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The clothes dropped into the basket loudly due to the water they still held, the clear liquid beginning to seep from the fabric to the thick plastic under them. He thought about taking them to the laundromat down the street in order to clean and dry them but thought better about it after remembering Cass' extremely long lecture after he ruined some light colored clothes. How was he supposed to know you weren't supposed to put reds in there? He picked up the basket and set it on top of the laundry sorter for her to deal with later and slowly made his way to the staircase. The main living area was quiet, Hiro beginning to smell the warm aroma of various baked goods on the lower level. Aunt Cass was opening up shop for the day. He knew she wanted to take some time off to help with Tadashi but mentioned she only might be able to take a day or so as it was their only source of income. Hiro understood and imagined it would probably make his brother feel a bit better not having someone hovering over him at all hours of the day.

Instead of going up the stairs, he turned around and headed into the kitchen. After all of that, Tadashi could probably use some water. He dug around the cabinets until he found a pitcher he could fill with water and pulled an empty glass from the drainer. Hiro carried the items quietly upstairs and to their bedroom, stepping in just in time to see Baymax deactivate for the time being. Tadashi must have agreed to rest a bit, something he desperately needed. He gave his brother a small smile before filling the glass with cold water and setting the pitcher on the table. [+red "I thought you could use some water after that,"] Hiro informed him softly as he held out the glass to his brother. Once it was out of his hands, he sat on the edge of the bed and brought his gaze up to meet Tadashi's eyes. [+red "Are you feeling better?"]
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[b “102 degrees. 101.8...”]

Tadashi laid his head against the towel that the robot put around the base of his neck. The shakes were passing and now he was simply exhausted. The bathroom light bathed everything in a yellow tint, convincing him that he couldn’t be entirely sensible yet.

[b “Tadashi,”] the young man opened his eyes slowly. [b “Lean forward so I may help you out and dry.”] As instructed, he let Baymax help straighten his posture and pull him out of the water, the clothes heavy and his muscles weak.

Once he was safely on the floor, Baymax proceeded to aid him in stripping off the soaked garments, including all his bandages that were now destroyed. His heart sank as he gazed at all the scarred skin underneath. [#424ef4 “Baymax, what happened?”]

[b “You experienced overexertion through stress, muscle fatigue, and chemical imbalances. Your body did what it could to help itself by producing flu-like symptoms in order to stop you from inflicting further damage on yourself. Your immune system is weak from medicines thus making you more prone to infection.”]

[#424ef4 “Why the bathtub?”] He held out his arm for Baymax to rebandage.

[b “I am programmed to be empathic and aware of my patient and his family’s needs. If my patient could not afford the best care then I will provide the next best service.”]

Tadashi looked up into the robots blank eyes, the feelings of shame briefly lifting to feel pride. [#424ef4 “You do work,”] he breathed.

[b “My humblest thanks to my creator.”]

There were small steps and Tadashi looked up at his brother following the comment for rest. He could not bring himself to say anything further and left them alone. His chest was heavy again.

[b “While I do not have all the tools for complete comfort, I suggest you follow Hiro’s suggestion and rest. A pain reliever will be provided.”]

[i Pathetic.]

[#424ef4 “Alright.”] Baymax carried him out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom, where he was comforted by the sheets of his bed.

[b “Tadashi, I urge you to use caution,”] the robot stated after his work was done. [b “Any more damage to yourself may result in needing more professional attention where, in some cases, you may not be able to remain home.”]

He should have just stayed in bed. [#424ef4 “I’ll be more cautious.”] He should have just stayed away. He should have just stayed inside that auditorium.

[b “One last check. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?”]

He thought of Hiro at that moment. That day when he first introduced his little brother to his life’s work. [i Physically or emotionally?] [#424ef4 “Six, Baymax, it’s a six.”]

[b “We will continue treatment after you have rested.”]

[#424ef4 “Thanks. I am satisfied with my care.”] And with that Baymax waddled back over to his station and deactivated. Then he was alone.

