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Granted, it was a bit strange that his remaining creation had sprung to life so suddenly. It had been designed in a manner that such an occurrence would be quite rare to avoid accidents when used in a constructive forum. New things were being invented all the time, perhaps something had been built that worked on the same wavelength. It was pretty difficult to think about at the moment since the smaller Hamada was so exhausted from his night out and vowed to look into it more when he was fully conscious.

Tired eyes watched as Tadashi slouched, seeming to give the subject some serious thought. Admittedly, Hiro always liked watching his brother when he worked and planned. He had certain traits that he found amusing and comforting, like the way his eyebrows knitted together when he was concentrating or how his form relaxed completely when he was doing light research. It was the things that made Tadashi....Tadashi.

His thoughts were pulled towards his brother when he spoke, using the petri dish with the still-moving microbot as a pointer. The curse word was what really made him focus as it wasn't Tadashi's usual manner. When words like that came out, even ones so light as that, it meant that the smaller Hamada was in some serious shit. He followed Tadashi's arm to where it was pointing, his right arm, and looked down at it. Nothing. Chocolate eyes moved up towards his shoulder, still not seeing anything unusual. Slowly he pulled himself up to his feet and walked the short distance to his mirror to stand in front of it and see what had Tadashi so alarmed. There it was, just below his neck and beginning to creep out from under his collar. His opposite hand reached up, stretching the collar out a bit to expose his collarbone and part of his shoulder which revealed the same color of bruising that expanded across the revealed areas. Where did that come from?!


Hiro suddenly remembered his night of bot fighting. About halfway through it, a small altercation had occurred which resulted in him being pinned to a wall by a man much larger than he was. Big burly dudes didn't appreciate being swindled by such a young boy and typically became angry but, most of the time, he was able to escape before anything physical happened. He wasn't quite paying attention which resulted in the multicolored skin Tadashi was now questioning him about. But what could he say? If he told his brother the truth his brother's head may very well explode and much worse words than the one he just used would surface. Not to mention he would be receiving the "I'm not mad, just disappointed" speech again. That was almost worse than being yelled at.

[+red "I tripped on the bottom stair yesterday from my shoelace,"] he lied quietly, fixing his shirt and rubbing at the discoloration. He didn't dare turn around yet nor make eye contact through the mirror, choosing to focus instead on the nearby window. [+red "I hit the door frame pretty hard."]
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 319d 5h 53m 31s
Tadashi slouched further into the rolling chair, thinking. Right... picking up signals from other nearby areas. While they did live in a technologically advanced city, they- Hiro calibrated those microbots to be unaffected by everyday signals to avoid construction or transportation castrophies. Granted the effort was simple and he aided Hiro enough to know. Basic stuff that his brother should figure out. Maybe... he didn’t want to know or just didn’t care...

Tadashi took the petri dish and watched as Hiro climbed back into bed, looking tremendously more tired in the bathing sunlight. What was he going to do with it? It wasn’t like he- He blinked, noticing the colors peeking out from underneath the cotton shirt. [#424ef4 “What the hell is that?”] he asked, using the petri dish as a pointer.

He could feel that fire lighting in his chest again, already forming a dozen conclusions and theories.
  Tadashi Hamada / KyoyaPleasant / 319d 16h 51m 51s
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Hiro continued to watch the small robot clink against the glass, being bounced back and able to repeat the process until it busted through its prison or until whatever was sending it a signal finally died off. He didn't understand what could have caused it to activate in the first place, everything he had built had been destroyed in the fire. The administration said so.

[+red "I think I would remember building another transmitter,"] Hiro answered quietly but still allowed his tone to have a faint sarcastic bite to it. That was a language both he and Tadashi spoke pretty well, especially to each other. [+red "Besides, why would I build one when I don't have anything to use it with? Maybe it's picking up a signal from something else in the area, I mean it happens with robotics pretty often."]

He shrugged his shoulders and reached over, setting the dish back into his brother's hand and sat back down on his bed. Stranger things had happened which was why he wasn't so quick to dismiss it as a possibility. The light movements had caused the thick fabric of the hoodie to slip off his shoulders to gather around his arms and back, Hiro too tired to fix it. A dark shade of purple and blue just peeked out from under his shirt collar, the smaller Hamada unaware of its existence at the moment or he would have thought to cover it. Chocolate eyes lifted to Tadashi's face while his hand lifted to run though his hair in an attempt to smooth some of it. It was good to see his brother picking up other interests, getting his life back together piece by piece.

