out and singing.

Dark eyes went around the room and to everyone. He had actually forgotten his own birthday and so really was surprised. But his eyes went once more to Ness and he went to her. [b "This your doing?"] He asked, smile bright and though he probably shouldn't have.. Jake kissed the girl. [b "Thanks, Ness.."] He said, most the others clapping. Buuut both Edward and Bella looked like they wanted to kill a wolf
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It had been almost two weeks since she and Jacob had their movie night while her family was out hunting. Two long weeks that Renesmee spent focused on school, the cheerleading squad, and planning Jacobs surprise birthday party! She had invited the pack along with some of her friends from school, Jacobs dad, and of course Charlie and Sue were coming.

Seth, Embry and Quil were given the task of keeping Jacob busy until it was time to bring him to the Cullens home. She and Alice had been decorating for the past few days, as you could never go that overboard when it was your boyfriends “eighteenth” birthday. He was older than that of course, but no one else needed to know that. The house was decorated in blue, as that was the color she had picked. Alice may have went over board, but it would be okay! The birthday cake was a three tier blue and white cake with sprinkles.

Esme and herself had been up since five, well Renesmee had, Esme didn’t need sleep, but teh boys were supposed to bring Jacob over blindfolded at three, so everything had to be ready by then! The cake and things were ready, and the girl had an hour to get ready. She froze when she heard a truck door slam. Jacob was here!

She quickly ran downstairs and made sure everything and everyone was in position.

Everyone sang when he took the blindfold off.

[ outfit]

[ cupcakes]
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Jacob smirked at the girl as she happened to answer him and his banter of her words. [b "You know I had to give you a hard time, Nessie. Besides I just like to be reminded of how cute you think i am."] The man said, his smirk keeping to his lips as dark eyes were locked on dark eyes.

When she let out the breath she had been holding, the wolf boy relaxed only the faintest. He hadn't meant to scare her or to make her think that by any means. He just had not known how to tell her the truth. [b "We are staying one pack. And there is no reason for you to worry. You know they all love you, Ness."] He muttered and then gave her a weak smile. [b "Our side of the border...but you need to be ready in case they EVER cross into Forks."] He said.

[b "And I never will let you forget it. I love you and always will."] Jake said, leaning over and kissed her forehead and then lifting her chin to kiss her gently. [b "Remember baby girl.. It's whatever you want."]
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Renesmee laughed when Jacob questioned her comment about him being cute. [b “Oh hush! You know you look cute ALL the time.”] she said.

She felt like she could breathe again when Jacob started to explain why he as on board with training all of a sudden. [b “Gosh Jake. I thought that was your way of telling me that your pack didn’t like me anymore and they were throwing the laws out of the window!”] she explained. She stiffened when he said they ha dean across some lone wolves. [b “In La Push or Forks too? You know Momma and Daddy only let me hike around Forks. Even though it’s more fun in La Push.”]

She smiled softly and nodded. [b “I know babe. You never let me forget my self worth and I love you times a million for that.”] she explained [b “I highly doubt I will go. I’m probably just going to go to Seattle so I can come home on weekends.”] Seattle had always been the plan.
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The wolf boy gave his imprint a mocking pout. [b "Only extra cute today? That hurts, Ness."] But he was completely teasing the girl. He knew that she loved him and he loved her. This was just another of his ways to con her into food. Esme was good, but in some ways Em was better and he did miss her cooking. Half the time he only got it when Ness brought it home.

Her shock registered and he realised that she didn't understand his being on board. Because he NEVER was before. [b "The pack you have nothing to worry about. You know it is absolute that we CANNOT hurt another wolf's imprint...we guard and protect our own. What I meant was..we've not told your family this yet.. But there are also rouge wolves as well as vampires that come into the area. It's only been a couple...but that means you'll have to know how to fight a wolf if needed.."] He muttered. She did need to know why SUDDENLY he was willing to help. Jasper and Emmett could teach her vampires..but it would take a wolf to help her learn with a wolf.