Tadashi pushed his head into the pillow, trying so hard not to think of self hating thoughts. What was Hiro thinking? What was Aunt Cass thinking? Was he becoming this new burden? What if he never got better? What if he kept destroying out of impatience? He wasn’t a hero. Now he was a invalid.
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Chocolate eyes lifted a bit as Baymax finally joined them, watching as a large and white hand slipped under Tadashi's head to lift it. A soft hum sounded, kind of like a small fan, before his other hand pressed lightly to his cheek.

[b "High temperature of 104 degrees detected. Immediate cooling is recommended."]

Hiro couldn't respond at first, only able to stare at his brother as he rested heavily against his creation. Seeing his brother like this made his guilt much worse, his stomach feeling as if it were going to reject the juice he had drank not even thirty minutes ago. Thin arms tightened around his matching frame as he watched Baymax carefully lift Tadashi and begin his ascension of the staircase, taking his brother to give him the help that Hiro couldn't. Feeling helpless was even worse...he felt like he was instantly transported back to the fire and only able to watch as Tadashi ran into those bright flames. Tears threatened to fill his eyes, his hands clenching the fabric of his pajama shirt, and he could feel his pulse beginning to quicken again...just like it did on that night.

Hiro felt like he was trapped in a nightmare that he couldn't wake up from.

The sound of the bathroom door hitting the wall as it was opened pulled him from his dark thoughts, Hiro heading up the staircase quickly. Baymax would need some help. He squeezed his small frame between the large, fluffy robot and the wall until he reached the bath tub and quickly turned the cold water on. Once it was filled enough, Baymax carefully set his patient into it in order to cool him down some. It was a dated practice to lower one's body temperature but it was the most effective. Within a few minutes he could see the effects of it beginning to work, Tadashi slowly became more conscious and aware of his surroundings while regaining a bit of movement. All he could do was lean against the wall for the time being while Tadashi recovered, his thoughts beginning the downward spiral with each passing minute. This fever wasn't his fault, too, was it?

Hiro glanced over as Baymax requested a towel in order to dry Tadashi, feeling that he had spent enough time in the cold water to help him. He moved across the hall to the linen closet, reaching up to the top shelf to pull down a clean towel. He would need another set of clothes as well seeing as how Baymax set him in the water fully clothed. He set the towel on the sink so one of them could grab it before going into their bedroom and over to his brother's dresser. He sorted through his clothes until he found a comfortable looking pair of pajama pants and a loose shirt, feeling these would work. Quietly he took them back to the bathroom for Tadashi to change into. Once the wet clothes were shed and he was changed, Hiro gathered up the wet clothes to take them down to the laundry basket.

[+red "You should be in bed, Tadashi,"] Hiro told his brother quietly. His eyes briefly lifted to meet his brother's before his guilt set in again and he had to look away. He wanted to tell his brother that he still loved him, no matter how responsible he felt for all of his discomfort and he wanted to reassure him that everything would turn out okay. His emotions threatened to choke out his voice, though, and prevented him from saying anything. Instead, he left the bathroom so Baymax could treat is patient while Hiro took the laundry down the stairs.
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There were muffled pitches and sounds as he laid there letting his body distribute the consequences that resulted from over exertion and utter stupidity. He was smart. He should have known better but these stupid emotions just made reason seem, well, unreasonable.

Time seemed to pass too slowly to really grasp how long it took for a wave of cool air to hit his face. He blinked beginning to focus on Baymax’s hand lifting his head off the floor to cool it gradually. He remembered installing that mechanism into the robots hand. What was it? Four years ago?

Baymax was saying something as something else was pushed against his cheek. Muffles. 104? Climbing? He couldn’t even climb the stairs. He wanted to laugh but left too sick to do so.

Tadashi tried to move his hands but his fingers felt numb. Disoriented, he wondered if Hiro was near and how much the eldest wished he wasn’t. This would make everything worse. Wasn’t Tadashi upset? Upset over what? All this heat. Was everything on fire?

He was no longer laying on the floor and his body was pressed against something soft and cool. He imagined he was leaning against a cloud. The eldest tried to take in the scenes around him but there was so much light and his temples were pounding. What was happening?