[+red "What are you going to do with it?"]
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 332d 5h 47m 53s
It took him a few minutes to get his brother conscious enough to have a conversation and even then only looked half alive. Being as perceptive as he was, the eldest took in Hiro’s disheveled appearance. Matted hair, still in his clothes from last night. It looked like he had barely gotten any sleep. Despite his growing curiosity, he kept his opinion to himself figuring it wasn’t the right time.

[#424ef4 “I’m no expert with your particular inventions,”] Tadashi started, [#424ef4 “But these things only work with a functioning transmitter. Have you built one lately and left it somewhere for it to act that way?”] He doubted it. From what Aunt Cass had been telling him whilst he was at the hospital, Hiro had taken no interest in rebuilding his winning creation. While it initially took lots of work, he would have no problem continuing at the University.

But he was very well aware why he wasn’t.
  Tadashi Hamada / KyoyaPleasant / 334d 19h 16m 25s
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It took a couple of tries from the elder Hamada to awaken his little brother, Hiro in a pretty deep sleep. It was probably the best sleep he had gotten in quite a while as he more or less took a few naps during his sleeping and waking hours, he couldn't really remember the last time after the fire that he had slept peacefully all night long. If he had remained home all night he was certain he would have continued that vicious cycle but his excursion across the city wore him out.

A quiet groan sounded at Tadashi's final attempt to wake his brother, Hiro curling up a little bit more before slowly opening his eyes. He was still pretty tired, a glance at his alarm clock informing him that it had only been a few hours since he returned home. For one morning couldn't Tadashi sleep in? Another groan sounded as Hiro pushed himself to sit up, a large yawn following, and he ran a hand through his hair as he looked around the room. His tired gaze finally stopped on his brother at his desk, something he found a bit peculiar, but crawled over to the edge of his bed anyway.

[+red "What are you doing over there?"] he asked quietly, fixing his crooked hoodie a bit before allowing his form to slouch a bit. He had fallen asleep in his clothes, not even bothering to have the energy to change out of them when he got home. It took a couple of minutes for Hiro to finally realize what Tadashi was holding, his eyebrows narrowing as he reached out to carefully take the dish. He had forgotten that this lone microbot had been in his pocket and, after the accident, had put it in a dish to deal with later. Now, it was moving, the metal clinking softly against the glass as it tried to roll away to its new destination.

[+red "I had forgotten about it,"] he admitted quietly, keeping his gaze on it as it continued its constant clinking against the glass wall. He didn't understand why it was moving, however, as it should have no way to. The transmitter that had given it life was destroyed with the rest of its friends.
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 338d 6h 11m 9s
The room was dark, almost completely covered in blackness. From the shapes, Tadashi recognised that he was in his lab, sitting in the roll away chair near his desk. He looked around, the silence off putting and making him anxious. His wandering gaze landed on a figure in the doorway. It stood there... still and utterly quiet.

His hands gripped the side of the arm chairs, tears at the edges of his eyes. He knew who it was... and he was dead.


Tadashi took in a sharp breath as he opened his eyes, glaring up at the sunlight spread across the ceiling. He quickly wiped the moisture from his eyes and slowly sat himself up to regain his reality. At least it wasn’t a dream about the fire...

He pulled away the sheet and started to stretch, hearing Hiro’s soft snores from beyond the paper divider. [i Poor kid must have been needing that full rest,] he mused as he rotated his ankles.

Tadashi had only been half way through his therapy routine when he heard a faint tapping sound. His listened carefully, identifying that it was coming from Hiro’s side of the room. He maneuvered himself around to a steady stand, slightly shaky on his feet, and peeked around the divider. The tapping was barely louder, seeming to be coming from somewhere on his brother’s desk, buried underneath the disorganized mess.

Cautiously, the older Hamada krept over, leaning on the chair and pulled away the debri. There he found the source of the tapping. A single microbot twitching inside a petri dish.

[#424ef4 “Wow,”] he breathed. Tadashi was sure all of Hiro’s creations were destroyed in that fire but it piqued his interest to know that it still functioned.

He grabbed a discarded crumpled piece of paper from off the desk and tossed it at the younger Hamada’s mess of hair. [#424ef4 “Hey, Hiro wake up,”] he said, letting himself fall into the desk chair with a slight grunt. [#424ef4 “Look what I found.”]
  Tadashi Hamada / KyoyaPleasant / 341d 18h 46m 27s
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The familiar shadows danced across the divider as Baymax helped Tadashi prepare for the night, changing bandages and giving out much needed medication. This was becoming the new nightly routine, Hiro simply watching as he wasn't much help. Baymax had it all covered. Reaching over to his nightstand, he turned on the small lamp before picking up his book. Another glance to the paper divider told him that Tadashi was now in bed, the soft glow on the other side of the room from the tablet filling some of the void. He liked to think that he knew his older brother quite well and was beginning to pick up on his new habits and routines. If he was right, Tadashi would be calling it a night within the next hour and falling asleep shortly after that. Until then, Hiro would simply read and relax.