He couldn't help the sad look that came into dark eyes. [b "To me you are so much more than that. And to your family too, Ness.. But I get where you are coming from."] He said. And he did. For a long time he just felt like "the wolf boy" because of being the shifter.
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Renamed just grinned as she listened to Jakes comment about Emily’s food. She knew then that he would end up inhaling all the extras that Emily would indeed send her home with. Emily was as good of a cook as Esme, if
not better, she and Jacob were always okay fighting over her food. [b “I guess I’ll share again... Only because I love you and you look extra cute today.”]

To say the young girl was surprised when Jacob said he would help train her as well, was nothing. She was shocked. Jacob had never seemed to be on board with her training, but then he offered to help her? Saying she would need to know to defend herself again wolves. The wolves wouldn’t hurt her though? She was an Imprint. They couldn’t?

She sighed softly when he asked if that was something she wanted to do. [b “I don’t want to go, because going would mean leaving you. But Jake, I’m the weird vampire human hybrid, who is also the wolf girl, that’s all I’m known for here... Sometimes I feel like I’m not my own person...”]
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Like Ness, Jake was happy to see Charlie and Sue happy. He actually hadn't seen Bella's dad that happy in a long time or Sue since Harry's death. The two of them really were a match made in heaven. But now they needed to figure something out for his own dad. Even as happy as Billy was for Charlie and Sue, Jacob knew that he was lonely. But he had to shake those thoughts away and was definitely able to with all of Ness's trilling and bubbliness. If it weren't for her, Jacob really would be in dark and dreary moods all the time.

[b "You didn't gain that much Ness. Besides half the left overs she gave you I conned you into giving me."] The man said with a chuckle and wink. He was telling her that he was going to try and get treats out of her again. [b "Weren't your mom and dad wanting to give them two trips this year? One for their anniversary in being together nearly sixteen years now AND their annual Christmas one?"] The wolf boy asked as he tilted his head. He knew it had been mentioned but he wonded seriously if Ness knew anything about it.

As soon as she mentioned her lessons with Jasper and Emmett, Jacob sighed. She technically wasn't fighting and so none of them could say no to it. But that didn't stop the worry that he, Edward, and Bella had when she was out and doing it. [b "I might as well help you out too...You'll need to know how to defend against wolves too..."] He muttered, words half defeated. He loved this girl and would do anything for her.. ANYTHING.

She was right, Renesmee really had never mentioned it to anyone. But if she had there would be a huge debate over it. [b "This saying you want to move and take up nursing? I'm not against you, Ness. Just want to know what you want to do."] He said, dark eyes falling on the girl
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Renamed nodded as she listened to him. [b “I know. We can learn together!”] she said, excitedly. She smiled when he said that Emily was making muffins. [b “She makes the best muffins. I swear I gained ten pounds last time I was over there.”] Her heart smiled when mentioned Sue and Charlie. [b “I’m so glad that they found each other. They’re both so happy. They love it when Momma and Daddy give them that fishing trip every year for Christmas!”]

She looked up when he said she wouldn’t be fighting. She nodded softly. She knew that if Jacob and her Parents had anything to say about it, she wouldn’t fight for anything. They wouldn’t allow it. But she still believed that she needed to know how. [b “Well I’m still doing my training with Emmett and Jasper, regardless. I need to know that I can protect myself and everyone else if need be.”] she explained [b “It’s so unpredictable. I don’t want to feel helpless.”]

She nodded when he mentioned the vacation house. [b “I haven’t mentioned it to anyone, but California has a great Nursing Program...”]
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[b "I know, Ness. I'm not complaining about it. Like I said maybe we can trick her into giving us both some lessons."] He said with a chuckle, nodding when she said she had missed Emily and Sue. It had been a month easily since she had been last been in La Push with him. His fault and the being busy for sure. [b "Em is baking and said she missed her favourite helper. Sue on the other hand is spending the afternoon with Charlie. So gonna have to wait on that one."]

Never did he mean to get so tense when around her. There were just those bad memories and the fact that he got protective. [b "Regardless if they come back are not going to be fighting. You know your family and the pack will not allow it."] He said quietly, soon feeling her hand on his leg and instantly becoming more relaxed. When she had said she was sorry, Jacob had only shook his head. He knew it had not been meant and she had only been commenting on something he had said.

[b "I think they wanted it for wanting it. Maybe like a kind of get away house for you if ever needed."] Jake explained with a chuckle. [b "But now it sounds like a great vacation home."]
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