In glimpses, he dizzily recognised passing into the bathroom and quickly dropped into a tub of water. His body tingled at the sudden change in temperature, grinding his teeth as he bared through it. A few minutes and his senses seemed to return, sharpening his awareness of the situation and embarrassment. [i Please be alone. Please be alone.] [#424ef4 “Alone?”] he stuttered, his hand now gripping the side of the tub.

[b “Hiro is here,”] Baymax stated cooly before turning to look at his brother. [b “Can you please pass me a towel so that we may help Tadashi be dry again?”]

[i No. No. No. No. God damn it.]
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Mochi meowed quietly and snuggled closer to Hiro as the small hand continued to scratch the soft ears. He seemed content with his temporary head scratcher while the smaller Hamada quietly stared out the window. The low voices of his small family drifted into the room though he couldn't make out what they were saying, he was sure he wouldn't want to hear it anyway. If he had to put money on it, it was about his eating habits as of late. The damage he had done to his system was hard to reverse, especially since so much time had passed, and his appetite seemed to be unrecoverable. He just wasn't hungry. Hiro was a bright kid and knew that what he was doing wasn't good for him but it was hard to pull himself out of that behavior.

He hadn't forgotten about the conversation he was having with Tadashi before Cass had returned and was still trying to think of what to say to him. Of course it was his fault, how could it not be? If Hiro wasn't there, Tadashi wouldn't have been, either. If he wasn't presenting that night, instead of watching his brother being loaded into the back of an ambulance he would have been up in his room receiving another lecture about his actions. The cycle would have continued and they could have lived out the rest of their lives.

Now it was too late for that.

Hiro wasn't aware of how long he had spaced out, brown eyes staring unseeing out the window, before he heard a loud thud near the staircase. Quietly he pushed Mochi back so he could stand up, the large ball of fluff protesting with a quiet meow, and rose to his feet in order to investigate. He imagined it was Aunt Cass, probably having dropped the laundry basket down the stairs again and expected to see an explosion of clothes on the stairs and the landing. Instead when he turned the corner, he saw his brother lying on the floor. Hiro hurried over, kneeling down beside him and lightly touching his shoulder. He was warm, much warmer than he should have been. Tadashi needed to be laying down, preferably in bed, but there was no way he could carry his brother up those stairs. Hell, he couldn't even pick him up to help him stand. He didn't think Cass could do it either, she was too small as well. Quickly he rose to stand and dart up the stairs to their shared room to activate Baymax. The large white robot was still condensed into his charging station; Hiro squatted down and pushed one of the activating buttons on the station that alerted him that his patient needed him. Round eyes opened after a soft beep, Baymax taking a step out of his station and looking down at the smaller Hamada.

[b "I have been alerted that Tadashi is in need of medical attention."]

[+red "Come on, he's downstairs,"] Hiro answered him. He then quickly made his way back downstairs and knelt by Tadashi once more as Baymax made his way to them.

[+red "Baymax is coming,"] he told Tadashi quietly, though he wasn't sure if he could hear him. He looked pretty out of it. [+red "Just try to relax."]
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The longer he sat at the table, the more upset he became. Tadashi stared hard at his cold eggs as Hiro excused himself from eating by saying ‘he’ll eat them later’. It frustrated him how much had changed because of the accident and how he was only [i now] seeing the radical changes in his little brother. [i Aunt Cass, of course he’s not going to eat day old eggs and sausage.] Why wasn’t she being more assertive? Everything was okay now. Everything is fine!

Tadashi waited till Hiro had left before dropping his fork and looking at Aunt Cass. Her big eyes looked apologetic. [b “He’s been doing this ever since the accident,”] she said quietly to keep Hiro from hearing.

He pushed his plate away and leaned forward. [#424ef4 “You should make him eat. Look how thin he’s getting. It’s been two months.”]

Aunt Cass smiled sadly. [b “Honey, it’s not that easy. I’ve seen so much change- in the both of you. Healing takes time.”]

[i Healing takes time.] That’s all anyone had to say.

[#424ef4 “I’m done,”] he said, pushing back the chair. [#424ef4 “Don’t save it.”] He planted his feet and slowly lifted himself. He shook his head when Aunt Cass made to help him, persistent on staying independent. Eventually, he came to a stand and as fast as he could, made his way towards the stairs.