The medication worked like a charm.

Just as Hiro predicted, the soft glow died after nearly forty-five minutes and a soft creak of the bed sounded as Tadashi adjusted his position. Not long after that most noises stopped on the far side of the room. He reached over and switched off his light, remaining still for a few minutes to see if Tadashi would have a reaction to it. When he didn't, he carefully got up from his bed and crept over to the divider in order to peek around it. Just as he suspected, his brother was deep into sleep at that point.


Grabbing his hoodie from his desk chair and megabot from his desk nearby, Hiro moved quietly from the room and down the stairs. He could hear the tv set from the family room, telling him that their aunt was relaxing for the night. Another few quiet steps and he was out the door. Sneaking out was always so easy, especially while Tadashi was away, as Cass was too tired from her day of work to hear all the small creaks and groans from the house as Hiro moved through it. His small stature helped with that as well as he didn't weigh enough to make a lot of noise. Hiro pulled out his cellphone, pulling up the page that had his schedule on it, and looked over the words and numbers carefully. He had already missed one but it wasn't a big deal. Most of the higher paying fights occurred later in the night. The next one was a good hour walk away, he would have to hurry if he was going to make it on time. He smiled faintly, putting his phone away and pulling the hood over his head before jogging down the sidewalk to begin his busy night.


Hiro didn't return until the early morning hours, shortly before sunrise. Signs of his wear and tear during the night were pretty evident, he could barely keep his eyes open and his hair was a disheveled mess. He felt as tired as he looked, if not more, and couldn't wait to crawl into bed. With any luck, Tadashi would still be asleep. The smaller Hamada stopped at the door, reaching into his pocket to pull out the key, and unlocked it as quietly as he could. He listened carefully as he slowly pushed the door open for signs of life but thankfully the house was quiet. Closing the door, he crept up the staircase and into the shared bedroom. He stopped at his desk, quietly pulling his hoodie off and setting it and his robot on the chair before glancing at Tadashi's side of the room. He didn't see any indication of wakefulness; Hiro moved over to his bed and dropped down on top of it where he instantly fell asleep. It was certainly a long night.
  SolemnYuki / 347d 5h 6m 24s
Tadashi bit his lip as Baymax pulled layer by layer of bandages off, redressing them shortly after inspecting the progress. The cool air stung the exposed skin but faded away once he was back in normal comfortable clothes.

He looked at Hiro’s silhouette through the divider, watching as the other boy sat and waited. He let himself frown in these private moments knowing full well that everything was going to take a long time to fix. At the mention of research, Tadashi curled back into the pillow, not really sure he was ready to continue. [#424ef4 “Maybe,”] he replied half heartedly. [#424ef4 “Though I might just work on drawing out schematics for additional improvements for Baymax.”]

The robot looked over at him from the dresser of orange capped medicines. [b “There is always room to grow,”] it agreed as it started to waddle over back to his bedside.

Tadashi took the water glass that was handed to him and swallowed the last pill of the day. After a few more precautionary minutes, Baymax deactivated for the night and the eldest took to his tablet, quickly opening up his blueprint software to avoid delving into more Callaghan information. Inventing... that’s what he was good at and it comforted him.

The brothers didn’t say too much, Tadashi giving Hiro his space to relax after such an exhausting day. He was really feeling it... and not too long into his notes, he felt himself drifting off into sleep.
  Tadashi Hamada / KyoyaPleasant / 348d 18h 59m 28s
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Hiro remained quiet as he leaned back into his chair, watching as his brother slowly ate his dinner. It was something he wanted to do, to simply dig into the delicious food, but was unable. He didn't know how to fix it, to make smells not hurt his stomach, and to find the will to eat a full meal again. Unfortunately he didn't think Tadashi knew how to fix it, either. What hurt Hiro the most was knowing he was disappointing his brother and putting another burden on him, a fact that almost made his eyes water with tears. He hated that feeling and the longer they sat at the table, the worse he felt it was getting.