Tadashi could feel his body heating up, sweat building on his forehead as he used the strength in his arms to lift himself up the steps using the railing. What could he do to make things right? How could he help Hiro get out of that state of mind? That... depression? The more he moved, the harder it was to maintain his control. His legs were shaking, his stomach turning, his cheeks burning up. Dizzy...

Tadashi couldn’t recall when he fell but when he opened his eyes he was staring at the wood texture of the stairs. His anger and frustration peaked as he laid there, feeling heavy and hot. Why was this happening? Why was he here? He spent so much time wishing he’d never ran in that maybe he should have never come out.

He heard someone behind him but couldn’t make out what they were saying. His head was pounding and his skin was getting clammy. [i A fever,] he thought.
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Hiro didn't need to see his brother's disapproving gaze in order to feel it. He could bend the truth to a number of people, Cass included, but never to Tadashi. He was always found out. In his peripheral he could see his brother rubbing the bridge of his nose, a move Tadashi did when Hiro was about to receive the lecture of a lifetime or get into serious trouble. Most of his "parenting" came from the elder Hamada, at least the more weighty stuff, as their aunt didn't seem to be very skilled at it. He loved her just as much as Tadashi did but felt she was more of a guardian than a parent.

Tadashi filled that role perfectly.

He wanted to believe his brother's words, he wanted to more than anything. He wanted to believe that he wasn't responsible for the accident and that Tadashi wasn't in this mess because of him. Deep down though he knew it was the truth. If Hiro hadn't been there presenting, if he didn't want to go to that nerd school, none of this would have happened. Aunt Cass wouldn't be worrying about bills and loans and Tadashi would be in his lab perfecting Baymax with his nerd friends. He felt he was to blame for all of this.

It was one of the reasons he had picked up bot fighting again since he could essentially pay his brother's hospital bill on his own. He was able to win rather large amounts of money rather easily with his megabot and could also hit a few places a night. This was the only way he felt he could contribute to all the trouble he had caused no matter how much Tadashi disapproved of it or how much trouble it got him into.

His gaze shifted as Cass returned to the table, brushing off the phone call to make the situation less serious. Hiro was a bit grateful she returned when she did as it gave him a bit longer to think about what he wanted to admit to his brother. He knew he wouldn't get out of this conversation, not that his real feelings were admitted, but it was stalled for a little while. He finished the rest of his juice before pushing the plate aside while Cass frowned a little at the untouched breakfast. It was clear she was concerned about her nephews but wasn't sure how to fix it, especially since she had so much else to worry about. Hiro tried to keep her workload low during the past month for that very reason and gave her empty promises about how he would eat later and sleep better the next night. This was no different.

[+red "I'll put it in the fridge and eat it later,"] Hiro told her quietly, leaning back in the chair a bit as he looked over at her. This answer made her feel a little better, her face relaxing a bit. Honestly he used this at almost every meal he came down for and had quite a few covered plates in the fridge already. Hiro rose after a few minutes, taking the plate to the counter to cover and set into the large machine. Once he was finished, he made his way to the living room and dropped onto the couch next to Mochi in order to lightly pet the cat's ears. He seemed appreciative of this, Mochi curling up next to Hiro and purring loudly. At least he could do something right for once.
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Tadashi was really good at seeing through his little brother’s lies after their parents died. Of course Hiro was bot fighting again. Why would he not be after everything that happened? Where else would Aunt Cass get the money? How has she not figured it out yet? They were going to get arrested again if someone found out.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose as Hiro continued, ending with an ominous line that made him freeze. [#424ef4 “Cause what mess..?”] Tadashi looked at Hiro’s tuff of black hair since he wouldn’t meet his gaze. [#424ef4 “You didn’t cause that fire. You didn’t do anything, Hiro.”]

He surprised even himself how serious he sounded. Tadashi would never think that his brother had a weight as heavy as his on his shoulders and before Hiro could even answer, Aunt Cass walked back in the kitchen.

[b “Man, those guys are so serious,”] she dismissed, taking her place at the table.