He helped remained quiet as he followed Tadashi up the stairs and to their shared room. The small form dropped onto his bed, reaching over to switch his lamp on, and lay back on the soft blankets. Chocolate eyes flickered over to the divider as his brother spoke, able to see faint shadows through the paper in the screen due to the light on the other side of it. Hiro wondered what was worse, dressing or undressing. [+red "Probably read for a while,"] he answered quietly. It wasn't a lie, he did plan on reading a little bit....then when he was certain his brother's meds had fully kicked in and he would sleep soundly through the night, he had a bot fight to go to.

The thin frame curled up a little bit, his head resting against the pillows, and continued to watch the shadows on the paper divider. [+red "Are you going to do more research tonight?"]
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 352d 4h 58m 23s
Having studied medical care for at least two semesters, Tadashi could see the signs of malnutrition in his brother... and it made him feel sick. He knew the blame game was rotating between the two of them but he couldn’t help but to feel guilty once more at the sight of Hiro’s lack of interest in basic necessities. Grade 3 biology. Flat science.

The eldest watched the way Hiro seemed to repel his appetite but finding ways around the plate with his fork and wrinkling his nose at pure smells like steamed vegetables. It simply sucked the mood out of the room as he and Aunt Cass frowned in worry as his brother slouched back into the wooden chair in defeat.

[#424ef4 “Don’t eat then,”] he said, forcing his gaze back to the plate before him. Tadashi couldn’t also fall into bad eating habits. Such a risk would be stupid... so he stared at the food, trying not to think too hard as he consumed the dinner. To be able to feel normal at the table was going to take lots of practice.

The two of them were silent and that wasn’t anyone in particular’s fault. It only seemed right, like they were fighting through a period of time just to get to the next part of the day.

Tadashi gently placed his silverware to the side and started to bring himself to a stand, of course, very slowly. It took work but eventually he and Hiro made it up the stairs and back in the comfort of their room within a manageable amount of time. Once he was sitting on the bed again did he start to carefully undress with the aid of Baymax who proceeded with the programmed nightly routine. [#424ef4 “Whatcha going to do for the rest of the night?”] he asked his brother from the other side of the divider.
  Tadashi Hamada / KyoyaPleasant / 352d 19h 14m 20s
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Hiro watched quietly as Baymax waddled in and around the tables and chairs, bumping a few on his way to his patient. He was just a tad too large for the area around him which caused the large but soft body to collide into the edges of obstacles around him. It didn't deter him, though, as he had a job to do. The proper medication was dropped into Tadashi's hand before he waddled away again which left the two brothers alone.

He knew this was going to come up sometime and would have to be solved, Hiro was aware that as soon as Tadashi figured out about his brother's current eating habits he would try to put a stop to it. The teen was aware how unhealthy and even dangerous it was as the lack of proper nutrients could land him in the hospital. Thankfully he was at least drinking enough water and other things to prevent that from happening while the older Hamada had been away. Still, he had lost an alarming amount of weight and knew it wouldn't be long before he would be on that path.

It was just so hard.

Hiro nodded faintly at his brother's request, glancing over to see Aunt Cass bringing over their dinner. The smell hurt his stomach, a fact that saddened him as he typically enjoyed what was on his plate. This had been her tactic within the last week, cooking Hiro's favorite foods in the hopes he would eat more of it, but it hadn't been successful. He always tried, managing to take a couple bites before his stomach hurt too much and he had to call it quits. Chocolate eyes watched Tadashi for a moment before looking down at his own dinner, slowly reaching over and picking up his fork. He had to do this...for his brother. He agreed to it.

Just as usual, Hiro took a few bites before the fork was set down and he dropped back into his seat a little bit more. [+red "I'm just not hungry,"] he told Tadashi quietly. [+red "My stomach hurts."]
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 355d 6h 46m 2s
He had to admit, getting home was much easier then getting out. Home was safe and secure despite the need to become sociable again. He really needed to work on building his confidence If only he was brave enough to face his fears. If only he had his lab, his friends or even his notes, but Tadashi had to keep reminding himself that he was already working on something to occupy his time. Figuring out what the hell went on in that auditorium.

When the brothers finally made it back to the cafe, they were greeted with the homecooked smells of a delicious dinner. Tadashi’s stomach growled, having not realized how hungry he actually was since the incident at breakfast. He let Hiro guide him through the various tables until they reached their private dining area away from Aunt Cass’s customers.

The transfer from wheelchair to chair was easy enough, allowing Tadashi to stretch out and relax. At the medication reminder, he pulled out his phone, confirming the time. If he did take any now, he was sure to be tired enough to hopefully get a full night’s sleep preferably without nightmares. [#424ef4 “Yeah okay,”] he agreed, pulling up the custom-made app on his phone to call the robot within range.