Tadashi sipped at his coffee, not feeling so hungry anymore. He wanted to talk but he felt Aunt Cass wouldn’t understand either side of this tragedy. He loved her so much but serious situations were not her forte. She couldn’t even talk to him about what happened that day and that frustrated him. He wasn’t a delicate flower.
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Hiro had just set the carton back into the fridge when Tadashi reached the dining room and noticed that Cass had glanced over her shoulder at them. She moved away from the stove, grabbing a mug from the counter and setting it within Tadashi's reach. The smaller Hamada moved over to the table and set his glass in the spot across from Tadashi before pulling himself up into the chair. The smell of breakfast filled the dining room and gave it a warm feeling...a homey feeling. It almost made Hiro want to eat more than he usually did.

Being presented with a full plate, however, quickly made him change his mind as his stomach seemed to protest a bit already. It had gotten used to his hunger strike and shrank a bit in the process which made it difficult for him to eat as much as he used to. He was certain that his brain was still a bit chemically unbalanced which didn't help matters any. Hiro picked up his fork, however, and tried to give the appearance that he was at least making an effort to eat. A glance across the table saw Tadashi doing a similar thing, simply moving his breakfast around the porcelain, before he quietly asked his brother his question. His eyes lifted to meet Tadashi's for a minute before he let them fall back down to the table.

[+red "It's not the worst it's ever been,"] Hiro admitted to him quietly. It wasn't exactly in the best place it could be but they weren't about to be destitute in the immediate future. Still, he had been working on ways to help a bit, no matter how much Tadashi would frown upon it. Betting on bot fighting was still illegal in San Fransokyo but Hiro was good at it. He had built himself a bot that simply couldn't be beat. It was easy money for him, as long as he didn't get caught, and no one in the house needed to know exactly where it came from. [+red "I still have some money left from the last couple of bot fights I went to; Aunt Cass has a box under her bed with emergency cash and bank stuff that I've been adding to when she isn't paying attention. She hasn't noticed but it hasn't been too much, either. But I'm working on a plan to get some money together to help her out."]

He leaned back in the chair, setting his fork against the edge of the plate and let out a quiet sigh. Hiro didn't want Tadashi to worry about money when there wasn't anything he could do about it. It would just add un-needed stress on him. He took a drink of the juice he had poured from himself, keeping his gaze averted from his brother's and down at the table. [+red "I's the least I can do....for causing all of this mess..."]
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 1y 102d 20h 10m 40s
Tadashi found himself frowning ever so slightly at his brother’s reply. Yeah... he was here now but that didn’t make the feeling go away. Focus on getting better so that- what? Everything could go back to normal? He tried not to think so much on it.

Hiro let him go first down the stairs which was... a lot more troublesome without Baymax. His calves stretched and knees locked randomly making him him sort of wobble down every step but Hiro was a good spotter and aided him when needed.

The smells of a home cooked morning breakfast reached his nostrils and made his stomach rumble. He used the walls to keep steady as he rounded into the kitchen and settled himself into a chair that Hiro already pulled out.

He sighed out deeply, relaxing his muscles that already felt like he had worked enough. He stretched his ankles underneath the table and reached for a warm muffin in the center. No sooner had he took his first bite that Aunt Cass set a coffee within his reach.

[b “Oh, it’s so good to have you back at my table,”] she said, ruffling his hair before going back to the stove.

[#424ef4 “Yeah,”] he said, meeting Hiro’s gaze from across the table. [#424ef4 “It’s been going well...”] Tadashi lowered his gaze back to the muffin. He wasn’t lying. [i Everything is fine. Everything is fine.]

Aunt Cass was just setting down their plates when the phone rang. She wiped her hands quickly on her apron and looked at the caller ID. [b “I’ll be just a minute,”] she told them before answering the call in the other room. With the house being so small, nowhere was really that private. They could hear the conversation she had about loans and dates. Financial burdens that Tadashi didn’t even think about.

He moved his eggs around the plate, listening. [#424ef4 “How’s money been?”] he asked Hiro.
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[+red "I'm sure she's up by now,"] Hiro responded, groaning a bit after stretching his arms. The bones popped rather loudly as his form shifted, his back falling suit after. [+red "Why she wakes up before the sun is beyond me."] He pulled a brush through his hair a couple of times before dropping it onto his dresser where it belonged and moving to the doorway. It was open here and gave him a better vantage point to keep an eye on his brother should he fall or need anything. It was hard to watch Tadashi struggle with everyday tasks and knew he should have activated Baymax for help but decided to keep his mouth shut for now. Tadashi was rather headstrong, a trait they both shared, and knew he wouldn't be swayed if his mind was really made up on it.

Still, there was the possibility that he would change his mind.

Hiro was about to pull open the door when he felt weight on his shoulder, causing him to turn around and look up at the male that stood over him. The gentle words and reassuring touch almost brought tears to his eyes as the feelings that he had tried so hard to shove back down were surfacing again. It was difficult not knowing whether he would be alone in this room temporarily or permanently, if Tadashi really could recover from this. The possibility of not having his brother around anymore nearly broke him which was what gave him the issues he was dealing with now. It was something he couldn't handle and he didn't know if he could have ever moved past it.

[+red "You're here now,"] Hiro answered softly, giving him a small smile as he forced those feelings back down where they belonged. [+red "Let's focus on getting you better and, when you are, you can make it up to me."]

He let Tadashi move ahead of him in order to take the stairs at his own pace, all the while keeping an eye on him. He had already fallen out of bed, the last thing he wanted was his brother to tumble down the stairs as well. Once the two of them made it to the bottom, Hiro moved ahead in order to see if Cass was in the process of cooking. The aroma from the kitchen confirmed this, Hiro turning the corner to see her at the stove with a turner in her hand and freshly baked muffins on the table. He smiled faintly, pulling out a chair for Tadashi to sit when he finally made it while pulling some orange juice out of the fridge. Things were beginning to return to normal.
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Hearing his brother’s voice was comforting after so much silence. He put his tablet to the side and the papers on top of that before moving his body closer to the edge of the bed. [#424ef4 “I’m fine,”] he said, trying to keep the emotion out of his voice, [#424ef4 “I’m ready for a good homemade breakfast. Aunt Cass makes great omelets.”]

Tadashi carefully pulled his legs over the edge and touched the cold floor, recalling the fall from earlier. It frustrated him that healing took so long. In this modern age, a genius by now should have created an advanced healing system by now. Maybe he should just do it... but that wasn’t his major.

He stretched his toes and ankles before attempting to stand. His balance needed work but otherwise everything seemed to be working. He reached a hand to stabilize himself using the divider, which wasn’t a very good support he’d admit, and managed to get to the opening to stretch.

Tadashi glanced at Baymax’s charging box and thought against activating his creation. Maybe he was being stubborn but he was itching to do everything again by himself.

When Hiro was close enough, he put a hand on his small shoulder, smiling gently. [#424ef4 “Hey... I just wanted you to know that I really missed being here and... I’m sorry.”]

[i I’m sorry for almost leaving you all alone.]
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Even though he was tired and his body language showed it, he remained for a minute or two longer before taking his brother's advice and returning to his bed. He was still a bit unsure of whether or not he should leave his brother alone with the work he had done, worried about how Tadashi would handle it. The last time, he almost had a meltdown. The reassurance that he would be called if he was needed helped coerce him back to his bed as well. Once he was finally sure Tadashi would be okay on his own, he gave him a tired smile and moved back behind the divider again to his side of the room. The small lamp was still on from his late reading, giving off a soft glow to guide him back to his bed. He wasn't sure how long, exactly, he had been asleep but he knew it wasn't longer than a couple of hours. His body told him that. It ached as it typically did when he didn't get enough sleep and his eyes threatened to close and stay that way.

Hiro stopped beside the bed and picked up the discarded book, setting it down on the bedside table before turning off the lamp and dropping onto the bed. He didn't bother to crawl under the blankets and it just seemed to be too much effort and curled up a bit before falling asleep for a couple more hours.