As expected, Baymax came to his aid in less than five minutes, dropping the designated pills into his open hand. Tadashi thanked him before swallowing them down with water. [#424ef4 “Try to eat something tonight, okay Hiro?”] he said, as Aunt Cass came walking in with their plates. He didn’t want to be overbearing but he was worried.
  Tadashi Hamada / KyoyaPleasant / 357d 14h 23m 38s
[h3 +]
[+red "That's probably for the best,"] Hiro admitted softly with a light smile to match. Aunt Cass had a tendency to worry about things she didn't particularly need to, especially when it came to the two boys. She had admitted on more than one occasion that she wasn't cut out to be the best parent for them even though Hiro felt she was doing a fair job. She worked hard to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, as well as guiding them morally in the right direction. It was probably difficult raising two rather intelligent boys but Hiro felt she did the best she could. It wasn't as if they had turned out to be degenerates.

Hiro walked beside Tadashi through the park and into the busy city, keeping an eye out for obstacles that his brother could run into just as he did on the way there. The cafe wasn't too far away from the park so it didn't take them long to return. As Hiro held the door open for Tadashi to go inside, the smell of dinner hit his nostrils and caused his stomach to churn. It was a regular occurrence now at meals, the scent of most foods instantly squashing any kind of hunger he may have had. He wasn't sure how to combat it as forcing himself to eat sounded extremely unpleasant and he wasn't willing to put himself through that battle just yet. He also knew that since the two of them had begun to tackle Tadashi's problem that the tables would be turned on him; his problems would be next to solve.

[b "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes,"] Cass called to them after glancing over her shoulder. Their entrance had tripped the bell, causing the high pitched sound to travel over to her counter. Hiro simply nodded, pushing Tadashi through the cafe to prevent him from running into anything. He'd hate to see his brother start his healing process all over again from simply running into something he shouldn't have.

[+red "You should have Baymax give you your medications while you wait for dinner,"] he suggested, allowing Tadashi to relax in the chair a minute. [+red "I'm sure you're overdue for a couple of them."]
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 1y 7d 3h 27m 47s
Tadashi smiled softly at his brothers words, holding the hand offered. Of course Hiro didn’t know how to advance the process but he wasn’t asking for that. He was comforted by Hiro’s sincerity that it actually made him feel hopeful. Maybe things will go better now that he understood Tadashi’s personal struggle with perception.

[#424ef4 “Thanks. That means a lot to me.”] He put his hand over Hiro’s, tapping it lightly. He felt tremendously better emotionally. It was silly to hold such burdens to himself even though he didn’t want his brother to grow up any faster. Hiro was a smart kid... He was far from just a child.

The eldest Hamada yawned and stretched cautiously, noticing how the sun set over the edge of the furthest buildings. He pulled out his phone, noting the time. [#424ef4 “Alright, let’s head back before Aunt Cass starts blowing up our phones. I don’t want to stress her out more than she already is.”] The cafe would still be open when they got back but Tadashi was itching for another meal since this morning was such a disaster. He hoped that he could help his brother improve on is personal eating habits now that it seemed they were on the same wavelength again.
  Tadashi Hamada / KyoyaPleasant / 1y 7d 18h 58m 25s
[h3 +]
Hiro had been told my multiple people that this transition would be difficult for Tadashi but he had no idea how hard it would really be. From a logic standpoint, the things he was feeling made sense. He had, after all, gone through a very traumatic experience and it would take time to get him back to a stable state. He understood perfectly well why his brother felt the things he did and acted in certain ways. Unfortunately understanding why and knowing how to help were two very different things. Tadashi was the one with the psyche and medical knowledge which meant that he knew how to help himself the best out of the two Hamadas. Hiro's medical knowledge consisted of putting pressure on a wound to stop bleeding and that aspirin helped reduce fevers.

None of that was exactly helpful at this time.

[+red "I don't know exactly how to help you,"] Hiro admitted softly, keeping his gaze on Tadashi. He looked so broken and so fragile; he reached down and carefully wrapped a small hand around one of his brother's. This was as close to a hug as he dared to get at this time, not wanting to disturb the healing process. [+red "But I'll do whatever you tell me to. I want to help you heal in any way I can."]

He gave him a reassuring smile, his other hand moving over to lightly touch the soft petals of the blossoms that Tadashi still held on to. [+red "Even if it may be unpleasant for either one of us, I want you to tell me. You've helped me thought a lot in my life and I think it's my turn now."]
  Hiro Hamada / SolemnYuki / 1y 9d 5h 14m 2s

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