The smaller Hamada's sleep had been fairly dreamless since the accident, once in a while having one that included Tadashi. Those ones never ended well. This was one of the former mentioned nights, Hiro's frame remaining still as his brain recovered a bit until he woke up on his own. He groaned faintly, wrapping his arms around the nearest pillow as large eyes opened a bit to see the time on his alarm clock: 6:50. When he did sleep, it typically wasn't for very long which caused him to take multiple, small naps throughout the day. He was hoping now that Tadashi had made it home that this cycle of sleep would end but apparently it would take some time. He lay there for a while, letting his eyes close again, and simply rested until he heard his brother's voice from the other side of the room.

[+red "I'm up,"] Hiro grumbled a bit into his pillow, slowly opening his eyes again and staring at the wall for a few moments. Once he finally felt more awake, he pushed himself to sit up and allowed himself to stretch. [+red "Is everything okay?"] he asked, his voice picking up a bit now that he had time to greet the day.
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 1y 105d 17h 11m 14s
The younger Hamada set the stack of papers close enough to reach and glanced at the top page, the first police report. [#424ef4 “Yeah,”] he agreed, [#424ef4 “Baymax has a reliable skeleton.”] He glanced up to see Hiro stifling a yawn and smiled. [#424ef4 “You should back to sleep. I’ll wake you if I need you. I promise.”]

Tadashi waited till Hiro made his way back over to his side of the divider before releasing a sigh. He closed his eyes, thinking about that gray vision of his brother from the nightmare. How much different he looked compared to now. Now he looked... sick.

There was a spark of hate that grew in his chest. The fact that there was even a hint that someone had started that catastrophe- He took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. The oldest Hamada reached over to switch on the lamp on his side table, giving him light to read the reports again within his own pace. Two places to start, no witnesses, no footage.

[i No footage? On a university campus?]

That was odd. He personally had seen their security systems when he and Callaghan took walks around the campus.

He opened up the google search bar and typed in ‘Robert Callaghan’. News stories of the University explosion were first to pop up followed by Callaghan’s obituary. Solemnly, he scrolled through the results, resurfacing memories from when he was alive. He was a good teacher and a personal hero to Tadashi. Losing Callaghan was like losing one of his closest friends... the father figure he never really had.

He paused, feeling guilty about the thought. It didn’t feel right. Losing two parents and now Callaghan? What would Hiro think of this? Would he have sympathy if he told him? Would he be mad or jealous? Was it selfish to risk his life by running into that fire for someone no one really knew he was close to?

Tadashi felt disgusting. He switched off the tablet and laid back, letting his brain go rampad with self defeating ideas. He really, really needed a hug but he dared not wake Hiro. The feeling might even pass if he just waited till day break.

It was around 7am when Tadashi decided he wanted to have breakfast. [#424ef4 “Hiro, are you awake?”]
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Hiro had doubts that his brother would want to go back to sleep, especially after waking from a nightmare, so he decided not to push it. He would catch up on his missed sleep at some point during the day, he was sure, with a nap or simply resting. Now that the excitement and worries were mostly over, he could feel his own exhaustion creeping up on him from his late night of reading. Sleeping for Hiro was almost as difficult as eating, neither things happening in the capacity that they should. His crash diet was most apparent by the already small frame becoming tinier but his sleeping strike was a bit more difficult to see. He was aware that their aunt had an idea about it as the smaller Hamada would fall asleep at the strangest times in the most random places but she didn't say anything about it. Hopefully he could get it back on track before it became a much larger problem.

Chocolate eyes watched as Tadashi pulled his tablet off of its charger and began to log into it, requesting the homework that Hiro had done on the fire. He wasn't sure if this was such a good idea after the small meltdown his brother had experienced the last time he looked it over. He hesitated for a moment, thinking it over, before retreating to his desk to get the materials. While he was doing this, he heard Tadashi ask his thoughts on Baymax and his operating abilities.

[+red "He has trouble fitting into smaller spaces,"] Hiro admitted softly as small hands carried the items back to Tadashi. He carefully set them down near his legs within easy reach for him to look at when he so pleased. [+red "Other than that, he seems pretty stable. His medical coding is pretty phenomenal and the skeleton is quite strong."] Small arms folded loosely over his chest, Hiro stifling a yawn as he watched Tadashi go through his tablet.
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